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Top 100 Begin Life Sayings

#1. The day you let go of fear and instead embrace understanding, is the day you begin to live. - Author: Leon Brown
Begin Life Sayings #187
#2. And by the power of a word, I begin my life again. - Author: Paul Eluard
Begin Life Sayings #677
#3. This is not the proper place to begin speaking of this new passion of Ivan Fyodorovich's, which later affected his whole life: it could all serve as the plot for another story, for a different novel, which I do not even know that I shall ever undertake. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Begin Life Sayings #1178
#4. Science and fiction both begin with similar questions: What if? Why? How does it all work? But they focus on different areas of life on earth. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Begin Life Sayings #1985
#5. Begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life. - Author: Seneca The Younger
Begin Life Sayings #2941
#6. Begin to break limitation in your home, business, career and spiritual life, in Jesus' name! - Author: T. B. Joshua
Begin Life Sayings #6805
#7. Worshiping the Devil is no more insane than worshiping God ... It is precisely at the moment when positivism is at its high-water mark that mysticism stirs into life and the follies of occultism begin. - Author: Joris-Karl Huysmans
Begin Life Sayings #9434
#8. Miracles await you when you begin to serve people - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Begin Life Sayings #14746
#9. Sometimes I felt like I was waiting for my life to begin and more than anything, in that moment, I wanted to force some kind of beginning. I wanted things to be different than usual. I wanted to bend reality. - Author: Holly Black
Begin Life Sayings #14956
#10. You only begin to change your life when you begin to change the way you see. - Author: Ann Voskamp
Begin Life Sayings #15213
#11. The complications of life do not end at the altar; some might say that this is where they begin. - Author: Julian Barnes
Begin Life Sayings #16176
#12. When people treat you like nothing, you begin to feel like nothing. - Author: Drake
Begin Life Sayings #17002
#13. As if a man's soul were not too small to begin with, they have dwarfed an narrowed theirs by a life of all work and no play; until here they are at forty, with a listless attention, a mind vacant of all material of amusement, and not one thought to rub against another, while they wait for the train. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Begin Life Sayings #19962
#14. You only got one life. You can't sit around waiting for your next life to begin. - Author: Melanie Griffith
Begin Life Sayings #20808
#15. You remember, you are drawn back to the pathway to enlightenment, to meditation, and when you begin to meditate your past life knowledge returns to you. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Begin Life Sayings #28162
#16. Come with me, Douglass; I will defend you with my life. I want you for a special purpose. When I strike, the bees will begin to swarm, and I shall want you to help hive them. - Author: John Brown
Begin Life Sayings #28440
#17. Do you wish to take control of your life? Begin by focusing on steering the storm, rather than where the lightening strikes. - Author: Gary Hopkins
Begin Life Sayings #34666
#18. Begin to think every day, I can handle whatever life hands me. I can do whatever I need to do in life. I am more than a conqueror. I am equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me. - Author: Joyce Meyer
Begin Life Sayings #35128
#19. As you walk in God's divine wisdom, you will surely begin to see a greater measure of victory and good success in your life. - Author: Joseph Prince
Begin Life Sayings #35303
#20. We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams. - Author: Les Brown
Begin Life Sayings #37976
#21. The Spirit's work is not to make us holy, in order that we may be pardoned; but to show us the cross, where the pardon is to be found by the unholy; so that having found the pardon there, we may begin the life of holiness to which we are called. - Horatius Bonar - Author: Randy Alcorn
Begin Life Sayings #38212
#22. Sometimes, we get so used to pain we begin to enjoy it, then we do all we can to prolong it. - Author: Tayo Emmanuel
Begin Life Sayings #39213
#23. The longer a thing is to take doing, the more reason to begin at once - Author: Ethel Lilian Voynich
Begin Life Sayings #39258
#24. As we age we begin to grasp at youthful bliss like a life raft in a sea of harsh reality. - Author: Brad Herzog
Begin Life Sayings #40429
#25. Dead grass is awakened by fire,
dead earth is awakened by rain.
