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#1. Well, let's say we acknowledged the School of French Painting - the Paris School of painting as the leading force and vitality of the time. I think that was understood and felt and experienced. - Author: Lee Krasner
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#2. I well remember a leading Egyptian liberal saying to me in 2003 that she did not favor free elections right then in Egypt; she favored them in a decade's time if she and others had those 10 years to organize freely. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#3. When I played Robin Hood, I knew the great role was Alan Rickman's and it didn't bother me. I always think that leading actors should be called the best supporting actors. - Author: Kevin Costner
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#4. The greatest way to ensure your company's failure is to appoint leaders who see a divide between themselves and the team; who are more fixated on their elevated role than on the act of leading. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#5. As leader of the effort of the Iraqi Survey Group, I spent most of my days not out in the field leading inspections. It's typically what you do at that level. I was trying to motivate, direct, find strategies. - Author: David Kay
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#6. Mick hadn't become the NFL'S leading quarterback by lying back and playing dead. - Author: Jaci Burton
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#7. In Hollywood if you're good looking, tall, have okay teeth and nice skin, the odds of being successful are great. If you're short and fat, it's a different story. But as long as you look like a leading man type, half your job is done already. - Author: John Corbett
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#8. It seems as though we Christians have developed a nasty habit of leading people into a radical encounter with God's unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, and union only to spend the ensuing years teaching them how to become close to God to earn his approval. - Author: Ted Dekker
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#9. It is not proper for man's life to be a circle, she thought, or a string of circles dropping off like zeros behind him - man's life must be a straight line of motion from goal to farther goal, each leading to the next and to a single growing sum. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#10. I keep saying that, if Samuel L. Jackson and Bette Davis could have a baby, it would be Taraji P. Henson. To me, she's one of the greatest character actors of our generation, let alone leading ladies. She's just phenomenal in everything she does. - Author: Jussie Smollett
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#11. I don't really know the story of the Pied Piper. I don't read stories, first of all. I just remember either a rabbit or a rat leading people out of the village with a flute. That's all I can tell you. - Author: R. Kelly
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#12. There is this sense of David Cameron leading a Government that's badly out of touch with ordinary people's lives. I'd absolutely welcome the opportunity to show all political leaders what life is like for most people. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#13. My first Hindi film as a leading man was Mahesh Bhatt's 'Saaransh,' which immediately established me as someone who knows the craft. - Author: Anupam Kher
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#14. Harner has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practicing shaman. Without doubt (since the recent death of Mircea Eliade) the world's leading authority on shamanism. - Author: Nevill Drury
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#15. In the private sector, there is always innovation. There's always change. There's always improving productivity, and if you're not leading that, you'll be passed and ultimately go out of business. So there's an urgency to constantly update and renew and to rethink your enterprise. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#16. New York has always been a city of change and a city about change, and it is a back-leading development. Nobody's going to want to come to New York if it looks like another strip mall. - Author: Debbie Harry
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#17. An extraordinary and controversial interpretation of Shakespeare's origins, which certainly provokes much thought. A radical analysis of Shakespeare's text, leading to a conclusion which is bound to amaze the reader and the scholar. Who was Shakespeare? - Author: Steven Berkoff
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#18. For an actor to be working at all is a kind of miracle, because most actors aren't. So it's just silly for a working actor to say, 'Oh, I don't care if anybody knows I'm gay' especially if you're a leading man. Personally, I wouldn't advise a gay leading man-type actor to come out, - Author: Richard Chamberlain
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#19. Mammon, n. The god of the world's leading religion. His chief temple is in the city of New York - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#20. I know the name of Turkey's leading avant-guard publication. I know that John Quincy Adams married for money. I know that Bud Abbott was a double-crosser, that absentee ballots are very popular in Ireland, and that dwarves have prominent buttocks. - Author: A. J. Jacobs
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#21. When I cannot understand my Father's leading, And it seems to be but hard and cruel fate, Still I hear that gentle whisper ever pleading, God is working, God is faithful-Only wait. - Author: A.B. Simpson
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#22. I actually believe 'Sustainability', as a concept, is one of the arteries leading to the heart of so many of our cultural transitions at play today. And it's this concept which leads me to bottled water, and its multibillion dollar industry. - Author: Brandon Boyd
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#23. I think the success of 'Downton' is partly because there are effectively 18 leading characters, all given equal importance, so it's enormously involving on many levels. But also, it's a new story. It's not like Dickens or Austen, where everyone knows the denouement. - Author: Michelle Dockery
