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#1. If you are looking for a whale you cannot search for a whale in a pond. You must go to deep waters. - Author: Prashant Iyengar
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#2. If life was like a body of water, she had asked that she be allowed to walk again in its shallows; instead she had been abruptly seized by strong currents and pushed into deep water. - Author: Dorothy Gilman
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#3. They lie in all the pools, pale faces, deep deep under the dark water. I saw them: grim faces and evil, and noble faces and sad. Many faces proud and fair, and weeds in their silver hair. But all foul, all rotting, all dead. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#4. And this man, who during three long decades had not once remembered that the world contains lilac bushes - and pansies, sandy garden paths, little carts with containers of fizzy water - this man gave a deep sigh, convinced now that life had gone on in his absence, that life had continued. (pg8) - Author: Vasily Grossman
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#5. Deep down here by the dark water lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature. I don't know where he came from, nor who or what he was. He was Gollum - as dark as darkness, except for two big round pale eyes in his thin face. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#6. up to the belly. When the attack starts I will let myself fall into the water, with my face as deep in the mud as I can keep it without suffocating. I must pretend to be dead. Suddenly - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#7. The night is dark, the waters deep,
Yet soft the billows roll;
Alas! at every breeze I weep
The storm is in my soul. - Author: Helen Maria Williams
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#8. Instead, choose decaf for your second cup of the day, engage in good sleeping habits, moderate insulin production in your diet, exercise Primally and boost energy naturally with cold water plunges, deep breathing sequences, napping or quick exercise breaks after long periods of inactivity. - Author: Mark Sisson
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#9. As a young father it's important to remember that, when you're at the beach, there's a BIG difference between telling your five year old son to just go pee in the ocean and telling him to get in the water at least waist deep and then pee in the ocean. - Author: Spuds Crawford
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#10. Julia follows the beach, the sand that is so white it makes her doubt the beaches in Heaven could possibly be any whiter, the water like peacock feathers lapping at the shore, vivid green blue going hyacinth out where the sea starts getting deep. - Author: Caitlin R. Kiernan
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#11. Desert strategies are useful: In times of drought, pull your resources inward; when water is scarce, find moisture in seeds; to stay strong and supple, send a taproot down deep; run when required, hide when necessary; when hot go underground; do not fear darkness, it's where one comes alive. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#12. Well, me don't swim too tough so me don't go in the water too deep. - Author: Bob Marley
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#13. All the little man on the witness stand had that made him any better than his nearest neighbours was that, if scrubbed with lye soap in very hot water, his skin was white. - Author: Harper Lee
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#14. It's a perfect wave when small and the most beautiful and scary wave on Earth when it's big, as the swell from deep water hits the shallow reef ledge. A ten-foot high wave and a 30-footer break in the same depth of water. - Author: Kelly Slater
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#15. The first song Ben taught me was Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water', when i was 10, and I would play it on the top string with one finger. I did it so much that there was a massive crease in the skin and i think I must have driven everyone crazy, playing that same song all the time, - Author: 5 Seconds Of Summer
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#16. God of deep waters and infinite riches, challenge me to go where I fear, to do what is difficult and what I thought could never be done. Push me to go to the deep waters of life and cast my net wide, for I put all my hope, trust and faith in you. - Author: Matthew Kelly
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#17. The full moon
reflected in water,
the water
contained in the bowl,
and the thirsty man

deep in sleep. - Author: Abbas Kiarostami
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#18. Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure.They're huge and abstract. And they're very beautiful. - Author: David Lynch
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#19. Beautiful and courageous flowers don't grow over night... They start as a seed in the ground. Within the depths of a dark place they burrow deep and with water and sunlight they arise to break through the soil and slowly grow into what they wish to become. - Author: Leona Keyoko Pink
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#20. Crater Lake is a caldera lake in the western United States, located in south-central Oregon. It is the main
feature of Crater Lake National Park and is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The lake
partly fills a nearly - Author: Vishwa Nayak
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#21. The air that people breathe in many Chinese cities has become dangerously polluted. Their food supply is subject to constant contamination scandals. Now it appears that not merely stagnant ponds but the water people draw from deep underground is already tainted. - Author: James Fallows
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#22. To disappear into deep water or to disappear toward a far horizon, to become part of depth of infinity, such is the destiny of man that finds its image in the destiny of water. - Author: Gaston Bachelard
