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#1. You must remember that a woman, by nature, needs much less to feed upon than a man, a few emotions and she is satisfied. - Author: Alice James
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#2. But perhaps the the great work of art has less importance in itself than in the ordeal it demands of a man and the opportunity it provides him of overcoming his phantoms and approaching a little closer to his naked reality. - Author: Albert Camus
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#3. I believe that there is much less difference between the author and his works than is currently supposed; it is usually in the physical appearance of the writer,
his manners, his mien, his exterior,
that he falls short of the ideal a reasonable man forms of him
rarely in his mind. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#4. Style is less the man than the way a man takes himself. - Author: Robert Frost
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#5. I'm doing less than I used to because I'm a family man now, and I have two kids. - Author: Paul Shaffer
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#6. No one can say 'He jests at scars who never felt a wound' for I have never for one moment been in a state of mind to which even the imagination of serious pain was less than intolerable. If any man is safe from the danger of under-estimating this adversary, I am that man. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#7. Our dream dashes itself against the great mystery like a wasp against a window pane. Less merciful than man, God never opens the window. - Author: Jules Renard
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#8. When a man modifies or adorns a woman's name, or dispatches an endearment into her vicinity, he is attempting at once to alter and deny her, to dilute the privacy of the category she has inherited and to require that she respond as someone quite less than herself. - Author: Ben Marcus
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#9. A man will find a single coin in the mud and talk about it for days, but when his inheritance comes and is accounted one percent less than he expected, then he will declare himself cheated. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#10. The less you feel and the more firmly you believe, the more praiseworthy is your faith and the more it will be esteemed and appreciated; for real faith is much more than a mere opinion of man. In it we have true knowledge: in truth, we lack nothing save true faith ... - Author: Meister Eckhart
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#11. I live in a man's world, but every man is born of us. Every man draws life from our womb. Some of them may regard us as less than starving cattle, but they would be no more than semen on the ground if we were so insignificant. - Author: Kenn Bivins
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#12. We have seen in this chapter how, in less than half a century, man's view of the universe, formed over millennia, has been transformed. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#13. Hell was never God's intention. It is man's invention. It is a human-manufactured religious icon, no less idolatrous than deifying a statue. - Author: Carlton D. Pearson
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#14. As a criminal, you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow. We have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it. I - Author: Michelle Alexander
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#15. The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being less fallen than they nor less doomed to live in a fallen world, but by knowing that he IS a fallen man in a fallen world. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#16. A man trusts his ears less than his eyes. - Author: Herodotus
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#17. Never prod at woman, unless you must, she will kill you faster than a man and for less reason. Even if she weeps over it after. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#18. Nikah is a contract that transfers responsibilities. Therefore know the man you're thinking of marrying, and be sure that he is able to take care of you, more than your dad did. Islam empowers women with honor and dignity. Don't settle for anything less. - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
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#19. A man has a right to fear dangers that are less than likely to occur. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#20. In democratic countries, however opulent a man is supposed to be, he is almost always discontented with his fortune, because he finds that he is less rich than his father was, and he fears that his sons will be less rich than himself. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
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#21. It took less than an hour to make the atoms, a few hundred million years to make the stars and planets, but five billion years to make man! - Author: George Gamow
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#22. I need honor and love in my life from somebody who's playin' for keeps. What I'm searching for is a man who'll stand by me: who will walk through the fire and be my flame in the night. I won't settle for less than what I deserve: a friend and a lover who'll love me for the rest of my life. - Author: LeAnn Rimes
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#23. The fate of this man or that man was less than a drop, although it was a sparkling one, in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea. - Author: T.H. White
