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#1. Jonny Evans plays sort of international football with Northern Ireland

Phil Thompson

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#2. My go-to line when it's the resume game is that I'm either Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds.

Chris Pine

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#3. The goal of living a life of faith is never to go against God, but to go with Him. It isn't just about getting what you want, it's about seeking God's best, then trusting Him with His answer." - Linda Evans Shepherd

Cherie Hill

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#4. Love is what happens when we forgive. I forgive Connor Evans. A part of me will always love him, but from this day on I won't hate him. Not for one minute. I forgive him because he gave me Max.

Karen Kingsbury

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#5. There's something satisfying, I think,' Evans said, 'about the idea of light travelling for millions of years through space and just at the right moment as it reaches Earth someone looks at the right bit of sky and sees it. It just seems right that an event of that magnitude should be witnessed.

Bill Bryson

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#6. What a thrill it was to play opposite Maurice Evans in this brilliant, dazzling musical, based on the life of two of the greatest personalities in stage history.

Dinah Sheridan

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#7. My musical influences are from the '50s: Bill Evans, Miles Davis and Ahmad Jamal.

Michael Moriarty

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#8. the phone rang, and I picked it up in the kitchen. It was Mac Evans, asking if I wanted to be an astronaut.

Chris Hadfield

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#9. Nineveh, Tyre, a God-forsaken railway in Siam, Dorrigo Evans said, flame

Richard Flanagan

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#10. Germany Schaefer, trying to send a subtle hint to umpire Billy Evans that the game ought to be called, appeared at second base wearing a yellow rain slicker,

Charles Leerhsen

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#11. Casting Captain America is really casting two roles ... Steve Rogers before and after the transformation from 98 pound weakling to perfect physical specimen. I can't divulge how we're going to do it, but the performance will be Chris Evans from beginning to end.

Joe Johnston

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#12. Stella Suberman's Suggestions for Further Reading
The Peddler's Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi, by Edward Cohen
The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South, by Eli N. Evans
Insecure Prosperity, by Ewa Morawska
The Slow Way Back, by Judy Goldman

Stella Suberman

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#13. I very much looked up to Janet Evans and Summer Sanders.

Natalie Coughlin

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#14. I saw stars like Helen Hayes, Maurice Evans, Tallulah Bankhead and Cornelia Otis Skinner. It was enchanting. I knew that was the world I wanted to be in.

Sada Thompson

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#15. Evans made himself their spokesman. "Charlie and Joe," he offered. "Remember us? We brought a friend back with us this time." Girls evidently didn't count in this little subdivision of the underworld; a miscalculation many a shady character has made.

Cornell Woolrich

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#16. When I was laying there in his arms nothing else mattered. My parents, my lack of funds, everything just seemed to melt away as I was lost in his lips- Bentley Evans

Magan Vernon

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#17. This time you're looking for revenge." Yes. He wanted revenge. He felt his jaw tighten, his vision focus in. "For Eve." Ian's eyes narrowed. "Really? Are you sure about that?" He was sure, and he fucking well deserved revenge. Evans had torn them apart.

Lexi Blake

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#18. Cassidy Evans would be a welcome distraction from life for a while. She would be treated kindly of course. She deserved that much. His family had benefited from her pain in the past, and he would enjoy making amends for any inconvenience she had suffered.

Michelle McLoughney

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#19. Once they take you and you taste the food ... you cannot come back. You are changed ... and live with them for ever. - The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz (1911)

Melissa Marr

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#20. Then Drew Evans strolls into my room. Drew is like no one I've ever known. It's as if there's a spotlight on him that never dims - he demands your notice.

Emma Chase

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#21. Woah, their gorgeous not so fast I haven't even catched your name or your number - Jaxson Evans

Brit Gosik

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#22. Not for the first time, I wonder if Drew Evans is the devil - or a close relation. I can picture him offering the fastingChrist a loaf of bread and making it sound completely acceptable for him to take a big ole bite out of it.

Emma Chase

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#23. The measure of life is revealed in the quality of our relationships: with God, our families, our fellow men. - A Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans

Richard Paul Evans

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#24. I will if you go out with me, Evans

J.K. Rowling

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#25. Evans was punching the shattered windshield out and thinking he was some helluva hero.

Mark Henwick

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#26. I am certain, without any doubt, she was meant to be in my life. We belong to each other. I spent too much of my time consumed with what everyone else thinks of my feelings for Darcie, but the truth is, it was always supposed to be this way." ~Reggie Evans

M.S. Brannon

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#27. Why didn't they ask the Evans?

