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#1. I have no clue what a 'hottie' is. To think of myself in those terms is absurd. - Author: Drew Fuller
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#2. There are essentially three types of people: those who love life more than they fear it, those who fear life more than they love it, and those who have no clue what I'm talking about. - Author: Neel Burton
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#3. You know what, we don't know diddley squat about brains and no one has a clue how these things work, so don't believe what anyone tells you. - Author: Jeff Hawkins
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#4. When you work alone at home, time can become shapeless. There are no eleven o'clock meetings or afternoon coffee breaks. The light outside may clue me in to what part of the day it is, but if all is going well, the hours bleed together. - Author: Isabel Gillies
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#5. I have no clue [why people say I'm insane]. Every time I've heard it, it came from an ugly person's mouth, so I don't care. - Author: Amanda Bynes
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#6. Snoopy Ned Nickerson went to the cupboard
To find Nancy Drew a clue.
But when he got there,
Each cupboard was bare
And so there was no clue for Drew. - Author: Carolyn Keene
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#7. She stands facing me to take off the helmet. When she does, she shakes her dark hair free. It looks like something a girl in a shampoo commercial might do. I have no doubt she doesn't have a clue how sexy she is. But she is. Holy hell, is she ever! - Author: M. Leighton
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#8. If I wasn't acting, I have no clue what I'd be doing 'cause I have no other talent. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#9. I have no clue. I just know I would want to play the least amount of shows that the most people would be able to come to. - Author: Kathleen Hanna
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#10. I'm twenty-eight and I have no clue who I am. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#11. I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually. - Author: Katy Perry
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#12. I had no clue what I was going to do with a male, or how to do it, but I knew I was going to do it right goddamn now or die trying. - Author: Eli Easton
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#13. A year after I started college, I had no clue what I wanted to do. My mother said, forget everything else-if it were your birthday today, what would you do? I thought, I would play with makeup at the department store. So she said, do that! - Author: Bobbi Brown
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#14. Intelligence is not found when you have a plan, rather it's measured when you have no clue what you're doing. - Author: Charlie 'Gale'
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#15. We each sit alone, staring at this black screen with a whole range of emotions. But in a strange way, we are all doing it together, and we should take solace in the fact that no one has a clue what's going on. I - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#16. I booked 'Transformers' having no clue what I was doing. And then, all of a sudden, it was like: 'You've got to get your game together fast.' It sucks, but I'm trying. - Author: Megan Fox
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#17. Most people who succeed in life have no clue that what they are trying to achieve is impossible. - Author: John Avery
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#18. I'd left Hawaii twice in my life, so I'd been on an island my whole life. I had no clue. I didn't know how to live in a city. - Author: Maggie Q
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#19. I dreamed about the future because that's what people persuade you to do when you're a kid, but that's the biggest lie of all
that you can plan. Reality is, you have no fucking clue what's coming and neither do they. - Author: Tammara Webber
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#20. Real life is messy and hard and never turns out like I've imagined. Usually it's better. So, I try not to dream but rather to pray. If there is one thing I know, it's that I have no clue what I want. I'm fickle. I'm picky. And I'm scared of a lot of things. Especially commitment. - Author: Katie Kiesler
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#21. I ram my phone back in my pocket and reread the same page in Hamlet for the thirteenth time. I still don't see how this is supposed to be English. I have no clue what these people are saying. - Author: Rachel Harris
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#22. THE NOTE said the first clue was "in the big one." I looked at the jumble of letters that followed, and I saw no pattern. Not such a surprise, since I was missing the puzzle chromosome and couldn't do puzzles designed for nine-year-olds. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#23. Giving anyone anything takes courage, since so many presents backfire. A gift conspicuously at odds with your tastes serves only to betray that the benefactor has no earthly clue who you are. - Author: Lionel Shriver
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#24. I am going to be blunt now, but I feel it is warranted: Christians who aren't willing to confess their faults to each other are either full of pride, or they have no clue of the power of prayer! - Author: Alan De Jager
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#25. Everything is this distorted mishmash of pop culture that pulls from this era and that era and is just thrown at the wall. These people have no clue what anything really means. There are guys out there getting a million hits for a video. - Author: Willis Earl Beal
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#26. Was he the woman with no clue where the ant was or the ant, unaware it was on the woman? - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#27. Marriage is the clue to human life, but there is no marriage apart from the wheeling sun and the nodding earth, from the strayingof the planets and the magnificence of the fixed stars. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#28. My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing. - Author: Jessica Alba
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#29. That's the worst thing about being young. You really have no clue about all the changes that are coming. And when they come, no matter how people have warned you, you are genuinely surprised - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#30. Bleeding for a decade
For a decade,
We bleed like there is no hell but the earth
We bleed like we were born to dare
We bleed like there is nothing alive inside.
