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Top 72 Life Has Been Changed Quotes

#1. The milestone of 100 episodes is a reflection of the amazing work and dedication of the entire Clone Wars cast and crew. Being a part of this production has been an honor and privilege that has changed my life forever. - Author: Ashley Eckstein
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#2. It's been crazy. My life has totally changed. One week I was in school, hanging out with my friends and the next, I'm going to the L.A. premiere of one of the year's biggest movies. It's been a crazy experience. - Author: Willow Shields
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#3. Of course The Exorcist changed my entire life. I don't think there are very many people that will have the experience of sitting in this room, doing a job, and the next thing you know you've been on every television camera around the world, and people are they're frightened of you. - Author: Linda Blair
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#4. Winning 'The Apprentice' changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It has been an amazing experience working for Donald Trump and I am very grateful for the whole opportunity. - Author: Bill Rancic
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#5. I have been praying, too, for the first time in my life. That parson, Tugwell, he helped me see - not the error of my ways, for I knew them all to well already - but what was wanting in me. I am far from perfect, I know, but I am changed and changing still - Author: Julie Klassen
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#6. There must be many of us whose lives have been divided into a before and after, with an accident, a death, a crime, a crisis, some moment or year or relationship that came between and changed everything. I want to see how your life moved forward from that point of division. - Author: Kathryn Harrison
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#7. Don't you wonder sometimes,' Ursula said. 'If just one small thing had been changed, in the past, I mean. If Hitler had died at birth, or if someone had kidnapped him as a baby and brought him up in
I don't know, say, a Quaker household
surely things would be different. - Author: Kate Atkinson
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#8. The skeptic may deny your doctrine or attack your church but he cannot honestly ignore the fact that your life has been changed. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
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#9. Books have been my classroom and my confidant. Books have widened my horizons. Books have comforted me in my hardest times. Books have changed my life. - Author: Po Bronson
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#10. Just as we have been given hope, we carry that hope; and for as long as we carry that hope, we learn to spread hope; and as we spread hope, lives are inevitably changed, and saved. What beautiful meaning hope gives to life! - Author: Kcat Yarza
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#11. The problem of living in this modern world is the problem of finding room in it. The crowd principle is so universally at work through modern life that the geography of the world had been changed to conform to it. We live in crowds. We get our living in crowds. We are amused in herds. - Author: Gerald Stanley Lee
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#12. I am impressed when I go on the internet and see a lot of young people who've been influenced by the books, or I meet someone who tells me how it has changed their life. To me, that is much more real than sales figures. - Author: Robert Greene
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#13. Burton Cummings joining the Guess Who in January 1966 changed my life forever. It's been a rocky affiliation, no doubt. One journalist once described our relationship as the longest running soap opera in Canadian history. That may be a bit oversimplified. - Author: Randy Bachman
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#14. Anyone who's been poor and gets rich is stalked by guilt and fear. Guilt because you know it isn't fair, that life hasn't changed for everyone - Author: Russell Brand
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#15. How had she ever been so ignorant? How right that the body changed over time, becoming a gallery of scars, a canvas of experience, a testament to life and one's capacity to endure it - Author: Janet Fitch
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#16. It's been amazing to play the same character through so many adventures. And it's so strange because my life has changed so much over these years, but 'Twilight' and Edward Cullen will always be a part of me. It's been my whole life. My whole 20s. And I wouldn't have it any other way. - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#17. For us what was killing was how nothing had changed. We'd been waiting to be transformed, and now here we were, back in our old life. - Author: Elizabeth McCracken
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#18. In terms of sexual orientation I don't really feel I've changed. I don't feel there was a hidden part of my sexuality that I wasn't aware of. I'd been with men all my life, and I'd never fallen in love with a woman. But when I did, it didn't seem so strange. - Author: Cynthia Nixon
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#19. I can't point to a single person or incident that changed my life, but the recognition that there is a certain world order, has been consequential. It has empowered me to do things my way. I found an inner truth by which I abide. - Author: Shari Arison
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#20. The people around me haven't changed. The people who have been in my life since the beginning are still in my life now. I think that has a lot to do with my staying grounded and humble despite the success I've achieved. - Author: Kevin Hart
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#21. This is one of the most important moments in your life. Nothing will ever be the same. We might get rich. We might get killed. We might just have an adventure or lean something. But we have been changed. We are standing close the Heraclitean fire, feeling its heat on our faces. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#22. 'EastEnders' has been wonderful to me and it's no secret that it changed my life all of those years ago. I'll be so sad to leave Peggy behind; she's such a wonderful character to play. I have had the pleasure of working with a marvelous cast and crew and have made many lasting good friends. - Author: Barbara Windsor
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#23. I didn't expect it to come so quickly. It's been hard to keep up with. There's been articles in the papers that say I've got too big for my boots but people who know me say I'm just the same. Things have changed in my life but I haven't, too many people would knock me down if I did. - Author: David Beckham
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#24. As nature erodes the earth into magnificent forms, life through endless experience opens us further and further to the essence of what matters. Each time I've been opened further, the way I experience life and receive things has changed. - Author: Mark Nepo
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#25. My feelings of revulsion and foreboding about nuclear weapons had not changed an iota since 1945, and they have never left me. Since I was 14, the overriding objective of my life has been to prevent the occurrence of nuclear war. - Author: Daniel Ellsberg
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#26. I thought that might have been the worst thing about losing someone, that moment between asleep and awake, when you had to remember and accept the loss again, relive that moment when your life changed, and you lost something dear. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#27. That's the thing about human life
there is no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed. - Author: Daniel Keyes
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#28. I don't think there was ever a dish that changed my life. I certainly remember a constant series of things that I had for the first time and thought, 'Where has this been all my life?' One was brie. I mean, oh my God! One was my first soft-shell crabs. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#29. What if all I ever wanted out of everything I have been chasing was not the thing itself but to be happy, to feel good?

