Top 100 I Shut Down Quotes

#1. After my father died, I learned that when tragedy strikes, you can either open up or shut down. My mother opened up and was not herself for some time. I shut down, and it worked for me. I shut down again on the day of September the eleventh.

H M Naqvi

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#2. For many years, I shut down that place inside myself that needed to rage, cry, ask questions and basically just express herself. I made a conscious choice when I put (the song) 'Me and a Gun' on the record not to stay a victim anymore.

Tori Amos

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#3. So once I shut down my privilege of disliking anyone I choose and holding myself aloof if I could manage it, greater understanding, growing compassion came to me.

Catherine Marshall

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#4. My heart hurt to see her in pain and, for one second, i shut down all emotion. One day, she'd figure out she was too good for a loser like me and when she left, i didn't know how i'd deal with the pain. Hell, she was worth it. I enfolded her into my body once more, kissing the side of her neck.

Katie McGarry

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#5. When I got signed as a songwriter, I immediately thought, 'Oh, no one sees me as an artist because I don't look good enough.' So I shut down the whole idea.

Meghan Trainor

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#6. I pulled back because I am not a hugger. Never have been. When someone wraps their arms around me, I shut down and stand there with my eyes closed, waiting for it to be over.

David Sedaris

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#7. The idea of living with someone scares me senseless. I've done it before for five years, and I shut down to cope with it. I don't want to give up myself again. I hope to find someone who is happy just to continue "as is" without expectations. (Kes)

Rudy Simone

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#8. Sometimes on sets, I shut down, try to focus.

Peter Dinklage

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#9. Tagged by a whiny little vamp. Rache, take this sword and stick it in me. Just go and stick it in me. I'm a back-drafted, crumpled-winged, dust-caked, dew-assed excuse of a backup. Worthless as a pixy condom. Taken down by my own partner. Just tape my ass shut and let me fart out my mouth.

Kim Harrison

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#10. I don't want to sound arrogant, but the defense might shut me down on one or two out of five plays, but I'll make them pay eventually.

Jeremy Shockey

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#11. Like you, I'm fed up with business as usual in Washington. Send me to Congress, and I won't tweak our broken system. I'll shut it down.

Francine Busby

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#12. I do not believe we should shut down the federal government.

Ted Cruz

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#13. Jeb Bush brought it up at the debate and he was doing it very well, and all of a sudden, I don't know what happened, but he got shut down.

Donald Trump

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#14. If there were a major earthquake in Los Angeles, with bridges and highways and railroads and airports all shut down and huge buildings collapsing, I don't care how much planning you do, the first 72 hours is going to be chaotic.

Warren Rudman

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#15. His phone rang again, and he turned it on speaker. "Adair residence - "
"Shut up, Cabe." Silas's voice filled the car. "Your Lexus isn't a residence, and I know you're driving, because I'm watching your GPS dot move down the road.

Jane Washington

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#16. I'd shut the whole world down just to tell you

Rob Sheffield

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#17. Shut up, Willy. Mister, you gonna buy anything? Pa says we can't shut down for the day until we get thirty dollars' worth of custom." "I'll buy a pumpkin. If you can give me some decent directions." She gave a theatrical sigh. "One pumpkin. A buck-fifty. Big whoop.

Stephen King

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#18. Usually I'm pretty myopic. It's hard for me to multi-task, so to speak. If I'm in a show and I'm creating a character, I'm just completely into that. It's really hard for me to do anything else like write music. I have to sort of shut down different sides of my head and just focus.

Idina Menzel

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#19. I know this messenger, guard," said Mr. Lorry, getting down into the road - assisted from behind more swiftly than politely by the other two passengers, who immediately scrambled into the coach, shut the door, and pulled up the window. "He may come close; there's nothing wrong.

Charles Dickens

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#20. I will shut down Instagram so girls can't use filters into tricking us that they are that pretty; you're eyes aren't that blue, and you don't glow.

Daniel Tosh

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#21. I love that moment, when you stop struggling to stay awake and your eyelids shut sink down and you slip effortlessly into another realm that's beckoning to you.

Rachel Klein

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#22. It's a landscape that controls you, sits you down and says, Shut up, pal, I'm in charge here.

