Top 100 Maybe I'm In Love Quotes

#1. I don't know who she is, or, if she will ever love me or not. But, I'm falling for her, in just one meeting. Is love at first sight for real? No, no, this is so unreal. Will she love me? Maybe love is unconditional. God ... I'm crazy ... I'm in love.

Rohit Sharma

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#2. I'm thirty-six, and I'm in love for the first time. I don't know what that says about me. Maybe that I've waited for you all my life.

Rachel Gibson

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#3. I'm thinking that I must have been a fool in love to allow myself to be shown so little of the Spring Court. I'm thinking there's a great deal of that territory I was never allowed to see or hear about and maybe I would have lived in ignorance forever like some pet.

Sarah J. Maas

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#4. I've never regretted saying no to anything, or finishing something. When I'm in the middle of doing something I love, I can have a better idea, and I'll go, "Oh God, I can't finish this." Maybe I've got some sort of disorder.

Ricky Gervais

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#5. I can't pretend that I'm just a friend ... 'cause I'm thinkin' maybe we were meant to be.

Janno Gibbs

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#6. Rosie, maybe I'm a masochist, but I think the world of you. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and you've got no idea. You think it's any fun for me to sit here being loathed by you? I'm in love with you.

Freda Warrington

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#7. That I knew I'd misjudged you. That you do love him. I'm not saying in what way. Maybe you don't even know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.

Suzanne Collins

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#8. I'm open to trying new things. That's why I think Birchbox is so awesome! It's something to look forward to and introduces me to something maybe I wouldn't have picked out, but fall in love with.

Christina Hendricks

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#9. You are so adorable. You can never be bad. Everyone has a hysterical part in himself, and I may be that part you. I'm just a lunatic. Maybe, a demon. And you.
You're the world.


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#10. I'm here, and she is out there, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. My love for her is extreme, unexplainable, and to try to say what she means to me in mere words would not do it justice. Maybe I'm not normal.

Danielle Rocco

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#11. I still like the idea of having an intimate experience with a movie, but I love watching stuff on my iPad. It's close, and I feel like I'm a part of it, so maybe that makes more sense in some cases.

Catherine Hardwicke

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#12. I'm sure I've dated my share of loonies in the past. Sometimes I realized it early on and sometimes not that fast. Love can be blinding, even for therapists. Plus, crazy can be fun sometimes. Don't you think?! Maybe that's just me!

Robi Ludwig

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#13. I have a lot of regrets, of course I do. I should have taken that part; I should have maybe married that one, I don't know, but I didn't. So I am what I am and I'm pretty confident that I can break in. I think what I have to offer on film and on television is honest.

Courtney Love

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#14. One thing I've done in my life is train year-round to compete at anything, anything. I've got an invitation now to maybe be on the karate team for the Barcelona Olympics. I'm debating whether I want to do that. I just love to compete, and I want to win.

Herschel Walker

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#15. Unfortunately I'm still straight. But who knows, life is complicated and maybe I'll wake up gay tomorrow! Here's hoping. And congratulations to everyone who lives in a place where they can marry the person they love, regardless of gender!


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#16. I haven't dated anyone seriously in three years-maybe longer- because when they open their mouths, they no longer interest me. But you? You eat up my thoughts all day long. You make me wonder what your thinking even when you're not around me. I'm fucking crazy about you, Marjorie.

Jessica Clare

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#17. I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.

Crystal Woods

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#18. That what?" "That I knew i misjudged you. That you love him. I'm not saying In what way. Maybe you don't know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him," he says gently.

Suzanne Collins

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#19. I put on music and I'm washing my car. And I put on music if you have somebody and you're trying to make love. You put that on in the background and you go, maybe this will be romantic.

Chris Isaak

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#20. You can't really go into TV thinking, 'Maybe I can make a few bucks doing this thing I'm only kind of interested in to support my one true love, which is prose fiction.' I think you have to love what you're doing to do it well.

Lynn Coady

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#21. No. I want you too much to take you in stingy little servings. Maybe you'll think that's greedy of me, but I'm not the kind of guy who takes what he wants in half measures.

