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#1. There is a difference between standard of living and quality of life. Quality of life is more important.

Zig Ziglar

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#2. I focus on what's really important in life. Quality rather than appearance...ethics rather than rules...integrity rather than domination...knowledge rather than achievement...serenity rather than acquisitions.

Wayne Dyer

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#3. [S]aving lives is more important than preserving the quality of life. Quality of life is always amenable to improvement. Death is permanent.

Benjamin Netanyahu

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#4. Regenerate people feel through their minds and think through thier feelings. They are self-aware in a God-concious and God-centered way that is beyond the understanding of those who do not not actually share this life quality .

J.I. Packer

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#5. Sometimes a scene may be about one thing, and it may end up still being about that, but the emotionality of it comes from somewhere else, or the humor of it comes from somewhere else, and it gives it that real-life quality.

Kyle Chandler

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#6. Americans thinking that America will continue to lead the world in innovation and quality of life without some quick and serious educational improvements are dangerously delusional.

Dean Kamen

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#7. We do need to realize, though, that it is the quality of our love that determines the quality of this life.

Emanuel Swedenborg

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#8. Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.

Tony Robbins

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#9. Let's be honest about this; the liberal agenda with failed stimulus plans and government entitlement programs is crippling our economy and our quality of life.

Alveda King

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#10. It is time to rekindle the spirit of the Renaissancee to achieve a golden age that will be a turning point for human productivity and quality of life.

Joel Garreau

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#11. To have an extraordinary quality of life you need two skills: the science of achievement (the ability to take anything you envision and make it real) and the art of fulfillment (this allows you to enjoy every moment of it.

Tony Robbins

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#12. Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death.

Robin Williams

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#13. Let us show, not merely in great crises, but in every day of life, qualities of practical intelligence, of hardihood and endurance, and above all, the power of devotion to a lofty ideal.

Theodore Roosevelt

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#14. Older people are not going to evaporate from the face of the Earth for two years. They're going to have medical need and they're going to have to be attended to. And the earlier intervention for it, the less the cost will be and the better the quality of life.

Nancy Pelosi

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#15. The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself

Anthony Robbins

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#16. The quality of your moment-to-moment experience determines the quality of your whole life, because ultimately they are the same thing.

David Cain

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#17. The choice to avoid risk is the choice to avoid living, and to avoid living is one of the greatest risk of all.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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#18. The quality of your life is based on the choices you make.

Martina E. Faulkner

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#19. Quality of life depends on quality and quantity of happiness.

Debasish Mridha

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#20. Rudy Giuliani did some phenomenal things in the city if you think of the transformation of the city and the quality of life.

Joe Lhota

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#21. Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.

Thomas Ehrlich

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#22. Bantu Philosophy: People cling to life and are not yet at the stage where they wil fight for the quality of that life. They feel as long as they are surviving, that is enough.

Michela Wrong

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#23. The quality of death, like that of life, must be of an infinite variety, and if one has already died once, then what was there to look for in dying for good and all, as he was now?

Ray Bradbury

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#24. Progressing to where you can play a big role in football is nothing you can achieve in just two years. It will at least take five, six, well more likely seven years. A once-in-a-life-time success does not help you, constant quality is what you have to go for.

Berti Vogts

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#25. I'd like to suggest that turning off that endlessly quacking box is apt to improve the quality of your life as well as the quality of your writing.

Stephen King

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#26. Seek the insignificant small but essential qualities, essential to life

Jonas Mekas

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#27. With God, life is eternal-both in quality and length. There is no joy comparable to the joy of discovering something new from God, about God. If the continuing life is a life of joy, we will go on discovering, learning.

Eugenia Price

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#28. A community is a group of people who have come together, and they work and they live to try and improve the standard of living and quality of life - and I don't mean money.

William Baldwin

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#29. Making an art out of your technological life is the way to solve the problem of technology ... Art is anything that you can do well. Anything that you can do with Quality.

Robert M. Pirsig

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#30. Quality of life actually begins at home - it's in your street, around your community.

Charles Kennedy

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#31. We shall come to honor all of Life sooner or later. Our choices are when that shall happen, and the quality of experience that we shall have as we learn.

Gary Zukav

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#32. Psychopathy is like sunlight. Overexposure can hasten one's demise in grotesque, carcinogenic fashion. But regulated exposure at controlled and optimal levels can have a significant positive impact on well-being and quality of life.

Kevin Dutton

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#33. There remains this belief that the work itself can have an identity that can speak, whether it's through beauty, or through ugliness, or whatever quality you put into the work. The work doesn't have to be a transparent vehicle for you to say things about life today.

Martin Puryear

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#34. The correlation of quality of life and cost of energy is huge.

Sam Altman

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#35. The quality of life of European cities and towns of almost any size make life in America look not just like a joke, but a sick joke, a horror movie. But I'd rather stay involved and do what I can to make this a better place than move to the south of France and enjoy the good life.

