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Top 100 Don't Ever Cheat Quotes

#1. You're a no good heartbreaker, you're a liar, and you're a cheat. I don't know why I let you do these things to me. - Author: Aretha Franklin
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#2. You can easily tell if a person is lying and cheating on you if they say, I love you. I would never lie to you or cheat on you. - Author: Dane Cook
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#3. When you are very simple, honest, and kind, people may take advantage of you and cheat you, but be loving and kind. Remember that no one can cheat you except you and yourself. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. My sword," I told him, "says I tell the truth, and that you are a stinking bag of wind, a liar from hell, a cheat and a perjurer who deserves death."
"Up to our arses again," Leofric said. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#5. Demons don't play by the rules. They lie and they cheat and they stab in the back. - Author: Alan Grant
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#6. Some people have the innate ability to cheat artfully during dating, interview... Once they're in, they completely change and become different that they leave you wonder whether you have ever met them before. - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#7. Deceit and falsehood, whatever conveniences they may for a time promise or produce, are, in the sum of life, obstacles to happiness. Those who profit by the cheat distrust the deceiver; and the act by which kindness was sought puts an end to confidence. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#8. Champions aren't made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights. - Author: Joe Frazier
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#9. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#10. there was no such thing as cheating in a fight to the death. It was all about who could cheat better. "Let's - Author: L.G. Estrella
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#11. Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don't use that ability as best we can. - Author: George Allen, Sr.
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#12. through to 8, without continuing once. After this has been done, you can play on World 9. World 10 And finally, to unlock the - Author: The Cheat Mistress
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#13. I might not of told you enough that I loved you but I didn't expect for you to cheat, I loved you and you knew that and I still do, I might of argued with you, pushed you away but I still loved, I still do, you walk away as I cry with my hand on my chest because my heart feels like it will tear. - Author: Harriet Morgan
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#14. We create an environment where it is alright to hate, to steal, to cheat, and to lie if we dress it up with symbols of respectability, dignity and love. - Author: Whitney M. Young
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#15. Frustration in a fight can lead to four things: You give up, you fight harder, you fight worse, or you cheat. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#16. The costermongers' boys will, I am informed, cheat their employers, but they do not steal from them. - Author: Henry Mayhew
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#17. That when given the opportunity, many honest people will cheat. - Author: Dan Ariely
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#18. People generally didn't cheat in good relationships. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#19. The other dragonets were his own size (nearly), and they didn't cheat (well, most of the time). - Author: Tui T. Sutherland
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#20. It's been my observation, after years in the [insurance] business, that a certain percent of the population simply can't resist the urge to cheat. - Author: Sue Grafton
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#21. Love is a flame to burn out human wills,
Love is a flame to set the will on fire,
Love is a flame to cheat men into mire. - Author: John Masefield
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#22. Because cheating is easier when we can justify our behavior, people often cheat in small amounts: We can come up with an excuse for stealing Post-It notes, but it is much more difficult to come up with an excuse for taking $10,000 from petty cash. - Author: Dan Ariely
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#23. I had been tricked once by that Cheat called love, but the Game was over ... - Author: Daniel Defoe
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#24. Only the most sophisticated of beings can lie and cheat, and get away with it. - Author: Donald A. Norman
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#25. It's much easier to cheat than it is to be loyal. Everyone goes through down times. You just don't put yourself in those situations, you know? - Author: Ali Larter
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#26. But human nature dictates that there will always be cheaters. That's inevitable. Where there's money involved and glory, there are going to be people that cheat, and there will always be ways to cheat. - Author: David Millar
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#27. One secret to my success is that I am faithful to my dreams and don't cheat on my dreams by taking drugs or blaming others when things don't go right. - Author: Mark Kostabi
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#28. The same computers that make it impossible for you to cheat on your income tax can ensure that the blood of your group is in the ambulance that picks you up from a car smash. - Author: John Brunner
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#29. People don't cheat by chance, they cheat by choice. - Author: Tony Gaskins
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#30. I'm mad at your idiot coworker. Not you. I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. Why would you cheat on me?"

