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#1. There are so many battles worth fighting for. The ones not worth fighting are the insecure battles that rage in another person's mind. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#2. Through [my friends] I discovered what it was to love people. There was an art to it ... which was not really all that different from the love that is necessary in the making of art. It required the effort of always seeing them for themselves and not as I wished them to be ... - Author: Lucy Grealy
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#3. If you want to really know what your friends and family think of you die broke, and then see who shows up for the funeral. - Author: Gregory Nunn
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#4. That wasn't Josh Hartnett; that kid was eighteen years old," Kate said.
I told you, they age slower out here. It's all the fresh California air," Val replied.
Yes, because that's exactly what Los Angeles is known for," Kate said dryly. "Clean air. - Author: Julie James
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#5. I'm actually really proud of how I believe people perceive me in this industry. I worked really hard to be seen in a certain way. I think I get a lot of respect for what I usually do. I find that comedic world completely fulfilling and wonderful and they're all my best friends. - Author: Lizzy Caplan
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#6. When we did Cubist paintings, our intention was not to produce Cubist paintings but to express what was within us. No one laid down a course of action for us, and our friends the poets followed our endeavour attentively but they never dictated it to us. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#7. Don't look down on them for looking down on us. Look at them, instead, as friends we don't know yet and who don't yet know what they are missing in not knowing us. - Author: Frederick Buechner
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#8. I think you have to plan ahead. When I go to the market on a Saturday, and I'm buying for family and friends, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat on the weekend but also about what I'm going to make for the following week. - Author: Alice Waters
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#9. My mother wouldn't allow me to speak slang when I was growing up. But when I got outside, around my friends, it was 'Yo' and 'That's the joint' and 'Yo, what's up?' So I had my game for my friends and my game for my mom. - Author: Queen Latifah
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#10. I just started using this app called Wine and Dine. It's like Instagram, but only for food. You post what you're eating and follow your friends, and then you can say, 'I wanna try that,' and so when you go on your 'wanna try' list, it'll tell you where it is. - Author: Gigi Hadid
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#11. With all the horror in the world and all the crap that's going on, for an hour and a half you go eat some popcorn and laugh with your friends. That's what a movie is all about. - Author: Michael Rosenbaum
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#12. What is the point of bad dates if not to have amusing anecdotes for your friends? - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
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#13. Versace has always been a brand that I've loved, a brand that has supported me. I've been wearing Versace for so long, I come in here and I have friends here, and they really support what it is that I do. Our partnership has been great. - Author: Trey Songz
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#14. Only desperation can account for what the Chinese do in the name of 'medicine.' That's something you might remind your New Age friends who've gone gaga over 'holistic medicine' and 'alternative Chinese cures. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#15. He began to understand suddenly what friends were for: they reminded you that things weren't so bad after all. Reminded you never to stop laughing at yourself. - Author: S.J. Kincaid
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#16. People hate me for whatever reasons they come up with, or they hate me because their friends said they should. What can I do about it? What can I do about people who look at things the wrong way? At the end of the day it's like, 'You're wrong, I'm just a skateboarder. How can I help you?' - Author: Ryan Sheckler
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#17. As my vision went dark, Sam and Hearth helped me leap off the cliff. Because, you know, what are friends for? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#18. I just invited close friends and family, the usual suspects whose opinion I value but who I know will enjoy the film [ Before I Go To Sleep]. I don't know how difficult it is for them to suspend their disbelief because they obviously know me and what they're seeing is not me. - Author: Mark Strong
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#19. The main reason why your company can easily influence you is because "emotion and attitude are stronger than knowledge". What you see can overcome what you know. You can easily damp away what you already know when you are faced with the reality of what your senses tell you to do! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#20. What does "success" mean to you? Was Mother Teresa a "success"? Was your favorite teacher a "success"? Were your parents, grandparents, your pastor, your best friends a "success"? Success is as personal as a fingerprint or DNA; you must define it for yourself. - Author: Bob Teague
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#21. I've learned that if I only put my mind to one thing that I can get tunnel vision. Then I may not be as open to other opportunities because I'm so focused on one thing. I think what's worked better for me personally is I have three goals every day: be nice, work hard, and make friends. - Author: Gigi Hadid
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#22. Most of my younger Native American friends are not in any way looking for sympathy, and they're not looking to lay guilt on anybody. They have their dignity, and they do what they do. - Author: Robbie Robertson
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#23. Oh dear ... it really is rather disillusioning. When one's friends marry for money they are wretched, when they marry for love it is worse. What is the proper thing to marry for, I should like to know? - Author: Nancy Mitford