Beth Kery

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#22. Women love having a man in the store. She tries on a dress and I tell her to turn around so I can get the full effect. Or she likes a skirt but she thinks maybe the blouse is too plain. So I grab a scarf and drape it around her neck. That personal attention means everything.

M.R. Cornelius

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#23. In fact, I'm doubting that love exists. Maybe, as a society, we made it up to explain and justify our unhealthy desire for co-dependence." He

Penny Reid

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#24. Mr. Tall, blond and delicious?" She's a huge fan of Gabriel's. Maybe it's because he kissed her hand, or because he showed her nothing but courtesy during that weekend in the castle. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because she knows I'm in love with him.

Magda Alexander

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#25. In ten minutes, I'm thinking, 'OK, you know what? I love these guys. They're really smart, they're really good, they've got a good sense of comedy, under their guidance, I think maybe this could come out OK.' But I didn't like the part.

Eugene Levy

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#26. I know that as a vegan, I'm in a minority. People love their meat. It's up there with sugar and TV and maybe even coffee on the list of inalienable American rights.

Victoria Moran

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#27. Mel," I began, staring down, "there's something I have to tell you."
"I'm listening, babe."
"I kissed Henry when we were camping."
Well, it was a six-hour kiss, but who's counting?

Ophelia London

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#28. I'm up for a massive, bombastic tour with hydraulics, robots, lasers, 15 costume changes, projecting on a power station, big impact, big visuals. I'd love to realize the theatricality of the whole thing. To be overwhelming, to surprise you, maybe to play in hidden spaces.

Anna Meredith

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#29. The stories I'm interested in are challenging ones, and maybe that requires a little bit more of you. I love my job and I want to earn the right to do it every single day.

Daniel Radcliffe

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#30. I do notice that when I come in to meet casting people, they love that I'm Australian. Maybe it's our good work ethic.

Rebel Wilson

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#31. Maybe I'm wrong; I might not believe in fate but I do believe in causality and who's to say fate isn't just a sort of social mathematics that brings like-minded people together.

Simon Pegg

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#32. Any girl who likes watching movies would like to work in them and would want to do all of that. I'm also one of them. But people know me for badminton and love me for it. So I'd stick to it right now. But maybe after badminton, I'll think about it.

Saina Nehwal

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#33. The happiest people I've found are in science. These people have three times the IQ - maybe I'm exaggerating. They have a higher IQ than I do. They love what they're doing, they have a good family life, they're satisfied.

Eli Broad

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1772445
#34. Maybe I don't deserve to ask you this, but I'm going to anyway. I want another chance. I want us to be together, with nothing in between us. No need, no pain, hurt, fear. I want us together because we want to be. Because we love each other. I'll never leave you again.

Nyrae Dawn

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1722427
#35. I'm going to Graceland, for reasons I cannot explain. There's some part of me wants to see Graceland. And I may be advised to defend every love, every ending, or maybe there's no obligations now. Maybe I've a reason to believe we all will be received in Graceland.

Paul Simon

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#36. I love 'The Office.' I'm in the premiere, and I'm maybe gonna shoot another episode this season, but I've been there since the very beginning, so when I found out this is the last year - I am a good Asian kid who was an A student - I wish I could be there to the end to see things through.

Mindy Kaling

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#37. You know I wanna stay with you, right? I mean forever... we agree on that, right?

Are you crazy, Stuart?

No, I'm in love... but maybe that's the same thing.

Arne Bellstorf

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#38. I'm a closet outdoorsy athletic enthusiast, and I would love to do a rafting and hiking trip someday and maybe sleep in a treehouse and bathe in a chilly winding river.

Rachel Platten

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#39. Thena . . . I fell in love with you as you are. Fractured, maybe. Lost, perhaps. But I'm no prize either.

Sarah A. Hoyt

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#40. I'm more eclectic.Maybe I'm minimalist in the respect that I love black ... black for the winter, white for the summer, you know? But I love artisanal things.

