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#1. Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses. - Author: Maureen Forrester
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#2. A balanced person will get depressed, discouraged, frustrated and angry sometimes, but doesn't direct it towards anybody else. If they do, they quickly realize they made a mistake. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. Soccer has given me a place to express myself, fully and openly. To not be shy. To feel. To be crazy. To try things I might not try. To be honest in relationships. To make mistakes and realize that they're not life-shattering. - Author: Brandi Chastain
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#4. It's not that the people are bad but it's the situation which ruins the thoughts of the people. The situation where we forget what's right and what's wrong ... that's the moment where we do wrong which we realize long later ... - Author: Debolina Bhawal
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#5. It is a mistake to believe that a thought system based on lies is weak. Nothing made by a child of God is without power. It is essential to realize this, because otherwise you will be unable to escape from the prison you have made. - Author: Foundation For Inner Peace
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#6. I have said the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. But I think if we're ever going to really tackle the problems posed by jihadi extreme terrorism, we need to understand it and realize that it has antecedents to what happened in Iraq and we have to continue to be vigilant about it. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#7. Excuse my mistakes, realize my limitations. Life is not easy as we know it on the earth. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#8. The one who realizes the mistake, seeks forgiveness and searches for kindness, must be forgiven. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#9. Before 'Life of Pi,' I wanted to do economics. And now, I realize how bad a mistake that would have been. I just can't see it as my cup of tea anymore. - Author: Suraj Sharma
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#10. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions. - Author: Ryan Braun
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#11. Always listen to the parent who doesn't like who you love. They can smell a mistake. Of course, you don't find this out until you realize that the person you fell in love with is different from the person you married. Some men are good at fooling you. - Author: Terry McMillan
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#12. Sometimes you think that you need to be perfect, that you cannot make mistakes ... realize you are a human being - like everyone else capable of reaching great potential but not capable of being perfect. - Author: Susan Polis Schutz
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#13. In the final analysis,power is a misunderstanding: you think you know then you realize you have made a thumping mistake. - Author: Yasmina Khadra
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#14. I don't have any personal upset at the death penalty as an abstraction, What I do realize is how many mistakes can be made with the way things are being done now. - Author: Michael Baden
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#15. I don't care about my safety, I just care about you." I realized my mistake the moment the words left my lips. "You're so selfish, sister. And it's worse because you don't even realize how cruel you are. - Author: Katherine Pine
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#16. Thinking of someone else is what got me damned. It's a mistake I don't want to repeat. (Xypher)
You know sometimes it's by repeating our mistakes that we realize what went wrong the first time. Knowing that, we're able to fix the mistake and move past it. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#17. It seems like the more I live, the more I realize that saying 'yes' is almost never a mistake. If you say no, it might feel safe, but then you end up going nowhere. - Author: Noah Emmerich
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#18. The biggest thing is not to lose your confidence and realize you've got to work through those mistakes to yourself a chance to improve. - Author: Joey Harrington
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#19. I'm not defending him; I have no idea why he's made the choices he has. But ... I can't help but feel sorry for him. Because one day he's going to open his eyes and realize that he's made the biggest mistake of his life. - Author: Emma Chase
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#20. I was always self-conscious about the fact that I didn't have as much comedy experience as other people at 'SNL,' and I kept thinking they were going to realize they'd made a mistake by hiring me. - Author: Bill Hader
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#21. A person can't brood over one mistake, or waste time feeling sorry for himself, or take on any sort of persecution complex. Today I realize that once you have made a mistake, you must accept it, profit by it, and then totally dismiss it from your mind. - Author: Bart Starr
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#22. Can you predict the future with absolute certainty? Your answer must be no. You have two options: You can either decide to accept yourself as an imperfect human being with limited knowledge and realize that you will at times make mistakes, or you can hate yourself for it. - Author: David D. Burns
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#23. They were just so different, and she kept wondering if he'd realize this was a mistake at some point; if, once she stopped being the novelty, the random American, he would recognize who she really was -- a nerdy bookworm, a happy loner -- and move on. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#24. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#25. It's easy to make mistakes that only come out much later, after you've already implemented a lot of code. You'll realize Oh I should have used a different type of data structure. Start over from scratch. - Author: Guido Van Rossum
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#26. When you keep blaming others for every mistake you make in life one day you'll look back and realize you're the mistake all along". - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#27. sometimes people are broken and don't know how to mend because they aren't able to say what they need or deeply want. Sometimes you get to a point in life where you realize you've made a terrible mistake and you desperately need to fix it, but it's so deep and bitterly ingrained you can't start. - Author: Loreth Anne White
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#28. Someday, he'll realize he made a big mistake. He'll show up here, you'll be long gone, and the only bitch greeting him will be me. - Author: Penelope Ward
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#29. Even the best of us have bad days. We fall, we climb. That's life. I can promise you, your worst day is never your worst. Your worst day's the day you realize you gave us too soon and you can no longer rectify your mistake. - Author: J.C. Reed
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#30. Sometimes we make a mistake that can never be undone. We hurt people we never intend to hurt, and it isn't until years later we realize that although we hurt them, letting them go was the kindest thing we could have done. - Author: Stevie J. Cole
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#31. I had the chance to make every possible mistake and figure out a way to recover from it. Once you realize there is life after mistakes, you gain a self-confidence that never goes away. - Author: Bob Schieffer
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#32. When I stopped smoking cigars it was the biggest mistake I made in my life. So my resolution for 98 is Im going to start smoking cigars again. I gave them up about a year and a half ago, and I now realize that it may have been my one last fun, interesting thing to do. - Author: David Letterman
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#33. I realize now I could have gotten a whole book out of that and so I think that was a big mistake. But the truth is you write in the moment and with your head down and there is no way back then that I could have conceived of Harry having the longevity that he has had. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#34. No one does anything right in life, until they realize that they are making a mistake - Author: Albert Einstein
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#35. Our aim as scientists is objective truth; more truth, more interesting truth, more intelligible truth. We cannot reasonably aim at certainty. Once we realize that human knowledge is fallible, we realize also that we can never be completely certain that we have not made a mistake. - Author: Karl Popper
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#36. Every one of us commits a fatal mistake sometime in his life. When we realize it, the damage is already done - Author: Agota Kristof
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#37. That's an animal fable about humility. If you survive your mistake, you must learn from it. Accept that you're fragile, vulnerable, and sometimes stupid. Realize that you're not immortal and you've got to take care of yourself. And then laugh it off and fly away. - Author: Marc Maron
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