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#1. Fuck fate and David's fatalism. I was going to make destiny my bitch. - Author: Jaye Wells
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#2. The author says people are guilty of wrecking the present because the future was bound to be a wreck. - Author: T.H. White
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#3. Hope is more the consequence of action than its cause. As the experience of the spectator favors fatalism, so the experience of the agent produces hope. - Author: Roberto Mangabeira Unger
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#4. I'm Canadian, so I'm an expert at mundane fatalism. - Author: MCM
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#5. The challenge to Asia is to discard the dry, meatless bone of mysticism and fatalism. - Author: Ferdinand Marcos
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#6. My tomb shall be in a spot where the north wind may scatter roses over it. - Author: Omar Khayyam
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#7. To talk of probability is to suggest that events might happen differently from the way they do, whereas events themselves will unfold according to an inevitable path. - Author: Johnny Rich
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#8. Being sick is itself a kind of ressentiment. - Against this the invalid has only one great means of cure - I call it Russian fatalism, that fatalism without rebellion with which a Russian soldier for whom the campaign has become too much at last lies down in the snow. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#9. As an African-American, we stand on the shoulders of people who fought despite not seeing victories in their lifetime or even in their children's lifetime or even in their grandchildren's lifetime. So fatalism isn't really an option. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#10. You can't change the past. You can't even change the future, in the sense that you can only change the present one moment at a time, stubbornly, until the future unwinds itself into the stories of our lives. - Author: Larry Wall
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#11. Fatalism accounts for life as a whole. Whatever happens can be fit within the large generality of individuation, or my journey, or growth. Fatalism comforts, for it raises no questions. There's no need to examine just how events fit in. - Author: James Hillman
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#12. It is necessary that the weakness of the powerless is transformed into a force capable of announcing justice. For this to happen, a total denouncement of fatalism is necessary. We are transformative beings and not beings for accommodation. - Author: Paulo Freire
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#13. Most people of action are inclined to fatalism and most of thought believe in providence. - Author: David Viscott
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#14. I am not a prophet in any sense of the word, and I entertain an active and intense dislike of the foregoing mixture of optimism, fatalism, and conservatism. - Author: Herbert Croly
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#15. They want me to do something, and I'll do it, or I won't do it, and it'll work or not, and I'll survive or not. - Author: Jo Walton
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#16. When you have been born in a war like me, living in a war as a child, when you have been in wars as a war correspondent all your life - trust me! You develop a form of fatalism; you are always ready to die. - Author: Oriana Fallaci
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#17. Surrendering to God is not passive resignation, fatalism, or an excuse for laziness. - Author: Rick Warren
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#18. The Eagles's 1977 hit "Hotel California" was a flawless piece of craftsmanship, but it was about upscale fatalism and gilded cages, about the hotel you can check into but never leave. It sounded as though Joan Didion had started writing lyrics. As - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#19. Criticism alone can sever the root of materialism, fatalism, atheism, free-thinking, fanaticism, and superstition, which can be injurious universally; as well as of idealism and skepticism, which are dangerous chiefly to the Schools, and hardly allow of being handed on to the public. - Author: Immanuel Kant
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#20. We are forced to fall back on fatalism as an explanation of irrational events (that is to say, events the reasonableness of which we do not understand). - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#21. Old men are dangerous: it doesn't matter to them what is going to happen to the world. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#22. The English have always been greedy for news of times past, with that mixture of fatalism and melancholy which is part of the national character. - Author: Peter Ackroyd
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#23. The future is certain. It is just not known. - Author: Johnny Rich
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#24. The award for excessive success is eternal doubt and eventual failure."
"So what, it's stupid to even try?"
"No. It's unwise to hope."
