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#1. Rich in material, but Devoid of Knowledge is like having an antique Clock with no numbers. Appealing to the eye, but Useless in the modern world. - Author: Andrea L'Artiste
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#2. Being fearless doesn't mean living a life devoid of fear, but living a life in which our fears don't hold us back - Author: Arianna Huffington
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#3. If there's no magic of cinema, you only have the plain imagery of television. We are moving more and more towards a world devoid of meaningful experiences. We're going to the surface. - Author: Laszlo Nemes
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#4. The propositions of mathematics are devoid of all factual content; they convey no information whatever on any empirical subject matter. - Author: Carl Gustav Hempel
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#5. Whenever a nation or a group of people is devoid of light, catastrophe comes, calamity hits, there is danger everywhere. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#6. The delusion of entertainment is devoid of meaning. It may amuse us for a bit, but after the initial hit we are left with the dark feeling of desolation. - Author: Arthur Erickson
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#7. The civil rights movement was devoid of grace; it was using some unfortunate people as means to a communistic end. - Author: Samuel Bowers
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#8. The best thing is to possess pleasures without being their slave; not to be devoid of pleasures. - Author: Aristippus
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#9. The Americans will never solve the Indian problem till the Indian is extinct. They have treated them after a fashion which has intensified their treachery and 'devilry' as enemies, and as friends reduces them to a degraded pauperism, devoid of the very first elements of civilization. - Author: Isabella Bird
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#10. When people lack true culture or are devoid of innovative ideas, they speak about wine, various brands of alcoholic beverages, or the quality of soap. - Author: Dimitris Mita
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#11. This terrifying world is not devoid of charms, of the mornings that make waking up worthwhile. - Author: Wislawa Szymborska
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#12. I want to be able to look at and into a juniper tree, a piece of quartz, a vulture, a spider, and see it as it is in itself, devoid of all humanly ascribed qualities, anti-Kantian, even the categories of scientific description. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#13. The people have realized that Martial Law is not law. A regime not established by law is devoid of the attribute to dispense law. A regime which puts in a bunker the highest law in the land does not have the moral authority to say that nobody is above the law. - Author: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
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#14. Silent Summer - a never-ending heat wave, devoid of birdsong, insect hum, and all the weird and wonderful living noises that subconsciously keep us company. - Author: Mark Lynas
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#15. Nature is infinite innovation and beauty that never repeats itself. Only man-made artifacts are endlessly repetitious, which is a principal reason our lives are so boring, full of anxiety and devoid of meaning. - Author: Dee Hock
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#16. 'Floating Worlds,' published in 1975 and the lone science fiction novel by acclaimed historical novelist Cecelia Holland, was unique in being completely devoid of the usual pulp influences present in much space opera up to that time. - Author: Pamela Sargent
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#17. Those who have come into Formula One without experiencing cars devoid of electronic aids will find it tough. To control 800 horse power relying just on arm muscles and foot sensitivity can turn out to be a dangerous exercise. - Author: Michael Schumacher
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#18. Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can't really be held responsible for what they do. But we can."
--from The Dogs of Bedlam Farm - Author: Jon Katz
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#19. It has been observed
that one's nose is never so happy as when thrust into the affairs of
others from which some physiologists have drawn the inference that
the nose is devoid of the sense of smell. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#20. The worst criminals of our time are the US and UK governments. Both are devoid of all integrity, all honor, all mercy, all humanity. Many members of both governments would have made perfect functionaries in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
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#21. Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual perception are unable to recognize anything that cannot be seen externally. - Author: Paracelsus
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#22. Engaging in activities devoid of difficulty, lounging in risk-free zones, is life without great meaning. - Author: Jon M. Huntsman Sr.