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#24. shall sail the iron ship with warriors of bone, You shall find what you seek and make it your own, But despair for your life entombed within stone, And fail without friends, to fly home alone. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#25. When I saw the Twilight movies I thought being a Vampyre was so romantic. When my friends decided to be Vampyres it was so cool. We would do anything to be like Dwayne and Maria and the rest. I got what I wished for but I have no life to enjoy it with. - Author: Abramelin Keldor
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#26. You are not responsible for what your friends do, but you will be judged by the company you keep. - Author: Leonard A Cole
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#27. The question about my Canadianness comes up a lot, and I'm never quite sure what to say about it. I've carved a life out for myself in Oregon, and it feels like home, not because it's the States but because that's where my friends are and where my son is. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
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#28. Unfortunately, you're going to have to face the consequences of what happened. Your friends got you into trouble, and you're going to have to pay the price for that. You knew it was wrong to take the clothes, but you did it, anyway. She - Author: Susan Mallery
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#29. It took years for me to figure out what my body needs and that what works for my friends doesn't necessarily work for me. Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body. - Author: Kaley Cuoco
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#30. Sometimes, Dan, friends have to take a stand and say:
Hey, idiot, we're here for you no matter what. We're not
going to disappear when you get grumpy or angry, we're in
this for the long haul. We're in this for each other. - Author: Madeleine Roux
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#31. And if someone has friends, and he loses everything in spite of that, it's obvious the friends are to blame. For what they did, or for what they didn't do. - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
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#32. It was never a conscious decision - I was introducing myself as Duffy and my friends were calling me Duffy, so I just knocked off the first half of my name. For me it's no big deal, but a lot of people want to unearth why I've called myself this. It's just what I'm known as, you know. - Author: Duffy
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#33. All I can do is to urge on you to regard friendship as the greatest thing in the world; for there is nothing which so fits in with our nature, or is so exactly what we want in prosperity or adversity. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#34. What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain. p. 128 - Author: Jodee Blanco
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#35. The older I get, the harder it is to splurge without consequences. I love food. Chocolate and cheese and anything that's bad for me. I'll be really good when I'm at home so I can eat what I want to when I'm out with friends. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#36. When you ask your white friends what their cultural heritage is, they don't just say white. They give you a math equation. 'Well, I'm a third German and a fourth Irish and one-sixteenth Welsh and one-fortieth Native American for college applications.' - Author: Hari Kondabolu
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#37. I've only ever really been in shows of friends, so I don't know exactly what happened. I think I'm incredibly cheap to hire. That can buy some traction. I'm as cheap as it's possible for an actor to be legally. - Author: Richard Ayoade
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#38. He leaned in and kissed her cheek. Just the lightest touch of lips, but it took her breath away.
"What was that for?" She said, when she could talk.
He held out his hands to the street and the town. "See, the world didnt explode. I think we can be friends - Author: Kathryn James
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#39. The thing I know for sure is that at the end of my life, what I'm going to remember is the love I felt for my family and my friends, and whatever good I did for other people. - Author: Barack Obama
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#40. What it looks like is that you're having sex with one of my oldest friends in the linen closet of our reception hall. Unless, of course, she's lost something in her vagina and you were gallant enough to try and fish it out for her. With your penis. If that's the case, I suggest using a larger lure. - Author: Christine Bell
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#41. I do apologize for writing by hand - and so badly. I shall soon be like Helen Thomas, notoriously illegible. In her last letter only two words stood out plain: 'Blood pressure.' Subsequent research demonstrated that what she had actually written was 'Beloved friends. - Author: Sylvia Townsend Warner
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#42. You know that you're a true friend when somebody says "But what about that wart on the end of his nose?" and your honest response is "What wart?". You see true friends accept you for what you are, wart and all. - Author: Jeffrey Michael
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#43. With my family, I'm trying to raise them to have respect for all people and make friends around the world and feel at home with the world and really live a truly global [life] because I think it's what forms them and it's really important to me. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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#44. Amanda had way too much time to think being at the hospital without any friends. She didn't want to dwell on her thoughts for too long lest the wrong ones might emerge. She was hoping to forget what happened to her. - Author: Jason Medina
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#45. Jo turns towards me. Her voice is calm but now I see her eyes blaze in a holy hazel fire. She doesn't want to die, but she will, for what she believes in. I need new friends. - Author: Eliza Crewe
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#46. Life's gonna kick you in the butt.
That's what it does.