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#24. If you subscribe to Sherry Turkle's argument that the prevalence of text-based communications is leading to a decline in face-to-face conversations and the skills to conduct them, the shift makes total sense. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#25. No small part of the club's audience consisted of would-be comics, as well as the leading comics of the day. In fact, there were so many gagsters around that it was difficult to know who was part of the act and who was just sitting in. - Author: Kliph Nesteroff
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#26. It's great to know that young black girls are seeing themselves on TV as leading ladies, and I'm part of that. It's just such an honor. - Author: Candice Patton
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#27. O, I don't want to say it's mine. Certainly, I'm leading, there's no question about that. But we have got a long way to go. - Author: Donald Trump
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#28. I had a lot of vocal problems when I was younger. I don't know if it's down to leading a healthier lifestyle or what but my range has increased. - Author: Jack Bruce
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#29. Peak performers develop powerful mental images of the behavior that will lead to the desired results. They see in their mind's eye the result they want, and the actions leading to it. - Author: Charles Garfield
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#30. No one's being precious about their music. They want the film to be great. And that was the huge lesson for me along the way to be a filmmaker. And yes, I'm leading the music department kind of thing and that responsibility with the music is with me, but really that job is one of many. - Author: Steven Price
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#31. We need to be very careful to go to the pages of the Scripture to learn about God's will and the leading of the Spirit, and not simply to listen to the popular teachings of the Christian subculture in which we live. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#32. There's a time that may come in an organization where leading by influence is not enough. When things are not going the way they need to go, there's a time when one has to step up ... to set the organization back on the right direction. - Author: Abigail Johnson
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#33. Just as Manda Lewis's impressions of the world had been informed by her reading
leading her to expect balls, duels, and conveniently timed thunderstorms out of life
so, too, had mine; but what I expected was intellectual commerce between equals. - Author: Marie Brennan
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#34. You found me tonight. Follow your heart, Nikki. No matter where it roams, it'll always lead you back to me, because my heart is always calling to yours. You may choose not to listen for a while, but eventually you'll go where it's leading you. - Author: Heather Burch
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#35. The ancient Greek view of happiness was really defined by leading a productive life: It's not about how much you have, it's about what you do with it. - Author: Karen Duffy
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#36. I have fought to protect those benefits that ensure better salaries for teachers across the Nation such as grants to pay off student loans and funding for Teach for America. Still, we must all do more to show our continued appreciation for our Nation's leading role models. - Author: Solomon Ortiz
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#37. Tapping into our inherent sexuality can offer a gateway to deep healing of past hurts and wounds, which are carried in the body and can hinder one's potentials for leading the happy, sexually fulfilled life we all deserve. - Author: Antonia Hall
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#38. When I was 15, I was asked to do 'Cyrano de Bergerac' at school, and it fundamentally changed my life. It's obviously an extraordinarily diverse and potentially electrifying part. It's a big leading part, and I hadn't really played anything like that before; I was the one doing the comedy side bit. - Author: Rory Kinnear
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#39. When you live in a leading lady's body, which I do, you have to constantly prove that you are funny. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
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#40. Yoga is an interior penetration leading to integration of being, senses, breath, mind, intelligence, consciousness, and Self. It is definitely an inward journey, evolution through involution, toward the Soul, which in turn desires to emerge and embrace you in its glory. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
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#41. If you don't know which road to take in life: do what's loving. Take a path that is loving, with yourself and towards others. That's the only path leading to light. If it's loving, it builds up, if not, it will only tear down. - Author: Sereno Sky
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#42. But man's eyes are blind through sin, and he can discern no part of God's truth till the Spirit opens them. Inner illumination, leading directly as it does to a deep, inescapable conviction, is thus fundamental to the Spirit's work as a teacher. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#43. There's a very real possibility in this industry of going out and leading your life and then going home and being a voyeur of your own life. You can literally go watch yourself - where you went last night, what you did, what the things that people presuppose about you. It's kind of crazy. - Author: Ryan Reynolds
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#44. Worship must occupy us full-time for a lifetime because our final destination is Heaven - it's no place for part-time lovers! - Author: Gangai Victor
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#45. Obama and his allies are promoting a medical system that is the third leading cause of death in America. It's that stark and it's that simple. - Author: Jon Rappoport
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#46. Leading well is not about enriching yourself - it's about empowering others - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#47. I don't think Jennifer Lawrence deserves to be in this category [leading role]? Joy is a great movie, obviously. She's a great actress and I don't want to take anything from her, but it ain't American Hustle. - Author: Bun B.
