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#1. Doug Swieteck's brother wouldn't even come near me, and I would foil Mrs. Baker's nefarious plan. But - Author: Gary D. Schmidt
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#2. Generalized Inventory In this, you could include the basic items that are general to the RV and don't particularly fit into a separate category, but are essential to a successful trip" A - Awning and fittings, Aluminum foil, Air pumps. B - Books, Brushes and dustpan, Bedding, - Author: Catherine Dale
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#3. A second variety concentrated on presumed major transformations of the capitalist system as of some recent point in time, in which the whole earlier point of time served as a mythologized foil against which to treat the empirical reality of the present. - Author: Immanuel Wallerstein
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#4. The last thing that I want to do is to have the United States be a foil. - Author: Barack Obama
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#5. Why does everyone think the future is space helmets, silver foil, and talking like computers, like a bad episode of Star Trek? - Author: Tracey Ullman
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#6. I like it when she's shiny, like a star, like a guest on the Donnie and Marie Show. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#7. I need you to be my foil!" she wailed. "I need someone to disagree with him, so I can agree with him and support him like a good wife should! Please, Evelyn! I cannot become a ruined spinster! - Author: Tarun Shanker
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#8. I need a dual-vector foil for cleansing. - Author: Liu Cixin
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#9. Funny is a good foil. Humor is illuminating, and it also gives you power. - Author: J. Tillman
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#10. I can't fool myself into thinking that musically I don't need other people, whether it's as a foil or just to come in and make real the ideas that are kind of vague and wispy in my head. - Author: Dan Bejar
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#11. For those, like me, who can't rely on being given a home smoker this Christmas, you can build your own approximation with just a roll of tin foil and a big wok or pan for which you have a lid. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#12. My pencil is like a fencer's foil. - Author: Andrew Wyeth
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#13. Throughout his career, Jobs liked to see himself as an enlightened rebel pitted against evil empires, a Jedi warrior or Buddhist samurai fighting the forces of darkness. IBM was his perfect foil. He cleverly cast the upcoming battle not as a mere business competition, - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#14. The simplest fix for better grilling is to line the inside of your barbecue with tin foil. It dramatically affects how evenly the heat is distributed. That crusty black hibachi or Weber grill is doing your food no favors. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#15. My mother won't admit it, but I've always been a disappointment to her. Deep down inside, she'll never forgive herself for giving birth to a daughter who refuses to launder aluminium foil and use it over again. - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#16. When you have a Green Lantern mixing with a foil like Batman, you get scenes that are comic-book history. There's the epicness of it all. - Author: Jim Lee
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#17. Hobo Dinners 1 lb. hamburger 1 onion, sliced 4 medium potatoes, cubed 1 (15.25 oz.) can of corn (or package of frozen corn) Salt and pepper to taste Heavy duty aluminum foil - 4 pieces 18" x 24 - Author: Bonnie Scott
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#18. I made a tin man costume with tin foil and furnace parts because I thought it would help me be more heartless. - Author: Marcel Dzama
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#19. I have a lot of experience with making fake helmets out of foil. - Author: Ray Toro
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#20. The brave man seeks not popular applause, Nor, overpower'd with arms, deserts his cause; Unsham'd, though foil'd, he does the best he can, Force is of brutes, but honor is of man. - Author: John Dryden
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#21. Merlin's eyes narrowed. We require heroes of wit and cleverness, unafraid to foil convention in order to defend a higher allegiance. Battle skills matter not. What we need at this moment, James Potter, are scoundrels with honor. - Author: G. Norman Lippert
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#22. I crept in to find my father with pennies on his eyes - and looking closer I saw they were made of foil-covered chocolate. Of course I stole and ate them. Magical guilt? Tell me about it - Author: Steve Aylett
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#23. Humanity is a natural foil for inhumanity, and humanity is what will ultimately keep us going when all else has failed. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#24. Fat people are not here as a foil to boost your own self-esteem. Fat people are not your inspiration poem. Fat people can be competent, beautiful, talented, and proud without your approval. - Author: Lindy West
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#25. Wrap the turkey up in aluminum foil, my brother like to masturbate with baby oil. - Author: Adam Sandler
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#26. When you're not playing the hero of the story, then you have to know that you're always a foil for the good guy. I love playing that. I think that's always an interesting place to be. - Author: Jessalyn Gilsig
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#27. my knight in shining armour turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil. - Author: Cheryl Lee
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#28. My fingers are blistered and they smell like lighter fluid - like burnt tin foil and rusted silverware. Quick question: Is it still considered heroin chic if I'm actually using heroin? No? Whatever. - Author: Kris Kidd
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#29. I just meant touching me might feel uncomfortable. It's a little like chewing on tin foil. Feels unpleasant but isn't really a problem. - Author: Donna Augustine
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#30. I like to do designs on the side of my face, or cut out foil stickers from the crafts store and put them on my forehead. - Author: Khloe Kardashian
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#31. If Madison had a gun, she'd shoot out the sound system pumping "Jingle Bells" through her office speakers. Instead, she bit off Rudolph's chocolate head and pointed a finger at the brightly colored, foil-wrapped Santa on her desk. "You're next, big guy. - Author: Debbie Mason