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#23. Experience appears in this world as a birth. A birth which takes as assistants sky and earth and the water and wood and mountains and the clouds. Experience does not come out of the mind or imagination but from a deep and irrecusable need. It rents the entire person. - Author: Erin Moure
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#24. I hear water lapping with low sound by the shore ... I hear it in the deep heart's core. - Author: W.B.Yeats
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#25. I was in the deep water. It was dark and unclear and the taste of the salt was in my mouth. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#26. Can't dig very deep before hitting water in most of Orlando. - Author: John Green
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#27. I find that when I have any appointment, even an afternoon one, it changes the whole quality of time. I feel overcharged. There is no space for what wells up from the subconscious; those dreams and images live in deep still water and simply submerge when the day gets scattered. - Author: May Sarton
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#28. In the calm, deep waters of the mind, the wolf waits. - Author: F.T. McKinstry
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#29. I always challenge myself. I get out in deep water and I always try to get back. But I get hung up. The audience never knows, but that's when I smile the most, when I show the most ivory. - Author: Earl Hines
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#30. In every long-term relationship are a few pockets of deep and dangerous water into which one can step unaware if not careful. Eventually, somebody drowns or the interested parties post warning signs around these pockets. - Author: Poppy Z. Brite
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#31. It was like watching a man smile as he surrendered himself to drown in deep water. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#32. For a few minutes we kiss, deep in the chasm, with the roar of water all around us. And we rise, hand in hand, I realize that if we had both chosen differently, we might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, in gray clothes instead of black ones. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#33. My art's not safe, I don't want it to be safe, it's not meant to be safe, its controversial, it takes you into deep areas, it's a journey, its starts off in safe areas but it gets into deep waters. - Author: Brian Froud
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#34. Water flows from high in the mountains Water runs deep in the Earth Miraculously, water comes to us, And sustains all life. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#35. I've always been freaked out in deep open water if there's a potential of sharks around. - Author: Theo James
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#36. He is an excellent fellow, but he has one deep flaw. He cannot cook. In fact, he has been known to ruin boiling water.: Mags - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#37. The ethereal beauty of the female semblance conceals that they really are dangerous like a great white shark in the most peaceful and deep water.
(quote from the exhibit at the Cultural Museum) - Author: Czon
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#38. He couldn't stop smelling the air in great, deep, loud sniffs. It was so delicious. It smelled of water, and mud, and maple trees, and autumn. - Author: Elizabeth Enright
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#39. God quickened in the Sea and in the Rivers, So many fishes of so many features, That in the waters we may see all Creatures; Even all that on the earth is to be found,! As if the world were in deep waters drowned. - Author: Guillaume De Salluste Du Bartas
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#40. When you're standing in deep water
And you're bailing yourself out with a straw
And when you're drowning in deep water
And you wake up making love to a wall
Well it's these little time that help to remind
It's nothing without love, love, love - Author: Jewel
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#41. My world is about FEELings. Sometimes, these feelings run so deep i fear i will drown.
Creatively, it's a dream to be so sensitive. In real life, it's exhausting, as i tread water to keep myself from sinking. - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
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#42. I saw him hip-deep in some icy water, chasing a book, and I saw a boy lying in bed, imagining how a kiss would taste from his glorious next-door neighbor. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#43. She laughed loudly. It sounded to her husband like someone pushing a witch in a barrel over a waterfall. He pictured his wife in a barrel falling into very deep water, and this cheered him up a bit. - Author: John Connolly
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#44. Have you ever had an itch so awful that you must scratch it or die? And yet you can't?"
His lips twitched. "Yes. Usually in one's army boot, while standing in knee-deep water in a trench. While people are shooting. That absolutely guarantees an unreachable itch. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#45. Deep water is what I am wont to swim in. - Author: Sam Smith
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#46. It is rooted deep in your bones; the water calls out to you until it causes you physical pain unless you come to it. - Author: Nadia Scrieva
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#47. I have shaken loose. Like the lily, I rest on the deep water's surface. Not knowing the journey's end, I rest in nature's embrace. - Author: Patricia Robin Woodruff
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#48. A book floated down the Amper River.
A boy jumped in, caught up to it, and held
it in his right hand. He grinned. He stood
waist-deep in the icy, Decemberish water.