Donna Karan

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#41. Absolutely. It's something I'd eventually love. In the meantime, I just borrow all my friends' kids. It's seriously the best birth control in the world. I'm so tired afterward, I'm like, Okay, maybe in another two years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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#42. Maybe I'm deceiving myself. Perhaps I don't know him as well as I'd like to imagine. What does a person so willing to utterly remake himself hold inside his heart? Can I trust such a man? What motivates him?
In an instant she knew, and she felt a bit of relief.
Love. Love was what drove him.

David Bowles

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#43. So I'm not sure if its because we're in the honeymoon stage still or if I actually maybe sorta could be falling falling falling down down down in super amazing, all-out love with him. That's totally bonkers!

Cassie Mae

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#44. Maybe the entire world is in love with you and I'm the only one brave enough to admit it.

Sean Glatch

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1404774
#45. Maybe I fell in love with the idea of love, but I'm a teenage girl. This morning I fell in love with raspberry jam and a puppy in a tiny raincoat. I'm not exactly Earth's top authority on the subject.

Leah Raeder

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1375903
#46. I've fallen in love with this woman, in spite of her smart mouth and wicked temper, or maybe because of them. Ellie Mason is the first woman I've ever loved, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let her slip through my fingers again.

Carmen Jenner

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1353528
#47. Did I just fall in love? I hope not. Maybe my body fell in love a little bit, it's shaking and wants a long hug. His name was Ketchup. I will always remember that name so I'm glad it's a pretty good one.

Dia Felix

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1348844
#48. I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don't think that was love. I think as I'm getting older and having more in-depth relationships, maybe I'll experience it. At the moment, I don't know, exactly, if I've been in love.

Selena Gomez

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1340723
#49. I love New York - maybe more than Los Angeles or London. I think I'm happiest in New York.

Carey Mulligan

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1335043
#50. I love to read. I love to stretch. In the morning, I get up, and if I'm not in a hurry, I will lie on the floor on a rug, look through some books and magazines, and maybe listen to music and try to do stretching exercises to tune up.

Jackson Browne

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1296998
#51. Today, love came knocking at my window. To share with dad such a confusing, yet wonderful occasion would be great. Still, I keep this to myself. Who knows? In the future maybe dad and I can share more than silence but not until dad allows love to knock for me at the front door.

Anthony Paull

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #64825
#52. I told another ESPN friend here, I love all sports. I can't think of any I don't love. I've even come to appreciate cricket. Maybe I could play a sportswriter. I don't know. Anything in the sports realm is appealing.

Sean Astin

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #126281
#53. I care about Violet more than I care about myself. Maybe even ... Love her? Fuck, am I in love? No, there's no way. I don't even know what love is.

Jessica Sorensen

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #120008
#54. I love the instantaneous nature of filming rather than the repetition of working in the theatre, but that maybe because I haven't had great experiences working in the theatre.

Emilia Fox

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #113465
#55. I felt like I was falling in love but maybe not just with her, with something else, another world, but maybe that's always what falling in love is like.

Benjamin Markovits

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #113145
#56. For me, I never take a job thinking it's going to grab ratings or that it's even going to be a success. I don't. I just take the job because I love the character. Or I love the script. Maybe I love the director. But whatever I do, I never think about how it will do. That is not in my hands.

Kate Del Castillo

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #106598
#57. If only one in 1,000 people that I talk to goes on to write a good book, that's one more good book that I've helped along ... and maybe it will be a book I love myself five or 10 years down the line.

Garth Nix

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #106003
#58. That's great," Katie said. "Actually, it's revolutionary. If you can work and be in love at the same time, you're the first woman I ever knew that could. Maybe you're the missing link, Amanda."
Maybe you ought to get a job for the 'Ladies Home Journal.' They like simplistic shit like that.

Ellen Gilchrist

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #98953
#59. I realize I love crazy ladies. Of course I don't like to think of myself as one, but maybe I am, too. I dunno. I'm always drawn to them; I think it's because I'm attracted to people who aren't in the business of people-pleasing: saying what they really think, not passive-aggressive at all.