But if you gotta put up with this crap, the least you can expect is that your friends will stand by you. I mean, for crying in the night, what else are friends for but to help you make right what isn't in life? (Kira, The Mishmorat) - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#47. For after all, what is there behind, except money? Money for the right kind of education, money for influential friends, money for leisure and peace of mind, money for trips to Italy. Money writes books, money sells them. Give me not righteousness, O lord, give me money, only money. - Author: George Orwell
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#48. I was always too mature for my age - and not very happy. I had no young friends. I wish I could go back to those days. If I could only live it all again, how I would play and enjoy other girls. What a fool I was. - Author: Maria Callas
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#49. He looked at his friend, perhaps for the last time, and said what he had always known, from the moment they'd met, when he'd understood that the prince was his brother in soul. I love you. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#50. Friends are to be feared, not so much for what they make us do as what they keep us from doing. - Author: Henrik Ibsen
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#51. People who like you only for what you can give them are rarely steadfast friends, and not often worth what you sacrifice to keep them. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#52. I don't know what I would do in the world without [female friends] for advice, for comfort, for simply knowing that there is someone out there who knows me as I am, and loves me despite and because of it. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#53. I don't really watch what I eat. I love sitting around with friends and eating loads and drinking loads for hours. Maybe when I'm 40 I'll worry about my diet. - Author: Santiago Cabrera
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#54. I have friends who hide in their bedroom for three days every time they have another birthday. That's what brings the wrinkles! I didn't care when I turned 30 or 40 or 50. - Author: Maria Conchita Alonso
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#55. If the prosperity of megachurches was parallel to the prosperity of the people in the community they were in, there would be less to judge them for. But what is the point of a million-dollar mansion surrounded by shacks? What is the point of a billionaire whose closest friends are destitute? Far - Author: Luvvie Ajayi
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#56. A few years ago, I won a Tony for Little Me and I learned two important lessons from that experience. 1. Fair-weather friends are so much more interesting to be around and 2. It's amazing what this award fetches on E-Bay. - Author: Martin Short
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#57. For her, an orgasm felt more like a sneeze, certainly not the earthquake her friends described, and nowhere close to the shrieks of pleasure from the apartment next door. What would that feel like? To be so overwhelmed as to actually scream? - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#58. Fear, when your friends say to you what you have done well, and say it through; but when they stand with uncertain timid looks of respect and half-dislike, and must suspend their judgement for years to come, you may begin to hope. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#59. Papa taps on the skylight and I look up. He waves at me and smiles. I smile back. For now, I don't need to know what lies ahead. For now it's enough just to be here, safe aboard the Morning Star with my family and friends. For now, it's enough to be home. - Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
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#60. Sometimes in life, you fall down holes you can't climb out of by yourself. That's what friends and family are for-to help. They can't help, however, unless you let them know you're down there. - Author: Meg Cabot
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#61. I spent a lot of years on the road, and what happens is you find out who your real friends are and you find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie in communication. I've had the same friends for 20 years now and I can count them on one hand. - Author: Sarah McLachlan
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#62. I have many friends and family members who have served (or are currently serving) in our nation's Armed Forces. I have such a profound respect for what they do day in and day out. - Author: Karl Malone
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#63. To what do I owe the pleasure?' I asked. Margo and I were still friendly, I guess, but we weren't meet-in-the-dead-of-night-wearing-black-face-paint friendly. She had friends for that, I'm sure. I just wasn't among them. - Author: John Green
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#64. Two main categories of people are needed in your circle; those who give you the necessary support to accomplish your dreams and those who become beneficiaries of what you achieve. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#65. I struggled with being a broke college graduate, and while all my friends were getting career jobs, I was working horrible part-time jobs. That's why now, even when I get tired, I think, 'This is what I asked for.' - Author: J. Cole
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#66. GPS works great. I recommend it for all cat owners who want to know what their cats do when they're not there, if you can stand the ridicule from your friends. - Author: Caroline Paul
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#67. I'm still a little girl in Hawaii, I have the same friends I had when I was a kid who love me for who I am - not what I do. I never got caught up in the club scene or took wrong roads. - Author: Kiana Tom
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#68. When friends abandoned him, Paul asked God not to count their actions against them. He followed the example of Jesus, who prayed for the Father to forgive His persecutors. What's your response when friends let you down? Forgiveness is the choice that pleases God every time. - Author: Charles Stanley
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#69. It's not proper for seventeen-year-old princesses to be alone with young men who have questionable intentions."
She laughed. "And what about young men who she's been best friends with since she was barely old enough to walk?"
