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#1. Also, it's risky to try to duplicate earlier success. Magician had a certain charm to it, mostly due to my choice of lead characters, that I would be hard put to duplicate.

Raymond E. Feist

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#2. If you're drawing a Western town, you can duplicate that Western town from instinct alone. Some artists may take it from other illustrations or duplicate what you've drawn, but it will never have that gut reality that's instinctive in the artist.

Jack Kirby

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#3. Over the years, when you're in a band with a catalog like Aerosmith's, you accumulate a lot of instruments to duplicate those songs.

Joe Perry

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#4. Making duplicate copies and computer printouts of things no one wanted even one of in the first place is giving America a new sense of purpose.

Andy Rooney

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#5. I can go into a restaurant; I might have to go a few times, taste something, love it and figure out exactly what is in there, and go home and duplicate it.

Tamala Jones

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#6. When you make machines that are capable of obeying instructions slavishly, and among those instructions are 'duplicate me' instructions, then of course the system is wide open to exploitation by parasites.

Richard Dawkins

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#7. Satan can imitate God, but he cannot duplicate Him - God is the only One who can deliver us from our pain and suffering.

David Jeremiah

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#8. While no one railroad can completely duplicate another line, two or more may compete at particular points.

John Moody

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#9. It does not make sense that everybody should duplicate efforts when we could be working together.

Theresa May

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#10. She's a pile of nanites working together to duplicate the individual parts of a teenage girl on the cellular level, and they don't realize there's no actual girl left. They rebuilt a working model of a corpse.

Peter Clines

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#11. was once a young lady from Yale,'" said the Gasmask Man. "'Who had verses tattooed on her tail. And on her behind, for the sake of the blind, a duplicate version in braille.

Joe Hill

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#12. There is no prophecy in our day but history. But history is a trustworthy prophet. History is always repeating itself, because conditions are always repeating themselves. Out of duplicated conditions history always gets a duplicate product.

Mark Twain

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#13. A virus has three purposes: to duplicate, to infiltrate and to spread from one host to the next. Ultimately, even a single virus can shut down an entire system.

Wayne Dyer

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#14. By furnishing this already crowded world with a duplicate one of images, photography makes us feel that the world is more available than it really is.

Susan Sontag

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#15. Leaders..should influence such a way that it builds people up, encourages and edifies them so they can duplicate this attitude in others.

Bob Goshen

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#16. Gratuitous redundancy makes prose difficult not just because readers have to duplicate the effort of figuring something out, but because they naturally assume that when a writer says two things she means two things, and fruitlessly search for the nonexistent second point.

Steven Pinker

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#17. Orchestra had a little brass ensemble on two tracks as well, but the rest was me. I knew I couldn't continue in this direction, even if people liked it, because I can only duplicate myself.

Eberhard Weber

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#18. How strange we are. How different we are from how we think we are. We fall out of love only to fall in love with a duplicate of what we've left, never understanding that we love what we love and that it doesn't change.

Sara Majka

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#19. Carob works on the principle that, when mixed with the right combination of fats and sugar, it can duplicate chocolate in color and texture. Of course, the same can be said of dirt ...

Sandra Boynton

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#20. Some think that emulating those we admire makes us more effective and guarantees the result they exhibit. The goal is not to duplicate someone else's greatness or purpose, destiny or creativity.

T.D. Jakes

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#21. It was said that one of them, either the actor or the history teacher, was superfluous in this world, but you weren't, you weren't superfluous, there is no duplicate of you to come and replace you at your mother's side, you were unique, just as every ordinary person is unique, truly unique.

Jose Saramago

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#22. To duplicate meanings is to isolate the consciousness.

Floriano Martins

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#23. There's plenty to criticize about the mass media, but they are the source of regular information about a wide range of topics. You can't duplicate that on blogs.

Noam Chomsky

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#24. Virgil Donati is clearly the best drummer to come along in the music scene in quite some time. He is extremely unique and has embraced an original sound that has given him a signature that is unmistakable and impossible to duplicate.

Tony MacAlpine

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#25. 'Wolf Hall' attempts to duplicate not the historian's chronology but the way memory works: in leaps, loops, flashes.

Hilary Mantel

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#26. Homunculi are bogeymen only if they duplicate entire the talents they are rung in to explain. If one can get a team or committee of relatively ignorant, narrow-minded, blind homunculi to produce the intelligent behaviour of the whole, this is progress.

