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#1. But, honestly, I hope you'll tell me that I'm enough."
She smiles. "You're more than enough. You're my circuit breaker. - Author: Cassia Leo
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#2. I think everybody has a little rule follower and a little rule breaker in them. - Author: Victor Levin
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#3. A good rule breaker always things of things that could go wrong and addresses them beforehand. Be proactive."
"You need to use these powers for good and not evil," Lo says, shoving Grace in the shoulder. - Author: Jessica Love
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#4. Six months earlier, my ice breaker concerned a stripper who became a quadriplegic and eventually had her vagina eaten away by bedsores, not the easiest thing to wrangle into a conversation. But if I could pull that off, I figured that a burning mouse should pose no problem. - Author: David Sedaris
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#5. In a breaker's yard you discover anything can have a new life, be reborn as part of a car or railway carriage, or a shovel blade. You take that older life and you link it to a stranger. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#6. I was working with a great actress - a superior artist in every way - and she really liked Celine Dion. I tried very hard, but I couldn't understand it. I just can't listen to Celine Dion! So I guess music is a deal breaker. - Author: John Cusack
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#7. If you ask people in the mainstream what they want, they'll say faster and smaller and cheaper. But with that you don't get innovation. If you align yourself with the ball-breaker, high-testosterone crowd, that leads to innovation. - Author: Jean-Louis Gassee
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#8. She was Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Khaleesi and queen, Mother of Dragons, slayer of warlocks, breaker of chains, and there was no one in the world that she could trust. - Author: George R R Martin
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#9. Cling closer, closer, life to life, Cling closer, heart to heart; The time will come, my own wed Wife, When you and I must part! Let nothing break our band but Death, For in the world above 'Tis the breaker Death that soldereth Our ring of Wedded Love. - Author: Gerald Massey
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#10. Remember: A deal breaker is only a deal breaker if it is symptomatic of other destructive relationship dynamics. - Author: Bethany Marshall
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#11. Juilliard's mission statement is learn about the classics so you can use that as a springboard to anything that comes your way. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#12. Maybe he was the kind of man to leave the cap from the toothpaste. That was a deal breaker for all women. God forbid he had mommy issues. - Author: V. Theia
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#13. He would see that world reborn, even if it took his last breath. Even if he had no name now, no position or title save Oath-Breaker, Traitor, Liar. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#14. Entrepreneurs see the "no diving" sign and back-up to get a running start. - Author: Ryan Lilly
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#15. Or a stuffed animal. I would've cuddled with it at night." I sighed heavily. "Oh well. I guess that's never going to happen." Arabella giggled. Grandma pointed the breaker bar at her. "Quiet in the peanut gallery. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#16. Man at his best is a system-breaker, an iconoclast seeking not only variety, but destruction. - Author: John Carroll
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#17. FIRST DIP, THIRD NIP We went out on the lake and, after his first dip in the water, I noticed the mole on his chest had reacted to the cold. Triple nipple is a deal breaker. - Jillian - Author: Robert K. Elder
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#18. I grew up in Germany for a little while, and all my German friends said that Seattle, weather and energy-wise, is a lot like West Germany. It's true. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#19. I can't help but go against the grain, I suppose it is in my fabric to be a rule-breaker. - Author: Victoria Chang
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#20. What heavenly power lends an ear
To a breaker of oaths, a deceiver? - Author: Euripides
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#21. I started doing impressions of Steve Urkel and Ed Grimley as my way of getting through the fear of rejection. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#22. Every Mind Breaker I met was a true person inside and out. My name is Hayden Laevary, and these are their stories ... as well as mine. - Author: Megan Duke
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#23. Everything- everything was for Dorian, for his friend. For himself, he had nothing left to lose. He was nothing more than a nameless oath-breaker, a liar, a traitor. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#24. Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life' was on constant shuffle throughout my childhood. I remember my dad playing some stellar Max Roach albums as well. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#25. I wasn't a good rule-breaker when I was younger. - Author: John Gallagher Jr.