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#24. I claim to be no more than the average person with less than average ability. I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#25. My brother's death: wise, good, serious, he fell ill while still a young man, suffered for more than a year, and died painfully, not understanding why he had lived and still less why he had to die. No theories could give me, or him, any reply to these questions during his slow and painful dying. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#26. [P]ower, terrible, unprecedented power, and with it came the unavoidable choice that had faced every power-junkie since time began: to have the sheer gall to fake being something greater than a man, or cop-out on the millions who had poured a part of themselves into your image and be something less. - Author: Norman Spinrad
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#27. Though actually the work of man's hands - or, more properly speaking, the work of his travelling feet, - roads have long since come to seem so much a part of Nature that we have grown to think of them as a feature of the landscape no less natural than rocks and trees. - Author: Richard Le Gallienne
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#28. And what's wrong wi' the way ye smell?' he said heatedly. 'At least ye smelt like a woman, not a damn flower garden. What d'ye think I am, a man or a bumblebee? Would ye wash yourself, Sassenach, so I can get within less than ten feet of ye? - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#29. But remember what drives a man; real men do what they have to do to make sure their people are taken care of, clothed, housed, and reasonably sastisfied, and if they're doing anything less than that, they're not men. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#30. Ah, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than a treason To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason, And bow and accept the end Of a love or a season? - Author: Robert Frost
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#31. O bliss of the collector, bliss of the man of leisure! Of no one has less been expected and no one has had a greater sense of well-being than ... a collector. Ownership is the most intimate relationship one can have to objects. No t that they come alive in him; it is he who comes alive in them. - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#32. A woman without a man
a condition of 'manlessness'
is defined as alone. But a single mother is less alone than the average housewife. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#33. I am a man without a furnace. My windows are insulated by 19 sheets of glass which cost less than installing a heating system. - Author: Amory Lovins
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#34. Isolation is the cruelest of punishments, and it had never occurred to me that I was something less than human because I wasn't a man. - Author: Patricia Cornwell
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#35. In fact man's career has been less like a mountain torrent hurtling from rock to rock, than a great sluggish river, broken very seldom by rapids. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
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#36. The meekest of animals will fight bravely when it is backed against a wall, for it has nothing left to lose. A poor man is more deadly than a rich man because he puts less value on his own life. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#37. If a man looks upon any other man and estimates that man as less than himself, then he is stealing from the other. He is stealing the other's birthright - that of equality. - Author: Neville Goddard
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#38. A man's ability to haggle is never a turn-on. The only thing less romantic than how much you paid is how much you saved. The last thing we want to hear is how you talked the jeweler down on our new earrings. - Author: Jennifer Coolidge
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#39. To speak less of oneself than what one really is, is folly, not modesty; and to take that for current pay which is under a man's value, is pusillanimity and cowardice. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#40. Your criminal is someone who wants to be important, but who never will be important, because he'll always be less than a man. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#41. Packed up the Dylan and the Man Ray and the Joyce
I left a note that said well I guess I got no choice
Scuse me girl while I'm kicking it to the curb
Leaving with all I need but less than I deserve - Author: Walter Becker
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#42. The greatest products of architecture are less the works of individuals than of society; rather the offspring of a nation's effort, than the inspired flash of a man of genius ... - Author: Victor Hugo
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#43. Mirrors at the gym only serve to remind me that I'm less of a man than I'd like to be. - Author: Dov Davidoff
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#44. The strength of a wall is neither greater nor less than the courage of the men who defend it. - Author: Genghis Khan
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#45. Both Self-restraint and Unrestraint are a matter of extremes as compared with the character of the mass of mankind; the restrained man shows more and the unrestrained man less steadfastness than most men are capable of. - Author: Aristotle.
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#46. Aldrik didn't look at her as she slipped back into her armor. It was a short walk but the last thing she wanted was to leave a man's tent - the crown prince's tent - less dressed than when she came in. - Author: Elise Kova
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#47. I never mingled with men, but I came home less of a man than I went out. - Author: Johannes Tauler
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#48. The profligacy of a man of fashion is looked upon with much less contempt and aversion, than that of a man of meaner condition. - Author: Adam Smith
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#49. Enough of satire; in less harden'd times
Great was her force, and mighty were her rhymes.
