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#1. And, in a funny way, each death is different and you mourn each death differently and each death brings back the death you mourned earlier and you get into a bit of a pile-up. - Author: Nigella Lawson
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#2. To mourn is to feel a flower's slow death, hill bear. To bed a man is to recall the flower's bright glory. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#3. I crawled in a spirit-haunted place
Made wild by souls that moan and mourn;
And Death leered by with mangled face -
Ah God! I prayed, I prayed for dawn. - Author: Arthur Newberry 1893- Choyce
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#4. As fate is inexorable, and not to be moved either with tears or reproaches, an excess of sorrow is as foolish as profuse laughter; while, on the other hand, not to mourn at all is insensibility. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#5. Tell all my mourners
To mourn in red-
Cause there ain't no sense
In my bein' dead. - Author: Langston Hughes
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#6. The absence of tumult, more than its presence, is an enemy of the soul. God meets you in your weakness, not in your strength. He comforts those who mourn, not those who live above desperation. He reveals Himself more often in darkness than in the happy moments of life. - Author: Dan B. Allender
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#7. We mourn for the dead, but it's a selfish act. It may be a tragedy that so many young lives are lost to us, but it's our tragedy alone because they are at peace. - Author: Jenny Penn
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#8. When a father climbs a dangerous mountain and dies, we mourn. When a mother does, we question her judgment. How could she? - Author: Susan Estrich
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#9. Outcasts always mourn. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#10. When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd / And the great star early droop'd in the western sky in the night, / I mourn'd, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#11. The open road. What a trio of words. What a vision of blue sky and untouched hills and narrow trails heading God knew where and being free - free and hungry, free and cold, free and wet, free and lost. Who could mourn such conditions, faced with the alternative? - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#12. I am the only being whose doom no tongue would ask, no eye would mourn. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#13. No need to be sentimental to mourn the loss of Paradise. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#14. Today is the day you have gone away and today is also the day I have died.
Lets mourn for me, her and my love. - Author: Crash
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#15. I like to think that when I fall,
A rain-drop in Death's shoreless sea,
This shelf of books along the wall,
Beside my bed, will mourn for me. - Author: Robert W. Service
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#16. The living all find death unpleasant; men mourn over it. And yet, what is death, but the unbending of the bow and its return to its case? - Author: Zhuangzi
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#17. Dying is a very solitary thing. The only thing we can do it be there when she wants us there. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#18. Run first,' Shane said. 'Mourn later.'
It was the perfect motto for Morganville. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#19. Women do not admit to the past, they mourn for past even less. They grab from each moment anything they can reach. - Author: Jovan Ducic
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#20. I should like to abolish funerals; the time to mourn a person is at his birth, not his death. - Author: Baron De Montesquieu
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#21. Or should you mourn the rapist, which I guess Christians mourn the people who kill them too. - Author: Nikolas Schreck
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#22. The cold, the changed, perchance the dead, anew, The mourn'd, the loved, the lost,-too many, yet how few! - Author: Lord Byron
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#23. Nobody will ever know I existed. Nothing to leave behind me. Nothing to pass on. Nobody to mourn me. That's the bitterest blow of all. - Author: Tony Hancock
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#24. Enemies are, to me, as important as friends in my life, and when they die I mourn their passing. - Author: Jessica Mitford
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#25. Who breathes must suffer, and who thinks must mourn; And he alone is bless'd who ne'er was born. - Author: Matthew Prior
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#26. While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave, I have other uses for you, darling. I love the dead. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#27. And yet, I suppose you mourn the loss or the death of what you thought your life was, even if you find your life is better after. You mourn the future that you thought you'd planned. - Author: Lynn Redgrave
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#28. Now it is over," he said sadly. "Now the great times are done. Thy friends will mourn, but nothing will come of their mourning." Danny - Author: John Steinbeck
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#29. I was learning that when you're with someone who is dying, you may need to celebrate the past, live the present, and mourn the future all at the same time. Yet - Author: Will Schwalbe
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#30. Never mourn the loss of innocence, because it always brings the much greater gain of wisdom. - Author: Erica Goros
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#31. We have this time to meet and do something, or just be together, and then we lose it and move to another kind of time, another kind of being, I guess. Those left behind must mourn, remember, and live on as we know. - Author: Mimi Kennedy
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#32. Oh! weep not that our beauty wears Beneath the wings of Time; That age o'erclouds the brow with cares That once was raised sublime ... But mourn the inward wreck we feel As hoary years depart, And Time's effacing fingers steal Young feelings from the heart! - Author: Robert Montgomery
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#33. The freedom-lovers of the world mourn the sad demise of Imam Khomeini. - Author: Ruhollah Khomeini
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#34. Birth is to celebrate, death is to mourn - Menu 8 (Death: Loved Ones!) - Author: Santosh Avvannavar
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#35. He had barred himself from mourning because...because he had never been part of Manon's life. Because there was nobody to mourn with him. Because he was alone, totally alone with the burden of his love. - Author: Nina George
