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Top 50 I'm Type Of Girl Quotes

#1. I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. - Author: Nicole Richie
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#2. I never thought I'd be the type of girl who'd be doing, like, fashion shoots. - Author: Rebel Wilson
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#3. I think in general, and in the film industry, that idea of having only one type of girl is changing. There's more variety because it's the world we live, and we want to portray that. - Author: Stephanie Sigman
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#4. I listen to all sorts of things. I get kind of embarrassed with my iPod, because I am a top-40 type of girl; I am not the kind of person to introduce people to new music. - Author: Chrissy Teigen
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#5. I dress for a certain type of girl that I like. Women dress for us, they dress to attract us, so we should at least show that gratitude to them, you know what I'm saying? - Author: Danny Brown
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#6. Lana Del Rey seems to be bothering everybody because she allegedly 'remade' herself from a folk singing, girl-next-door type into an electro-urban kitty cat on the prowl (of course I like her), and they feel she is inauthentic. - Author: Liz Phair
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#7. Acting is wonderful, but it's not pulling in the type of money that I want. It's not bringing in the type of money that I am used to or the type of money that is going to supply my lifestyle. I'm a leisure girl; I like to be over in Italy or in Europe, you know shopping or vacationing, you know. - Author: LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
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#8. I don't understand why we have to do this right now." He scoots his chair into the table. "Because, Lily Calloway, you seem like the type of girl who will never return my calls. - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#9. I'm not one of those stars that goes out and literally dresses to be photographed. I'm kind of a 'what you see is what you get' type of girl when I dress. I go for comfort above everything else. - Author: Anne Hathaway
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#10. I struggled with self-esteem issues as a young girl, and it was not until my gymnastics career was completed in 2000 that I realized my accomplishments would not have been possible without my type of body, and I finally started to appreciate and celebrate myself. - Author: Dominique Dawes
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#11. Kieran's grin didn't waver as he explained, "I'm not a darling type of guy, pumpkin."
"Well, I'm not a pumpkin type of girl, darling," Jenny shot back. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#12. You don't need to worry, though. He's not my type."
"I don't think I've ever heard a girl say that before," said Simon. "I thought Jace was the kind of guy who was everyone's type. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#13. They [letters] are my friends Some people look at bottles of wine, or whatever - girls' bottoms - I get kicks out of looking at type. - Author: Erik Spiekermann
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#14. I've never really been the type to dress up like the other girls do. I'm more of a casual, relaxed kind of girl. More athletic. - Author: Katherine Webb
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#15. Corsets were a challenge in 'Belle;' fake nails tripped me up in 'Blackbird.' Guess I'm not a mani type of girl! - Author: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
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#16. I'm the type of girl,
When you fall in love,
You fall forever. - Author: Tegan Quin
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#17. Really, I'm the type of girl, and I know other girls who are the types of girls who it's not about the chain, it's not about the car, not about the house or this, that, and the other that you think are impressing me. It's really the intellect. It's really stimulating my mind. - Author: Keri Hilson
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#18. I always tell my mom I don't have regular problems. I have problems, like, what type of girl is going to say they're pregnant by me today? Those are the types of issues I have. - Author: Fetty Wap
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#19. It was my decision to break up, but he didn't fight me on it. Would he have fought for Trish? And if so, was it because she was the right girl? Or was Trish simply the type of girl men fought for while I was the type of girl men left without looking back? - Author: Meredith Schorr
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#20. I'm an afternoon tea type of girl. I come from a Russian background where we love our teas. So between lunch and dinner after training I come home and I love a nice cup of tea with jam in it, as we drink it there. Black English Breakfast with raspberry jam is my favorite. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#21. I've always been attracted to the 'don't follow the rules' type of girl, the rocker girl. I've always been attracted to somebody who you can lose yourself in the moment with. You can hang out with her, and it's like you're the only two people in the room. - Author: Steven R. McQueen
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#22. I'm a private person so wasn't the type of person who could talk to people and be like this is going on at home, I want this shirt, this girl don't like me, etc. I just rap about it! - Author: Kirko Bangz
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#23. What I feel like - 'cause I wanna be married, of course - I feel like the type of girl I would be with is a fellow superhero. So we get that 'already flying and now we're just flying together' thing. - Author: Kanye West
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#24. I am overachieving at aimlessness, I am a type-A, alpha-girl lollygagger, the leader of a gang of heartbroken kids, running wild across this lonely strip of amusements, each of us smarting from the betrayals of a loved one. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#25. If you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model. - Author: Megan Fox
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#26. I'm the type of girl who's always had to buy jeans in three sizes because I never know what my body is going to do from one day to the next. - Author: Kaley Cuoco
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#27. The truth is, I don't really have a type of girl. - Author: Thomas McDonell
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#28. I try to imagine what type of girl Connor would seek, but she seems unfathomable
like a hazy picture with only her brain showing. - Author: Becca Ritchie
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#29. You didn't get to bring a date because the type of girl you'd pick would want to liven things up with a group orgy before cutting the cake, I pointed out.
