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#1. Movie actors disappear - any young person wouldn't know Cary Grant. They're going to disappear. Fifty years ago, you thought film was here to stay. But nothing is here to stay, actually - except perhaps paintings and drawings.

David Hockney

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#2. I think a lot of African-American kids don't have fathers to teach them how to dress, so you end up being taught by pictures in magazine and movies. You see cowboys, Indians, old Hollywood films, Cary Grant. It has an effect on you.

Andre Benjamin

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#3. I needed a large glass of chardonnay and a larger dose of Cary Grant.

Tracy Kiely

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#4. I acted like Cary Grant for so long that I became Cary Grant

Cary Grant

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#5. Anyway, at a certain point in my early twenties, my mother started to become worried about my obviously ever-increasing drug ingestion. So she ended up doing what any concerned parent would do. She called Cary Grant.

Carrie Fisher

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#6. The greatest leading man, in my opinion, will always be Cary Grant.

Joe Pantoliano

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#7. Cary Benjamin sleeps dreamily on my stomach as we're both bonding and recuperating. He's phenomenal.

Jennifer Grant

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#8. In all, I was in 16 movies, including 'The Bishop's Wife' with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven; I was in 'Rio Grande' with John Wayne, 'Albuquerque' with Randall Scott, 'Blue Skies' with Bing Crosby and 'Hans Christian Anderson' with Danny Kaye.

Karolyn Grimes

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#9. Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.

Cary Grant

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#10. When I knew I was pregnant four years ago with a boy, a friend suggested I call him Cary, but I initially resisted. There was only one Cary Grant. But a week before he was due, I started thinking it would be wonderful to pass the name on to him. And anyway, my father wasn't Cary to me. He was Dad.

Jennifer Grant

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#11. I was tanned, happy, and blowing a kiss to Cary, who'd playacted the role of a highfashion
photographer by calling out ridiculous encouragements. Beautiful, dahling. Show me sassy. Show me sexy. Brilliant.
Show me catty ... rawr ...

Sylvia Day

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#12. I did a little movie called 'Touch of Pink,' where I played a Cary Grant-type guy, which I thought was a lot of fun, and I thought I was moderately successful in my own interpretation of Cary Grant.

Kyle MacLachlan

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#13. My father sang well, and he was a handsome man. When he walked down the street, people sometimes mistook him for Cary Grant and asked for his autograph.

Alan Alda

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#14. My parents kept us sheltered from this world of Hollywood. I don't have any great memories of bouncing on Cary Grant's knee or something like that.

Tony Goldwyn

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#15. Howard Hawks said he'd like to put me in a film with Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart. I thought, "Cary Grant-terrific! Humphrey Bogart-yucch."

Lauren Bacall

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#16. Unless you're Jack Lemmon or Cary Grant, there are few guys who can do comedy and drama.

Steve Guttenberg

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#17. Then, there was Cary Grant. He spent three hours a week in hospitals teaching nervous people how to eat jello.

Red Buttons

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#18. Cary Grant was wonderful to work with on stage. He would move downstage, so that as he looked at me the audience had to look at me, too. He knew a lot about the theater and how to move around. He was very secure.

Fay Wray

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#19. They offered me millions and millions and millions of dollars to write books about Cary. That was between us. That was private. I'll always love him.

Dyan Cannon

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#20. When I went to the cinema as a boy, when I saw a war film, I thought the general was the star, and that Cary Grant was an extra. I had no idea about the structure of film, but I loved going to the cinema.

Nicolas Roeg

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#21. I had to bite back a laugh. "Cary Taylor. Loving you isn't a character defect."
Chapter 12, pg 213

Sylvia Day

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#22. I hate stories in which a person has an occupation and you never see him working at it, like all those marvelous Cary Grant movies where he's a surgeon, and you never see him in the operating room.

Tom Wolfe

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#23. I loved sinking my head into Cary Grant's chest.

Jean Arthur

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#24. Cary Grant and I were doing a play in New York. He had a crush on me. Whenever we went to a party, he would always sit on the floor beside me. I thought that was kind of beautiful, like that's where he wanted to be.