Daniel Dennett

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#27. He has one hand over her mound and works his fingers as if he was playing guitar, making beautiful music with her tiny button. He serenades her with a love song that only his fingers know how to pick- a tune that no man can duplicate.

Jane Emery

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#28. Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it.

Bruce Lee

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#29. I think we've shot scenes from every angle directors can think of to make it look like different villages. I've directed a couple shows on that set and believe me, it's impossible not to duplicate some camera angles.

Vic Morrow

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#30. What we're looking at is God's design, nature's template, and using that as a pattern to cut around and lay it down on a domestic model to duplicate that pattern that we see in nature.

Joel Salatin

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#31. I cant duplicate my own successes, because part of the creation of that effect is making something happen that you didn't expect

Brian Eno

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#32. You name it, we had it. It won't happen again. You're not going to duplicate this show.

Robert Conrad

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#33. But love of one kind will never duplicate itself. Love has its variety...which possibly makes it as a great as all the songs and stories and poems.

Dan Skinner

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#34. There's really no way to duplicate how someone gets from the beginning to the end of an idea.

Michael Patrick Walker

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#35. In theory, there is nothing the computer can do that the human mind can not do. The computer merely takes a finite amount of data and performs a finite number of operations upon them. The human mind can duplicate the process

Isaac Asimov

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#36. more humorous looks. One I noticed actually had been carved into a bat holding a ghost. Artistic, I thought to myself knowing I would never be able to duplicate that. Greg and I walked through the double

Janet McNulty

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#37. Life is not a miracle. It is a natural phenomenon, and can be expected to appear whenever there is a planet whose conditions duplicate those of the earth.
[Stating how planets supporting life cannot be rare.]

Harold Urey

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#38. Not only had he lost the only girl he'd ever loved, he'd lost her in duplicate, like some heartbroken but highly efficient civil servant.

Tom Holt

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#39. Your reputation has no duplicate. You are one till the end of time. Once it is damaged, a fresh personality cannot spring from the old one.

Michael Bassey Johnson

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#40. Your still searching for me in every woman. You'll always seek to duplicate what we had. You know it.

Woody Allen

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#41. Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.

Bruce Lee

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#42. Wal-Mart's success strategies and tactics are easy to understand yet hard to duplicate.

Michael Bergdahl

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#43. Always be original. Never duplicate what you've seen another actor do. Be true to the character that you've been given, and the rest will come easy.

Lee Tamahori

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#44. I write in the mornings, two or three hours every day, and then at least four times a week I play in a duplicate game at a bridge club. I try to go to tournaments three, four, or five times a year.

Louis Sachar

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#45. Hong Kong cinema is something you can't duplicate anyway.

Martin Scorsese

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#46. What's the problem you solve? Solve it for one person. Create a system to do it without you. Duplicate.

T. Harv Eker

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#47. This lesser world is all about reproduction, as you might well know. Those who cease to duplicate simply die.

Rawi Hage

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#48. Golf is assuredly a mystifying game. It would seem that if a person has hit a golf ball correctly a thousand times, he should be able to duplicate the performance at will. But such is certainly not the case.

Bobby Jones

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#49. In regards to The Haunting, people compared it to the old movie, which is unfair. We didn't have the rights to the movie. I couldn't duplicate a single thing because that would have been legal infringement.

Jan De Bont

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#50. The way we use technology is completely wasteful. We duplicate many vacuum cleaners, tools; In the future we will make the best of equipment and make it available to everyone.

Jacque Fresco

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#51. When you have made a catalogue of your friend's faults it is only fair to supply him with a duplicate, so that he may know yours.

Ambrose Bierce

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#52. Being onstage is just a feeling that you cannot duplicate anywhere else because the energy that the audience is giving you forces you to give more energy. It's such an output and exchange of energy. You can't do that anywhere else.

Aaron Tveit

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#53. You don't try to duplicate certain things that other cats do, because you could never do it as well as they do. Nobody can get on that tenor saxophone and play like Trane, because he's the only one who can spell out chords and sound good when he does it.

Wynton Marsalis

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#54. Many have came before you and many will come after you, but none will ever be you. Some may even try to duplicate your characteristics, but they'll never succeed because you are unique.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

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#55. There is something very wrong with a people who consider that the greatest that would ever be has already been, and that the best they can do is to duplicate the past.

