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Top 23 Honest And Trustworthy Quotes

#1. Come, I tell you. You have chattered enough about corruption. Now you shall look on it face to face!

Oscar Wilde

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#2. A broken heart is probably tougher the second time around but just remember those pieces will come together again. The hurt and pain will fade. You will then remember how strong you are. You will thank a broken heart someday, remember that.

Aline Alzime

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#3. After a couple years of this nonsense my mom explained to me that the reason the "Greeky Greeks," as she called them, got the Italian rum cakes was because they were the most expensive item in the bakery. They wanted the adults at the party to know they could afford

Tina Fey

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#4. In the developed world, hundreds of millions of us now face the bizarre problem of surfeit. Yet our brains, instincts, and socialized behavior are still geared to an environment of lack. The result? Overwhelm - on an unprecedented scale.

Martha Beck

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#5. Many of us have been running all our lives. Practice stopping.

Nhat Hanh

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#6. I allowed myself to be bullied because I was scared and didn't know how to defend myself. I was bullied until I prevented a new student from being bullied. By standing up for him, I learned to stand up for myself.

Jackie Chan

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#7. A girl has to have a beautiful smile, Beautiful eyes and she should have a good sense of humor. She should be honest, loving and trustworthy.

Justin Bieber

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#8. To have integrity one must be consistently honest and trustworthy in everything one does ... When you have integrity, people know you will do what you know is right ... Its knowing what you have to do without someone telling you to do it. It is the core of a person's-and a company's- reputation.

Richard M. Kovacevich

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#9. Trustworthiness is the thing that you need the most going to a presidential election. Honest and trustworthy is one of the main questions in any presidential election.

Dana Perino

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#10. Honesty means exactly what it says. We are honest and trustworthy in all our dealings. People can trust our word, because we refuse to lie or shade the truth.

Billy Graham

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#11. Children should be taught to question everything ... everything they read and everything they hear.

George Carlin

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#12. It takes a lot of energy to be funny ... for me it does. I feel like I work twice as hard when I'm doing comedy.

Ashton Kutcher

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#13. We need to commit to serve the Lord and our communities with the same diligence and faith that the pioneers had. We must ever be on our guard that we do not become casual in keeping God's commandments, in abiding by His laws, and in being honest and trustworthy in all that we do.

M. Russell Ballard

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#14. A true professional feels no pressure to run up a client's bill, knowing that any reduction in revenues caused by being efficient will be more than recompensed by the reputation earned for being honest and trustworthy.

David Maister

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#15. The secret to success is no secret. Be honest in your words, be trustworthy and share value. Most people won't tell the difference, but those that do are your readers.

Robin Sacredfire

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#16. Otis clopped forward and sighed. "Well, if you need a volunteer to die, I suppose I can do it. I've always loved weddings-"
Shut up, dummy!" Marvin said. "You're a goat!

Rick Riordan

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#17. Working with devices and guitar pedals and mixers and synthesizers is what I do, and I prefer people not focus on that because it's kind of distracting from what the point should be. At least for me, it's to have the primacy of aurality in the experience of that evening.

Tim Hecker

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#18. Gary Speed was honourable, trustworthy and a joy to manage. He was honest, he was a role model and he was a great bloke. An avid learner, he recognised responsibility and he was always fully committed.

Howard Wilkinson

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#19. Time & Co. are, after all, the only quite honest and trustworthy publishers that we know.

Henry David Thoreau

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#20. According to a new poll, 48 percent of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Then Hillary said, 'Actually I just made that poll up.'

Jimmy Fallon

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#21. My father was a very humble and down to earth man, and was known for being very honest and trustworthy.

Wissam Al Mana

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#22. Learn to trust and be trustworthy. When you treat someone as if they are being dishonest, you will train them to be. It's more powerful to treat someone as if they are being honest, and you will train them to now be honest, even if they weren't then.

Marshall Sylver

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#23. Over-engineering can create products too complex to use.

Abhishek Ratna

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