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#23. [Lear] is the universal image of the unwisdom and destructiveness of paternal love at its most ineffectual, implacably persuaded of its own benignity, totally devoid of self-knowledge, and careening onward until it brings down the person it loves best, and its world as well. - Author: Harold Bloom
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#24. There must be some Tommy Hilfiger event horizon, beyond which it is impossible to be more derivative, more removed from the source, more devoid of soul. - Author: William Gibson
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#25. Religion is never devoid of emotion, any more than love is. It is not a defect of religion, but rather its glory, that it speaks always the language of feeling. - Author: D. Elton Trueblood
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#26. ...only the dreamers of a dream are capable of translating their dreams into worthy practical endeavors that are devoid of haunting errors. After all, they are the ones who carefully observed the link between their dreams and reality; they are the ones who worked consciously to blend them into one. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#27. How can life be worth living, if devoid Of the calm trust reposed by friend in friend? What sweeter joy than in the kindred soul, Whose converse differs not from self-communion? - Author: Quintus Ennius
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#28. The true asset before any human being on this planet are... Enthusiasm & Will... with these everything comes from nothingness & devoid of them everything perishes to nothingness... - Author: Dinesh Kumar
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#29. Whoever knows that the mind is a fiction and devoid of anything real knows that his own mind neither exists nor doesn't exist. - Author: Bodhidharma
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#30. Many of my colleagues operate from a mistaken notion that rational thought can come from only objective discourse, devoid of emotions. To me, speaking from the heart and with passion is not antagonistic to reason. - Author: David Sue
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#31. Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions, and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#32. Youth, though it may lack knowledge, is certainly not devoid of intelligence; it sees through shams with sharp and terrible eyes. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#33. To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part. - Author: Aldo Leopold
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#34. In meditation, it is difficult, if not impossible, for most people to become devoid of all mental thoughts, so what we want to do is fill the mind with those thoughts that induce positive feelings of peace, relaxation or happiness. - Author: Tim McCarthy
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#35. Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labor of love. - Author: Steve Pavlina
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#36. The typical lawmaker of today is a man wholly devoid of principle - a mere counter in a grotesque and knavish game. If the right pressure could be applied to him, he would be cheerfully in favor of polygamy, astrology or cannibalism. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#37. A science which is postulated on the assumption that human beings are avaricious through all eternity is utterly devoid of point (whether in problems of distribution or any other aspect) to a person who is not avaricious. - Author: Osamu Dazai
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#38. Thoughts race, as if, in a mind devoid of memory, each idea has too much space to grow and move, to collide with others in a shower of sparks before spinning off into its own distance. - Author: S.J. Watson
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#39. 28. Anger, lust, these enemies of mine, Are limbless and devoid of faculties. They have no bravery, no cleverness; How then have they reduced me to such slavery? - Author: Santideva
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#40. Vyacheslav and Marina chose a generic name designed to be devoid of meaning: BOHdVF260602. Although the name seems meaningless, BOHdVF260602 stands for "Biological Object Human descendant of the Voronins and Frolovas, born on June 26, 2002. - Author: Adam Alter
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#41. A sense of humor is a measurement of the extent to which we realize that we are trapped in a world almost totally devoid of reason. Laughter is how we express the anxiety we feel at this knowledge. - Author: Dave Barry
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#42. As we grow in disciplined, self-sacrificing love, so we will grow in intercessory prayer. Superficially fervent prayers devoid of such love are finally phony, hollow, shallow.5 - Author: Alexander Strauch
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#43. True happiness is devoid of any illusion. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#44. First of all you must understand that practising martial arts means studying a certain oriental philosophy of life, otherwise it's merely a vacuous sport devoid of any significance. - Author: William C. Brown
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#45. Sometimes a person who is utterly devoid of charm will try to create a good impression by using very elegant language; yet he only succeeds in being ridiculous. - Author: Sei Shonagon
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#46. A good part of any day in Los Angeles is spent driving, alone, through streets devoid of meaning to the driver, which is one reason the place exhilarates some people, and floods others with an amorphous unease. - Author: Joan Didion