Abraham Eraly

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#56. Conservatives, please. Let's not duplicate the manias of the Left as we figure out how to deal with Mr. Obama. He is not exactly the anti-Christ, although a disturbing number of people on the Right are convinced he is.

David Horowitz

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#57. They can say whatever they want to say, but it is going to be hard, my friend, to duplicate me.

Sammy Sosa

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#58. No one can duplicate the confidence that RSA offers after 20 years of cryptanalytic review.

Bruce Schneier

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#59. Now and then, I had moments of greatness, but I never knew how to duplicate it consistently.

Ian Williams

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#60. Nothing can duplicate the sheer power and feeling you get from standing in front of your amp and bashing on your guitar.

James Hetfield

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#61. Bullialdus wrote that all force respecting ye Sun as its center & depending on matter must be reciprocally in a duplicate ratio of ye distance from ye center.

Isaac Newton

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#62. We cannot tell that we are constantly splitting into duplicate selves because our consciousness rides smoothly along only one path in the endlessly forking chains

Martin Gardner

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#63. My jokes are in my head and I have a duplicate copy of my jokes in a lot of British comics' heads, where they are safe.

Emo Philips

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#64. We did it with passion; we didn't do it like everyone else. Teams nowadays are still trying to duplicate that, but no one has yet. We shuffled down and we did it. We did it in an unique fashion.

William Perry

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#65. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, just don't make the same ones. We don't want to duplicate them.

Mike Tyson

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#66. There's a serendipity to real life that the Internet can't duplicate. Do you use the library? For anything? Well, sometimes you end up picking up the book next to the one you were looking for, and it's that book that changes your life.

Laura Lippman

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#67. No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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#68. Work is not slavery, then. Work is creativity. It is the expression of ourselves that no one else can duplicate.

Joan D. Chittister

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#69. No daycare center can duplicate a mother.

J. Budziszewski

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#70. I've learned to duplicate my beauty regimen from drug store products.

Keri Hilson

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#71. So they talk about heaven, and I don't know what is waiting for me up there. But I can tell you this: Nothing will happen up there that can duplicate my life down here. Nothing. That life cannot be better than the one I've lived down here, the football life. It's been perfect.

Steve Sabol

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#72. We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#73. A fake is a copy, a duplicate, a facsimile of an original. The professional coach is authentic - the real deal.

Michael J. Marx

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#74. Murder is a horror, but an often necessary horror, never criminal, which it is essential to tolerate in a republican State. Is it or is it not a crime? If it is not, why make laws for its punishment? And if it is, by what barbarous logic do you, to punish it, duplicate it by another crime?

Marquis De Sade

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#75. The discussion about how she was in Arizona stalking her birth mother, whose name she'd gotten on the duplicate birth certificate she'd ordered because she'd lost her original, should really happen in person, but that was impossible right now.
Oh, what a tangled web ...

Cat Johnson

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#76. A man's desire for a son is usually nothing but the wish to duplicate himself in order that such a remarkable pattern may not be lost to the world.

Helen Rowland

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#77. Better and better, man. Would now St. Paul would come along that way, and to my breezelessness bring his breeze! O Nature, and O soul of man! how far beyond all utterance are your linked analogies; not the smallest atom stirs or lives on matter, but has its cunning duplicate in mind.

Herman Melville

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#78. The premises being thus settled, I proceed to observe that the concatenation of self-existence, proceeding in a reciprocal duplicate ratio, naturally produces a problematical dialogism, which in some measure proves that the essence of spirituality may be referred to the second predicable.

Oliver Goldsmith

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#79. Certainly she no longer thinks of the future, because every day the future proves itself to be a duplicate of the present. So instead she roots through the past.

David R. Gillham

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#80. Each species is a masterpiece of evolution that humanity could not possibly duplicate even if we somehow accomplish the creation of new organisms by genetic engineering. - E. O. Wilson

Jerry A. Coyne

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#81. I'd rather duplicate it myself. Another of our favourite techniques.

Stewart Copeland

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#82. So, the next film won't necessarily be modern-day Albany, Georgia but we're grateful for the films we've made (with Sherwood). The church is an amazing church. We're gonna grow as filmmakers and invest in the next generation of upcoming filmmakers and try to duplicate what we're doing.

Alex Kendrick

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