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#1. I think the Commissioner is taking the steps necessary to give the game back to the players and the fans and hopefully take the league to the next level. - Author: Cobi Jones
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#2. The White House tapes, recording Nixon's nefarious doings from Watergate to the bombing of Vietnam, made frightening reading once made public on the orders of Congress. - Author: Nigel Hamilton
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#3. The tract through which we passed is generally very good land, with plenty of water; and there, as well as here, the country is neither rocky nor overrun with brush-wood. - Author: Junipero Serra
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#4. A full description of a person's life, however uneventful or uninteresting, fills a large folder. - Author: Henning Mankell
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#5. The applause of list'ning senates to command, The threats of pain and ruin to despise, To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land, And read their history in a nation's eyes. - Author: Thomas Gray
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#6. When I was in first grade, everyone made fun of my name, of course. I think it's kind of a big name to hold up when you're nine years old. It seemed goofy. I used to tell people I wanted to change the world and they used to think, 'This kid's really weird'. - Author: River Phoenix
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#7. The Earthworm plows the whole world with his tunnels, drains and aerates the earth ... If you ever buy any land, be sure it has plenty of Earthworms toiling and moiling all day so that you can sit down and relax. - Author: Will Cuppy
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#8. 'West To A Land Of Plenty' shows a family heading west, first on board a train, and then going into areas as yet untamed by rail by way of an ox-drawn wagon. - Author: Jim Murphy
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#9. I sometimes wonder ... if the land is not destroying the people who inhabit it as the people who inhabit it are destroying the land. A magic continent, a Peculiar Treasure, stuffed with riches, millions in it are starving in the midst of plenty. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#10. The clearer the rules and the limits enforced by parents, the higher the child's self-esteem. The more freedom the child had, the lower his self-esteem. - Author: Martin Seligman
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#11. Socialism never arises in the earlier phases of capitalism, as, for instance, among the pioneers of civilisation in a country where there is plenty of land available for private appropriation by the last comer. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#12. I liked Camille Paglia. I liked her even better when I heard her talk. - Author: Leslie Fiedler
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#13. Mark Twain said the difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug, and people think he was good, right ? Didn't write any decent characters, as far as I can tell, but otherwise fine. - Author: Adam Rex
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#14. Lord, 'tis Thy plenty-dropping hand
That soils my land,
And giv'st me for my bushel sowne
Twice ten for one.
All this, and better, Thou dost send
Me, to this end,
That I should render, for my part,
A thankful heart. - Author: Robert Herrick
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#15. All the technique in the world doesn't compensate for the inability to notice. - Author: Elliott Erwitt
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#16. The tribe's survival and sustenance depended on each clan sharing its gifts without expectations of getting something in return. This relationship kept the Choptanks strong and united. They lived in a bountiful land, and although variety was not always available, there was plenty for everyone. - Author: Stan E Hughes
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#17. Around the lunch table everyone seems to have given something up---dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, carbs. Only in a land of plenty could people voluntarily go without so much. - Author: J.C. Carleson
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#18. In Harlem, black was white. You had rights that could not be denied you; you had privileges, protected by law. And you had money. Everybody in Harlem had money. It was a land of plenty. - Author: Rudolph Fisher
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#19. I enjoy being at a meeting that doesn't start with an invocation! - Author: Steven Weinberg
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#20. The United States has long thought of itself as the land of infinite plenty, and historically we did have abundant resources. But now we are gradually exhausting our fisheries, our topsoil, our water. On top of that, we're coming to the end of world resources. - Author: Jared Diamond
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#21. There are plenty of people who believe that Elvis is alive, or that aliens occasionally land here to do highly personal things to people, or that the whole idea of evolution is a conspiracy of godless scientists. Almost all of these people can vote and some of them have got guns. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#22. Whatever artistry may occur within the manuscript, the magic happens for me in the last draft. Whatever I have been resistant to say must finally be said. In the end, I see where my pencil has been leading me. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#23. There is small danger of being starved in our land of plenty; but the danger of being stuffed is imminent. - Author: Sarah Josepha Hale
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#24. Hundreds, thousands, aye, millions of human beings, men, women and children, wander the streets of our cities and the highways of our country, hungry, ragged and cold, vainly seeking in this land of plenty, where physical want should be unknown. - Author: Victoria Woodhull
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#25. The dumpling-eaters are a race sprung partly from the old Epicurean and partly from the Peripatetic Sect; they were first brought into Britain by Julius Caesar; and finding it a Land of Plenty, they wisely resolved never to go home again. - Author: John Arbuthnot
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#26. Intelligence is not a competition," she said. "There is plenty to go around, and there are many ways it can be demonstrated. - Author: Chris Colfer
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#27. India is a land of plenty inhibited by poverty; India has an enthralling, uplifting civilization that sparkles not only in our magnificent art, but also in the enormous creativity and humanity of our daily life in city and village. - Author: Pranab Mukherjee
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#28. Just like heaven. Ever'body wants a little piece of lan'. I read plenty of books out here. Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land. It's just in their head. They're all the time talkin' about it, but it's jus' in their head. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#29. There was a period when I believed stuff meant something. I thought that if you had matching side chairs and a sofa that harmonized and some beautiful lamps to light them you would have a home, that elegance signaled happiness. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#30. Mankind is nothing more than a parasitic tick gorging himself on temporary plenty while the seas are low and the climate is clement. But the present arrangement of land and sea will change, and with it our brief supremacy. - Author: Richard Fortey
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#31. It is a spiritually impoverished nation that permits infants and children to be the poorest Americans. - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
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#32. This land used to yield. Rains used not to fail. What happened?' inquired Ruoro. It was Muturi who answered. 'You forget that in those days the land was not for buying. It was for use. It was also plenty, you need not have beaten one yard over and over again. - Author: Ngugi Wa Thiong'o
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#33. All great undertakings are achieved through mighty obstacles. Keep up the deepest mental poise. Take not even the slightest notice of what puerile creatures may be saying against you. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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