One life will give way to another,
the cycle will begin again. - Author: Susan Dennard
Begin Life Sayings #41161
#26. At times is it seems that I am living my life backward, and that at the approach of old age my real youth will begin. My soul was born covered with wrinkles. Wrinkles my ancestors and parents most assiduously put there and that I had the greatest trouble removing. - Author: Andre Gide
Begin Life Sayings #43021
#27. Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memory made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life. - Author: Scott Neustadter
Begin Life Sayings #43461
#28. In real life, the most important decision you ever make is, where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? If you make a mistake about that, you're dead. You know, you're out on the street corner. You think there's no bus coming. You step out, you're dead. - Author: Teller
Begin Life Sayings #44950
#29. If we put together all that we have learned from anthropology and ethnography about primitive men and primitive society, we perceive that the first task of life is to live. Men begin with acts, not with thoughts. - Author: William Graham Sumner
Begin Life Sayings #46286
#30. You don't live until you begin to live for keeping - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Begin Life Sayings #52398
#31. But to lose your life for another I've heard is a good place to begin
Cause the only way to find your life is to lay your own life down
And I believe it's an easy price for the life that we have found - Author: Andrew Peterson
Begin Life Sayings #55303
#32. To be a gourmet you must start early, as you must begin riding early to be a good horseman. You must live in France, your father must have been a gourmet. Nothing in life must interest you but your stomach. - Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Begin Life Sayings #57055
#33. The past will only catch you, if you ran from it to begin with. - Author: Nikki Rowe
Begin Life Sayings #58429
#34. There can be no purpose more enspiriting than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us. - Author: E. O. Wilson
Begin Life Sayings #59339
#35. This book is about fighting back. The dominant culture -civilization- is killing the planet, and it is long past time for those of us who care about life on earth to begin taking the actions necessary to stop this culture from destroying every living thing. - Author: Derrick Jensen
Begin Life Sayings #62261
#36. When you can begin to see the similarities between you and your work colleagues in respect of 'being human' and the collective challenges we all face, it makes life much easier to deal with, especially when met with overbearing behaviour. - Author: Christopher Dines
Begin Life Sayings #63556
#37. It seemed that a woman should remember the night a new life began inside her. Such a miracle should not be the result of routine or an ordinary coming together. Life should begin in a cataclysm of heat and fury bathed in the sweat of passion and urgency. - Author: Maggie Osborne
Begin Life Sayings #64355
#38. Begin to see that life is very, very complex. It is made up of thousands of dimensions of wonder. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Begin Life Sayings #64553
#39. There comes that phase in life when, tired of losing, you decide to stop losing, then continue losing. Then you decide to really stop losing, and continue losing. The losing goes on and on so long you begin to watch with curiosity, wondering how low you can go. - Author: George Saunders
Begin Life Sayings #65448
#40. Begin doing what you want to do now. - Author: Marie Beynon Lyons Ray
Begin Life Sayings #66275
#41. You can't even begin to understand biology, you can't understand life, unless you understand what it's all there for, how it arose - and that means evolution. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Begin Life Sayings #66337
#42. In planning anything, the best place to begin is at the end. What outcome do you want? How do you want the story to end? How do you want to be remembered when you are gone? - Author: Michael Hyatt
Begin Life Sayings #69972
#43. When a tire blows, you simply accept that this is the here and now reality of your life. You've lost the tire, but that doesn't mean that you have to lose your peace and serenity. Now, serenely, begin to take the necessary steps in order the change the tire. - Author: Ken Keyes Jr.
Begin Life Sayings #70632
#44. You have to begin to lose your memory, if only in bits and pieces, to realize that memory is what makes our lives. Life without memory is no life at all ... Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it we are nothing. - Author: Luis Bunuel
Begin Life Sayings #72683
#45. Not in the state of unconsciousness, but in full awareness when the higher Power will descend into and direct us, then only the yogic life will begin. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
Begin Life Sayings #73631
#46. God is calling you to change the world one life at a time and one small step at a time. Begin today where you are. - Author: Dillon Burroughs
Begin Life Sayings #74078
#47. When you begin to reason with the Lord, your attitude to the issues of life will change. - Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Begin Life Sayings #75253
#48. Those who take responsibility for their actions are the real winners in life. Winners meet life challenges and head on, knowing there are no gurantees, and give it all they've got, and never think it's too late, or too early to begin. - Author: Anonymous
Begin Life Sayings #81033
#49. The spiritual path is an inward journey. On the spiritual path, the external life remains the same, but you begin the inward journey towards the truth. - Author: Roshan Sharma