Michaela Watkins

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #80553
#60. I did love him. But I did not love him like I loved Dutchy: beyond reason. Maybe you only get one of those in a lifetime, I don't know. But it was all right. It was enough.

Christina Baker Kline

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #74652
#61. I'd love to do a live album, like a little bit old school but still progressive, influenced maybe by more electronic music. I like everything, but I don't know anything about music. So it comes in to a lot of different ingredients. I love hip hop.

Erik Hassle

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #72654
#62. Falling in love is totally unimaginable to me. I think maybe the best things often are.

Katie Heaney

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #71229
#63. You've never had a quick jump in the hay in your life."
"I could learn, maybe."
"You couldn't fornicate if you wanted to."
"I could try."
"It would take love or hatred to arouse you, and either one would require a slow and stately procedure.

John Steinbeck

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #67800
#64. Maybe I was in love with the idea of love.

Shay Savage

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #132929
#65. Music is the only form of magic in this world, except maybe for love. Not that I'd know much about love.

J.J. Knight

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #62366
#66. I've never known before what it feels like to want someone - not to want to hook up with them or whatever, but to want them, to want them. And now I do. So maybe I do believe in epiphanies.

John Green

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #56572
#67. I love the 1,500 meters. I knew that, if I had to do it to win, I'd run under 4:05. That means I could pick up 100 points, maybe even 150 points, on anybody in the world.

Caitlyn Jenner

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #45465
#68. I love museums, but I always thought there was something funny about a group of strangers silently staring at works of inanimate objects together. Each person is having a very personal and maybe even emotional experience, but it's in the confines of an extremely quiet and sterile room.

Hiro Murai

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #44980
#69. Mat, on the other hand, seemed to have unlimited faith in me. Maybe he'd lend me some if I asked nicely.

Tracy Lane

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #38456
#70. Love wasn't an emotion I was able to sustain for very long. I tried once, maybe twice in my life, and it just never panned out. It was a dull emotion and I couldn't understand the concept so I decided not to dwell on it.

Yolanda Olson

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #36329
#71. A girl I fall in love with will not have been like I was. I would like the girl who's had serious boyfriends, with maybe a wild phase where she had a couple one-night stands and that was that. Not the one who went for it like I did.

Stephen Dorff

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #33184
#72. I always wanted to know what it is right. Maybe we know each other from time immemorial, if you know that in you is the eternal energy of goodness, which is most important for you.

Gregor Golob

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #28248
#73. I love to not work. I love to go to the movies, I like to travel ... I think I work maybe half the year. Sometimes, people think I've done three films in a year, but it's because I did a participation in a film. But I work for half a year, no more.

Catherine Deneuve

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #12607
#74. I know people who've gone to jail. It don't mean you stop loving them! They deservin' love just as much in there, and maybe they needin' it more.

Alicia Keys

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #11416
#75. There are times when I love to play all kinds of complicated games in painting. But this is one case when I need to be fairly straightforward. I'll just try to paint the man, his intelligence, his amiability and his stature, maybe paint him fairly close to humor and try to get it just right.

Nelson Shanks

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #2209
#76. I used to think that when people fell in love, they just landed where they landed, and they had no choice in the matter afterward. And maybe that's true of beginnings, but it's not true of this, now.

Veronica Roth

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #264973
#77. I'm much more interested in shows that maybe not everybody loves, but a lot of people REALLY love. That's how I am as a person. I'm as extreme as the roles in the shows that I like to be on.

Felicia Day

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #525393
#78. Look, maybe I'm just not good at multi-tasking and am, therefore, jealous of those of you who can get in a workout while yammering on your cell phone, but for the love of all that is good and pure, shut your yap!

Rachel Nichols

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #460327
#79. Maybe you're smiling as I stumble to put my feelings into words. But I'm trying to do her justice, you know?

James Lusarde

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #439603
#80. I'm a believer in the Tea Party. I love the Tea Party. I love the people in the Tea Party. And, yes, I have a lot of different likes and maybe dislikes. And I don't know why.

