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#1. The cross is like a walnut whose outer rind is bitter, but the inner kernel is pleasant and invigorating. So the cross does not offer any charm of outward appearance, but to the cross-bearer its true character is revealed, and he finds in it the choicest sweets of spiritual peace. - Author: Sadhu Sundar Singh
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#2. I will not fail,' the water bearer's daughter vowed. 'But worse than failing is not to try at all. For then there can be no hope of success. - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#3. I cannot find a faithful message-bearer," he wrote to his friend, the scholar Atticus. "How few are they who are able to carry a rather weighty letter without lightening it by reading. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#4. You have a choice. Take hold of your future or the past will take it for you. - Author: Pepper D. Basham
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#5. There are three people you need to be great in life ; the path maker , the burden bearer and the dream maker . - Author: Osunsakin Adewale
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#6. The countryside stretched green and alive from her perch on the hill....She breathed in the air of a free woman and marveled at how her clarity of spirit even seemed to affect her vision. Brighter colors. Fresher air. - Author: Pepper D. Basham
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#7. Paul Bearer is so fat, he has his own gravitational pull! - Author: Jerry Lawler
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#8. I can't be the Ring-bearer. Not without Mr. Frodo! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#9. Those who think themselves secure are more exposed to danger than any others. The armor-bearer of sin is self-confidence . - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#10. I am Queen of Joya d'Arena and bearer of a living Godstone. I kneel to no one. - Elisa - Author: Rae Carson
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#11. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if you have to use an alarm, you aren't getting enough sleep, either. - Author: Laura Markham
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#12. For a lot of young girls, the media frenzy and the social media challenges becomes so overwhelming that maybe they don't go to inner beauty or inner strengthIf you don't have a positive roll model in your life then it's about finding people around you that can be that message bearer. - Author: Julie Foudy
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#13. You shouldn't hate something you don't know, because it may turn out to be the bearer of your greatest good fortune. - Author: Izzeldin Abuelaish
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#14. Like many other outstanding examples of the genre, Ingres's portrait teaches us that appearance can be a bearer of authentic meaning. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#15. My dear Madame, I just noticed that I forgot my cane at your house yesterday; please be good enough to give it to the bearer of this letter. P.S. Kindly pardon me for disturbing you; I just found my cane. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#16. For Man was a culture-bearer as well as a soul-bearer, but his cultures were not immortal and they could die with a race or an age ... - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.
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#17. There are storm clouds before the storm, there are the living before the dead. I need a figurehead, a banner bearer who will announce my arrival to the world. - Author: Kevin Outlaw
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#18. As when the dove returning bore the mark Of earth restored to the long labouring ark; The relics of mankind, secure at rest, Oped every window to receive the guest, And the fair bearer of the message bless'd. - Author: John Dryden
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#19. Well, you know ... experience is a muffled lantern that throws light only on the bearer ... it's incommunicable ... - Author: Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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#20. The walking stick serves the purpose of an advertisement that the bearer's hands are employed otherwise than in useful effort, and it therefore has utility as an evidence of leisure. - Author: Thorstein Veblen
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#21. Feelings are but emotions to be experienced in order to enrich the spirit of the bearer - Han Storm - Author: H. Gibson
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#22. Through the life and death of Jesus Christ, history becomes not the transient bearer of eternal values but, for the first time, thoroughly temporal. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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#23. Cortana," he said. "Made by Wayland the Smith, the legendary forger of Excalibur and Durendal. Said to choose its bearer. When Ogier raised it to slay the son of Charlemagne on the field, an angel came and broke the sword and said to him, 'Mercy is better than Revenge. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#24. Spread peace and love. Be the bearer of the light of love. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#25. Faith does not come to Calvary to do anything. It comes to see the glorious spectacle of all things done, and to accept this completion without a misgiving as to its efficacy. It listens to the It is finished! of the Sin-bearer, and says, Amen. - Author: Horatius Bonar
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#26. It is the right of the grandfather to tell the grandson later what was said while in the womb. It is the right of the grandfather to give the name that will serve as a life program to its bearer. Grandfather - Author: Malidoma Patrice Some
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#27. No man loves the bearer of bad tidings. - Author: Sophocles
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#28. One need not be a saint, or even a mother, to become a bearer of God. One needs only to obey. The divine resides in all of us, but it is our choice to magnify it or diminish it, to ignore it or to surrender to its lead. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#29. I want to become the first European floor leader to succeed in the NBA. I want to be the standard-bearer and prove we can succeed here. - Author: Tony Parker