He shook his head. "Those are the worst. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#70. When you're a kid, you might be picked on for your differences. When you're an adult, employers, colleges, friends - people look for differences when you're adult, and that's what makes you shine and stand out. - Author: Crystal Bowersox
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#71. As though on a seedling whose blossoms ripen at different times, I had seen in old ladies, on that beach at Balbec, the dried-up seeds and sagging tubers that my girl-friends would become. But, now that it was time for buds to blossom, what did that matter? - Author: Marcel Proust
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#72. In our researches on the likely economic apocalypse it's become clear what is the prime survival tool for hard times: friends. Good friends. Lots of them. - Author: Stewart Brand
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#73. Wine is for sharing. What's the fun of swirling, swishing, sloshing and yakking if my friends can't join in? - Author: Jennifer Rosen
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#74. It's hard for them because they want to be proud of me, but I keep reminding them that it's all luck. Luck is what got me here, nothing else. - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#75. What they don't tell you when you get sober is that if you manage to stay that way, you will bury your friends. Not everyone gets to have a whole new shiny-but-messy life like I have, and I've never come up with a satisfying explanation for why that is. - Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber
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#76. At seventy-four I'm getting minor raves on my looks, but I'm caught in the middle. Who knows what seventy-four looks like? Who cares? But if I'd listened to my friends, I could now lie and say I'm eighty-four. For eighty-four, the way I look is spectacular. - Author: Ruth Gordon
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#77. Hey, and for what it's worth? Friends don't leave you alone in the woods. Friends are the ones who come and take you out. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#78. The angel of death can hardly have friends. And the prom, what about Danny? He can hardly have a Valkyrie for his date. - Author: Jacques Antoine
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#79. If all we've got to look forward to is disloyalty and treachery, why do we even make friends?"
"Again, human nature. Hoping for the best is what drives us. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#80. Know that what appears to be Love for an 'other' is really Love of Self because 'other' doesn't exist. So this innermost Love can be given to no 'other'. Love of friends is for the sake of Self, not for body to body. True love has no Lover or Beloved because all Love is Love of Self. - Author: H.W.L. Poonja
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#81. I've had friends get mad at me for not posting what they think I should post on Instagram on behalf of them or our relation. I've had people question my "integrity" based off of something I didn't post on social media, the list goes on. It's mind boggling. - Author: Aeriel Miranda
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#82. It's always interesting to see what the real enthusiasts think, but they're rarely representative of the tastes of the wider audience, so I tend to write for myself, for an imagined smart 14-year-old, and for a couple of friends who are still big comics fans. - Author: Grant Morrison
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#83. What is your deal? You tell me five times a day that we're friends, and now you're jealous of some girl I flirted with for two seconds."
"I am not jealous!"
"Then what are you? - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#84. The marriages come and go but your friendships stay, which is the opposite of what it used to be, so that there will be people in our lives for 30 years and often it is not your husband, it's your women friends, male friends with whom you come of age. - Author: Wendy Wasserstein
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#85. I can cook; but not well. I figure I have six years until my children discover what their friends' mothers make for dinner. - Author: Jane Pauley
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#86. Ken was Mary's new boyfriend, a nice guy who made all their friends comments, "Oh, there he is. That's what she's been waiting for," as if finding your perfect match was a guarantee as long as you were patient enough. - Author: Jennifer Close
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#87. Never change the person that you are just to fit in. You'll find your true friends that like you for you, and if you are happy with doing things that you genuinely enjoy, it shouldn't matter what other people think. - Author: Nicole Anderson
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#88. Some of my best friends here in New York have pasts I have a hard time reconciling with the people I'm close to now. But I wouldn't change them - or their pasts - for anything in the world. Their experiences are what made them the people they are today. - Author: Derek Blasberg
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#89. Our leaders have asked for 'shared sacrifice.' But when they did the asking, they spared me. I checked with my mega-rich friends to learn what pain they were expecting. They, too, were left untouched. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#90. But I didn't. I didn't say anything, if only because I had no idea how to respond to such an overture. If my experience with friends was sparse, what I knew about boys- other than a competitors for grades or class rank- was nonexistent - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#91. All Christians should be able to articulate reasons why they believe what they believe - not just for the sake of our spiritually confused friends, but also so that we ourselves will have a deeper and more confident faith. - Author: Lee Strobel
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#92. Can you meet me?"
"Sure I can. What else are friends for but swooping in to the rescue when their girlfriends are are being stalked by creepy strangers? - Author: Frankie Rose
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#93. Predictions that unit cohesion could not survive honesty about sexual orientation were simply wrong. What does threaten morale arethe prolonged investigations, the questioning of friends and co-workers, the searches of barracks for magazines and letters, the witch hunts. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#94. Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that. - Author: Sarah Mlynowski
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#95. You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#96. The good news is that we don't last. Thank heavens! Because to continue the drama of who you are, is boring, ultimately. The universe is our friend because it kills us - and that's what friends are for. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#97. What makes us so often discontented with those who transact business for us is that they almost always abandon the interest of their friends for the interest of the business, because they wish to have the honor of succeeding in that which they have undertaken. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#98. The truth is, I don't have any problem with journalists - I count some of them as friends - also some of my heroes are journalists, I'm a big fan of Robert Fisk - great people or crazy people who are prepared to stand up for what's right. - Author: Daniel Craig
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#99. Abraham Lincoln was often criticized for trying to make friends with his enemies instead of trying to get rid of them. He replied, Isn't that what I'm doing when I make an enemy a friend? - Author: Sean Covey
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#100. Close friends love you for who you are; not what they want you to be. - Author: Ted Rall
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