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#26. All kneel for Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Shackles, and Mother of Dragons, Missandei called. - Author: Anonymous
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#27. I like to take people you wouldn't really think people would write novels about: an aqueduct engineer, a code-breaker, a hedge-fund manager. It's in those sorts of lives that I find more fascination than in a CIA operative or a Marine or something like that. - Author: Robert Harris
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#28. I walked forward simply because there was no going back. - Author: Emma Raveling
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#29. I think that there are a lot of elements and events that will make you scared in life and make you not want to sort of show your true self. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#30. I changed the lyrics of 'All I Need Is the Girl' to 'All I Need Is the Job' for an audition years ago. It's a great ice-breaker - people want to laugh. - Author: Bryan Batt
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#31. Know the function of a fuse box and the appearance of a tripped circuit breaker. - Author: Marilyn Vos Savant
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#32. My brand is a demography-breaker. It speaks to all homemakers and women from all walks of life and all across society. - Author: Sandra Lee
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#33. I like to step outside of what people's idea of me might be. I suppose that makes me a bit of a rule-breaker. I like to take chances. - Author: Kim Cattrall
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#34. In general, I'm not much into etiquette and am a rule-breaker and rebel by nature. - Author: Chip Conley
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#35. I'd made the vampire cry. Great. I felt like a real superhero. Harry Dresden, breaker of monsters' hearts. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#36. I am the hit-maker, the record-breaker. I got style and grace, a pretty face. I'll make your back crack, your liver quiver. - Author: Dusty Rhodes
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#37. It's not a model if it's full-size. It's a ice-breaker! - Author: Michael Palin
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#38. Often misunderstood, Dionysus is far more than a wine deity. He is the Breaker of Chains, who rescues not only the flesh but the heart and spirit from too much of worldly regulations and duties. He is a god of joy and freedom. Any uncultivated, tangled, and primal woodland is very much his domain. - Author: Tanith Lee
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#39. Infidelity is a deal breaker for me. I've broken up with people over it. You can't do monogamy 90 percent of the time. - Author: Alanis Morissette
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#40. The Filipino mind is always imagining new and exciting ideas while his/her spirit gets the vision for the ultimate victory. It's not that what they wish for is so extraordinary, but that their faith adds to its realization. - Author: Tim Liwanag
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#41. He was held together by cotter pins, hose clamps, nuts, bolts, and magnets. Salo's tangerine-colored skin, which was so expressive when he was emotionally disturbed, could be put on or taken off like an Earthling wind-breaker. A magnetic zipper held it shut. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#42. Classical pianist Awadagin Pratt. I first heard this eccentric and introverted performer when I was living in the Midwest. He was playing Brahms ballades - haunting. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#43. Cuz if he was hot, you should've used it to your benefit. That could've become the best ice breaker in history. Like you two could fall madly in love and you get to tell everyone how you plowed him before he actually plowed you. - Author: J. Lynn
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#44. I think art is more glorious than life but not more real. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#45. And magic exists to break the rules. - Author: Jan Siegel
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#46. I know I'm with Olivia. I know that was a deal breaker for you. But goddamn it, I don't want to be with her. I only want you. It has only been you from the moment you walked into Barton's. - Author: A Meredith Walters
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#47. If Moses is our lawgiver [Old Testament prophet given laws by God] at this time let us obey him, not in part only, but wholly, and put every Sabbath breaker, blasphemer, and adulterer to death. - Author: Gerald Heaney
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#48. While she was no radical, no natural breaker of rules, no seeker of the bold statement, she was in her own serene way uncaring of convention and others' opinions. - Author: Tarun J. Tejpal
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#49. Having kids is the deal-breaker on shyness! Once you have a baby, you learn to speak up loud and clear to protect them, defend them, and encourage them. I have three sons, so I've experienced that in triplicate. - Author: Lori Foster
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#50. Shoot straight, you bastards! Don't make a mess of it! - Author: Breaker Morant