Fay Wray

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#25. The great actors, like Cary Grant, and the gentlemanliness that they portray in the movies is something that I try to keep in mind.

Michiel Huisman

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#26. The devil is a cross between a really good used-car salesman and a game-show host, but with a lot more style and charm.There's a little Cary Grant thrown in there too.

Ray Wise

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#27. Suspicion," he said. "Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He's a genius." "Starring Cary Grant." When Lucas gave me a look, I added, "You have your priorities, I have mine.

Claudia Gray

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#28. Cary Grant was one of the most marvelous men I've ever met.

Jayne Mansfield

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#29. A lot of crime fiction writing is also lazy. Personality is supposed to be shown by the protagonist's taste in music, or we're told that the hero looks like the young Cary Grant. Film is the medium these writers are looking for.

Peter Temple

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#30. Yeah, but there's nobody who represents romance to me like Cary Grant.

Aaron Eckhart

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#31. A good trick as you get older is to get a thick pair of glasses that have a dark frame. Everything else can droop and slide but that pair of dark glasses stays sharp and crisp. Look at Cary Grant. Look at Vidal Sassoon.

Tom Ford

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#32. I always ask, why can't I be just like Cary Grant or something.

Aaron Eckhart

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#33. To me, Cary Grant is probably the most fashionable man in the history of Hollywood. The guy was just slick. He did it so effortlessly.

Reid Scott

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#34. They should build a monument," Cary said. "All the times I got my ass beat to a pulp so the youth of today could get dolled up like faggots to go out in public.

Nell Zink

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#35. I know people who go back and check themselves, but it drives me crazy. Everybody wants to look in the mirror and see Cary Grant looking back at them, but that's just not the case.

Dennis Farina

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#36. If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance, I'm the Marlon Brando.

Gene Kelly

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#37. A man becomes what he dreams. And I dreamed of being in the movies. I was brought up on Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Warren Beatty, and Cary Grant.

Pierce Brosnan

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#38. But even with a character like Cary who is relatively outlandish, at the end of the movie he's in a place where I wouldn't have expected him to be - taking on the responsibility of a woman who is pregnant and who used to be his best friend's wife.

Neil LaBute

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#39. I always wanted to work with Spencer Tracy, which never happened, although I knew him well. And I never worked with Cary Grant.

Lauren Bacall

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#40. I am my father's only child. The world knows a two-dimensional Cary Grant. As charming a star and as remarkable a gentleman as he was, he was still a more thoughtful and loving father.

Jennifer Grant

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#41. I will watch everything that Cary Grant did, or Kubrick made or Bergman.

Tim Roth

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#42. Writing about Africa by Africans has been part of my literary apprenticeship, standing alongside works by authors such as Joseph Conrad, Joyce Cary and Graham Greene as influences.

Giles Foden

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#43. A girl had to do what a girl had to do and it looked as if this girl's immediate future included chicken Caesar salad, chocolate cake, and Cary Grant.

Leslie Meier

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#44. Cary Grant never won an Oscar, primarily, I suspect, because he made everything look so effortless. Why reward someone for having fun, for being charming?

Richard Russo

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#45. My son Cary's generation likely won't know who my father was, but it's something nice for him that his grandfather was an icon. I had one chance to pass along that name.

Jennifer Grant

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#46. I met Cary Grant once, and I was absolutely star struck. I got his autograph.

David Hasselhoff

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#47. My eyes stung as they always did whenever I saw Cary happy. Dr. Travis was the closest thing to a father that he had and I knew how much Cary loved him.

Sylvia Day

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#48. There are actors in this town who made important careers for a long, long period just by taking the parts that Cary Grant turned down.

Louis Jourdan

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#49. The first author I met socially was Joyce Cary.

John Updike

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#50. There are many actors who have inspired me: Spencer Tracy for his incredible elegance and, of course, Cary Grant. But, there's also an Italian actor I admire a great deal: Alberto Sordi.