Donald Trump

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #422036
#81. Maybe one day you'll come to love me as much as I do you." She frowned and pushed up on his shoulders so they were facing each other. "I happen to adore you, vampire." Her hands laced around his neck, and she twined her fingers in his hair. "No, I'm absolutely certain I love you more.

Kresley Cole

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #358952
#82. Maybe I'm just a kid in love.

Shawn Mendes

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #317579
#83. Maybe it's a good idea," said Kathy.

"Why is that?"

"Well - you have a British sensibility."

"What does that mean?"

"I just mean people over there might like it." She gestured in the direction of England.

Charlie Close

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #309024
#84. So whatever anyone says, whatever anyone thinks - I've lived so very long. I've been in love. I've been free.
I'd like to think, no matter where I go, I can still be found. Just look up.
I'll be there. That's where I'll be.
Every time the sun shines down, maybe you'll think of me.

Krista Ritchie

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #300800
#85. I would love to produce a film. I have written a script and am in the process of writing another, so maybe it will happen down the road. I would love to do a film in Africa.

Judi Shekoni

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #297917
#86. Great," I muttered. "Maybe we can go out on a date, fall in love, get married, have us a whole bunch of kids and die fucking horrible deaths

L.J. Hayward

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #291148
#87. - Maybe VMS is saying that nothing in the world is entirely one way or another.
- Or maybe it's about Sala. She's there, so he's supposed to be
for good or bad.
- I just don't buy that SOT is fundamentally a love story.
- I think you're wrong.

Doug Dorst

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #286273
#88. I love playing for my country, getting the support. Especially for the kids and everybody, showing my example of what I can achieve so early. And maybe they can achieve it, too, just to get that in their minds.

Maria Sharapova

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #280512
#89. Maybe love is a risk, but it's a risk I'm willing to take and as you said, it's not a choice. I never thought I would, never thought I could love someone like that but I fell in love with you. I fought it. It's the first battle I didn't mind losing.

Cora Reilly

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #1989
#90. Maybe one day I will meet her in real life. Her tears were my rain, her angry was thunder and lighting. I knew when it rained. I was doing something wrong, when It thundered I knew I had to write about her to make her happy. The Diary

Jeremy Limn

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #248660
#91. In radio I had one, maybe two people who cared about getting it done. I'd really be a loser if I forgot where I came from. So I show them the love. And how hard is it really to be interested in someone's life?

Billy Bush

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #243595
#92. I maybe such a pain in the ass,
But in a good way.
I give you pleasure at the same time!

Arzum Uzun

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #238721
#93. Maybe I had found true love. Not that true love is a bitter, rotten dead monkey in a box. But then again, maybe.

Aaron Cometbus

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #228642
#94. I felt a splinter of guilt wedge into my heart. Charlotte had hurt me; in return, I'd hurt Rob. Maybe that's what we do to the people we love: take shots in the dark and realize too late we've wounded the people we're trying to protect.

Jodi Picoult

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #225947
#95. I don't remember the moment I knew I was broken ... but I do recall when I started to understand that it might be okay. It was the moment I fell in love with the boy with the green eyes.

John Goode

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #200114
#96. The night before, I'd gone overboard with my Lila poems, and maybe it's true that I was hoping that in them he'd see the genius of me, the beauty of my words in his hands.

Beth Kephart

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #194507
#97. Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe I'm just as evil as he is by keeping my mouth shut. But he told me once that I was different. And I can't help but hope that me being different is the one thing in this world that can save him from what he fears the most ... Himself.

Lauren Hammond

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #190901
#98. I wanted something grand and sweeping."
"The kind of love you find in novels?"
"Maybe. That makes me incredibly stupid, I suppose.

Paula McLain

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #158936
#99. But we stayed together, because I don't know why. Maybe because we though we should be in love. At least I did. I wanted to be in love.

Stephanie Perkins

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #158032
#100. And now I have a big house, nice clothes and I travel in first class and I love it, so maybe it's time to enjoy being a star.

Vincent Cassel

Maybe I'm In Love Quotes #144312

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