James Howard Kunstler

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#36. Life is a Rainbow of many shades and colours...

K.j. Force

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#37. I have profoundly mixed feelings about the Affordable Care Act. What I love about it is its impulse. It attempts to deal with this intractable problem in American health care life, which is that a significant portion of the population does not have access to quality medical care.

Malcolm Gladwell

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#38. He fate of the poor both locally and globally will to a grave extent determine the quality of life for those who are lucky enough to have class privilege. Repudiating exploitation by word and deed is a gesture of solidarity with the poor.

Bell Hooks

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#39. Our quality of life, and perhaps even our survival, depends on how we choose to manage ourselves in relation to the technologies we create.

Ilchi Lee

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#40. There's a quality of life in Maine which is this singular and unique. I think. It's absolutely a world onto itself.

Jamie Wyeth

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#41. A public domain work is an orphan. No one is responsible for its life. But everyone exploits its use, until that time certain when it becomes soiled and haggard, barren of its previous virtues. How does the consumer benefit from the steady decline of a film's quality?

Jack Valenti

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#42. What's popular in places considered ghettos - whether that's the inner city or Appalachia - is having a decent quality of life.

Majora Carter

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#43. Spirit Math: The quality of your life equals the ratio of appreciation to complaint.

Alan Cohen

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#44. Quality of life isn't measured only by what we gain, but also by what we trade for it.

Richard Louv

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#45. There are countless studies on the negative spillover of job pressures on family life, but few on how job satisfaction enhances the quality of family life.

Albert Bandura

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#46. Independent contractors - a rapidly growing piece of the workforce - can often achieve the best quality of life. They can choose from where they work, whom they work for and for how long.

Maynard Webb

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#47. I think the quality of something like the Beveridge, for instance, will have a life of its own.

Neville Marriner

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#48. He recognized with authentic realism that anyone who permits another to determine the quality of his inner life gives into the hands of the other the keys to his destiny.

Howard Thurman

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#49. The quality of your awareness determines the quality of life you experience.

Shilpa Menon

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#50. Listening is a gift that generates the quality of life and it helps us to grow in life.

Euginia Herlihy

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#51. The whole scene had a dreamlike quality, like a Chagall painting come to life.

Lev Grossman

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#52. The quality of our lives lives, depends on the quality of our thoughts.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#53. There's a cinematic quality that happens in my mind when I hear something that really lands. An album is just a journal of a life moving through time.

Ben Gibbard

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#54. No person of quality ever remembers social restrictions save when considering how most piquantly to break them.

James Branch Cabell

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#55. Now people live into their 90s and beyond. As long as I have quality of life, I'm good.

Bill Engvall

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#56. Your life, your achievement, your happiness, your person are of paramount importance. Live up to your highest vision of yourself no matter what the circumstances you might encounter. An exalted view of self-esteem is a man's most admirable quality.

Ayn Rand

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#57. The quality of your moments produces the quality of your life. So, as thoughts come and go and the waves of mind rush on, Carpe punctum-Seize this moment. It deserves your full attention, for it will not pass your way again.

Dan Millman

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#58. The 'life' in 'pro-life' denotes not the quality of life, but life itself.

John Shimkus

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#59. If I were to choose among all gifts and qualities that which, on the whole, makes life pleasantest, I should select the love of children. No circumstance can render this world wholly a solitude to one who has this possession

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

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#60. There is nothing difficult, there is nothing complicated, only one has to have a desire to have a better quality of life.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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#61. If life is going well, I watch quality things like period dramas and 'The Blue Planet.' But other times, I'll trawl through anything Freeview has to offer. I do believe TV can ruin your mind, but it can also be a really good friend.

Raquel Cassidy

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#62. I figure this current era of history is the one with the best chance of quality of life for a black, female, disabled, middle-aged, queer person who's most comfortable not fitting in. The odds still aren't great, mind you. But I'll take my chances with the 21st century.

Nalo Hopkinson

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#63. To realize the body's potential for flow is relatively easy. It does not require special talents or great expenditures of money. Everyone can greatly improve the quality of life by exploring one or more previously ignored dimensions of physical abilities. Of

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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#64. To wit: actions, like sounds, divide the flow of time into beats.[ ... ]The quality of a man's life depends on the rhyhmic structure he is able to impose upon the input and output of energy.

Tom Robbins

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#65. Other people may complicate our lives, but life without them would be unbearably desolate. None of us can be truly human in isolation. The qualities that make us human emerge only in the ways we relate to other people.

Harold S. Kushner

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#66. Energy is necessary for economic growth, for a better quality of life, and for human progress.

Mac Thornberry

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#67. For Jesus, compassion was more than a quality of God and an individual virtue: it was a social paradigm, the core value for life in community. To put it boldly: compassion for Jesus was political.