- Something Like Stardust - Author: Genevieve Ross
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#25. There's no such thing as probability," she says, slowly, with minimal movement of her jaw. "Things turn out the way they do. - Author: Johnny Rich
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#26. There's nothing wrong with making the best of one's declining years, but what does annoy me is the fatalism. Now that we're seriously in range of finding therapies that actually work against ageing, this apathy, of course, becomes an enormous part of the problem. - Author: Aubrey De Grey
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#27. I've known one thing for a long time: there's a role in the big machine even for someone who makes fun of it. - Author: Christa Wolf
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#28. When people die and especially when they die tragically, others can't help but get carried away. They come up with their implausible interpretation and usually resort to cheap psychology. A sense of fatalism is the only form of relief left. - Author: Francesca Marciano
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#29. There I was, casually wishing that I could stop existing in the same way you'd want to leave an empty room or mute an unbearably repetitive noise. - Author: Allie Brosh
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#30. The problem with Fate is that no matter how many times you call out to her, she has her own timing that's irrelevant to whatever anyone else happens to be doing - Author: Amy Neftzger
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#31. Determinism gives you the freedom to do whatever you like. - Author: Raheel Farooq
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#32. He is a curious avatar. Passion and pain, made manifest. The dreams he had are gone. All that is left is this unflinching need to prove the world false. Does he truly understand his own actions? Or does he merely flail about as marionettes do without skilled hands to guide them? - Author: Grant Smuts
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#33. Some things you simply accepted, the way you accepted the sunrise or the winter cold. They called it lupine fatalism, but in reality it was plain common sense. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#34. It is a singular fact that most men of action incline to the theory of fatalism, while the greater part of men of thought believe in providence. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#35. One of the big lies with sin is that we are already waist-deep and might as well just plunge in. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#36. Fatalism is born of the fear of failure, for we all believe that we carry success in our own hands, and we suspect that our hands are weak. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#37. All through the night, men looked at the sky and were saddened by the stars. - Author: Joseph Heller
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#38. I've been accused of having a death wish but I think it's life that I wish for, terribly, shamelessly, on any terms whatsoever. - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#39. Modern society has evolved to the point where we counter the old-fashioned fatalism surrounding the word 'cancer' by embracing the idea of the Uber-mind - that our will possesses nearly supernatural powers. - Author: Abraham Verghese
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#40. There were hundreds of varieties of orchids, each with a history of its own. Royalty had been known to die for the sake of orchids. Orchids had an ineffable aura of fatalism. And on the article went. To all things, philosophy and fate. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#41. Fatalism is the creed of a will that is dying to its possibilities and seeks to drag the imagination with it. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#42. To live in high spirits but not recklessly, to be lighthearted without swaggering or rampaging, to show trust and truthfulness but not unconditionally and not naively, and to face uncertainty with imagination instead of fatalism - this is the art of living.
- Author: David A. Nyberg
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#43. Fatalism is the lazy man's way of accepting the inevitable. - Author: Natalie Clifford Barney
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#44. Fatalism is a false premise. What will be is not necessarily what must be ... - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#45. I believe in fatalism, the positive one. - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#46. Words that in their everyday surrealism have no parallel in contemporary writing ... Music that mines the deep veins of fatalism in the Appalachian voice - Author: Greil Marcus
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#47. It's never too late for fatalism. - Author: Zachary Thomas Dodson
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#48. Let us eat and drink neither forgetting death unduly nor remembering it. The Lord hath mercy on whom he will have mercy, etc., and the less we think about it the better. - Author: Samuel Butler
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#49. The same word passed through three minds, simultaneously, philosophical, fatalistic, the eternal refuge of the Italian: Pazienza ... - Author: Violet Trefusis
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#50. History does not teach fatalism. There are moments when the will of a handful of free men breaks through determinism and opens up new roads. - Author: Charles De Gaulle
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#51. I do not accept history as determinism. I embrace history as possibility [where] we can demystify the evil in this perverse fatalism that characterizes the neoliberal discourse in the end of this century. - Author: Paulo Freire
