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Top 44 Luck And Skill Quotes

#1. You may have succeeded in shutting down the attack simulation, girl, but it was by luck alone, not skill. I would die of shock if you managed to do anything useful again for a long time
This is the Marcus that Tobias knows. The one who knows right where to hit to cause the most damage. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#2. To guess what to keep and what to throw away takes considerable skill. Actually it is probably merely a matter of luck, but it looks as if it takes considerable skill. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#3. Being deeply learned and skilled, being well trained and using well spoken words; This is good luck. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#4. Luck is when skill meets opportunity. - Author: Vinnie Paz
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#5. You make your Own luck. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#6. The histories of the lives and fortunes of men are full of instances of this nature,
where favorable times and lucky accidents have done for them, what wisdom or skill could not. - Author: Laurence Sterne
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#7. There are rules to luck, not everything is chance for the wise; luck can be helped by skill. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
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#8. It had taken skill, tact, an ability to choose friends well, and a great deal of luck - Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
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#9. It seems I have always been fortunate to be in a certain provident, which must be my sole skill, and worth, and luck. [p. 138] - Author: Chang-rae Lee
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#10. It takes vast willpower, luck, and skill to be the first. But it takes a gigantic heart to be number two. - Author: Johan Harstad
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#11. You need luck to keep going. It takes more than skill to stay alive. - Author: Walter Farley
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#12. We were two girls who got lucky, and luck's not a skill that anyone can learn - Author: Ally Carter
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#13. He's very pretty. For a human."
"He's very broken," said Magnus. "Like a lovely vase that someone has smashed. Only luck and skill can put it back together the way it was before. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#14. For a mother, mornings of young, school-age children are a carefully orchestrated combination of timing, skill, and luck. It's nothing short of an act of God to get three children to school by eight, looking halfway presentable. - Author: Jill Smokler
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#15. In creative endeavors luck is a skill. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#16. Then again, she had-through a bizarre combination of skill, dumb luck and incredible misfortune-managed to build up a file any Debunker would envy. - Author: Stacia Kane
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#17. The evidence is unequivocal, there's a great deal more luck than skill in people getting very rich. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#18. Luck is only my lover, not my wife," replied Bahktiaan easily. He drew his saber. "If ever I wed, it will be skill and intelligence."
"Tedious bedfellows," said Sergi. - Author: Kate Elliott
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#19. Being a successful investor & winning in the stock market is a matter of skill & discipline and not luck alone - Author: Jack D. Schwager
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#20. It is a great piece of skill to know how to guide your luck even while waiting for it. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
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#21. This is ten percent luck, Twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent power of will, Five percent pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name. - Author: Mike Shinoda
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#22. Some people, through luck and skill, end up with a lot of assets. If you're good at kicking a ball, writing software, investing in stocks, it pays extremely well. - Author: Bill Gates
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#23. Orm always afterwards used to say that, after good luck, strength, and skill at arms, nothing was so useful to a man who found himself among foreigners as the ability to learn a language. - Author: Frans G. Bengtsson
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#24. Here is part of the tradeoff with diversification. You must be diversified enough to survive bad times or bad luck so that skill and good process can have the chance to pay off over the long term. - Author: Joel Greenblatt
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#25. I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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#26. In the final analysis luck is more important than skill. But any Marine who relies on luck to accomplish his mission is a dead Marine. - Author: David Sherman
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#27. Wall Street's favorite scam is pretending that luck is skill. - Author: Ronald Ross
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#28. As an immerser I progressed to the ranks I aspired to - those that granted me a certain cachet and income while keeping me from fundamental responsibilities. This is what I excelled at: the life-technique of aggregated skill, luck, laziness and chutzpah that we call floaking. - Author: China Mieville
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#29. Don't confuse luck with skill when judging others, and especially when judging yourself. - Author: Carl Icahn
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#30. Relationships take skill, not perfection or luck! - Author: Staci Bartley
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#31. A shot that goes in the cup is pure luck, but a shot to within two feet of the flag is skill. - Author: Ben Hogan
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#32. Once the true relationship between inflation and unemployment is understood, with luck and skill, a free lunch is possible. - Author: Paul Ormerod
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#33. There is one world in which I believe the habit of mistaking luck for skill is most prevalent - and most conspicuous - and that is the world of markets. By - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#34. There may be such a thing as habitual luck. People who are said to be lucky at cards probably have certain hidden talents for those games in which skill plays a role. It is like hidden parameters in physics, this ability that does not surface and that I like to call "habitual luck". - Author: Stanislaw Ulam
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#35. Seeking is all very well, but holding requires greater talent: Seeking involves some luck; now the demand is for skill. - Author: Ovid
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#36. Captaincy is 90 per cent luck and 10 per cent skill. But don't try it without that 10 per cent. - Author: Richie Benaud
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#37. How do you become enlightened? I don't know: Luck, karma, skill, friends in high places, friends in low places. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#38. To the soldier, luck is merely another word for skill. - Author: Patrick MacGill
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#39. Skill is no substitute for luck. - Author: Peter James West
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#40. So it's probably eighty percent luck and twenty percent skill. - Author: Chris LeDoux
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#41. Luck is often just skill expressing itself without the brain's consent. - Author: R.M. ArceJaeger
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#42. What is the most overrated skill for an entrepreneur? The most overrated skill is skill. Luck is more important. The entrepreneur gets credit for being this genius, when really he was just at the right place at the right time. - Author: Ken Hendricks
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#43. Investing in luck squanders skill. - Author: Brian Farrey
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#44. It's human nature to find patterns where there are none and to find skill where luck is a more likely explanation (particularly if you're the lucky manager). - Author: William J. Bernstein
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