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#36. If you have found the way of sacrifice, the way that leads to peace; if you have joined with loving comrades to bring deliverance to them that weep and mourn in secret; then see to it that your soul be free from envy and passion and your heart as an altar where the sacred fire burns eternally. - Author: Ethel Lilian Voynich
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#37. Do not mourn the dead with the belly. - Author: Homer
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#38. It is a flaw In happiness to see beyond our bourn, - It forces us in summer skies to mourn, It spoils the singing of the nightingale. - Author: John Keats
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#39. They were lounging, in fact, in an almost ostentatious manner, as if to say to passersby like myself, Look uponst my exquisite lounging, foolish mortal, and mourn that you will never lounge with such cosmopolitan savoir faire. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#40. We're separated, but not lost or truly apart. Do not mourn me, my love. I have not died. . . . - Author: J.R. Ward
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#41. "Should I comfort those who do not mourn?" Some preachers are too quick and too willing to hand out pardons to sinners who do not mourn over their crimes! - Author: John William Fletcher
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#42. I shattered our hearts and left her to mourn the pieces. - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#43. Mourn, cry, be sad god doesn't give a fuck. The life has been taken in one or other way and it can't be done anything that's all, it's not big philosophy - it's short and it can't be more longer than this! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#44. Was it better then - measuring the loss - not to know happiness at all? Better to go through life waiting for what never came, because that way you had less to mourn? - Author: Howard Jacobson
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#45. I could not begin to mourn Deborah or my mind would ride off with me. There was nothing so delicate in all the world as one's last touch of control. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#46. Don't cry for the dead, for the dead is deaf, dumb, blind, lame, unemotional and dead. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#47. If we die, do not mourn for us. This is a risky business we're in, and we accept those risks. The space program is too valuable to this country to be halted for too long if a disaster should ever happen. - Author: Gus Grissom
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#48. Nowadays rap artists coming half-hearted,
Commercial like pop, or underground like black markets.
Where were you the day hip-hop died?
Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride? - Author: Talib Kweli
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#49. A person doesn't mourn forever. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#50. Mourn for the living, the dead have got their camphor gardens. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#51. I heed not that my earthly lot Hath - little of Earth in it - That years of love have been forgot In the hatred of a minute: - I mourn not that the desolate Are happier, sweet, than I, But that you sorrow for my fate Who am a passer by. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#52. [Children] just cannot be sad too long, it is not in them, as children mourn in little bits here and there like patchwork in their lives. - Author: Nancy E. Turner
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#53. I like writing letters and receiving letters. It's a shame that we've lost the art of letter-writing and saving correspondence. I mourn that. - Author: Elizabeth McGovern
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#54. If you want him to mourn, you had best leave him nothing. - Author: Martial
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#55. But to mourn, that's different. To mourn is to be eaten alive with homesickness for the person. - Author: Olive Ann Burns
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#56. She wondered how to mourn the death of a son who wasn't dead. And yet the loss of separation made that easy. The idea of pain made pain, where she knew none could possibly truly exist. - Author: Juliet Castle
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#57. So grieve what you hadto do. Mourn it, but never, ever blame yourself for things that are beyond your control. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#58. Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen, meet was his ending. When his mound is raised, women then shall weep. War now calls us! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#59. The holier a man becomes, the more he mourns over the unholiness which remains in him. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#60. Mourn for me rather as living than as dead. - Author: Aeschylus
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#61. It is those who make the least display of their sorrow who mourn the deepest. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
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#62. One day you'll get to fly, Soph, just like Pan and Wendy. Fly away home to a better place where everything is brighter, boys are never lost, and mothers don't ever leave. But right now? Don't mourn me, she - Author: Shelly Crane
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#63. To mourn deeply for the death of another loosens from myself the petty desire for, and the animal adherence to life. We have gained the end of the philosopher, and view without shrinking the coffin and the pall. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#64. I was actually writhing in heartache, as if I were a single muscle whose purpose was to mourn. - Author: Miranda July
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#65. The menfolk, they die, all right. And it's us women who walk around, like the Bible says, and mourn. The menfolk, they die, and it's over for them, but we women, we have to keep on living and try to forget what they done to us. - Author: James Baldwin
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#66. I can usually tell when a woman is going through a divorce because they look so gaunt and tired and sad. It's just a huge sadness. It's horrible. It's like death. You mourn, but the person's still there. - Author: Andie MacDowell
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#67. The ring-dove sang from the willow spray, Well-a-day! Well-a-day! He mourn'd for the fate of his darling mate, Well-a-day! - Author: Jacob Grimm
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#68. But I wouldn't sit in my room, couldn't allow myself to mourn and mope and weep and sleep. So I would venture out, even if it was an agony ... - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#69. gospel grief." It works like this: if Christ had to die for my sins, then no matter what their effect on others or me, the greatest effect was on Christ, and I mourn the fact that I have sinned against such love. - Author: R. W. Glenn