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#32. I need thy presence every passing hour; What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power? - Author: Henry Francis Lyte
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#33. Wrap fish fillets, sliced veggies, and other quick-cooking items inside foil packets with bundles of fresh herbs and throw them directly on the grill; the steam will release the herb's perfume and flavor anything contained inside the pouch. - Author: Emeril Lagasse
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#34. Kami wondered if she should count it as a victory that he did not seem to be actively attempting to foil her plan of going out with him. Of course, he wasn't actively participating in it either, so maybe it was a draw. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
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#35. Foolish potato, talking to her like that won't work. You've got to be mean and show off your foil-wrapped rigidity. - Author: Michael Diack
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#36. Your knight in shining aroumor may just be an idiot in tin-foil. - Author: Alexis M. Smith
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#37. The White Hand did not fry all the brain. He fried some
from the right hemisphere and some from the left. The
remaining brain, The White Hand wrapped in tin foil,
carefully. Tomorrow is, after all, another day, and food should be kept
in storage so it won't go bad. - Author: Siberian Hellhole By Michael Mulvihill
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#38. the dark foil in this American story - Author: Natasha Trethewey
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#39. I'm a pretty convenient foil for a lot of people. - Author: Kevin Costner
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#40. I don't have aluminum foil on my windows anymore. - Author: Rick James
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#41. I've got a radio that occasionally I listen to. It's portable. It's got an antenna. I've put a piece of aluminum foil on it that gives me a little bit better reception. And a refrigerator. - Author: Burt Shavitz
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#42. Cooking Tip: Wrap turkey leftovers in aluminum foil and throw them out. - Author: Nicole Hollander
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#43. You teach kids how to succeed when they successfully foil the educational system. - Author: Arlo Guthrie
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#44. All teachers who were telling everyone where to go were wearing outfits made of aluminum foil , like robot aliens . - Author: James Patterson
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#45. I started to develop a penchant for the odd hot foil of smack. After all those years of calling junkies 'the scum of the earth', I had now fallen by the wayside and had become a junkie myself! - Author: Stephen Richards
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#46. To plan secretly, to move surreptitiously, to foil the enemy's intentions and balk his schemes, so that at last the day may be won without shedding a drop of blood. - Author: Sun Tzu
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#47. It's not common for a woman on television, especially if she's the mom of the family, to be funny. She's usually a straight man or foil. - Author: Martha Plimpton
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#48. Trust is like a fencing foil; it's not effective unless you extend it. - Author: Regina Scott
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#49. MINDY TRUDGED to her computer. Today's shift began at 2:10 p.m. Her schedule matched Watney's every day. She slept when he slept. Watney simply slept at night on Mars, while Mindy had to drift forty minutes forward every day, taping aluminum foil to her windows to get any sleep at all. - Author: Andy Weir
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#50. For someone who is supposed to be a knight in shining armor, you're acting like an ass in aluminum foil. - Author: Lisa Logue
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#51. The painful warrior famous for fight, After a thousand victories, once foil'd, Is from the books of honor razed quite, And all the rest forgot for which he toil'd - Author: William Shakespeare
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#52. We can't gather the intelligence we need to foil future attacks, if we are blindly granting terrorists the right to remain silent. But for some reason, we've already done that - with the terrorist who tried to bring down Flight 253. - Author: Peter T. King
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#53. Oh, certainly, death, sudden and violent, was a good way to foil his implacable enemies, who seemed to be pursuing him with some incomprehensible desire for vengeance. Yes, but that meant dying! - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#54. We sat around the kitchen table picking off of foil-covered plates. Conrad kept sneaking looks at me, and every time I looked back, he looked away. I'm right here, I wanted to tell him. I'm still here. - Author: Jenny Han
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#55. I'll be your foil, Laertes: in mine ignorance your skill shall, like a star i' the darkest night, stick fiery off indeed. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#56. Give me good books, good conversations, and my Trek Y-Foil, and I shall want for nothing else. - Author: George Plimpton
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#57. You sure you don't want to eat the tin foil, too? - Author: Kandi Steiner
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#58. If you really want to diminish a candidate, depict him as the foil of his handler. This is as old in American politics as politics itself. - Author: Karl Rove
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#59. Maybe I should have got some chili-slaw dogs from Shorty's. Everybody loves those."
"Buddy," Lars said, dropping his shoes to the deck with a thump, "sit yourself down and stop fussing. You're reminding me of my Aunt Glynna with all this temperature takin' and foil tuckin'. This food is fine. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
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#60. All I can really tell you about my father is that he did odd things like put tin foil on a bottle of beer after having a few sips, then put it in the refrigerator to perhaps have on another night. - Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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#61. If you just live in New York and you only know New York, you know a certain kind of condition of formality and informality. By being able to go to another context and to be able to use that as a counter foil to the context you know, you are about to see a wider range. - Author: David Adjaye
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#62. not only did foil fail to block radio waves, it actually amplified certain frequencies - notably frequency bands allocated to the U.S. government for GPS communications. - Author: Rob Brotherton
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