Russell Banks

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#23. You're gonna sit down. You're gonna shut up. And by the grace of God Almighty, I ain't gonna kill you.

Lois Greiman

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#24. For my part, if I'm working while flying, I'm often a bit relieved to be forced to shut down the computer on final descent. But I guess I'm a slacker.

Meghan Daum

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#25. People say, 'Are you afraid? Are you scared for your life?' and I tell them: If I choose today to tone it down, if I choose today to shut up, tomorrow me, you, and all of us will be forced to.

Bassem Youssef

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#26. I was sitting at a friend's place in Michigan on vacation, having a beer on the patio. I was a little hefty. I said to myself: "Okay, I'm going to finish this weekend off strong, then after that I'm going to shut her down. I'm going to start taking better care of myself."

Chris Pronger

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#27. You get irritated when I say I'm not angry and you get irritated when I say I am angry. I can't win."
"Because you just saying whatever you think will shut me up," he accused me.
"Aye, but it's not working."
"Argh!" was his response, and he charged on down the street.

Moira J. Moore

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#28. I'm going in," Gansey said as Ronan sat down on the step beside Adam. As Gansey shut the door behind him, he heard Adam say, "I don't want to talk," and Ronan reply, "The fuck would I talk about?

Maggie Stiefvater

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#29. I told you, computers are like women. If you shout at them or ask them to do too many things at once, they shut down and you won't even get a sniff pg. 4

Kim Harrison

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#30. Feminists often pretend to be angry and offended in order to win debates or, I should say, prevent debates from ever happening. If you can act angry and offended, especially on a college campus, you can shut down the other side using a speech code.

Mike Adams

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#31. As always, the first instant he sees her, he can feel his heart shut down, the way you do in those first moment after impact, or, he supposes, when you're drowning. Love or panic. The two have always been fairly indistinguishable to him.

Jonathan Tropper

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#32. I can't be in your place as I don't have a fat, knocked-up ass to sit on. Yeah, you asked me for a major, and if you want to come through on it, you'll sit down, shut up, and let me work. Bitch.

J.D. Robb

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#33. If I want to calm down, I'll buy some fabric, get a pattern, shut myself in a room and stay there for days, really happy. And at the end of it, you get a bedspread or some curtains or something to wear - it's lovely.


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#34. I've heard some pretty bad things in my life. I'm just one of those people I've gotten to a point where I don't want to be rude, but if it's uninvited attention from people it's like, "Thank you, but no." I'm going to shut you down right away.

Sophia Bush

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#35. I wanted to turn everything off, too. Just press a button - click - and shut myself down. Turn off my heart, turn off my mind, turn off my body - just lie there, senseless, like a dormant tree in winter, waiting for the spring to return.

Kevin Brooks

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#36. Shut it down, Wonder Woman demanded. You have sex with him tonight and you're officially a prostitute. A cheap prostitute. You think I'd fuck Batman for anything less than ten grand?

Joanna Wylde

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#37. I didn't know my mother had it. I think a lot of women don't know their mothers had it; that's the sad thing about depression. You know, you don't function anymore. You shut down. You feel like you are in a void.

Marie Osmond

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#38. I do not know of a Chinese blogger who has gone to jail, but I know several who have had their blogs shut down. I also know some Chinese bloggers who have received threatening phone calls from police warning them to 'be careful.' In some cases, they stopped blogging for a while.

Rebecca MacKinnon

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#39. The view, as I have said, is charming; but in the day you must keep the lattice-blinds close shut, or the sun would drive you mad; and when the sun goes down you must shut up all the windows, or the mosquitoes would tempt you to commit suicide. So

Charles Dickens

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#40. Music is how I get free. It's a way to shut the rest of the world down and create your own world within it. I'm not thinking about what's going on around me. It's definitely an energy thing, and I'm in a zone.

Gift Of Gab

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#41. I love Catherine Maladrino, Angela Dean and Nicole Miller. Catherine Maladrino designs that beautiful, high-class red carpet stuff. Nicole Miller makes beautiful dresses you can wear every day. And when you just want to go and shut it down, you turn to Angela Dean.

