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Top 14 Hurrible Quotes

#1. When we were in bed, the only part of me she touched was my penis, because it was the most detached. - Author: Anatole Broyard
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#2. The sign said "eight items or less". So I changed my name to Les. - Author: Steven Wright
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#3. I need you to breathe for me. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#4. I can imagine no more successful and productive form of manufacture than that of making mountains out of molehills. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#5. When you're in the States and you're a writer and you've got money and you walk into a bank, you're a bum with money. - Author: Norman Spinrad
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#6. How sure I feel, how warm and strong and happy For the future! How sure the future is within me; I am like a seed with a perfect flower enclosed ... - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#7. I hate waking up every morning to my alarm. I always bang my head on the steering wheel. - Author: Scott Wood
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#8. I'm crazy and going crazier, and I don't know how to stop it.
I don't know how to stop this hurrible darkness from eating me alive, and no one in the world is going to help me. - Author: Sara Wolf
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#9. Once it's established that we are a team, I can demand of you and expect you to demand of me. Life without pain is an addiction and the fantasy of perpetual happiness is like the "delusion of fusion." - Author: Carl Whitaker
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#10. How did you find me?" I said, keeping my head ducked.
"It was easy," he said, taking a seat beside me. "All I did was follow the cursing. - Author: Nicole Williams
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#11. Precedents once established are so much positive power. - Author: James Madison
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#12. And so there has been a lot of diplomatic movement. - Author: Mitchell Reiss
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#13. You can go through the world with your elbows out and your nose in the air, and call it independence, if you like. That's not my way. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#14. Stand-up comedy seems like a terrifying thing. Objectively. Before anyone has done it, it seems like one of the most frightening things you could conceive, and there's just no shortcut - you just have to do it. - Author: John Oliver
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