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#47. Selfish, adj. Devoid of consideration for the selfishness of others. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#48. Now, a corpse, poor thing, is an untouchable and the process of decay is, of all pieces of bad manners, the vulgarest imaginable. For a corpse is, by definition, a person absolutely devoid of savoir vivre. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#49. A being who can create a race of men devoid of real freedom and inevitably foredoomed to be sinners, and then punish them for being what he has made them, may be omnipotent and various other things, but he is not what the English language has always intended by the adjective holy. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#50. Most of us live our lives devoid of cinematic moments. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#51. Self-pity is essentially humorless, devoid of that lightness of touch which gives understanding of life. - Author: Anthony Powell
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#52. A human soul devoid of longing was a soul deformed, deprived of its highest good, sick unto death. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#53. Direct experience is the evasion, or hiding place of those devoid of imagination. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#54. There is, of course, no complete solution. But we can do something. The chief means open to us is education There is no excuse for letting another generation be as vastly ignorant, or as devoid of understanding and sympathy, as we are ourselves. - Author: C.P. Snow
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#55. Those who are devoid of purpose will make the void their purpose. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#56. The concept of a 'just' or 'fair' price is devoid of any scientific meaning; it is a disguise for wishes, a striving for a state of affairs different from reality. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#57. We establish no religion in this country, nor will we ever. But we poison our society when we remove its theological underpinnings. We court corruption when we leave society devoid of belief. - Author: Jeff Miller
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#58. A nation devoid of art and artists cannot have a full existence. - Author: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
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#59. True devotion is motivated by love alone and devoid of selfish entanglements. - Author: Rick Hocker
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#60. How are we to avoid those in office becoming deeply corrupt when everything is devoid of meaning? - Author: Franz Kafka
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#61. Modernism has a reputation for being a forbidding phenomenon: its visual arts disconcertingly non-representational, its literary efforts devoid of the consolations of plot and character - even its films, it's argued, fall well short of that true desideratum: entertainment. - Author: Will Self
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#62. The sciences paint an impersonal and objective account of the world, deliberately devoid of "meaning", telling us about origins and mechanics of life, by revealing nothing of the joys and sorrows of living. - Author: John Barrow
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#63. Writing is nothing if not carrying the hopeless, backbreaking burden of decisions devoid of consequences. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#64. Prosthetics can fix physical disabilities. But no prosthetic can fix an amputated spirit. So, don't let the society devoid you from your own spirit. Be brave and upright, and delve into even the depth of doom to achieve your goal. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#65. An object imbued with intent - it has power, it's treasure, we're drawn to it. An object devoid of intent - it's random, it's imitative, it repels us. It's like a piece of junk mail to be thrown away. - Author: John Hockenberry
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#66. She felt like a baton getting passed along in a relay race, completely devoid of any control over her destiny. - Author: Gretchen McNeil
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#67. Silence is a great companion when words are devoid of meanings. - Author: Nema Al-Araby
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#68. Kenny just shook his head and pointed at the now closed envelope, his look devoid of emotion. "She's pretty." He had always been good at not saying what he thought. It was the reason why he stayed out of trouble - unlike Jett. "Yeah. - Author: J.C. Reed
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#69. Is it not reasonable to suspect that if existence were pointless and the universe devoid of meaning, we would never have achieved not only the ability to imagine otherwise, but even the ability to entertain this very thought - to wit, that existence is pointless and the universe devoid of meaning. - Author: Leszek Kolakowski
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#70. If anyone wishes to see how the soul dwells in its body, let him observe how this body uses its daily habitation; that is to say, if this is devoid of order and confused, the body will be kept in disorder and confusion by its soul ... - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#71. RIDICULE, n. Words designed to show that the person of whom they are uttered is devoid of the dignity of character distinguishing him who utters them. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#72. Whoever is devoid of the capacity of wonder, whoever remains unmoved, whoever cannot contemplate or know the deep shudder of the soul in enchantment, might just as well be dead for he has already closed his eyes upon life. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#73. It is that perfection of God by which he is devoid of all change, not only in His Being, but also in His perfections, and in His purposes and promises. - Author: Louis Berkhof
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#74. China once again disgusts the world, portraying the image of a cruel, perverted people devoid of any feelings towards animals. - Author: Brigitte Bardot