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#52. We Irish have a gift for resignation. Or, put another way, fatalism." He - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#53. Your life must now run the course that's been set for it. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
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#54. In the last days before the attack a strange feeling, not so much of confidence as of fatalism, pervaded the German tank forces- if this strength, this enormous agglomeration that surrounded them on every side, could not break the Russians, then nothing would. - Author: Alan Clark
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#55. But everyone disappears, no matter who loves them. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#56. Mass education, because it produces hosts of badly educated people liberated from fatalism, will contribute to instability (p. 123). - Author: Robert D. Kaplan
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#57. To live lightheartedly but not recklessly; to be gay without being boisterous; to be courageous without being bold; to show trust and cheerful resignation without fatalism - this is the art of living. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
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#58. The true Christian reaction to suffering and sorrow is not the attitude of self-pity, fatalism or resentment; it is the spirit which takes life's difficulties as a God given opportunity, and regards its troubles as a sacred trust, and wears the thorns as a crown. - Author: James Stewart
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#59. While traditionalism can thwart the planners and molders of industry, education, and society in general, fatalism can so stultify a people that passive resignation becomes the approved norm, and acceptance of undesirable conditions becomes the way of life. - Author: Jack E. Weller
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#60. Lincoln was equidistant from the heresy which makes a person believed that he can do nothing, and the opposite heresy which makes them suppose that he is the master of his own fate. - Author: Elton Trueblood
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#61. War reporter Lawrence Sheets's edgy memoir evokes exactly the fatalism, confusion, and centrifugal forces that suddenly broke up the Soviet Union two decades ago. Refreshingly free of faraway theorizing, this book focuses on what people actually saw and experienced in those years. - Author: Hugh Pope
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#62. Britain is rich in radicalism, and anyone who says that our society has drifted into fatalism and apathy should get out more. - Author: Geoff Mulgan
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#63. The knowledge of His sovereignty is meant to be an encouragement to pray, not an excuse to lapse into a sort of pious fatalism. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#64. I don't believe that it's true that the poor will always be with us. I think that kind of pious fatalism is just an excuse for keeping things the way they are. - Author: Margaret Culkin Banning
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#65. Passive fatalism can never be the role of a revolutionary party, like the Social Democracy. - Author: Karl Liebknecht
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#66. I know that I'm doomed and I'm not going to struggle against my fate. I am only writing this down so that when you do not see me any more you will know that my enemy has finally triumphed. - Author: Anna Kavan
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#67. To accept a little death is worse than death itself. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#68. Lately, I've become sort of a fatalist. Well, that was bound to happen. - Author: Alex Bosworth
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#69. It is evident that we are hurrying onward to some exciting knowledge - some never-to-be-imparted secret, whose attainment is destruction. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#70. Or was that fatalism another good move in design space? Did the universe evolve eyes and wings and sense organs and bitter amusement at the prospect of death all the same way? - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#71. If a person accepts that she will stumble, fall, and even be struck down every now and then, then that is a constructive view because the person will be prepared. Preparedness is not the same as fatalism. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
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#72. Like the doctrine of determinism, its better-known metaphysical cousin, fatalism holds that it is not in our power to do anything other than what we actually end up doing. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#73. The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. It's unequivocally absurd. - Author: Zoltan Istvan
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#74. He could be boastful in a way pleasantly at odds with his native fatalism, and his youthful stubbornness had a way of ameliorating into a sort of wounded dignity, which was centered in the darting passes of his deep-set, dark eyes. - Author: Dan Lopez
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#75. Fatalism's a weak antidepressant, but there's nothing stronger at Dr. Kumar's. - Author: David Mitchell
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#76. in contrast to a garment of praise, guilt is the uniform. It's a straitjacket called fatalism. - Author: Terry Law
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#77. [in the]..curious way that my idealism has been mixed with my fatalism, so that I can possess the soul of a dreamer and that of a cynic at the same time ... I possess a power of magic ... [to] destroy the balance of a well-designed destiny with my diabolical mind ... - Author: Anais Nin
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