Heidi C. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#30. Acting changed my life. I say God and then acting. Because becoming an actor, I've gained a new respect for humanity. And I believe that it's also helped me to grow as a person. It's been one of the biggest blessings and expressions that I could have ever been gifted with. - Author: Tasha Smith
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#31. 'Performance' gave me doubts about my way of life. Before that, I had been completely involved in the more bawdy side of the film business. But after that, everything changed. - Author: James Fox
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#32. There are days when I'll wake up and think, oh, I've really been something. You know, it won't be the same without me. And then there are days when I wake up and I say, 'Don't kid yourself. Your contribution was minimal. You changed very little. Everything you hated prospered'. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#33. I was a fitness fiasco - until I found Pilates ... It's been the most gentle on my body I'm longer and leaner and much more graceful. I can honestly say it's changed my body - and my life. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#34. Each loss had been devastating in its own ways and had changed her life. - Author: Rachel Gibson
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#35. I haven't been very impressed lately.
By people,
or places,
or the way someone said he loved me and then slowly changed his mind. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#36. No one has ever been deeply changed by an act of the will. The only thing that can re-forge and change a life at its root, is love. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#37. If I had more recreation time I would be able to step back and reflect on how life has changed. But it has been like a constant ... boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! - Author: Shia Labeouf
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#38. Well, my life hasn't really changed ... I've been homeschooled for a long time. So that helped a lot because of shooting and stuff. But, I have had friends who I've been friends with for years and years and they are my true friends, you know? - Author: Willow Shields
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#39. I have been 'diving within' through the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years. It has changed my life, my world. I am not alone. Millions of other people of all ages, religions, and walks of life practice the technique and enjoy incredible benefits. - Author: David Lynch
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#40. When I first accepted my own death, the world was intantly changed. It was a completely new sensation. It took something like this to finally open my eyes. Before, I had simply shut myself off so that I could not see, could not hear. What had I been doing all this time? - Author: Mohiro Kitoh
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#41. Reading has not only changed my life but saved it. the right picked at the right time - especially the one that scares us, threatens to undermine all we have been told, the one that contains forbidden thoughts - these are the books that become Eve's apples. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#42. The best thing you can do is fall in love. My life has been changed by falling in love. - Author: Russell Brand
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#43. If the law could be changed, man might have been saved without the sacrifice of Christ; but the fact that it was necessary for Christ to give his life for the fallen race, proves that the law of God will not release the sinner from its claims upon him. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#44. I've been with this young lady for about two years now, and my life changed. I don't even think that way no more. I feel good, too, that I'm changed. Now I feel regular. I feel like I'm supposed to. - Author: Mike Epps
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#45. I don't worry about anything in the Internet age. I have been online since I was aware of it: 1985 in San Francisco. It has changed everything in my life. I would not want to even be alive in an era that did not have it because it is essential to our evolution as a species. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#46. The first time I saw her had been an accident. I was racing through the woods, attempting to run away from what I am, from the life I lived. Before I even heard her I caught her scent and I was lost. I stopped running and turned, seeking out what called to me. When I found her my life changed. - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#47. To repent means to realize that the kind of life we are living is wrong and that we must adopt a completely new set of values. To that end, it involves two things. It involves sorrow for what we have been and it involves the resolve that by the grace of God we will be changed. - Author: William Barclay
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#48. I was so tired of fighting. Tired of hurting. Tired of the guilt that never released me, and the regrets that could not be changed. I didn't want this life. They're were only so many times I could hear that I should never have been born, before I wished it to be true. - Author: Rebecca Donovan
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#49. That boy is a fool, Jace growled. Then he bent toward me and tilted my face up, and that was the kiss that changed my life. The kiss that opened my eyes and woke up my body, and showed me exactly what I'd been missing. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#50. Life has changed a lot, you know. You didn't used to get all this food inside food inside food when I was a girl. The other day I was eating a mushroom and found it had been stuffed with prawns. I've got so many misgivings over this craze, Boy. It's flying in the face of nature. - Author: Helen Oyeyemi