We find a clue
After a decade
Bleeding is just to breath
Simply keeps us alive. - Author: Arzum Uzun
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#31. I had no clue on what I wanted to do when I was younger, so I was pretty lucky with this YouTube thing. - Author: KSI
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#32. I'm so fucking jealous and I've no clue how to handle it, Marls, - Author: Lesley Jones
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#33. I have no clue. I have ovaries; therefore, I repel all things mechanical. - Author: M. Leighton
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#34. Let's run away."
"To where?"
"What's in Alaska?"
"No clue," I whispered. "Find out with me. - Author: Cecily White
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#35. There are a lot of bands who claim to be punk and they only play the music, they have no clue what it's all about. It's a lifestyle. It's not about popularity and all that crap. - Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
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#36. Snowflake's journey is a metaphor. A metaphor for what, exactly?
I have no freaking clue. - Author: Special Snowflake
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#37. Have we just been placed here by some unknown creator or force without any clue as to where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going? The answer is "no." We do have a code. We do have a key ... the Bible. - Author: Billy Graham
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#38. When I came to 'Gourmet,' I had no clue how to run a magazine; for television, I am fascinated to learn about editing. - Author: Ruth Reichl
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#39. But you ... you have no fucking clue how unbelievably beautiful and desirable you are. You're not calculating and selfish. And you make me want to be better.
Woods - Author: Abbi Glines
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#40. I'm going to take care of you."
She talks quietly, not looking me in the eye. "But I want to take care of you, too. You have to show me what to do."
My lovely Anna is too kind. She has no clue how anything she does this night will only further satisfy my growing need for her. - Author: Wendy Higgins
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#41. indicated otherwise. She was so very confused and she had no clue as to how to sort out how or even what she was feeling. The only way she knew to vent out her feelings was by painting it. That - Author: Indiana Wake
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#42. Maggie had no clue that looking at her was like being stabbed in the gut. No clue that she ripped my heart to pieces by just standing in front of me. This girl had no clue that her very existence shredded my soul. - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#43. It's funny to see the people connect with Fast & Furious the way they do. I had no clue, I didn't get it. And now, more I get it and I see it. - Author: Paul Walker
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#44. Facebook? I have no clue about it. MySpace, none of that. I'm the worst. - Author: Maggie Q
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#45. I've had a job since I was 11. I had a paper route, I worked at a video store, I was a toy doll at FAO Schwartz when I was in high school. And I think that it's made me really disciplined when it came to pursuing acting, because I had no clue how to go about it. - Author: Cara Buono
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#46. Is Snowden a good man or a bad man? I have no clue and even less interest. - Author: John McAfee
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#47. On my first TV job I didn't have a clue. They'd tell me to hit my mark and I had no idea what they meant. You just pick it up. And ultimately, all it's really about is pretending to be someone else. - Author: Sheridan Smith
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#48. I had never been to Oklahoma City before. I had no clue. Just heard there were a lot of tornadoes. - Author: Chris Paul
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#49. This was my life.
And you know what?
Life was pretty damn good.
Even despite the fact that I had no clue where I was. - Author: Nicole Williams
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#50. I haven't a clue why I've lasted so long. There's no reason. There are many people more talented than me. I think it's luck. - Author: Cher
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#51. I want you so badly it's like a hunger that gnaws at me endlessly. It doesn't go away ... You have no fucking clue."