Begin Life Sayings #82847
#50. If you question any candid person who is no longer young, he is very likely to tell you that, having tasted life in this world, he has no wish to begin again as a "new boy" in another. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Begin Life Sayings #85570
#51. If you don't pursue what you think will be most meaningful, you will regret it. Life is long. There is always time for Plan B. But don't begin with it. - Author: Drew Gilpin Faust
Begin Life Sayings #86545
#52. My interest in photography did not begin with books or mentors, or with any burning desire to see the world through a camera. It evolved from an intense devotion to mountains and wilderness that eventually shaped all the parts of my life and brought them together. - Author: Galen Rowell
Begin Life Sayings #88633
#53. Nature does abhor a vacuum, and when you begin moving out of your life what you do not want, you automatically are making way for what you do want. By letting go of the lesser, you automatically make room for your greater good to come in. - Author: Catherine Ponder
Begin Life Sayings #91189
#54. A man does not really begin to be alive until he has lost himself, until he has released the anxious grasp which he normally holds upon his life, his property, his reputation and position. - Author: Alan W. Watts
Begin Life Sayings #91279
#55. It's not much. You begin by thinking there is something extraordinary about it. But you'll find out, when you've been out in the world a while longer, unhappiness is the commonest thing there is. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Begin Life Sayings #93762
#56. You have to have courage to begin anything. Without courage and enthusiasm, there is nothing. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Begin Life Sayings #94408
#57. Even though we don't realize it, every moment we begin our adventure in the unknown future of life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Begin Life Sayings #95469
#58. To be a miracle worker you do not have to get a doctoral degree, become a minister, eat a particular food, or be able to meditate for long hours. All you need to do is to begin to see beauty in your life and those around you. - Author: Alan Cohen
Begin Life Sayings #95767
#59. There are moments when clear images finally begin to emerge within the abstract painting of your life. - Author: Renee Carlino
Begin Life Sayings #96827
#60. Young women should begin to build bone mass early in their lives. The more mass there is, the less they will lose in later life. They should enjoy a diet of calcium-rich foods and avoid food and drink that causes bone loss. - Author: Ann Richards
Begin Life Sayings #97508
#61. Tears begin to well in my eyes. I have no idea how or if I even deserve him, but there's one thing I know for sure. As long as he's part of it, I'll never live a life of mediocrity. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Begin Life Sayings #98242
#62. Let us therefore give ourselves to God with a great desire to begin to live thus, and beg Him to destroy in us the life of the world of sin, and to establish His life within us. - Author: John Eudes
Begin Life Sayings #101115
#63. To change one's life: Begin now. Be bold. No exceptions. - Author: William James
Begin Life Sayings #101429
#64. All my life I thought that the story was over when the hero and heroine were safely engaged
after all, what's good enough for Jane Austen ought to be good enough for anyone. But it's a lie. The story is about to begin, and every day will be a new piece of the plot. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
Begin Life Sayings #106858
#65. Life is not too short ... we just wait too long to begin it. - Author: Joel Osteen
Begin Life Sayings #107483
#66. I just mean that everything eventually ends. The two suns are always rising somewhere. That's part of life. Something ends and then something else will begin. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Begin Life Sayings #109974
#67. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come to life. - Author: Brenda Ueland
Begin Life Sayings #110324
#68. Then, a life was ending. Here, one was about to begin. I didn't believe in signs. But it was hard to ignore the fact that someone, somewhere, might have wanted me to go through this again and see there was another outcome. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Begin Life Sayings #110423
#69. Mankind has two immense problems, they forget to use logic and begin at the root of each trouble. - Author: K.R. Royal
Begin Life Sayings #110872
#70. It's time to begin righting the story of your life. - Author: David Jeremiah
Begin Life Sayings #121928
#71. Mr. Denzi can teach us all something about accumulating wealth. Begin earning and investing early in your adult life. That will enable you to outpace the wealth accumulation levels of even the so-called gifted kids from your high school class. Remember, wealth is blind. - Author: Thomas J. Stanley
Begin Life Sayings #123053
#72. For example, if the big bang had been one-part-in-a billion more powerful, it would have rushed out too fast for the galaxies to form and for life to begin. - Author: Robert Lanza
Begin Life Sayings #128926
#73. All writers begin as readers, and the ones worth reading continue life as more prolific readers than writers. - Author: Thomas Swick
Begin Life Sayings #134383
#74. When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings ... As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects. - Author: Anais Nin
Begin Life Sayings #139931
#75. Instead of giving God His rightful place at the center of our lives, we have substituted the "god" of Self. Only Christ can change our hearts - and through us begin to change our world. - Author: Billy Graham