Alfred Molina

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#51. The truth is, I'd never seen a Cary Grant film. Since then I have watched his stuff and it's astounding, but I don't see any similarity between us. Except for the fact that I'm told he used to wear ladies' underwear, which is something I also do.

Hugh Grant

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#52. I've worked with Jack Warner and Jimmy Stewart - and Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp twice. I've had dinners with Fred Astaire and Cary Grant.

Peter Guber

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#53. My favourite actors are all dead or dying. I just love Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn - I was named after her - and Cary Grant. I just love old black and white movies and the stars in them. It must have been a great time to be in Hollywood.

Katharine Isabelle

Quotes About Cary #1395046
#54. Later, I made a movie with him, 'That Touch of Mink,' and we became good friends but any woman's initial meeting with Cary is right up there with the big moments of her world history.

Audrey Meadows

Quotes About Cary #1459618
#55. I always adored Cary Grant. I was fascinated by him. But I could never get too close to him.

George Hamilton

Quotes About Cary #1523308
#56. Once told by an interviewer, "Everybody would like to be Cary Grant," Grant is said to have replied, "So would I.

Cary Grant

Quotes About Cary #1538649
#57. He'd forgiven who he needed to forgive, let go of what he needed to, and accepted himself as he was. Archibald Alexander Leach, Cary Grant, and all.

Jennifer Grant

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#58. I'll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash and carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I'll even 'hari-kari' if you show me how, but I will not carry a gun!

Alan Alda

Quotes About Cary #1588054
#59. Tom Ford, who is my all-time favourite, once said to me, 'Here's the thing about dress shirts, Rob. You need white, and you need black.' 'What about blue,' I asked. He said, 'Have you ever seen Cary Grant in a blue dress shirt?'

Rob Lowe

Quotes About Cary #1724818
#60. No man is charming all of the time. Even Cary Grant is on record saying he wished he could be Cary Grant.

Rita Rudner

Quotes About Cary #1737233
#61. Cary rocked back on his heels and twirled one index finger around another in a sign meaning, wrapped around your finger.
Only fair, I thought, since he was wrapped around my heart.

Sylvia Day

Quotes About Cary #1754703
#62. I can't bail out on Cary," I said apologetically, turning to face him. "Chicks before dicks and all that.

Sylvia Day

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#63. Cary Grant, said, 'I heard you were on the lot and I just had to meet you.

Audrey Meadows

Quotes About Cary #1763424
#64. Cary Grant is the only actor I ever loved in my whole life.

Alfred Hitchcock

Quotes About Cary #1800582
#65. If you look at movies with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart and all the rest of it, none of them looks like a boy. They always looked like mature men. The audience didn't want to go and see kids.

Tom Conti

Quotes About Cary #1821984
#66. I learned courage from Buddha, Jesus, Lincoln, Einstein, and Mr. Cary Grant.

Peggy Lee

Quotes About Cary #1828783
#67. You need to bury it," Cary tells me. "All of that's over. You have to be here now.

Courtney Summers

Quotes About Cary #1836410
#68. Jimmy Stewart is always and indisputably the best man in the world, unless Cary Grant should happen to show up.

Marisa De Los Santos

Quotes About Cary #1848382
#69. Cary and I are working together on another movie, Charlotte's Web.

Thomas Haden Church

Quotes About Cary #1858149
#70. How many women do we know who were continually kissed by Clark Gable, William Powell, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Fredric March? Only one: Myrna Loy.

Lauren Bacall

Quotes About Cary #1878218
#71. As storytellers, you're always somehow creating history.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #1047
#72. And there I suddenly found my articulate self in a dazzling land of smiling, jostling people wearing and not wearing all sorts of costumes and doing all sorts of clever things. And that's when I knew! What other life could there be but that of an actor?