"Then do something about it," I whispered. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#52. My daughter was calm as a clam. She had no clue what that text meant for the rest of her life. She had no clue that her father had just abandoned her. - Author: Penelope Ward
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#53. But now the other half of "us" was gone and, lying there in my shadowy room, I'd be struck with this realization that I had no clue how to be just me again. - Author: Jennifer Brown
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#54. This world can seem marvellously convincing until death collapses the illusion and evicts us from our hiding place. What will happen to us then if we have no clue of any deeper reality? - Author: Sogyal Rinpoche
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#55. No one know for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. - Author: Jay Asher
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#56. The children have to save themselves these days because the parents have no clue. - Author: Richard Kelly
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#57. I sleep with a light on in the bathroom so I can see where I'm at, because I wake up and have no clue! - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#58. 'Flash mobs' are reported on extensively because they're novel and can be used to stoke fears of young people and the Internet. The media, of course, have absolutely no clue what they're reporting on. - Author: Alex Pareene
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#59. All the actors I respect, especially old-Hollywood actors, the reason I think so many of them have had long careers is that there is a sort of mystery about them. You don't know what they do on Friday nights when they go home from work. You have no clue. You have this sort of fantasy about them. - Author: Kate Mara
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#60. She doesn't even seem to have a clue that she holds an understated beauty that makes every man in this airport give her a once-over. Damn, I want to get her out of here so no one else can look at my woman. My cock twitches as I think about what I'm going to give her so she knows she's mine. - Author: Frankie Love
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#61. Nashville was totally different than I ever dreamed. I had only seen the music business on television and been to a couple of concerts. I had no clue. - Author: Faith Hill
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#62. It's no accident that Op. 111 attracts literary attention. Though it's music, it doesn't quite behave like it. It seems to be charged with meaning, to communicate in symbols, ciphers, clues. - Author: Jeremy Denk
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#63. Our job is to get out of the way of ourselves and let the art flow through us. We need to stop trying, stop doing, start allowing. We have no clue what we can be when you stop forcing and start being. - Author: Kyle Cease
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#64. When you're 18, 19, you think you know everything, but you have no clue about anything. - Author: Patrick Kane
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#65. We are having Internet Governance discussions and meetings and a very large number of people are discussing the future of the Internet who have no clue as to what the Internet is except that it is important and that they have to be involved. - Author: Steve Crocker
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#66. I thought I knew what loneliness was before he found me, but I had no clue. You don't know what real loneliness is until you've known the opposite. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#67. A mystery is solved with a story. The story starts with a clue, but the trouble is that you usually have no idea what the clue is, even if you think you know. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#68. I have no idea what's next. I simply don't have a clue. - Author: Lance Burton
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#69. Ah, Zora, you are so naive," the fire fairy said with a hearty chuckle. "You have no idea what happened to them, do you? You have no clue as to what happened to your parents. - Author: Markelle Grabo
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#70. He may understand teeth, but he has no clue how the mind works. - Author: Derek Taylor Kent
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#71. I had no clue; you can achieve all that, with one hug. But hey, I am Kay Kay! The first super hero koala bear and I give the best hugs! - Author: Talia
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#72. What we prefer to read is sort of like sexual preference, you like what you like. Most of the time you have no clue why. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#73. It was not even necessary for people to know how to sing to be considered rock musicians. Bob Dylan had no clue, but that did not stop him from becoming one of the greatest artists ever. - Author: Frans Johansson
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#74. Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might, to guess my name. I promise you'll know, when you I do claim. What am I? Clue 1: I come at the end. Clue 2: No one can avoid me. Clue 3: I am the final destination. Answer: death - Author: George Tam
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#75. What am I to do?
What is my destiny?
I have no idea, not a clue
Feeling lost and empty.
What is my dream?
What is my future?