Agatha Christie

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#28. Now, young Skywalker, your training is complete. Tonight - you become a Jedi. - Drew Evans

Emma Chase

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#29. Clare Fischer was a major influence on my harmonic concept. He and Bill Evans, and Ravel and Gil Evans, finally. You know, that's where it really came from. Almost all of the harmony that I play can be traced to one of those four people and whoever their influences were.

Herbie Hancock

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#30. I loved Mal Evans holding one note down on You Won't See Me from Rubber Soul.

Benmont Tench

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#31. And in the deepest recesses of his being, Dorrigo Evans understood that all his life had been a journeying to this point when he had for a moment flown into the sun and would now be journeying away from it forever after.

Richard Flanagan

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#32. Arise Evans had a fungous nose, and said, it was revealed to him, that the King's hand would cure him, and at the first coming of King Charles II into St. James's Park, he kissed the King's hand, and rubbed his nose with it; which disturbed the King, but cured him.

John Aubrey

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#33. I promote reading. I travel anywhere any time. In my books the indivuals face fears, issues, love, friendships, and are reminded qently that God is near! Great reads by Linda Green, Rosemary barkes,Liz Thompson, Richard Paul Evans

Susan Kay Box Brunner

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#34. When I was 16 or 17 I heard the Count Basie band with Jo Jones and Lester Young and Herschel Evans and I couldn't believe it. They were the greatest swing band. I really fell in love with that sound. Everybody danced!

Illinois Jacquet

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#35. Bill Evans described his tunes as vehicles; they are vehicles for self-expression, or expression of the self.

Kenny Werner

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#36. Evans: We don't know what extraterrestrial civilization is like, but we know humanity.

Liu Cixin

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#37. It was probably indecent to think of a corpse as impotent. But he was, very likely. That would be why his wife had taken up with the prize-fighter Red Evans Williams of Castell Goch.

Ford Madox Ford

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#38. I was always very aware of drummers. My oldest brother Henry was a drummer, and he drummed on everything in the house from the kitchen sink to stovepipes. He was the first drummer in the Gil Evans Orchestra, so you've got to know how great he was.

Dave Brubeck

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#39. As the doctor said, When a fifty-eight-year-old man goes downtown dressed up in a Dale Evans cowgirl outfit, complete with a skirt with fringe, it's time ...

Fannie Flagg

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#40. He read and reread 'Ulysses'. He looked back at Amy. They were the first beautiful thing I ever knew, Dorrigo Evans said.

Richard Flanagan

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#41. Aspen Evans could very well be the woman to bring me back to life or the woman to destroy me.

Brooke Cumberland

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#42. Linda Evans Shepherd has blessed many by her warmth and openness. She's not only a delightful person, but she encourages others as she shares her joy.

Cecil Murphey

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#43. Sport has long occupied a special place in the hearts of Australians, and today the nation welcomes a new champion to the pantheon. Cadel Evans, cyclist extraordinaire.

Paul Ramadge

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#44. When I was a little girl, my favorite television show starred Roy Rogers and Dale Evans- the queen of the cowgirls." Mrs. Coley explained. "Dale wore a fancy fringed leather skirt and rode a buckskin horse named Buttermilk ...
"Thank heavens for Dale Evans," she said with a sigh.

Terri Farley

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#45. Sean Evans was officially pissed off. Serves you right, furball.

Ilona Andrews

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#46. Her son lives. He has her eyes, precisely her eyes. You remember the shape and color of Lily Evans's eyes, I am sure?

J.K. Rowling

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#47. Charles Evans Hughes, former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, said: "Men do not die from overwork. They die from dissipation and worry." Yes, from dissipation of their energies - and worry because they never seem to get their work done.

Dale Carnegie

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#48. Our house was like a hotel. It was a loony-tunes household. If you got arrested in high school, everyone knew: 'Call Mrs. Evans; she'll bail you out.'

Chris Evans

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#49. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Paul Chambers, Bill Evans, and Jimmy Cobb playing "All Blues," a moody, blues form piece in 6/8, off the 1959 album Kind of Blue.

Blake Crouch

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#50. I'm not Bill Evans. I'm not Keith Jarrett. I'm basically a singer who plays along with his voice.

Burton Cummings

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#51. Bob Erlendson, a local piano player, taught me chord structure and which scales go along with them. Later, I began listening to [pianists] Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner. Then I got interested in [saxophonist] John Coltrane.