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#48. [Donald] Trump has made this a big issue. He's leading in Ohio. He's leading, right up there in Pennsylvania, 1-point difference, and people are responding because the people's instincts are correct. This is what I believe. - Author: Jeff Sessions
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#49. For the first time in our lives, we weren't trying to create our own opportunities; we were simply trying to respond to the Spirit's leading. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
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#50. In LA you can't tell the teenagers and the moms apart, which is so strange to me. And then it's like, "Who is leading who?" Are the moms emulating the daughters? In which case we're going backwards - that's not how it goes - the mothers teach the daughters how to be. It's a very strange thing to me. - Author: Laura Benanti
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#51. Jordan's gone, bros." Cole wiped crumbs from his greasy sweatshirt. "He bugged out right after you jokers gave him the third degree. Said CU wasn't for him." He snorted. "Y'all are, like, the leading cause of dropout around here. - Author: Kathy Reichs
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#52. Good entrepreneurs can manage, but no one but an entrepreneur can entrepreneur, let alone help build and lead the world's community of leading social entrepreneurs and their top business entrepreneur allies. - Author: Bill Drayton
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#53. Telling someone they're wrong is not the same as leading or inspiring them to do what's right. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#54. It's true that if you're a leader but no-one is following you then you're actually not leading; you're just out for a walk. But it's also true that you're not really a leader unless you go for a walk because you know it's right and you're willing to have no-one come with you. Henry - Author: Craig Hamilton
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#55. Although Mengele's subjects could be operated on without any painkillers at all, a remarkable example of Nazi zoophilia is that a leading biologist was once punished for not giving worms enough anesthesia during an experiment. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#56. I have always made a distinction between healing and curing. To me, 'healed' represents a condition of one's life; 'cured' relates strictly to one's physical condition. In other words, there may be healed quadriplegics and AIDS patients, and cured cancer patients who are leading unhealthy lives. - Author: Bernie Siegel
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#57. Ladies and gentlemen, if some of the leading artists in a civilization see a man urinating in another man's mouth and see composition and lighting and do not see their civilization being pissed upon, we are in trouble. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#58. What's encouraging is that the early new platforms - Kindle and iPad - are clearly leading to people buying more books. The data is in on that. - Author: Steven Johnson
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#59. I think it's outrageous if a historian has a 'leading thought' because it means they will select their material according to their thesis - Author: Antony Beevor
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#60. I was always the leading man's best friend's best friend. - Author: David Janssen
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#61. It is by far the best plan, therefore, to mingle leisure with business, whenever chance impediments or the state of public affairs forbid one's leading an active life: for one is never so cut off from all pursuits as to find no room left for honorable action. - Author: Seneca.
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#62. A knowledgeable and courageous U.S. president could help enormously in leading the world's nations toward saving the climate. - Author: Donella Meadows
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#63. One should arrive at leading one's conscience to a state of development so that it becomes the voice of a better and higher self, of which the ordinary self is a servant. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#64. Being a leading man ... that's like saying, 'I want to be astronaut.' That's not going to happen. - Author: Steve Carell
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#65. It's fun leading this offense. I don't think we've hit our peak. - Author: Brett Favre
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#66. Don't fall in love with your leading man. Of course, that's just what I did. - Author: Claire Trevor
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#67. We deny our destiny because it's leading us toward happiness, and all we want is security. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#68. 1960, I was 20 years old, and I was leading the U.S. Open. Now, I wasn't leading by several strokes, but I was leading the U.S. Open and playing with Ben Hogan, had a very good chance to win, nine holes to go, I was leading. I was still leading with six holes to play. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#69. Europe is creating the flight of refugees that's tearing it apart politically, and leading rightwing nationalist parties to gain power to withdraw from the Eurozone. - Author: Michael Hudson
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#70. People talk about 'lives of significance'-as if there's an alternative. If you're not leading a life of significance, you're not living. - Author: Andrew Williams
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#71. The first lead that I ever played was a young Boy George when I was seventeen. I shaved my eyebrows off. That's as far from leading man looks as you can get. - Author: Douglas Booth
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#72. Dubai's world class physical infrastructure has already established it as a major player in terms of trade, tourism and as the leading conference and exhibition venue in this part of the world. - Author: Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
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#73. You can't come away with this cosmic perspective thinking that you are better than others and want to fight. That's why you'll never have astrophysicists leading nations into war. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#74. The pipeline would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast. It'll be the biggest underground structure leading into the U.S. Then people in Mexico said, 'Eh ... second biggest.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#75. Here in Cameroon, football is our leading political party. It's football alone that that unites us, it's football alone that brings us good things - football is the window into our country - so we don't mess around with it. - Author: Roger Milla
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#76. Well, this is an unfortunate part of the UN institution. It's the - the theater of the absurd. It doesn't only cast Israel as the villain; it often casts real villains in leading roles: Gadhafi's Libya chaired the UN Commission on Human Rights; Saddam's Iraq headed the UN Committee on Disarmament. - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
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#77. What tribes are, is a very simple concept that goes back 50 million years. It's about leading and connecting people and ideas. And it's something that people have wanted forever. - Author: Seth Godin
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#78. I think I just never wanted to be the creepy guy where people say, 'Why do his leading ladies keep getting younger and younger, and why do they think he's so hot even though we know that the girl who's playing this part actually has a handsome boyfriend?' - Author: Robert Downey Jr.