I beg thee to listen to me,
I beg thee to answer. - Author: Atarah L. Poling
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#76. People appeared to have no clue how truly horrible they were. - Author: Drew Nellins Smith
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#77. There's no doubt in my mind that people on the West Coast - L.A. particularly - and the East Coast have no clue at all about what's happening outside their own little bailiwick. And they think everybody is stupid because they are not sophisticated. - Author: Andy Williams
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#78. We live this life, full of agony, despair,and pain. Living day by day, having no clue of what will happen, after a second, a minute, an hour, and a year.. Will we die of despair? Or will we find that person who completes our life and enlightens our hearts? - Author: Junior Isaac
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#79. No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same. - Author: Jay Asher
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#80. There is so much. I had no fucking clue I could feel this way, this much. It's like some deep well opened up inside me, and now all the love in all the world is being poured through me into her. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#81. The old men running the industry just have not got a clue. They've got to come to terms with the fact that Britain is no longer a totally white place where people ride horses, wear long frocks and drink tea. The national dish is no longer fish and chips; it's curry. - Author: Marianne Jean-Baptiste
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#82. You got no idea what you just messed with. No fuckin clue. You think you know but you fuckin don't cuz I didn't tell you shit about it cuz it's none of your fuckin business. - Author: Madeline Sheehan
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#83. Stick." I said in Russian. I had no clue what the word for stake was. I pointed at the silver ring I wore and made a slashing motion. "Stick. where?"
He stared at me in utter confusion and then asked in perfect English, "why are you talking like that? - Author: Richelle Mead
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#84. I have no clue what happened to my best friend, the one who played with me on the playground when no one else would. But this Logan ... " She gestured from my shoes on up. "This Logan can kiss my ass. - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#85. As kids, we had no clue about the racial stuff that seemed to preoccupy adults. We just enjoyed our life as kids. - Author: Natalie Cole
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#86. And honestly, I'm tired of knowing I have issues but having no clue how to rein them in on a given day. I need something simple. A quick reality check I can remember in the midst of the everyday messies. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#87. Appearances are not held to be a clue to the truth,' said his cousin. 'But we seem to have no other. - Author: Ivy Compton-Burnett
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#88. Cameron looked up at the ceiling, biting her tongue. Of all the murder and she-had-no-friggin'-clue-what-else-but-something-that-apparently-involved-the-FBI crime scenes in all the hotels in all of Chicago, Jack Pallas had to walk into this one. - Author: Julie James
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#89. Yeah, baby, I know about the X-wing Fighter. I just had no fuckin' clue it was called the T-65 X-wing Starfighter." "It's not classified information, Chace. You can read all about it on Wookieepedia. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#90. He thought his heart would kill him, he'd had no clue what it was capable of. - Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald
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#91. Michael Caine is so happy. Happy and healthy. I think he enjoys life. I think he's 82 now, and I have no clue if I'll be working at that age. - Author: Paul Dano
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#92. I was in college that first semester, and I was like, 'Wow, this isn't who I am. This isn't what I want to do.' I was like, 'Oh God, I'm going to have to go out and make something of myself, and I have no clue what that is.' - Author: Channing Tatum
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#93. I have no clue what my stats are. Records are for after the season. - Author: Delmon Young
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#94. His lips against my ear. "I love it when I catch you staring at me. You have no clue what it does to me. - Author: Misti Kirby
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#95. Are there Martians out there? I haven't got a clue. Is there life out there? I have no idea. - Author: Gordon Strachan
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#96. All he needs is her. The only problem is that he has no clue which woman he's referring to at that precise moment. - Author: Ella Frank
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#97. When you're working on a play like 'Sloane,' that play works; you don't have to worry about that. When you're working on a new play like 'Little Dog,' you have no clue if the play works. You're exploring. - Author: Scott Ellis
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#98. He's only been here six weeks. Nobody else has a clue what we did, and it happened seventeen years ago. There's no way he could have found out in six weeks. No way. He must be talking about something else. - Author: Liliana Hart
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#99. It would please him well enough to amount to no more in the end than a single great organ of detection, reaching into blankness for a clue. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#100. It had to be Death. No-one else went around with empty eye sockets and, of course, the scythe over one shoulder was another clue. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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