I've read of men, beyond man's daring brave,
Who yet have trembled at the strokes she gave;
Whose souls have felt more terrible alarms
From her one line, than from a world in arms. - Author: Charles Churchill
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#50. A man is ridiculous less through the characteristics he has than through those he affects to have. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#51. Our historical experience teaches us that men imitate one another, that their attitudes are statistically calculable, their opinions manipulable, and that man is therefore less an individual (a subject) than an element in a mass. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#52. The existence of a world without God seems to me less absurd than the presence of a God, existing in all of his perfection, creating imperfect man in order to make him run the risk of Hell. - Author: Armand Salacrou
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#53. Probably the undertaker thinks less of death than almost any other man. He is so accustomed to it that his mind must involuntarily turn from its horror to a contemplation of how much he makes out of the burial. - Author: Clarence Darrow
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#54. You grew up, became a man, had to adjust to taking less than you hoped for; you discovered the dream-machine had a big OUT OF ORDER sign on it. - Author: Stephen King
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#55. The Social Contract is nothing more or less than a vast conspiracy of human beings to lie to and humbug themselves for the general Good. Lies are the mortar that bind the savage individual man into the social masonry. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#56. When a man does not admit that he is an animal, he is less than an animal. Not more but less. - Author: Michael McClure
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#57. The average man is both better informed and less corruptible in the decisions he makes as a consumer than as a voter at political elections. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#58. It wounds a man less to confess that he has failed in any pursuit through idleness, neglect, the love of pleasure, etc., etc., which are his own faults, than through incapacity and unfitness, which are the faults of his nature. - Author: Lord Melbourne
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#59. Make time for prayer and reflection; try to understand your value as a man on earth but see, too, your proper place in the scheme of things. It may sound funny to say this, but I have come to see that we are all far more important and less important than we think. - Author: Elizabeth Berg
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#60. I never want anything more than what's fair. The problem is, I never want anything less either. In the old-boy school of business, if a woman walks away from the table with what's rightfully hers, the man feels screwed ... - Author: Dolly Parton
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#61. A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#62. An hour ago, I would have sworn that a man's body wouldn't fit in a standard trash bag, and that even if it did, it'd be too heavy to lift."
"Pieces always fit better than the whole," he said. "And a corpse weighs less after you drain the blood."
"Spoken like a true psychopath. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#63. Personal prudence, even when dictated by quite other than selfish considerations, surely is no special virtue in a military man; while an excessive love of glory, impassioning a less burning impulse, the honest sense of duty, is the first. - Author: Herman Melville
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#64. Let me start with a confession: I don't enjoy cooking. The reason I usually do it at home is not because I'm a New Man or Jamie Oliver disciple, but because my wife's cooking is so bad. In fact, to me, cooking is less a pleasurable pastime than a defense against poisoning. - Author: Mark Barrowcliffe
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#65. What is frustrating is being told that no matter how hard I've worked, it counts less than my appearance. Although if you're not considered conventionally attractive, that also becomes an issue: you know, you're a feminist because you couldn't get a man. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#66. What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him. - Author: Louis Mann
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#67. The wise and honorable and Christian thing to do is to treat each black man and each white man (or any person) on his merits as a man, giving him no more and no less than he is worthy to have. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#68. When you love a man who is less than you dreamed, you have to make allowances for the difference between a real man and a dream. Sometimes you have to forgive him. Perhaps you even have to forgive him often. But forgiveness often comes with love. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#69. I am not a very sentimental man; and the best sentiment I can think of is, that if you collect the signatures of all persons who are no less distinguished than I, you will have a very undistinguishing mass of names. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#70. Empowered Women 101: A confident woman doesn't have to talk a man into loving her. He either loves her completely, not enough or not at all. Regardless, she doesn't settle for less than she deserves. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#71. Less pains in the world a man cannot take than to bold his tongue. - Author: Walter Raleigh
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#72. Coolidge made less speeches and got more votes than any man that ever run. (William Jennings) Bryan was listened to and cheered by more people than any single human in politics, and he lost. So there is a doubt just whether talking does you good or harm. - Author: Will Rogers
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#73. A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A woman is human. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#74. Catty is not cool. I can't think of anything less becoming than a man who talks about people behind their backs. - Author: Meghan Markle
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#75. In reality, it si more fruitful to wound than to kill. While the dead man lies still, counting only one man less, the wounded man is a progressive drain upon his side. - Author: B.H. Liddell Hart