Lenny Breau

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#52. Evans, Evans!" He Cried.
Mrs. Smith was talking aloud to himself, Agnes the servant girl cries to Mrs. Filmer in the kitchen. "Evans, Evans" he had said as she brought in the tray. She jumped, she did. She scuttled downstairs.

Virginia Woolf

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#53. Actions win wars. Actions heal wounds. Not words. Words are cheap. Mine, particularly. -Drew Evans.

Emma Chase

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#54. There's not really much of an opportunity for a girl from Georgia like me or a girl like Aja (Evans) from Chicago to grow up bobsledding. I think it's great that we have such a diverse group.

Elana Meyers

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#55. I don't know the man I admire more than [Charles Evans] Hughes. If ever I have the chance I shall offer him the Chief Justiceship.

William Howard Taft

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#56. Because no one person changes a relationship."
--Margaret Evans, BTH

Kristen Kehoe

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#57. Chris [Evans] sent us a text that The Avengers assemble at such and such bar at 9 on Saturday night. That was a good group effort.

Chris Hemsworth

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#58. Ronnie Moran, Joe Fagan, Bob Paisley, Roy Evans - they were hard on us young players. If you got a 'well done' off Ronnie Moran, you must have played well ... They never used superlatives at Liverpool.

Paul Jewell

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#59. Bill Evans is a real serious jazz pianist who, in my book, crossed over boundaries in terms of color. He used the piano as his canvas.

Roberta Flack

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#60. I think about Aaron Rodgers, he's like Chris Evans before he got the HGH injection in Captain America. But before he was super smart and was still witty and stuff. That's how I see Tom Brady.

Michael Bennet

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#61. I was really into R&B and stuff like that, so I really wanted to sing like Faith Evans or Mariah Carey. But I definitely don't have the skills to sing like that.

Yukimi Nagano

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#62. [the best advice about women] was from Robert Evans. The line was in his book, but he told me, "When it comes to a woman's mind, I know nothing."


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#63. I never set out to bash men, it is not about revenge, I always say at the end of a relationship that i hope that i have created a better man for the next woman by what i allowed and reinforced
Crystal Evans
The Bunna Man

Crystal Evans

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#64. Because she could still feel Michael Evans violating her. She could still feel his hands slapping at her as he tied her down, feel the knife he'd used to carve her up.

Lexi Blake

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#65. Baby, if you let me take you out of here, I'll give the word pleasure a whole new meaning. - Drew Evans

Emma Chase

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#66. I've worked with the old dames and knights - Edith Evans, Ralph Richardson - they're the most incredibly humble, kindly people because they are so big that they don't need to be unpleasant.

Ron Moody

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#67. The scariest stunt I've ever done was on 'Captain America.' We were doing some underwater sequence. I was in a submarine, and Chris Evans had to break the glass, and the water had to fill up quickly in the submarine.

Richard C. Armitage

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#68. Sure, Manda knew that the tree wasn't actually dead. Mrs. Evans, her teacher, taught her that some trees lose their leaves in the wintertime making them look dead, when they were only sleeping.

Sleeping or not, the big tree was dead to Manda.

Julie B. Campbell

Evans Quotes #1599513
#69. The only wards I ever knew happen to be fictitious characters."--Augusta Evans Wilson, VASHTI, (1869).

Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

Evans Quotes #1626065
#70. Donald Evans is a favorite person of mine. His worth ethic, his attitude and his dedication really set him apart.

Joe Greene

Evans Quotes #1637290
#71. In fact, Guerra based his story on the diaries of two explorers, German Theodor Koch-Grunberg and American Richard Evans Schultes. There work is some of the only documentation of cultures that have since vanished. But Guerra did not want white men to be his protagonists.

Tom Cole

Evans Quotes #1647065
#72. For me hotness was a complicated matter involving brains, humor, and some other things, but all that aside, I was willing to admit Sean Evans was nice to look at.

Ilona Andrews

Evans Quotes #1664654
#73. Trust in tomorrow ... Every day of your life, there's been a tomorrow. I promise you, there'll be a tomorrow. - Alex Morales to Miranda Evans

Susan Beth Pfeffer

Evans Quotes #1707682
#74. That was her favorite part, the moments of laughter and silliness. In some way, these times made their marriage strong, kept her more in love with Connor Evans every year. If they could play together this way, they would always be okay.

Karen Kingsbury

Evans Quotes #1712688
#75. I had thirty weeks of prep on 'Captain America.' I have a small team of qualified, supportive, creative producers who are actually helping me achieve my vision of the film. I had a dream cast headed by Chris Evans. I had the best designers, artists, sculptors, craftspeople.