Tasha Smith

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#42. Corbin, I don't know if I'll ever be able to break down all the walls I have. I can't promise you that I'll never run again, or that I'll never shut down. But what I can promise is that I've felt more alive in the past two weeks than I ever will again if you walk out of my life.

Kandi Steiner

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#43. Kayla Robinson, if you don't shut up I'll fly down there and suck every last bit of blood from your stupid cheating cow body!

P.C. Cast

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#44. Point me in the right direction, and shut the fuck up. I'm the one calling the shots now. Fall in line or fall down a fucking well.

Robert Kirkman

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#45. The moment Quan crossed a line with me, I'd have to shut him down, but either he hadn't crossed one yet or my lines weren't where I thought they were.

Lola Dodge

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#46. Whoever looks down upon our guild, I'll shut him up!!! I will show the power of Fairy Tail!!!

Hiro Mashima

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#47. I learned from teaching. If you are perceived by the student to be belittling them or purely criticizing them without offering up words of encouragement and support, they shut down and discredit you.

Tim Gunn

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#48. Drinking would shut down my seeing and my hearing and my feeling,' she used to say. 'Why would I want to be in the world if I couldn't touch the world with all of my senses intact?

Sherman Alexie

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#49. The boredom and annoyance that shut down over it were humiliatingly plain to see. I could have slapped her for it.

Mary Stewart

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#50. I'm glad the government has shut down. Think about it, for the first time in years it's safe to talk on the phone and send emails without anybody listening in.

Jay Leno

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#51. I confess that as a young boy, Sunday was not my favorite day. Grandfather shut down the action. We didn't have any transportation. We couldn't drive the car. He wouldn't even let us start the motor. We couldn't ride the horses, or the steers, or the sheep.

James E. Faust

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#52. Because sometimes I was tired of feeling so much and I just wanted to shut down and not feel anything. But I guess I wasn't wired that way. All I could do was write about it. Get it out of my head and onto something like paper that I could manage easier.

Jon Skovron

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#53. The way I see it, being dead is not terribly far off from being on a cruise ship. Most of your time is spent lying on your back. The brain has shut down. The flesh begins to soften. Nothing much new happens, and nothing is expected of you.

Mary Roach

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#54. Technique to me is a kind of a ... I'm reluctant to talk about it because it seems so obvious to me what good technique is. I mean, you sit down, you shut up, and you pay attention is basically the good technique. And then the footnotes add; on an empty stomach, in a dark room, feeling comfortable.

Terence McKenna

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#55. I know, I should've just shut him down like a Broadway Musical, but that's just not the way I'm wired.

Lynne Spears

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#56. I bet it's the eleventh Commandment," murmured the priest, eyes down. "What would the eleventh Commandment be?" asked Doone, scowling. "Why not: 'THOU SHALT SHUT UP AND LISTEN'" said the priest. "Ssh.

Ray Bradbury

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#57. But the intimacy, the smallness, also made me feel shut out; and I found myself hurrying past the inviting little doorways with my head down, very aware of all the convivial Sunday-morning lives unrolling around me in private.

Donna Tartt

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#58. I've got a guy in my office that works 24/7 to shut down websites that are putting 'Dead Air' on the net for free - ripping us off. The problem is many people are of the mindset that says, 'If I can watch it for free, I'll watch it.'

Corbin Bernsen

I Shut Down Quotes #1043438
#59. I feel that as long as you're honest, you have the opportunity to grow. It's when you shut down, go into denial, and try to start hiding things from yourself and others, that's when you lock in certain behaviors and attitudes that keep you stuck.

Tracy McMillan

I Shut Down Quotes #1057383
#60. If I could just keep my legs shut I might yet win this battle. It seemed an insurmountable task, given the array of his arsenal. The size of his artillery. One hand dived down further, stroking between my legs, while the other held the back of my head. I was helpless, the battle lost. God, I sucked.

Kylie Scott

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#61. I spent so much of my life shut down from the abuse of my childhood. I didn't have friends and I didn't have connections with people.

Bonnie St. John

I Shut Down Quotes #1090564
#62. I no longer know the author of this book, for simply stopping long enough and writing it down was where I changed from a boy with his eyes squeezed shut to a man with his eyes wide open so that the sunlight might reach my heart despite all that darkness.