Begin Life Sayings #139933
#76. Don't let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was. - Author: Richard L. Evans
Begin Life Sayings #141111
#77. The more you work with your dreams and your unconscious, and honor it, the more you understand it and it understands you. When you develop a relationship with your psyche this way, you begin to carry that energy into life and your relationships. - Author: Marion Woodman
Begin Life Sayings #142475
#78. Time slowly begins to move. Even as we begin to awaken to mundane daily life ... I don't want us to forget ... the sadness of living on the backs of unseen sacrifices. - Author: Kaori Yuki
Begin Life Sayings #146488
#79. Living the abundant life is different than knowing about it. It's time to begin practicing the life we were made for. - Author: Mark Beeson
Begin Life Sayings #147933
#80. The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Begin Life Sayings #148416
#81. One doesn't begin to be a Christian because of an ethical decision or a great idea, but rather because of an encounter with an event, with a Person, who gives new horizons to life, and with that, a decisive orientation. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Begin Life Sayings #151891
#82. In creation myths, a god shapes mud or clay into living form, much like a potter throws a pot or a sculptor reveals the statue within a block of marble. But a writer has to create his own clay or stone before he can begin shaping life from it. - Author: Stuart Dybek
Begin Life Sayings #160019
#83. Babies welcomed at conception, prepared for during pregnancy, and gently birthed into loving hands begin life positively. They look out at the world with immense interest and curiosity, act as if they feel safe, and make a solid connection with their parents - Author: David Chamberlain
Begin Life Sayings #161017
#84. I accept the fact that there is always a way out in every situation we find ourselves but, until we begin to ponder, panacea will be very scarce - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Begin Life Sayings #161217
#85. The best way that we can begin to produce positive change is to make peace with what is in ourselves and others, and then work to move forward and make life even better. - Author: Marshall Goldsmith
Begin Life Sayings #161230
#86. You have to discriminate.If everything is beautiful,then we lose the meaning of the world to begin with.Beauty implies exceptionalism. - Author: K.J. Kilton
Begin Life Sayings #161366
#87. Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life. - Author: Tony Robbins
Begin Life Sayings #161376
#88. Life kicks you and you begin to die, it kicks you again and you don't care anymore, it kicks you one last time and it puts hate it in your heart, the treachery of it all. - Author: J.M. August
Begin Life Sayings #161789
#89. Women have a lot of power in private life. There are many men who would say, 'Hey, women already rule my life.' But with women, more is more. The more there are, the more the world gets used to seeing them. We change the culture. We begin to expand options and lead and manage. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
Begin Life Sayings #163509
#90. This flesh in which we live is nothing more than a cocoon, and only when we step out of it do we truly begin to live. - Author: Nancy Stephan
Begin Life Sayings #165145
#91. It was kind of soothing, these sounds of lives being lived all around me, for better or for worse. And there I was, in the middle of them all, newly reborn and still waiting for mine to begin. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Begin Life Sayings #165457
#92. As you begin to look deeply into the mystery of your own evolution, in place of good and evil you will find only stories, finished or unfinished. - Author: Eric Micha'el Leventhal
Begin Life Sayings #168061
#93. If you have felt hopeless, hold on! Wonderful changes are going to happen in your life as you begin to live it on purpose. - Author: Rick Warren
Begin Life Sayings #168342
#94. Begin where you are. Read every word, every phrase, every paragraph of the mind, as it operates through thought. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Begin Life Sayings #174142
#95. It is a sad thing to begin life with low conceptions of it. It may not be possible for a young man to measure life; but it is possible to say, I am resolved to put life to its noblest and best use. - Author: Thornton T. Munger
Begin Life Sayings #178212
#96. [God] can help you begin to rebuild your marriage and your life if you will let Him rule in your life. - Author: Billy Graham
Begin Life Sayings #178233
#97. Whereever you are in life, however old you are, begin thinking about every day as the first day of your life. - Author: Chris Guillebeau
Begin Life Sayings #181362
#98. You know, you think about who you might meet and when they might come. You always know that someday a door will open and in will come the one you've waited for. And then the waiting is done. And the rest of your life can begin. And the minute I looked up and saw you there, I thought, There he is. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Begin Life Sayings #185420
#99. Still - so many of the important times in life begin by seeming incidental. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Begin Life Sayings #185492
#100. Whatever you put your attention on in this life, will increase in your life. As you put your attention on angels, they will begin increasingly to make their presence known to you. - Author: Denise Linn
Begin Life Sayings #186044

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