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#1. The blood kept welling up and getting over things so that she couldn't see what she was doing, which annoyed her; but she knew that theoretical clarity was unattainable in times of action.

William T. Vollmann

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#2. In the last few weeks, I had changed. But in my mind, those changes had been for the better. I was finally getting over things, stepping over the careful box I'd drawn around myself all those months ago.

Sarah Dessen

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#3. Getting over things is a myth. Time buries things, it doesn't erase them. They can always be dug up later.

Sean Develin

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#4. It's not about getting over things, it's about making room for them. It's about painting the picture with contrast.

Brianna Wiest

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#5. Over the years I have become very good at getting out of things I don't want to do.

John Kennedy Toole

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#6. I think one of the saddest things that's happening to literature is that it's getting over-simplified by this diet of simple political ideas.

Arundhati Roy

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#7. There's going to be a lot of people that don't like you, and there's nothing you can do about it. Instead of trying to win them over one by one, you need to do things that are getting huge swaths of votes [in the elections].

Michael Schur

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#8. For the first time in his life, Michael understood why real soldiers coming back from real wars often had a hard time getting over the things they'd seen and done. And had done to them. If Michael had a soul, it was starting to leak out of his hopes.

James Dashner

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#9. Well my favorite thing about being a mom is getting to relive your childhood all over again, that's one of my favorite things. And my favorite thing about being a wife? I have more freedom to just be crazy, because he's already stuck with me.

Nicole Richie

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#10. I've actually been looking at plays, and I have read a bunch of stuff. I would love to do it. I have thought about theatre on and off over the years, but other things kept getting in the way. Maybe now's the time.

Jerzy Jeszke

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#11. He was just getting started. He was ready to bust wide open. He could feel it. Big things. Big things were coming. From him. From everywhere. That was the feeling he got lately, as if the whole world had been held in a stable, him included. But soon, soon it was going to bust out all over the place.

Dennis Lehane

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#12. Love isn't about saying cute things and being praised all the time. It's right after a long argument that drains the life out of both of you, and getting

over it the next day.

Auliq Ice

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#13. No I'm not a great believer in getting back over things and saying if only, or if, or buts because I don't think we actually get anywhere on that.

Iain Duncan Smith

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#14. I never thought I'd be one of those old hams who favours theatre over everything, but I'm getting that way. Telly and film seemed more fun when I was younger; turning left on planes and washing up in nice places. But there are things that you only learn in theatre.

Paul McGann

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#15. I don't get upset over things I can control, because if I can control them there's no sense in getting upset. And I don't get upset over things I can't control, because if I can't control them there's no sense in getting upset.

Mickey Rivers

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#16. But this was the way I liked things. I ended it (or he did), I had a few weeks' getting over it and
listening to lots of girl-power music and eating ice cream, and then, before too long, I'd start to crush
on someone new and would begin the whole cycle over again. It worked for me.

Morgan Matson

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#17. Well, I don't throw things. This particular night I brought one from the floor so to speak, and he ended up getting a cut over his head, and the police came, took him to another side of the hotel, and that was like September 6, 1981.

Tanya Tucker

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#18. I think a lot of writers are tempted to add complexity by over-complicating things, but always remember that most natural rules/laws are, at their core, simple. Start simple, and build from there, or you risk getting yourself and your readers tangled.

V.E Schwab

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#19. I think the biggest problem we have is taking too long over things. Not in terms of getting it right, but sometimes we do things quickly that are really good.

Colin Greenwood

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#20. You're not just writing in a vacuum, and then handing it over to someone else to shoot. You're writing, and then getting feedback from the actor and hearing their voice and how they play things.

Summer Glau

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#21. I know I'm guilty of and I think a lot of people are guilty of sort of getting starry-eyed with love and sort of looking over the bad things and keep going and you don't really prepare for how much work marriage really is.

John Krasinski

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#22. Getting over her had been impossible. A day hadn't gone by that he hadn't thought of her, yearned for her. Sometimes he felt as if he couldn't breathe if he didn't see her again. He'd had to come back to make things right no matter how it ended.

B. J. Daniels

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#23. You were many wonderful things to many people before you met him
don't let this one event define who you are.

Mary Esselman

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#24. Maybe one day the old guys will die off and things will change, 'cuz it's officially getting scary over here in America.

Hank Williams III

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#25. You get older and you are a whole mess of things, new thoughts, sorry feelings, big plans, enormous doubts, goling along hoping and getting disappointed, over and over again, no wonder I don't recognize my little crayon picture. It appears to be me and it is and it is not.

Virginia Euwer Wolff

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#26. I found my mind has changed over the last years. Different vulnerabilities - things that I was never vulnerable to before I am now. And vice-versa. Things I was vulnerable to then are like water off a duck's back. I have a lot less fear. I think I'm getting more determined.

Paolo Nutini

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#27. I think over time I've learned to stop being a screamer and get interactive; otherwise, you get killed in Hollywood. I stopped being a screamer shortly after 'Blade Runner,' kicking doors and things like that, because I wasn't actually getting anywhere.

Ridley Scott

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#28. Beneath the surface of repartee and mock seriousness, [Plato's Phaedrus] is asking whether we ought to prefer a neuter form of speech to the kind which is ever getting us aroused over things and provoking an expense of spirit.