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#79. She thinks she's so smart but if you erase an hour, it doesn't mean shit, not unless you erase the weeks leading up to that hour. - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#80. It's Big Brother with werewolves. Live coverage for a month, leading up to a group kill on full moon. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#81. An era that I specifically like is sort of late 50's, early 60's. I guess mid 50's too. I like these types of films that deal with post WWII America and this more complex leading man that kind of emerges from that. - Author: Alden Ehrenreich
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#82. Others first. Whatever your corporate mission, paint a clear and compelling picture that others can understand and embrace. State your mission in terms that appeal to your team's best instincts. Persuade and empower as if you are leading and mentoring volunteers. - Author: Tony Dungy
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#83. Top management as a function and as a structure was first developed by Georg Siemens (1839-1901) in Germany between 1870 and 1880, when he designed and built the Deutsche Bank and made it, within a very few years, into continental Europe's leading and most dynamic financial institution. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#84. As far as the lack of hits goes, I think perhaps it's because I've played a lot of different roles and have not created a persona that the public can latch on to. I have played everything from psychopathic killers to romantic leading men, and in picking such diverse roles I have avoided typecasting. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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#85. It's the persona that makes you a leading actor. A leading actor has something extra that's fun to watch. But it isn't usually about acting. - Author: Val Kilmer
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#86. Whatever there is of greatness in the United States, or indeed in any other country, is due to labor. The laborer is the author of all greatness and wealth. Without labor there would be no government, no leading class, and nothing to preserve. - Author: Ulysses S. Grant
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#87. America and Japan are the two leading world economies in terms of technology and innovative products. And in software, information-age technology and biotechnology the U.S. has an amazing lead. - Author: Bill Gates
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#88. I'm always open to not necessarily to do leading roles because I want to do roles that are the best, character role. And sometimes, it's not going to be a leading role. It's going to be a smaller, supporting role. So really, I'm open to doing anything. - Author: Josh Hutcherson
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#89. It's as if the universe has a sense of humor, since at a deep level it's impossible not to lead a spiritual life ...
the universe is living through you at this moment. with or without belief in god, the chain of events leading from silent awareness to physical reality remains intact. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#90. We are used to determining the time of our projects and events ourselves, and this is the reason why our life is full of chaos and vanity. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#91. The beginning of revolutions is psychologically strikingly akin to that of certain relationships: the stress on unity, the sense of omnipotence, the desire to eliminate secrets (with the fear of the opposite soon leading to lover's paranoia and the creation of a secret police). - Author: Alain De Botton
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#92. Let's just say when she's seventy, she'll be a leading candidate for the Olivia Foxworth award. - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#93. Bear it in mind that tomorrow must also have its own brand of assignments. Shifting today's work to tomorrow is an inevitable step towards massing up difficult tasks for yourself, whose risk of leading into failure is high. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#94. There aren't as many roles, and I think there's a lack of openness in casting an Asian character in a leading role or unless they're a stereotype. It's been hard. I've been able to play some non-stereotypical roles, which is great, but I have a lot of Asian actor friends who are struggling. - Author: Kimiko Glenn
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#95. Combining the premium content and reach of Yahoo! as the world's leading digital media company with Facebook provides branded advertisers with unmatched opportunity. - Author: Ross Levinsohn
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#96. The lawyer refused to tell me my brother's name, and my colleagues started a betting pool. The leading candidate: John Travolta. I secretly hoped for a literary descendant of Henry James - someone more talented than I: someone brilliant without even trying. - Author: Mona Simpson
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#97. Am I the only one who thinks Nancy Grace's relentless cheer leading for Jodi Arias' death gross & excessive? The anchor as executioner?! - Author: Geraldo Rivera
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#98. Because Genentech is a leading developer of cancer therapies, some doctors also fear that the company's pricing plans for Avastin - around $8,800 a month - may encourage other companies to charge more for their own oncology drugs. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#99. Fourth, leading is the most effective action to take to succeed in all of life's endeavors. If you are not leading, you cannot be sure you are going in the direction you want to go. - Author: W. Anton
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#100. We're the world's leading producer of serial killers. It's a sign of sickness, is what it is. We're sick and weak and these killers are like a cancer inside us: the faster we grow, the quicker they multiply. - Author: John Connolly
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