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#51. So the lion is the law-breaker. Just as to the primitive man the lion is the lawbreaker, the great nuisance, dangerous to human beings and to animals, that breaks into the Kraal at night and fetches the bull out of the herd: he is the destructive instinct. - Author: Carl Jung
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#52. Oh, how this world needs Filipino trailblazers! Yes, we can be that. - Author: Tim Liwanag
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#53. It wasn't right, but hearing his age didn't scare me. Not in the least. If the situation and timing were different, we could have given this thing between us a real go. Three years wouldn't be a deal breaker for many relationships. It wasn't the age that was stopping us - it was the occupation. - Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
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#54. Subconsciously the genius is feared as an image breaker; frequently he does not accept the opinions of the mass, or man's opinion of himself. - Author: Loren Eiseley
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#55. You're seventeen. You're supposed to be dealing with school and hormones and dim-witted parents. You're supposed to be finding out who you are as a person." "But I already know who I am," Valkyrie said. "I'm a world-breaker. - Author: Derek Landy
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#56. Behold the good and just! Whom do they hate most? The man who breaks their tables of values, the breaker, the lawbreaker:- yet he is the creator. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#57. I've been to the Titanic in a yellow submarine and the North Pole in a Russian nuclear ice breaker. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#58. Institutions are essential in order to preserve the achievement of the past, but the original creative impulse in every age comes from the amateur, the rebel, the breaker of idols. - Author: Robert Gordis
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#59. The devil shall have his bargain; for he was never yet a breaker of proverbs
he will give the devil his due. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#60. I'll be no longer guilty of this sin; this sanguine coward, this bed-presser, this horseback-breaker, this huge hill of flesh, - - Author: William Shakespeare
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#61. Kind of where you end up your ride on a horse is so important. It's a little bit like when you guys were younger & you were dating, that last two minutes of the date can be a real deal breaker. With these horses it's the same thing you know? You got to quit on a good note. - Author: Buck Brannaman
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#62. My two big date deal breakers are someone with no sense of humor and someone who chews badly. I will never be with someone who never laughs or someone who chews disgustingly, so if either of those things are detected on a date - it's a total deal breaker. - Author: Elizabeth Gillies
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#63. My kids can't watch ('Howard the Duck'). By the time I get in bed with the duck, they are, like, 'Turn it off, mom. You in bed with a duck is just pretty much a deal breaker.' - Author: Lea Thompson
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#64. Ever since that day you danced into my life, I've done nothing but breathed your air. I'd suffocate without you. Braxxon Breaker - Author: Crystal Spears
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#65. One day my best friend said to me 'Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots' and that was the deal breaker, now we're mortal enemies - Author: Zooey Deschanel
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#66. So, Bella, I was following your scent through the woods after I'd left your room where I was watching you sleep ... Yes that would be quite the ice breaker. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#67. In this way Hassan lived the happiest of lives until he was overtaken by death, breaker of ties and destroyer of delights. - Author: Ted Chiang
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#68. I fell in love with acting. I thought, 'This is what I want to do.' - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#69. There is no intolerance in the world so great as the intolerance of tolerance, and no bigotry so excessive as the bigotry of the image breaker. To praise the devil is second nature. To praise God is an education. - Author: Elisabeth Marbury
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#70. The fact that a player is very short of time is, to my mind, as little to be considered an excuse as, for instance, the statement of the law-breaker that he was drunk at the time he committed the crime. - Author: Alexander Alekhine
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#71. A single breaker may recede; but the tide is evidently coming in. - Author: Thomas Babington Macaulay
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#72. She was a rule breaker, never settling her fierce spirit for things built of structure. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#73. Singers aren't supposed to have dairy before a show, but we all know I'm a rule breaker. - Author: Justin Bieber
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#74. I'm a chess piece. A pawn,' she said. 'I can be sacrificed, but I cannot be captured. To be captured would be the end of the game. - Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