Ryan Adams

I Shut Down Quotes #1103699
#63. I sometimes let people down, especially when I was younger. I was cavalier about what people told me. Part of growing up is learning when to shut up.

Corey Johnson

I Shut Down Quotes #1128582
#64. All day long, I'm creative, and the second I get a little tired of any given medium, I just shut that area down and go to the next room. I just go do something else.

Peter Max

I Shut Down Quotes #1157787
#65. And I'm ill with the thought of your kiss, coffee-laced intoxicating on her lips ... shut it out, I've got no claim on you now, I'm not allowed to wear you freedom down

A Fine Frenzy

I Shut Down Quotes #1161484
#66. You say you're worried about kids? I'm not worried about kids, I'm worried about grown ups ... Children are not the problem here ... We spend the first year of their lives teaching them how to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives telling them to shut up and sit down.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I Shut Down Quotes #1164718
#67. I can't do this by myself. It requires two security codes to access the full system and shut it down.

Alan Dean Foster

I Shut Down Quotes #1180128
#68. I thought you went out with the guys," Shea said, scrolling down his list.
"Nah, thought you needed to talk." Shea looked up, confused.
"You know, talk, where your mouth moves and words come out."
"Shut up, asshole, I know what talking is. I just don't know why I need to talk.

Toni Aleo

I Shut Down Quotes #1182621
#69. I think these drugs could just as well be called Durkheimogens, given their unique (though unreliable) ability to shut down the self and give people experiences they later describe as "religious" or

Jonathan Haidt

I Shut Down Quotes #1200507
#70. There must have been a real mess on the tracks,' Lorna said, 'They shut down the F train line for a whole two hours for you. Two hours! And in rush hour!'
My final achievement. Man, I hoped Mom was getting that put on my gravestone. Here lies Charlotte Feldman. She pissed off commuters. A lot.

Suzy Cox

I Shut Down Quotes #1216014
#71. I think we have to get bolder. Why after Fukushima didn't we all go out and shut down all the nuclear power plants and stay there until it happened?

Eve Ensler

I Shut Down Quotes #1217800
#72. I tied down time with a rope
but it came back.
I put my head in a death bowl
and my eyes shut up like clams.
They didn't come back.

Anne Sexton

I Shut Down Quotes #1250437
#73. I used to spend a couple of hours in the weight room, but really, an hour is long enough. I lift twice a week and on other days incorporate more core yoga and different exercises. It's important to listen to your body. I will shut it down if I'm tired.

Misty May-Treanor

I Shut Down Quotes #1258130
#74. I know you're thinking that you've been shut down for so long, you don't know how to wake up. That all these messy feelings I bring out in you make you wish you'd never met me.

Leisa Rayven

I Shut Down Quotes #1277843
#75. When I'm with my parents, that's the place I can unplug. That's the place I can shut down and not worry about work or what's going on. I go home and hang out with them. I sleep more there than any place else ever.

Carrie Underwood

I Shut Down Quotes #1280167
#76. Kyle Davis is like malware. He's infiltrated my brain in a sneak virus attack. Every time I try and focus, he pops in my head the same way internet windows pop up faster than you can shut them down. You know when that happens you've opened something you shouldn't have.

Kate McCarthy

I Shut Down Quotes #1299537
#77. I've always been active - outdoors, on the beach, playing - and so to go home and have to sit on my couch and relax ... it's frustrating. Sometimes, you just have to really shut yourself down.

Landon Donovan

I Shut Down Quotes #1302084
#78. I've found that people get particularly frustrated and shut down when women in fiction are disgusting or disordered.

Ottessa Moshfegh

I Shut Down Quotes #1384328
#79. I hereby pledge that, if elected to represent the people of South Dakota, I will never vote to shut down their government, or to place their government in default, in order to force it to act, or to prevent it from acting, on unrelated issues.

Rick Weiland

I Shut Down Quotes #1400204
#80. Boys, tell your mother to shut her lying whore mouth before I shove the nearest apple down her throat.

Jason Aaron

I Shut Down Quotes #1405901
#81. But at the time, a mark of how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen, I saw it as just another tragedy I needed to stuff in the growing box in the back of my head. Shut the top and move on.