"How about a kiss, Saumensch?" he said. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#49. Slowly, she made her way out of the water and stood for a moment on the shore, looking out at the vast expanse of the briny deep. She smiled. This had been her baptism, she reckoned, and with a certainty in her soul that could only come from God Himself, she knew that she would begin her life anew. - Author: Paula W. Millet
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#50. Great sea captains are made in rough waters and deep seas. - Author: Kathryn Kuhlman
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#51. I was the place where you anchored. I was the deep water where you could be weightless. I was the surface where you saw your own reflection. You scooped me up in your hands. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#52. The first place that I can well remember was a large pleasant meadow with a pond clear water in it. Some shady trees leaned over it, and rushes and water-lilies grew at the deep end. - Author: Anna Sewell
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#53. The past is buried deep within the ground in Rabat, although the ancient walls in the old city are still standing, painted in electrifying variations of royal blue that make the winding roads look like streamlets or shallow ocean water - Author: Raquel Cepeda
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#54. Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep. - Author: Edie Brickell
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#55. I huffed out a deep breath. "It's something huge, isn't it?" Beezle nodded. "Yup."
There was a sound of several limbs splashing in the water. "Is it all squishy and tentacly?"
"I hate my life," I said, and as I turned I conjured a ball of nightfire and threw it. - Author: Christina Henry
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#56. Mexico holds the fifth-largest shale gas reserve in the world, in addition to large deep-water oil reserves and a tremendous potential in renewable energy. - Author: Enrique Pena Nieto
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#57. Me, I'm spiritually retarded, I need to be knee deep in water with a fly rod in my hands, that's about as close to God as I get. - Author: Steve Earle
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#58. Somewhere in the midst of smudgy maps, following waters, surviving the storms, & deep, deep digging.. treasure is found. - Author: Debby Ryan
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#59. A thousand stories had painted cities in his mind, the great cities of kings and queens, of thrones and powers and legends, and Caemlyn fit into those mind-deep pictures and water fits into a jug. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#60. If everyone could just live near the ocean, I think we'd all be happier. It's hard to be down about anything knee deep in the sand. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#61. The Bahamas has mangrove nurseries, coral reefs, shallow sea grass beds, and deep oceanic trenches - all perfect ecosystems for sharks. Photographing multiple shark species in exquisite water was the assignment I had dreamed about from the start. - Author: Brian Skerry
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#62. It is a fact that our fresh water is becoming more scarce and that the new ways we are getting energy in America - fracking, mountaintop removal, cyclic steam extraction, deep-sea drilling - all pollute water, pollute the air, and pollute our soil and food. - Author: Mark Ruffalo
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#63. In chambers deep, Where waters sleep, What unknown treasures pave the floor. - Author: Edward Young
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#64. We stand there, knee deep in the water, holding hands. The silence is thunderous with words we don't speak. I feel his presence beside me like it's an extension of my own body, tall and strong and so, so beautiful. But I can't look at him. Right now, it hurts too damn much. - Author: Nicole Christie
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#65. For the boy on the bridge. And for all the boys for a hundred generations who drop their lines into the swift dark water to catch the leviathans lurking in the deep: These are the secrets. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#66. In the past I've been very into the falling part, very into the swimming in the dark, deep emotional water. 'Rampart' I really went into it and it took me three times as long to get out of that depression as it did to just do the scenes. I had to learn to give it my all and then go home and laugh. - Author: Brie Larson
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#67. His choice had been to stay in the deep dark water far out beyond all snares and traps and treacheries. My choice was to go there to find him beyond all people. Beyond all people in the world. Now we are joined together and have been since noon. And no one to help either one of us. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#68. Even in the middle of a hurricane, the bottom of the sea is calm. As the storm rages and the winds howl, the deep waters sway in gentle rhythm, a light movement of fish and plant life. Below there is no storm. - Author: Wayne Muller
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#69. I luxuriate more in a whole day alone; a day of easy natural poses; slipping tranquilly off into the deep water of my own thoughts, navigating the underworld. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#70. He was like water - cold, deep, unpredictable, and, like the pond up the canyon, dangerous, because you could never see what was beneath the surface. And just like I'd done all my life, I jumped in head first, even though I'd been forbidden. But this time, I drowned. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#71. I came here because it's pine-dark and the ocean is wild. The kind of quiet-noise you need when there's too much going on in your head. Like the water and the woods are doing all the feeling, and I can hang out, quiet as a headstone, in a between place. A blank I can bear. - Author: Amy McNamara