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#75. All of us are far richer than we imagine. None of us possesses a life devoid of magic. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#76. Our social and economic systems are so devoid of humanity and love. - Author: Russell Brand
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#77. What would it be like, a world without snow? I cannot imagine such a place. It would be like a world devoid of numbers. Every snowflake, unique as every number, tells us something about complexity. Perhaps that is why we will never tire of its wonder. - Author: Daniel Tammet
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#78. Her fingers were cool, and her palms were strangely devoid of any lines, as if her life was yet to be determined. - Author: Craig Johnson
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#79. Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception. Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude. Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road. - Author: John Henry Jowett
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#80. If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better. - Author: Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
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#81. Still, to slaughter fellow-citizens, to betray friends, to be devoid of honour, pity, and religion, cannot be counted as merits, for these are means which may lead to power, but which confer no glory. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#82. No more verbally incomprehensible no more devoid of the vision thing and no more the cautious pragmatist proudly displaying the virtues of tradition and the advantages of biological seniority. - Author: Bob Dole
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#83. Instead, thoughts race, as if, in a mind devoid of memory, each idea has too much space to grow and move, to collide with others in a shower of sparks before spinning off into its own distance. I - Author: S.J. Watson
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#84. I took it out with me into the garden, because the dullest book takes on a certain saving grace if read out of doors, just as bread and butter, devoid of charm in the drawing-room, is ambrosia eaten under a tree. - Author: Elizabeth Von Arnim
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#85. The sadistic narcissist perceives himself as Godlike, ruthless and devoid of scruples, capricious and unfathomable, emotion-less and non-sexual, omniscient, omnipotent and omni-present, a plague, a devastation, an inescapable verdict. - Author: Sam Vaknin
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#86. He was not interested in what they were doing, not any of it - it was both ugly and abstract, a continuous manipulation of people devoid of any of the tangible rewards that so much work had. That's politics.... - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#87. Submission and obedience to one man is the routine of the slave-minded, empty-headed, personality devoid bland people! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#88. Superstitions and belief in magic are perennial in just the same way as religion, and something near to being universal among mankind; and why this is so may be interesting, but in most cases the beliefs themselves are devoid of interesting content, at least to me. - Author: Bryan Magee
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#89. I am utterly bored by celebrity interviews. Most celebrities are devoid of interest. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#90. All I saw in his eyes during my last impromptu was visit was apathy. A healthy dose of it. It's not that he hates me; it's that he's devoid of any type of emotions toward me. - Author: James L. Rubart
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#91. She was like a musician who may be an odious vulgarian in ordinary life, devoid of tact and taste; but who will hear a false note in music with diabolical accuracy of judgment. - Author: Anonymous
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#92. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#93. That I am totally devoid of sympathy for, or interest in, the world of groups is directly attributable to the fact that my two greatest needs and desires - smoking cigarettes and plotting revenge - are basically solitary pursuits. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#94. Was there ever in anyone's life span a point free in time, devoid of memory, a night when choice was any more than the sum of all the choices gone before? - Author: Joan Didion
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#95. Macroeconomic policy can never be devoid of politics: it involves fundamental trade-offs and affects different groups differently. - Author: Joseph Stiglitz
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#96. People may claim to be "free," yet they cannot control themselves from gluttony in the presence of food or from illicit sexual relations when the opportunity presents itself. Such a notion of freedom is devoid of substance. - Author: Hamza Yusuf
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#97. When everything around me is crumbling to pieces, all I have to do is look at you and I can keep going, keep living. You're warm, Quinn. The warmest person I've ever known. I never realized just how devoid of warmth my life was until you came into it. - Author: Katie Jennings
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#98. A queen, devoid of beauty is not queen;
She needs the royalty of beauty's mien. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#99. It was extremely difficult to keep up any pace over the rocks since they were so unpredictable and devoid of reason. Their senselessness had never so much impressed me. - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#100. If one wanted to crush and destroy a man entirely, to mete out to him the most terrible punishment ... all one would have to do would be to make him do work that was completely and utterly devoid of usefulness and meaning. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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