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#70. Death always leaves one singer to mourn. - Author: Katherine Anne Porter
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#71. Everything will be all right, She seemed to say, and whatever is not, we will mourn. - Author: Lev Grossman
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#72. President Reagan is now at rest. We mourn his passing, but we are grateful for the gifts he gave us: a safer world, strong economic base, and a renewed belief in America's greatness. - Author: Elton Gallegly
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#73. Identity was a liquid state, ever interchangeable, and adaptable to its surroundings... It was better to not have favourites - a snake didn't mourn when it had to shed its skin. - Author: Leonardo Donofrio
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#74. Animals, like us, are living souls. They are not things. They are not objects. Neither are they human. Yet they mourn. They love. They dance. They suffer. They know the peaks and chasms of being. - Author: Gary Kowalski
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#75. When I designed my loft, I literally framed the World Trade Center as a picture postcard I could see from my bed. I no longer have that image, and I mourn it. - Author: Bernard Tschumi
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#76. Only the lame could love and only the maimed could mourn - Author: Kate Forsyth
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#77. This is how the Dauntless mourn: by chasing grief into the oblivion of alcohol and leaving it there. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#78. If you kept moving, you never had to mourn what you were leaving behind. - Author: Lisa Alther
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#79. If needs must, she could do those things for herself-or find another man. And yet...she needed him-would mourn his loss if it came. Perhaps forever. In his present vulnerable mood, that knowledge seemed a great gift. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#80. We mourn what has been lost, and tomorrow, we rise. - Author: Jessica Khoury
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#81. For one species to mourn the death of another is a new thing under the sun. - Author: Aldo Leopold
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#82. But evil things, in robes of sorrow,
Assailed the monarch's high estate;
(Ah, let us mourn, for never morrow
Shall dawn upon him desolate!)
And round about his home the glory
That blushed and bloomed,
Is but a dim-remembered story
Of the old time entombed. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#83. I had to cease to mourn what could never be and make the most of what was possible. And I would begin doing that by trying to mend the hurts of the past. - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#84. Time marches on while mothers weep, each one wondering why the world hasn't stopped to mourn. - Author: Colin Gigl
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#85. My soul insists that I mourn not a man but a child. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#86. A hopeless exile from his native home, From death alone exempt - but cease to mourn; Let all combine to achieve his wish'd return; Neptune atoned, his wrath shall now refrain, Or thwart the synod of the gods in vain. - Author: Homer
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#87. If I died, I'd expect my guy to mourn me forever, and if he tried to hook up with someone else, I'd haunt him till he ended up in a crazy house. Then I'd haunt the girl. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#88. He shook her gently. Listen to me, listen, there's nothing anybody could do to you that would make me not want you - no hurt, no scar, nothing. These past days I've been afraid they broke you, ruined all the fire. I'd mourn, Annie - I don't want you different - but I'd still want you. I love you. - Author: Ellen O'Connell
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#89. She didn't want her father to die. She would mourn him. She owed him . . . not everything, exactly, because there were lots of things she'd had to obtain for herself, but enough. If, however, the choice was between a brief good-bye and a new life, then it was no choice at all. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#90. We'd all mourn for a while, but at the end of the day we were a tough lot, and we'd survive. - Author: Suzanne Johnson
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#91. When Larten heard that Alicia had married, he felt both jealousy and delight. A selfish part of him had hoped she'd mourn for him the rest of her life. But mostly he was happy that she'd found someone who could give her all that he had failed to provide. - Author: Darren Shan
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#92. You learn not to mourn every little thing out here, or you'd never, ever stop grieving. - Author: Alexandra Fuller
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#93. So mourn'd the dame of Ephesus her love. - Author: Colley Cibber
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#94. But it does make me sad that we've forgotten our names. Out of everything, this seems to me the most tragic. I miss my own and I mourn for everyone else's, because I'd like to love them, but I don't know who they are. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#95. There was little point in mourning a thing you'd never had, and so she didn't mourn, most days. - Author: Cecilia Grant
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#96. We aren't taught to mourn. We're told to forget. - Author: D.R. Hedge
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#97. Finding a way to move on from him would be hard. I might never accomplish it. I wouldn't chase him, but I would mourn him. As if he were dead, my heart would weaken, and I'd embrace the pain and sadness. Until Gannon, I'd never been truly happy. No one had made me feel complete or like I belonged. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#98. This leaf has fallen from its mother and withered. Yet the tree does not mourn the loss. While barren, it stands tall, ready to bear the burden of winter, for it knows that through hardship comes renewal. - Author: D.J. Niko
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#99. And even if I'd wanted to mourn, four or five million were too many to shed tears over. Tears are more personal than that. We don;t read a news story about twenty thousand dead in an earthquake and weep. at best, we sigh and tell the wife. More often, we shrug and go check our Facebook messages. - Author: Adrian Barnes
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#100. Writing the first draft is like hitting the beach on D Day. You don't stop to mourn the dead or comfort the wounded. You get off the beach because, if you don't, you'll die there. - Author: Matt Hughes
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