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#76. The woman represents ballet. She is most important, powerful and vital to it. Therefore, she is not "less than" a man. If anything she is "more than" in this field. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#77. When I go on the road now, which is less than before, but still more than I'd like to, I think of myself primarily as a singer. Not a songwriter, not a celebrity, just a man who likes to sing. - Author: Don McLean
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#78. There is no man on the face of the earth who can satisfy the deepest longings of a woman's heart
God made us in such a way that we can never be truly satisfied with anything or anyone less than Himself - Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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#79. There is nothing man desires more than a heroic life: there is nothing less common to men than heroism. - Author: Jacques Maritain
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#80. Cowardice is impotence worse than violence. The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him. A coward is less than a man. He does not deserve to be a member of a society of men and women. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#81. The glutton is much more than an animal and much less than a man. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#82. The man has accumulated a repertoire of facial tics and blinks that demand nothing less than a complete musical score by Stravinsky. - Author: Anonymous
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#83. I used to laugh at that old wheeze about a man wanting his son to be better than he was, but as I get older it seems less funny and more true. - Author: Stephen King
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#84. This was the second time in less than forty-eight hours that a man stopped fondling me because his phone rang. And both times it was because someone had been killed. If I wasn't a well-adjusted, emotionally healthy person I might be bothered by this. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#85. A man who keeps a diary pays, Due toll to many tedious days; But life becomes eventful-then, His busy hand forgets the pen. Most books, indeed, are records less Of fulness than of emptiness. - Author: William Allingham
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#86. Naturally, for a person who finds his identity in something other than his full organism is less than half a man. He is cut off from complete participation in nature. Instead of being a body, he 'has' a body. Instead of living and loving he 'has' instincts for survival and copulation. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#87. Your fancy alien train is broken?"
"My fancy alien material transfer system has been sitting unused for over a billion years and half the planet just exploded. Your ship was built less than a decade ago and you can barely keep the coffee pot running."
"You are a sad, bitter little man. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#88. Study to do another's will rather than thine own. Choose ever to have less rather than more. Seek ever the lower place and to be subject to all; ever wish and pray that the will of God may be perfectly done in thee and in all. Behold such a man enters the bounds of peace and calm. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
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#89. I am much less interested in what is called God's word than in God's deeds. All bibles are man-made. - Author: Thomas A. Edison
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#90. I came to these lands because when a man threatens me and I look away, he has taken something important from me. If I fight and die, all he can take is my life. My courage, my dignity remain. Shall I do less for the nation I have made? Shall I allow them less honor than I claim for myself? - Author: Conn Iggulden
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#91. And if the great fear had not come upon me, as it did, and forced me to do my duty, I might have been less good to the people than some man who had never dreamed at all, even with the memory of so great a vision in me. - Author: Black Elk
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#92. He had come into the autumn of his life: a man had his seasons, even as had the earth. Was the harvesting of autumn less important than the seeding of spring? Each without the other was meaningless. - Author: Irving Stone
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#93. To the man grown the long crowded mile of his boyhood becomes less than the throw of a stone. - Author: William Faulkner
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#94. I'm trying to picture you growing up with sisters."
"I can do a double French braid in less than three minutes and I've bought more tampons than a thirty-one-year-old man should ever admit to. - Author: Avery Flynn
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#95. It was a tragedy. A horrible tragedy. You can't imagine the physical pain and despair I went through. I'm a better man than I would have been, but I would have eagerly chosen a less agonizing route to my good fortune, - Author: Chris Knopf
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#96. We despise and abhor the bully, the brawler, the oppressor, whether in private or public life, but we despise no less the coward and the voluptuary. No man is worth calling a man who will not fight rather than submit to infamy or see those that are dear to him suffer wrong. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#97. If you attempt to beat a man down and to get his goods for less than a fair price, you are attempting to commit burglary, as much as though you broke into his shop to take the things without paying for them. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#98. As I know more of mankind I expect less of them, and am ready now to call a man a good man upon easier terms than I was formerly. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#99. When you love, love as if the person is a god, not less than that. Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man. - Author: Osho
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#100. Older fatherhood isn't all bad: testosterone rates drop about 1% per year as men age, making them less reactive and more patient, and a professionally established middle-aged man is likely to have more time and money to devote to his kids than a twenty-something who's just getting started. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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