Joe Johnston

Evans Quotes #1740852
#76. He smiled at me, turning into the old Sean Evans. The transformation was so sudden, I blinked to make sure I didn't imagine it. Because you're a carebear.

Ilona Andrews

Evans Quotes #1749240
#77. Mr. Evans?" I called. "A moment of your time?"
He looked at me as if he'd never seen me before. "Do I know you?"
"My name is Dina. I own the bed-and-breakfast."
He glanced past me at the old house sitting at the mouth of the subdivision. "That monstrosity?"
Aren't you sweet? "Yes.

Ilona Andrews

Evans Quotes #1762914
#78. I doubt if many of my contemporaries, especially the older ones, did many exercises. I have often tried to picture (Godfrey) Evans and (Denis) Compton doing press-ups in the out field before the days play, but so far have failed miserably.

Peter May

Evans Quotes #1787521
#79. The rest of the band faded down to almost nothing while my dad did his best Bill Evans impression - except hopefully without the untreated hepatitis.

Ben Aaronovitch

Evans Quotes #1823149
#80. Oh, I'm not beautiful. I can look beautiful; I can put beauty on. When I'm tired, I look bloody awful. I think I'm turning into the actress from 'Dynasty,' Linda Evans.

Joanna Lumley

Evans Quotes #1824751
#81. Look at those beautiful villages, in the heart of nature." Evans was staring out the window but saw only poverty. The

Michael Crichton

Evans Quotes #1849689
#82. Assuredly, the size of (Cadel) Evans' heart will come to be compared to Phar Lap.

Paul Ramadge

Evans Quotes #1855186
#83. Sure, I'd play an ape if they asked me. Maurice Evans did.

Joan Crawford

Evans Quotes #1864213
#84. People think that I play effortlessly. I remember doing a record date with Bill Evans and afterwards he said to me, you make it sound so easy but when I get right up next to you you're working hard and making it sound easy!

Stan Getz

Evans Quotes #1866026
#85. Home court will be tremendous. That will be a big relief, playing at home in front of the energy and the fans.

Reggie Evans

Evans Quotes #209
#86. British actors are renowned for being great villains in movies, like Bond films, all the rest of it.

Luke Evans

Evans Quotes #1136
#87. I sighed. "Now what do I do?" He leaned against my wall. "What do you want to do?" "Since when has that mattered?" "It's always mattered. It doesn't mean you'll get what you want, but what you want always matters. That's what defines you.

Richard Paul Evans

Evans Quotes #3121
#88. Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last.

Greg Evans

Evans Quotes #3220
#89. I believe that love is the choice we make to raise ourselves and others to the highest planes of existence.

Richard Paul Evans

Evans Quotes #4614
#90. Keep courage. Whatever you do, do not feel sorry for yourself. You will win in a great age of opportunity.

Richard L. Evans

Evans Quotes #5156
#91. I didn't take very much part in activities on campus at that time.

Daniel J. Evans

Evans Quotes #5363
#92. Such fickle days of love when pain and ecstasy share the same hour

Richard Paul Evans

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#93. He's not going to look back if you don't,' he said, 'They're the most forgiving creatures God ever made.

Nicholas Evans

Evans Quotes #5919
#94. Witnessing Panama's overnight transition from banana republic to middle-class retirement haven is like watching the Univision version of Extreme Makeover: it feels so tacky but you can't change channels because you just have to find out what happens next.

Andrew Evans

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#95. Anything outside or that is not Jesus it's a lie.

Evans Biya

Evans Quotes #7048
#96. When came the invasion of privacy.That kind of thing turns the newspaper from a friendly organ - not necessarily appeasing everybody - into the enemy. It's one reason why newspapers have suffered circulation falls.

Harold Evans

Evans Quotes #8941
#97. If you decide you want to work in the film industry, you just have to bite the bullet and take other jobs until the proper jobs come in.

Luke Evans

Evans Quotes #9310
#98. How lucky I am to have known somebody and something that saying goodbye to is so damned awful.

Evans G. Valens

Evans Quotes #9566
#99. I didn't agree with what Joe McCarthy was trying to do, but I sure did admire his methods.

M. Stanton Evans

Evans Quotes #11298
#100. The truth is, a man can choose to objectify a woman whether she's wearing a bikini or a burqa. We don't stop lust by covering up the female form; we stop lust by teaching men to treat women as human beings worthy of respect.

Rachel Held Evans

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