"Because you force me to use words like piqued," Alexander replied, deadpan. - Author: S.H. Marr
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#31. You know how many stunning women told me they can't stand a good-looking man? ... Women feel secure with an ugly guy because a man in bad shape isn't gonna cheat. - Author: Jackie Mason
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#32. A small lie, if it actually is a lie, condemns a man as much as a big and black falsehood. If a man will deliberately cheat to the amount of a single cent, give him opportunity and he would cheat to any amount. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
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#33. Titanic Thompson and Amarillo Slim would have run from a game with Marty Stanovich. Marty could really play, and he didn't cheat. - Author: Evel Knievel
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#34. If you cheat in the dark of the morning, you'll get found in the bright lights of the night. - Author: Joe Frazier
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#35. That's how they manage to live together, a billion of them, in reasonable peace. They are not perfect, of course. They know how to fight and lie and cheat each other, and all the things that all of us do. But more than any other people in the world, the Indians know how to love one another. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#36. CNN found that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Women admire her because she's strong and successful. Men admire her because she allows her husband to cheat and get away with it. - Author: Jay Leno
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#37. A gentleman is one who is too brave to lie, too generous to cheat, and who takes his share othe world and lets other people have theirs. - Author: Paul G. Hoffman
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#38. You figure they cheat at the ballpark, they'll cheat on the golf course, they'll cheat in business, and anything else in life. Players may laugh about it and say it's funny, but right down in their heart, they don't think it's funny at all, and they have no respect for a person who cheats. - Author: Bob Feller
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#39. Life is a lie, and Love a cheat. - Author: Adah Isaacs Menken
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#40. People still cheat on their wives, that hasn't fallen out of fashion. We all speak of it badly, but it has not fallen out of fashion. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#41. I'm asking you to marry me within the next hour." He simply looked at her. "I can't think of a reason why you should. I have no moral sense to speak of. I lie, I cheat, I steal, and I'll probably drive you away screaming within the week. But if you marry me, I'll only do those things on your behalf. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#42. Do no cheat thy Heart and tell her, 'Grief will pass away.' - Author: Adelaide Anne Procter
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#43. Bruce hates magic. He's a scientist; he has a rational mind. And he respects natural law even more, if possible, than manmade ones. Magic lets someone cheat those laws, and he hates it. - Author: Chris Dee
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#44. The one who has developed a habit of taking a lot of respect from others [relish pride], will get cheated. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#45. The two most important rules in a gunfight are: always cheat and always win. - Author: Clint Smith
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#46. If your spouse wants to cheat on you, he or she will. This world is a haven of opportunities. But no matter what, in any relationship, one must never doubt the spouse - Author: Jagdish Joghee
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#47. Right, I said, after an off-balance pause. A knocker, in the trade, was a shark who charmed his way into old people's homes: to cheat them of valuables - Author: Donna Tartt
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#48. We can all be prouder to be human beings, because that's what they were. They make up for a lot of liars, cheats, and terrorists among us. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#49. It's strange. You never start out life with the intention of becoming a bankrupt or an alcoholic or a cheat and a thief. Or a liar. - Author: Raymond Carver
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#50. And if they're fictional, it is entirely acceptable to cheat on fictional men with other fictional men. - Author: Jane Rawson
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#51. Don't worry. I have insurance. And battery-operated accessories that don't cheat on me or stalk me. Can't beat that! - Author: Lex Martin
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#52. This is life. You know the philosphers? The Present never stops. There's only the Present. You cheat life if you live in the Past. - Author: Scott Turow
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#53. Deceivers are the most hideous creatures in the world - Author: Munia Khan
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#54. If you want to trust yourself, make decisions that are
grounded in your authentic principles. Don't lie. Don't
cheat. Don't push others down to obtain success. - Author: Richie Norton
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#55. A company of wolves, is better than a company of wolves in sheep's clothing. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#56. Everybody cheats, I just didn't know. - Author: Dennis Christopher
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#57. A cheater will cheat, no matter how wonderful his woman is. Some guys are scum. Cheaters cheat, no matter what." I - Author: Kelley Harvey
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#58. I give myself a cheat day where I annihilate my diet. I'm an all-American girl, so I go for a burger and fries and a shake. - Author: Ashley Wagner
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#59. Characters in animation do not cheat. They do not let you go for another. Animation is on certain points, very close to the pornography industry. All your physical needs are met. You can watch different animations and find anything you desire. - Author: Hideaki Anno
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#60. The recounting of a life is a cheat ... even our own stories are obscenely distorted ... - Author: Carol Shields
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#61. As you can imagine this is a very emotional moment for me because Dave promised me many times that I was the only woman he would ever cheat on. - Author: Merrill Markoe
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#62. Don't cheat if you are unhappy, just walk away and give the respect of the person you once loved to move on - Author: Patrick Stevens
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#63. I don't care if I pass your test, I don't care if I follow your rules. If you can cheat, so can I. I won't let you beat me unfairly - I'll beat you unfairly first.
- Ender - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#64. You need a hundred cheat to cover one. - Author: Someone
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#65. Loving you has been worse than an addiction to drugs.