Kim Barker

I Shut Down Quotes #1406389
#82. Mel Gibson is losing it. I don't know how people still supporting this dude's movies like it's all good. That dude is nuts. All you gotta do is shut him down and don't support any of his movies.

J. B. Smoove

I Shut Down Quotes #1424697
#83. I wanted to find out why. But when Professor Dandrik saw what was happening, he became almost hysterical, and ordered the accelerator shut down as though he were afraid it would blow up in his face."
"I think it has blown up in his face," Prince Travann said quietly.

H. Beam Piper

I Shut Down Quotes #1434732
#84. I tried to shut myself down completely, put up my best screensaver personality to coast through the day. I didn't want to see her. I was desperate to see her. I wanted to hold it together. I wanted to melt down right at her feet and scream, Look what you've done to me.

David Levithan

I Shut Down Quotes #1483575
#85. I think that the people who are trying to shut down WikiLeaks are going to have to accept this as a fact of reality that cryptography allows you to do this kind of thing.

Whitfield Diffie

I Shut Down Quotes #1490789
#86. We don't ever want to shut down and say, I'm afraid to go that far down the road because there's going to be pain. There'll be beauty, too, and if you stop here, you stop all that.

Wayne Coyne

I Shut Down Quotes #1499881
#87. That actually is one of my huge challenges right now because I write best at night, no question. I can focus. You know you're not getting any phone calls, I can shut everything down, and I'm just more creative at night.

Stephenie Meyer

I Shut Down Quotes #1509837
#88. It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they're gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it's my turn to leave.

Tupac Shakur

I Shut Down Quotes #1530083
#89. I took a bottle of pills. I'd been in Europe and I had a lot of absinthe and I was just drinking and drinking, trying to, you know, just shut my body down.

Jack Osbourne

I Shut Down Quotes #1559747
#90. I want to be an NBA all-star and help my team win. That's what it's all about, is winning. I'm a competitor ... People said a lot about me being selfish and stuff like that. Getting into the league, I can't wait to shut that down. I'm a guy who wants to play and to win and love my teammates.

Shabazz Muhammad

I Shut Down Quotes #1590014
#91. I don't think that care homes are all rotten old places that ought to be shut down.

Judi Dench

I Shut Down Quotes #1613089
#92. My darling, patient friends tell me that I'm still single only because I'm picky, and because I haven't met the right person yet. This would feel truer if I hadn't been shut down by quite so many wrong people that I, despite my allegedly high standards, chased after.

Katie Heaney

I Shut Down Quotes #1624358
#93. I tried to turn my mind off. Shut down the thoughts that were with me every second. Everything in me ached to be with him. It was worse than an obsession. It was a need.

Dan Skinner

I Shut Down Quotes #1706651
#94. I've had days when I go in my bedroom for 24 hours at a time. I call them my Cilla Black days, and they're literally black days. It's like the old Boomtown Rats song 'I Don't Like Mondays.' You just want to shut the whole day down.

Cilla Black

I Shut Down Quotes #1707754
#95. My natural response to a stressful situation is to shut down. I do weird things, like, I don't cry, I get really cold.

Amy Adams

I Shut Down Quotes #1722221
#96. When a thin person announces, "Here's a great taco place," I kind of shut down a little. How do they know it's so great? From smelling the tacos? If they only ate one taco, the taco could not have been that great.

Jim Gaffigan

I Shut Down Quotes #1741833
#97. My guest Newt Gingrich shut down the government during the Clinton administration. I'll ask him when it's gonna start working again.

Stephen Colbert

I Shut Down Quotes #1755083
#98. I have fallen for someone who's so emotionally shut down, I will only get hurt- deep down I know this- someone who by his own admission is completely fucked up.

E.L. James

I Shut Down Quotes #1797117
#99. I went to see the Terminator movie the other night. Every time Arnold Schwarzenegger came on the screen this guy in front of me went 'Booo! Booo!' and was throwing stuff. I had to say 'Governor Davis just shut up and sit down!'

Jay Leno

I Shut Down Quotes #1798747
#100. I have yet to face Writer's Block and I don't believe I ever will. It is much more difficult for me to shut my imagination down to get a good nights sleep than it is to prod it to life.

Kenneth J. Ester

I Shut Down Quotes #1806810

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