Richard M. Weaver

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#29. I keep getting more and more ambitious. Over the years, to some degree, in some areas, I feel I've grown. In some areas, I made a fool of myself. In some areas, I think I can still do some funny things.

Woody Allen

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#30. Maybe I've lost a little, but I think everyone does over time. People have been writing that I'm getting old every year, and eventually they're going to be right. There's nobody in this game that's doing the same things they once did in the peak years of their career.

Randy Johnson

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#31. When cleaning I do it the way people go to church - not so much to discover anything new, although I'm alert for new things, but mainly to reacquaint myself with the familiar. It's nice to go over familiar paths.

Robert M. Pirsig

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#32. Accepting a situation doesn't mean you have to be okay with it. You can take steps to change things, but then you need to detach from the outcome & accept how things turn out. You keep doing your best & accept reality. If you keep getting upset over things you have no control over, you have no peace

Brenda Wilhelmson

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#33. I look back at the looks I've had over the years. I'm proud of myself that I had the courage to experiment with crazy hairstyles and some fashion things. Would I do it again? No. But that's part of the learning process and getting from point A to point B.

Christina Aguilera

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#34. Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what. That's one of my favorite things to say. So what.

Andy Warhol

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#35. Thought for the Day: I have to make the choice every day to interrupt my fleshly tendencies of yelling and getting angry over minor things.

Lysa TerKeurst

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#36. Accept that things happen. It may not be for a reason, and you may have no control over it, but the first step to getting through it is accepting what it is.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#37. The rain fluctuates between drizzle and torrential. It messes with your mind. It makes you think things will always be like this, never getting better, always letting you down right when you though the worst was over.

Susane Colasanti

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#38. I glanced over at him warily. "Don't start getting any ideas about her. The last time someone took a fancy to Kate, things went very badly for him."
"What happened?"
"He got shot."
"You shot him?"
"Well, no, but he did get shot.

Kenneth Oppel

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#39. When these people stopped, there'd be others to take their jobs over. That was the Lord's plan. He was getting the world's work done through people, and He would see to it that He had enough to keep things going.

Loula Grace Erdman

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#40. Anna followed, keeping a sharp eye out for things he might back into or over. She wondered if Isaac did this all the time-and, if so, how he avoided getting photos in the paper with captions like "Local Alpha Trips Over Child" or "Wolf Versus Street Sign, Street Sign Wins.

Patricia Briggs

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#41. We finally found out the technique of separating and getting information about where every train would be at any moment. Of course, I went over budget many times, because - as you go along - some things improved, and you get better ideas.

John Hench

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#42. You can always tell when the relationship is over. Little things start getting on your nerves, 'Would you please stop that! That breathing in and out, it's so repetitious.'

Ellen DeGeneres

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#43. Happiness is not in getting what you want, but in learning to want what you get. Don't waste your time crying over what you're not given. When you have tears in your eyes, you can't see all the beautiful things around you.

Lisa Wingate

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#44. You know ... you keep doing the same things and you keep getting the same result over and over again.

Warren Buffett

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#45. Marriage seemed like such a small space whenever I was in it. I liked the getting married. Courtship has a plotline. But there's no plot to being married. Just the same things over and over again. Same fights, same friends, same things you do on a Saturday. The repetition would start to get to me.

Karen Joy Fowler

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#46. Usually the kids are portrayed as very one-dimensional. Like these mindless animals that just have three things on their minds: getting laid, getting drunk, and driving real fast over Mulholland Drive.

Molly Ringwald

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#47. Have you ever noticed that things that don't kill you make you weaker? And great minds don't think alike. If they did, the patent office would only have about fifty inventions. I started getting suspicious when I cried over spilt milk and the cashier took it off my bill. - Wally

Scott Adams

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#48. I'd clash with my dad over other things, you know, like difference of opinion and me getting testosterone, you know what I'm saying? Me feeling like I'm a little tough, being a teenager. But my big brother would come in drunk and really, really try my dad and I didn't want to do that.

Ryan Montgomery

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#49. If you're a guy, you have absolutely no idea what's going on at any time in the relationship, ever. Here's what you know: you know when you're getting laid, and you know when it's all over. Those are the only two things you're aware of.

Adam Carolla

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#50. Teenagers are like atoms when they're moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody's got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place.

Anton Yelchin

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#51. It's about quieting your mind and getting into certain states where everything outside of you doesn't matter in that moment. There are so many things telling you that you can't do something, but you take those thoughts captive, take power over them and change them.

Russell Okung

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#52. I started getting tattoos, and the hair would grow back out and grow over a nice piece of artwork that I really wanted to show, and it just became one of those things. I can't stand the hair on my body. I just wanted it gone. It's just a better feeling for me.

Ryan Sheckler

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#53. Our responsibility in life is not to lie around and wait for things to happen. Our responsibility in life is to work. Life is getting out and getting things done. When people say they're over-the-hill at age 50, I don't understand it.

Herschel Walker

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#54. My biggest success is getting over the things that have tried to destroy and take me out of this life. Those are my biggest successes. It has nothing to do with work.

Tyler Perry

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