His smile was shameless. 'Exactly. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#30. I'm not an if at first you don't succeed kind of a girl. When it comes to marriage I'm more of a one and done type. - Author: Castle Season 1 Episode 2
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#31. This is the bunch of songs I did first, and it's just the type of thing I do. I am a Carter Family girl, so the record is book-ended with Carter Family songs. - Author: June Carter Cash
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#32. I am the type of girl with zero fashion sense, but I am getting into it now. It's becoming important for me. I saw a lot of girls were beginning to notice what I wear, and I feel a kind of responsibility because there aren't any women in Hollywood my size and age. - Author: Rebel Wilson
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#33. As a model, I didn't have an identity; I was a chameleon, a silent actress. I was an amorphous thing. I wasn't full of personality, I was full of solitude and solemnity. I wasn't a cover-girl type. - Author: Carmen Dell'Orefice
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#34. Because of the fact I look a lot younger than I really am, I think, I end up getting these girl-next-door roles. I mean, I'm not a Gemma Arterton type as far as I can tell. - Author: Kimberley Nixon
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#35. The type of girls that would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren't the type of girls I'd want to take home anyway. - Author: Niall Horan
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#36. He caught her staring and smiled-not a conceited I-work-out-and-have-a-great-body type smirk, but more of a I'm-a-boy; you're-a-girl; life is good. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#37. I always stood out as being different...and unwilling to accept the phrase 'I am a girl' as an ending to any type of sentence that started with 'I can't because'. - Author: Scott Hildreth
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#38. A sense of humor is important. I'm always attracted to a girl with confidence. In terms of looks, I don't have a type. I think a lot of girls think that they have to be super-thin, to meet the Hollywood image, but I think a girl who is voluptuous is very beautiful. - Author: Corey Sevier
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#39. Baby steps for your nerdy girl, she writes.
The girl clearly underestimates the power of her bum and a seductively minimal pose.
Nerdy my arse, I type back. All the cold showers in the world can't cure what u've done to me.
Cruel wife. - Author: Wendy Higgins
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#40. I really can't deny it, I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not that smooth type of girl. I run into things, I trip, I spill food. I say stupid things ... I really don't have it all together. - Author: Katie Holmes
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#41. I have male friends. I'm the type of girl that always had male friends, more male friends than female friends. So just because you see me with the person doesn't mean that I'm kicking it with them, hanging out with them, or we're romantically involved in any way, shape or form. - Author: Jessica White
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#42. In real life I'm the type of girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. I'm very serious when it comes to work, but I like to make jokes and have a good laugh and make fun of myself. - Author: Gal Gadot
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#43. Do you think that Asian girl over there is pretty? I ask Abram, testing him, wondering if I'm really his type, or if I'm just his type until that rare breed of slutty Asian drops into his lap.
Only when she lets me cheat off of her, he answers. - Author: Jay Clark
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#44. I'm a 'Bridesmaids' type of girl. I love silliness. That's who I am at heart, and I know I can do it. If my career path takes me elsewhere, that's great. But comedy is my forte. - Author: Kaley Cuoco
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#45. I'm perfectly happy to have the reputation as a comedian. I love comedies, I would love to be doing more comedies. But I also feel like I hit the limit on playing the girlfriend type in a lot of rom-coms that aren't actually rom-coms, but guy movies that happen to have girls in them. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
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#46. I liked to feel his desire. On the other hand, I didn't like myself. That type of wild, cold little girl - "I have white teeth and a black heart" - seemed to me playacting for old gentlemen. - Author: Francoise Sagan
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#47. I'm more of a science-fizz-bam-boom-poof girl than an artsy-fartsy type. - Author: Angela Cervantes
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#48. There was no denying that I was physically attracted to her, and while she was a different type of girl than I normally went for, I wasn't surprised by wanting to get in her pants and between her legs. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#49. I kind of love going to weddings - it's a guilty pleasure. I've never been the wedding-y type girl dreaming about the big day, the dress, but I always cry. Always. Even if I don't know the bride that well, I'm verklempt! - Author: Alison Brie
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#50. I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh-at-things type of guy and I don't smile and laugh all the time ... But if a girl can make me laugh ... I'm in love!!!! - Author: Jesse McCartney
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