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#72. You will never know God's strength until He has supported you in deep waters. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#73. Far too many times in life we throw ourselves
in ships without knowing how stable they
are, or how deep is the water for it to float. - Author: Nomthandazo Tsembeni
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#74. Little deer, I've stuffed all the world's diseases inside you. / Your veins are thorns // and the good cells are lost in the deep dark woods / of your organs. - Author: Pascale Petit
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#75. How deep is the magic of sound may be learned by breaking some sweet verses into prose. The operation has been compared to gathering dew-drops, which shine like jewels upon the flower, but run into water in the hand. The elements remain, but the sparkle is gone. - Author: Robert Aris Willmott
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#76. Congress did a good thing back in 1995 in passing the Deep Water Royalty Relief Act. That act did a simple thing. It provided automatic royalty relief for new leases for 5 years in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. - Author: Bobby Jindal
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#77. The purpose in a man's mind is like a deep water. Proverbs 20:5 - Author: J.M. Brown
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#78. Did. But he was glad her head was deep in his shoulder greatcoat. Again he craned around and caught sight of it, slightly aft and lying flat in the water, now seeming to - Author: James Clavell
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#79. And Pearl, stepping in, mid-leg deep, beheld her own white feet at the bottom, while out of a still lower depth came the gleam of a kind of fragmentary smile, floating to and fro in the agitated water. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#80. He just stares. He's so quiet.
That's the way we want him.
Still water runs deep.
Not with this one. The only thing that runs deep with him are the holes in his ears. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#81. In the deep sands a man must hoard his water. - Author: George R R Martin
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#82. For I am a drop of water, I may change but I will never vanish in thin air. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#83. She is our moon. Our tidal pull. She is the rich deep beneath the sea, the buried treasure, the expression in the owl's eye, the perfume in the wild rose. She is what the water says when it moves. - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
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#84. So singularly clear was the water, that where it was only twenty or thirty feet deep the bottom was so perfectly distinct that the boat seemed floating in the air! - Author: Mark Twain
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#85. Around them, late afternoon sun glistened off waves that slapped against the sides of the deck. Seabirds dipped in and out of the deep blue water. It would have been a perfect, tranquil scene except for the pounding of hammers and the whir of a saw. - Author: Miranda Liasson
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#86. The real trick to producing great work isn't to find ways to eliminate the edgy, nervous feeling that you might be swimming out of your depth. Instead, it's to remember that everyone else is feeling it, too. We're all in deep water. Which is fine: it's by far the most exciting place to be. - Author: Oliver Burkeman
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#87. You should do whatever feels right in your deepest heart. Feel deep as consciousness, open as water, now, and feel how to live with a wide-open heart. Feel how to live as love without bondage. - Author: David Deida
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#88. A grieving person's like a person treading in deep water
if they've nothing to hold on to, they lose hope. They slide right under. - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#89. As soon as you think you know someone else's truth better than they do, you are in deep water. - Author: Martha Beck
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#90. People are like water in a pond where you cannot see the bottom. You think you know where it is shallow and where it is deep but it's only when you have to dive in head first that you find out where it is truly deep. - Author: J.L. Witterick
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#91. I will arise and go now, for always night and day I hear lake water lapping ... I hear it in the deep heart's core. - Author: W.B.Yeats
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#92. A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green. The water is warm too, for it has slipped twinkling over the yellow sands in the sunlight before reaching the narrow pool. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#93. I could tell that we were in the midst of many trees ... this fact was like the water running endlessly ... It was a deep current beneath the surface of a stream. - Author: Ned Hayes
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#94. When you attain the control of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water but will launch out into the deep of life. - Author: Neville Goddard
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#95. Real sea salt is full of minerals and nutrients our body needs. It is rich in electrolytes which help our body absorb water and feed it on a deep cellular level. Most mineral salts have some iodine in them in various amounts. - Author: Nancy Addison
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#96. Here they have no time for the fine graces
of poetry, unless it freely grows
in deep compulsion, like water in the well,
woven into the texture of the soil
in a strong pattern. - Author: Iain Crichton Smith
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