Cary Grant

Quotes About Cary #1986
#73. Going from having an Atari to a laptop changed everything. It allows me to work anywhere I want and send my work home - I can work anywhere in the world.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #3317
#74. The Black Pirate,

Cary Elwes

Quotes About Cary #8796
#75. 'Sin Nombre' was almost like the adolescent version of 'Jane Eyre.' 'Jane Eyre' sort of picks up where 'Sin Nombre' ends. It's about this girl who starts off on her own at her lowest point of despair, and she figures out how she got there.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #12429
#76. New York is perfect for Tanizaki because it's filled with so many dark spaces.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #13931
#77. I was imagining films in my head and trying to gather friends together to make movies since I was a kid. I tried to do comedy skits and a horror film.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #21811
#78. There's a shortage of perfects breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.

Cary Elwes

Quotes About Cary #28998
#79. I think that making love is the best form of exercise.

Cary Grant

Quotes About Cary #36471
#80. Once you get very clear about the things that are the most important to you in your life, those things that truly give meaning and purpose to your existence, purging and de-cluttering will become a natural process.

Cary David Richards

Quotes About Cary #39011
#81. Friedrich Bischinger, has gained notoriety by recommending that kids eat their boogers to help strengthen their immune systems.

Cary McNeal

Quotes About Cary #39098
#82. Ah, there are moments for us here, when, seeing
Life's inequalities, and woe, and care,
The burdens laid upon our mortal being
Seem heavier than the human heart can bear.

Phoebe Cary

Quotes About Cary #41831
#83. Never is true love blind, but rather brings an added light.

Phoebe Cary

Quotes About Cary #42145
#84. Even for the dead I will not bind my soul to grief, death cannot long divide; for is it not as if the rose that climbed my garden wall had bloomed the other side?

Alice Cary

Quotes About Cary #47920
#85. The fear of hell, the punishment of sin, how the modern parent revolts from such teaching. Yet I will assert that far from doing us children harm, it was a sure foundation to the world of our confidence, a master girder in our palace of delight.

Joyce Cary

Quotes About Cary #48117
#86. They're always surprised with what I want to do and don't want to do. I think they're surprised I don't want to do robo-tech. I don't know, it's like they want me to have a long career. And be prolific and make big movies.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #56474
#87. We cultivate our feelings the way we cultivate a garden: we can't entirely prevent weeds from coming up, but we can take care to remove them before they do much harm.

Phillip Cary

Quotes About Cary #59449
#88. The Japanese island of Okunoshima, also called "Rabbit Island" after the many furry inhabitants who live there, was once home to Japan's poison gas factories. The rabbits are descendants of ones used for chemical testing during World War II.

Cary McNeal

Quotes About Cary #61971
#89. He who loves best his fellow-man, is loving God the holiest way he can ...

Alice Cary

Quotes About Cary #62057
#90. The will is never free - it is always attached to an object, a purpose. It is simply the engine in the car - it can't steer.

Joyce Cary

Quotes About Cary #64948
#91. The Crimson Pirate, The Mark of Zorro, Captain Blood, The Black Pirate, Adventures of Don Juan, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Sea Hawk, The Prisoner of Zenda, Scaramouche,

Cary Elwes

Quotes About Cary #74232
#92. My ideas tend to be either really big in terms of like, the logistics, or really small.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #75609
#93. O that one unguarded moment! / Were it mine to live again, / All the strength of its temptation / Would appeal to me in vain.

Phoebe Cary

Quotes About Cary #83271
#94. There are eyes half defiant, Half meek and compliant; Black eyes, with a wondrous, witching charm To bring us good or to work with harm.

Phoebe Cary

Quotes About Cary #105110
#95. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

Cary Elwes

Quotes About Cary #105814
#96. I have to humbly say people really like the bad guys.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Quotes About Cary #106256
#97. The problem with being a writer/director: unless you're really disciplined, you start adding projects, and you have to make time to make them. Because you have to write them ... no one else is writing them for me.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #107364
#98. My father used to say, 'Let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary.'

Cary Grant

Quotes About Cary #109737
#99. The Academy of the Sword (1630) by the Flemish master Gerard Thibault d

Cary Elwes

Quotes About Cary #116314
#100. Tom Hooper had done 'John Adams,' and David Lynch did 'Twin Peaks.' I figured I could do eight hours of television, and I wanted to.

Cary Fukunaga

Quotes About Cary #119526

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