At least I don't have the drugs c r a w l i n g into my bed at night. - Author: LeAnne Mechelle
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#66. We're flimflam artists. But remember, sonny, you can't con people unless they're greedy to begin with. W. C. Fields had it right. You can't cheat an honest man. - Author: Sidney Sheldon
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#67. I don't lie and cheat, but I don't always avoid actions that would be lying and cheating if someone else did them. - Author: Robert Breault
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#68. Improvisation is empowering because it welcomes the unknown. And since what's impossible is always unknown, it allows me to believe I can cheat the impossible. - Author: Philippe Petit
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#69. Thou shalt not steal; an empty feat, When it's so lucrative to cheat. - Author: Arthur Hugh Clough
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#70. Love and I once had a great relationship, but I fear we've broken up. It cheated on me, wrecked my heart, and then went on to date other people. A lot of other people. And I can't stand to watch it, since love's going to cheat on them too. - Author: David Levithan
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#71. You promised me you would never cheat on me, that you'd love me forever and we would never get a divorce." "I still love you, and I hate that I cheated on you, and I wish we'd never gotten divorced. - Author: Terry McMillan
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#72. Be authentic to yourself, but if you must cheat, cheat yourself out of the lies the world created. - Author: Robert M. Drake
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#73. It is a true story, the monster said. Many things that are true feel like a cheat. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#74. Your hurt is not an excuse to take.
Your loneliness is not an excuse to cheat.
Your desire is not a reason to rape.
You raped me, and now, I'm going to rape you. - Author: Courtney C. Stevens
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#75. Just like my Uncle Charlie used to say, just before he sprung the trap: He said, You can't cheat and honest man! Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump! - Author: W.C. Fields
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#76. Thanks. Hey, before I go, how's the romance coming with that vampire, what's his name?" "Vlad? I staked him. He was going to cheat on me and break my heart." Sasha shrugged. "I broke his first." Never screw around with a psychic. Especially not murderous ones. - Author: Eve Langlais
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #107137
#77. A face peered. All the grey night In chaos of vacancy shone; Nought but vast Sorrow was there The sweet cheat gone. - Author: Walter De La Mare
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #142785
#78. You read my Cosmo?"
"I read all of your magazines. I took all the love quizzes and pretended I was you answering the questions."
"How did I do?"
"You cheated," I said. - Author: Michael Chabon
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #141351
#79. If you can cheat, so can I. I won't let you beat me unfairly - I'll beat you unfairly first. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #140108
#80. I was the best manager in Britain because I was never devious or cheated anyone. I'd break my wife's legs if I played against her, but I'd never cheat her. - Author: Bill Shankly
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #139669
#81. I'm playing Soda Candy Crush. I'm on level 660 and I found a way to cheat to get more lives. Besides, it's getting boring here," Satan replied. - Author: Robyn Peterman
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #138620
#82. In singing, you cannot 'cheat' if you want to give emotions to those who are listening. You must have something to tell. - Author: Andrea Bocelli
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #134729
#83. Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat. - Author: Jesse Ventura
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #134110
#84. He who chooses to be a master never does 'just enough' to get by - nor does he cut corners or attempt to cheat the system. He who chooses mastery lives his life asking, 'How can I do more, give more, be more, and thereby accelerate the achievement of my ultimate destiny? - Author: James Arthur Ray
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #130423
#85. Do not be held a cheat, even though it is impossible to
live today without being one. Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up what
looks like cunning. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #130133
#86. The most heartbreaking thing of all is how we cheat ourselves of the present moment. - Author: Pema Chodron
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #116717
#87. If YOU want to cheat me, I am ready to get fooled. But don't think I am weak!!!. It's bcoz I like you. - Author: Nelson Jack
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #109955
#88. If it was true that all effort led to a vast abyss, she had two recommendations to begin with, first, not to cheat people, and, second, to treat them properly. Beyond that, there was room for discussion. - Author: Roberto Bolano
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#89. If you were married to Marilyn Monroe, you'd cheat with some ugly girl. - Author: George Burns
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #1816
#90. Dependability, integrity, the characteristic of never knowingly doing anything wrong, that you would never cheat anyone, that you would give everybody a fair deal. Character is a sort of an all-inclusive thing. If a man has character, everyone has confidence in him. - Author: Omar Nelson Bradley
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#91. Making love without noise is like playing a muted piano-fine for practice, but you cheat yourself out of hearing the glorious results. - Author: David Levithan
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#92. Honesty was a cheat invented first To bind the hands of bold deserving rogues, That fools and cowards might sit safe in power, And lord it uncontroll'd above their betters. - Author: Thomas Otway
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#93. When you can't cheat the game, you'd best find a means to cheat the players. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#94. I would never lay down a pre-programmed set and perform to a pre-mixed CD; I would never cheat my fans like that. - Author: Avicii
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#95. I try not to cheat on my boyfriends when I have them. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#96. Men want to think women don't cheat, and women want men to think they don't cheat, and therefore the sexes have been playing a little psychological game with each other. - Author: Helen Fisher
Don't Ever Cheat Quotes #86509
#97. Never lie; never cheat; never steal. Don't whine; don't complain; don't make excuses. - Author: John Wooden
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#98. People let little things cheat them out of big opportunities - Author: Jim Rohn
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#99. Some two thousand stone-throwing protesters gathered in the street outside the school. They chanted, "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you don't let us cheat." It sounds like a joke, but they were absolutely serious. - Author: Cathy O'Neil
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#100. Strange things conspire when one tries to cheat fate - Author: Rick Riordan
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