Marcus J. Borg

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#68. The older I get, I'm definitely getting pulled towards the West Coast, because it's a different quality of life. New York is great when you're in your early 20s and you're running around and it's really fun, but it's a place for me to get things done.

Erin Wasson

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#69. Farms and ranches contend with much more than quarterly reports and profit margins - the weather can wreak havoc on their quality of life and economic viability. When natural disasters strike, we must do all we can to assist the backbone of our economy.

Ruben Hinojosa

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#70. I can't help but wonder whether all this histrionic exhaustion isn't a way of covering up the fact that most of what we do doesn't matter.

Tim Kreider

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#71. It's your body and you're going to have a much better life, you are going to have a quality life, better lifestyle, you're going to be healthier, you're going to be happier, you're going to enjoy the people around you and they're going to enjoy you more.

Mike Ditka

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#72. We deserve quality lives with equality.

Sarah Silverman

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#73. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life

Jim Rohn

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#74. 'Years of Living Dangerously' is a wonderful opportunity to reach a lot of people with the story and importance of climate change in our lives; in recent history, there's no bigger threat to the quality of human life than what is taking place right now in respect of climate change.

Harrison Ford

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#75. Adjusting to a new path and a new direction will require new qualities and strengths, and these qualities are always exactly what we need to acquire in order to accomplish the great things ahead in our life.

Rhonda Byrne

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#76. Tennis is a huge part of my life, but I don't base my self-value or my self-worth or the quality of my life on my results on the court.

Venus Williams

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#77. Most people are concerned only with what they can get from the world, but it is what we are able to give to others that determines the quality of our life

Mata Amritanandamayi

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#78. You cannot understand what makes things live when you must first rob their life. And so when man learned to categorize, number and dissect nature, he lost its living quality and no longer felt a part of it.

Jane Roberts

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#79. Being mindful of our feelings we will get Delighted. The quality of life is in proportion of our capacity to get delighted. The capacity for delight is within our capacity to pay attention to things around us.

Natasa Nuit Pantovic

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#80. It's going to start really interfering with your quality of life, your health, if you don't adjust to life as it's happening to you.

Noah Baumbach

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#81. What we do in life is determined by how we communicate to ourselves. In the modern world, the quality of life is the quality of communication.

Tony Robbins

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#82. Where the quality of life goes down for the environment, the quality of life goes down for humans.

George Holland

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#83. The Lord wants us to be filled with hope-not just because it points us to a brighter tomorrow, but because it changes the quality of our lives.

Dwan J. Young

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#84. A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today - and in fact we have forgotten.

John F. Kennedy

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#85. The more critical reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes. When reason is overvalued, the individual suffers a loss. Relying more on facts and rationality than on imagination and theory detracts from the quality of a person's intellectual life.

C. G. Jung

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#86. And good neighbors make a huge difference in the quality of life. I agree.

Robert Fulghum

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#87. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with many of African American fraternal and social organizations that are active in my congressional district. They all do important work that makes a tangible difference to the quality of life in our community.

Chris Van Hollen

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#88. It doesn't work to have loads of money if your inner spiritual life is a desert, if you have no freedom beyond chasing more and more cash. Quality of life is as vital as heaps of money.

Stuart Wilde

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#89. If anyone saw Monique, a well-dressed woman of quality, dangling from the doorway, they apparently assumed everyone had difficulties in life and moved on.

Gail Carriger

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#90. There's never been a better time to let the leaves of mediocrity fall from your tree of life.

David Ault

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#91. Your success is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships in your life.

Danielle LaPorte

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#92. We are very much at the mercy of circumstance, but it is how you choose to respond to circumstance that determines the quality of your life.

Chris Matakas

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#93. The beauty of the environment is an important factor in the quality of life.

Yehuda Levi

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#94. Capitalism is always in danger of inspiring men to be more concerned about making a living than making a life. We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles, rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to humanity.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#95. Throughout her life, Highsmith looked for women whom she could worship. Sex was far from the most important factor in any relationship; rather, it was this near-divine quality for which she yearned.

Andrew Wilson

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#96. The rough and ready improvisational quality to life on board the International Space Station is reminiscent of a long trip in a sailboat: privacy and fresh produce are in short supply, hygiene is basic, and a fair amount of the crew's time is spent just on maintaining and repairing the craft.

Chris Hadfield

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#97. There is no difference in quality between a life lived forward and a life lived backwards, she thinks. She had come to love this backward life. It was, after all, the only life she had.

Gabrielle Zevin

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#98. My whole professional life has been dedicated to improving access, affordability, quality and choice of health care.

Glenn Thompson

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#99. Personal relationship with God is the main condition for quality in life.

Sunday Adelaja

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#100. When you choose high-quality delicious foods, your body will reward you with a trim figure and a longer, healthier life. After all, what you put in your body is the best recipe for staying sexy forever.

Suzanne Somers

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