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#75. Adultery is the ultimate deal-breaker for me. I would rather be alone than in a relationship that doesn't honor me. - Author: Garcelle Beauvais
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#76. I break up very well. I am a good breaker-upper. - Author: Simon Cowell
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#77. It becomes not a law-maker to be a law-breaker. - Author: Bias Of Priene
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#78. The Christian is an idol breaker. - Author: Billy Graham
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#79. I don't think God cares if I wear nail polish or not. I don't think that's a deal breaker for him. - Author: Sofia Vergara
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#80. I may be a mistake maker, but I'm also a mistake breaker. - Author: Maxwell Maltz
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#81. Code breaker Mabel Elliott's favorite quote was: It isn't life that matters! It's the courage we bring to it. - Author: Hugh Walpole
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#82. We all flinched as Ray flipped the breaker back on, but my laboratory again failed to erupt in flames. It must be a mad scientist record. - Author: Richard Roberts
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#83. Because Filipinos are very creative and assiduous people, they will always find a way to make things happen. - Author: Tim Liwanag
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#84. That cotton trade was almost the deal breaker for me. It was at that point that I said, Mr. Stupid, why risk everything on one trade? Why not make your life a pursuit of happiness rather than pain? - Author: Paul Tudor Jones
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#85. Endings do not exist. There are only choices leading to other paths. - Author: Emma Raveling
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#86. Poison is a glyph for magical power itself: complex, concentrated, liberated in the hands of the elect, and disastrous in the hands of the fool. Its very nature is transmutative, changing all it touches, the maker and breaker of laws, policies, and epidemiological systems. - Author: Daniel A. Schulke
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#87. Alright, macho babe boy, I'm not some little ditz to bat my eyelashes at the buff stud in black leather. Don't try your he-man tactics with me. I'll have you know, in my office, I'm known as the ball-breaker. (Amanda) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#88. Oaths be of the heart, and he that breaketh them in open fact is oft, as now, no breaker in truth, for already were they scorned and trampled on by his opposites. - Author: E.R. Eddison
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#89. Actually I was more of a breaker than a thrower - most of them putters. I broke so many of those that I probably became the world's foremost authority on how to putt without a putter. - Author: Tommy Bolt
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#90. I'm the youngest of four, but my closest sibling is 10 years older. I had a lot of imagination. I was running around playing little games by myself. But I never thought I was going to be an actor. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#91. I think that what we were doing with the live musical version of 'Shrek' was taking the ideas and the structure of the movie and not necessarily reinventing it but reimagining it. It is a very different medium to perform. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#92. Our own sorrows seem heavy enough, even when lifted by certain long-term joys. But watching others hurt is the breaker of most any heart. - Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estes
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#93. As a kid, I would push my shoulders forward in order to hide my heart from being hurt. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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#94. He would have given anything for a tension-breaker-maybe, if he prayed hard enough, the school would catch on fire or something. - Author: Christian M. Frank
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#95. You know you are a sweet little heart breaker, foxy lady. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#96. Borg's won Wimbledon four straight times and out there he has just lost an 18-16 tie breaker. You'd think maybe once he'd let up and say forget it. But oh, no way. - Author: John McEnroe
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#97. We might live in a civilized world, but rules "We might live in a civilized world, but rules and laws didn't apply to me. I was a rule-breaker, curse-maker, life-stealer."and laws didn't apply to me. I was a rule-breaker, curse-maker, life-stealer. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#98. I won't as long as you drop the perfect gentleman crap. That's a deal breaker. My boobs won't tolerate it." "I love your boobs, they're so fun." His smile is panty wetting. "I'll pick them up at seven? - Author: Helena Hunting
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#99. If you could kill a man by frowning at his back, the Breaker of Swords would have fallen bloody through the Last Door that day, but a frown is no blade, and Thorn's hatred cut no one but her. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#100. I think that the major message in 'Shrek: The Musical' is be who you want to be. I think that it is about being your true self in this world. - Author: Daniel Breaker
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