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#51. It's a loathsome tale, yet I'm proof of God's love. He seeks us out to be His very own. My life had been so horrible, but it all changed when I surrendered to Him. It's the most important decision you'll ever make, and I pray you will soon understand the power of God's unconditional love. - Author: DiAnn Mills
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#52. We cannot change the country, if our life has not been changed - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#53. What makes the gospel good news isn't the concept, but the real-life person who has been changed by it.[90] - Author: Jen Hatmaker
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#54. I've been extraordinarily fortunate that I've been able to go live a very active, stressful life. And I don't believe that my heart disease changed me for the worst. - Author: Dick Cheney
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#55. How can we know whether the course of a life would have been changed by some particular alteration in its early history? - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#56. His childhood, and the people he'd encountered there - the ones who'd changed his life, or who'd been witnesses to what had happened to him at that crucial time - were what Juan Diego had instead of religion. - Author: John Irving
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#57. I read the Steve Jobs book, and that kind of changed everything. I've been, like, an Apple geek my whole life and have always seen him as a hero. But reading the book, and learning about how he built the company, and maintaining that corporate culture and all that, I think that influenced me a lot. - Author: G-Eazy
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#58. The part of my writing I find the most rewarding is when people write to me or speak to me in public to tell me how his or her life has been changed by my books. - Author: Sidney Sheldon
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#59. I've been vegan since I got out of the hospital ... It's another eye opener. It changed my life in a number of ways. - Author: Travis Barker
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#60. She'd been in the hotel's lobby at least a dozen times a day while working in its restaurant as the head chef. She'd taken her simple life for granted. She'd taken Vern for granted. Now everything had changed. - Author: Gerri Russell
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#61. Such would have been our life, had we not committed our crime which changed all things for us. And it was our curse which drove us to our crime. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#62. There were two choices in life. Survive or succumb. And most people weren't even conscious of the path they chose. Because they chose for all the wrong reasons. Love, principles, dreams, desire. The world hadn't changed. It had always been survival of the fittest. - Author: Claire Merle
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#63. It's fortunate that I am a writer, because that has helped me understand the properties of words. They are what have made life complex. In the battle for status in the animal kingdom, power and aggressiveness have been all-important. But among humans, once they acquired speech, all that changed. - Author: Tom Wolfe
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#64. Snapchat really has to do with the way photographs have changed. Historically, photos have always been used to save really important memories: major life moments. But today ... pictures are being used for talking. - Author: Evan Spiegel
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#65. But death, as in birth, never comes at a convenient time. No matter how prepared you are that the moment is nigh, no matter how anticipatory you have been, there is never a moment where the realization that this it it, my life is changed forever, doesn't come as a bit of a shock. - Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey
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#66. I've been changed watching films or reading books or hearing music, and that helps you to live your life. - Author: Juliette Binoche
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#67. And what makes me happy now has changed as well ... Its one thing to play in a bar or at a biker festival, and hear a guy who's been drinking beer all day come up and tell you how good you are. For a long time in your life that will make you happy. - Author: Rick Derringer
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#68. Yes, that was the unbearable thing: having to go on, after your life has been ripped apart, while you struggle to understand how in a split second the whole world has unbelievably changed. - Author: Clare Curzon
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#69. It was as if her life was a huge kaleidoscope, and the kaleidoscope had been turned and now everything was changed. The same stones shaken, no longer made the same design. - Author: Betsy Byars
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#70. And that's when I understand that I have been stained. Whether I'm still in love with him, whether he was ever in love with me, and no matter who he's in love with now, Willem changed my life. He showed me how to get lost, and then I showed myself how to get found. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#71. My heart clutched - it was one of those moments when you feel time is a rug that's been yanked out from under you; everything around you has changed so gradually that it is only all at one you look up and realize how different your life has become. - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
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#72. Jim Rohn has been my favorite speaker for many years. He has changed my life for the better and can change yours too. - Author: Roger Dawson
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