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#30. I love and reverence the Word, the bearer of the spirit, the tool and gleaming ploughshare of progress. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#31. When alternative music - which is supposed to be the standard-bearer of where white rock is headed - becomes either too cute or too manufactured, that's just really not good. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#32. A familiar name on its own, however, does not carry its bearer far unless the talent is there, and the will to work. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#33. Our study showed that the false memory and the genuine memory are based on very similar, almost identical, brain mechanisms. It is difficult for the false memory bearer to distinguish between them. - Author: Susumu Tonegawa
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#34. For me, there are no answers, only questions, and I am grateful that the questions go on and on. I don't look for an answer because I don't think there is one. I'm very glad to be the bearer of a question. - Author: P.L. Travers
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#35. Sorrow is a stone that crushes a single bearer to the ground, while two are able to carry it with ease. - Author: Philip James Bailey
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#36. Human was simultaneously the bearer of God's wise rule into the world, and also the creature who would bring the loyalty and praise of that creation for its Creator into love, speech, and conscious obedience. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#37. For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#38. It has been a long road. From a mountain coolie, a bearer of loads, to a wearer of a coat with rows of medals who is carried about in planes and worries about income tax. - Author: Tenzing Norgay
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#39. if he had used all his power to guard Mordor, so that none could enter, and bent all his guile to the hunting of the Ring, then indeed hope would have faded: neither Ring nor bearer could long have eluded him. But - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#40. Hey, great idea: if you have kids, give your partner reading vouchers next Christmas. Each voucher entitles the bearer to two hours' reading time *while the kids are awake*. It might look like a cheapskate present, but parents will appreciate that it costs more in real terms than a Lamborghini. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#41. To be elect in Christ Jesus, and there is no other election, means to be incorporated into his mission to the world, to be the bearer of God saving purpose for his whole world, to be the sign and the agent and the firstfruit of his blessed kingdom which is for all. - Author: Lesslie Newbigin
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#42. What a great opportunity to come to my fifth Olympics, be flag bearer and also be a returning medalist so I have a platform to talk about something and hopefully do some good in this world. - Author: Chris Witty
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#43. If you knew yourself for even one moment, if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face, maybe you wouldn't slumber so deeply in that house of clay. Why not move into your house of joy and shine into every crevice! For you are the secret Treasure-bearer, and always have been. Didn't you know? - Author: Rumi
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#44. We should recognize how in a culture where each person wants to be bearer of his or her own subjective truth, it becomes difficult for citizens to devise a common plan which transcends individual gain and personal ambitions. - Author: Pope Francis
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#45. I believe that people are holy because they're made in the image of God, and a place can be holy when God is present - but no place is so holy that it's worth shedding the blood of those who bear the image of God. - Author: Jared Brock
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#46. Well folks, what do you think? Here's our choices.. Should I give Paul Bearer back to Kane? Should I shove Paul Bearer down these steps? - Author: Edge
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#47. It is hereby certified that the bearer, Nikolai Ivanovich, spent the
said night at Satan's ball, having been summoned there in the capacity of a means of transportation ... make a parenthesis, Hella, in the parenthesis put "hog". Signed - Behemoth. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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#48. Paul Bearer has more chins than a Chinese phone book! - Author: Jerry Lawler
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#49. The Bearer of Light cannot be the Son of Man without knowing the tribulation and humility of mens' sufferings. - Author: Alejandro C. Estrada
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#50. Anger is a fire of resentment which will burn the bearer and not the receiver. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#51. Think of your adversary as a bearer of equilibrium; if we have need of friends to stimulate us, we equally need someone to show us our errors. - Author: Chico Xavier
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#52. Listen not to a tale-bearer or slanderer, for he tells thee nothing out of good-will; but as he discovereth of the secrets of others, so he will of thine in turn. - Author: Socrates
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#53. To bear ill-feelings torwards someone else is more damaging to the bearer than the recipient.

For your own sake forgive quickly and freely. - Author: Paul Wilson
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#54. Tattoos are a road map of the bearer's personal journey. - Author: Tami Hoag
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#55. It was Bill Clinton who once pithily captured the contrast between the two parties when it came to selecting a presidential standard-bearer: Democrats want to fall in love; Republicans just fall in line. - Author: Mark Halperin
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#56. The fact that a child that age was allowed to go out looking for the four-legged serial killer that the king has dispatched his personal gun-bearer to track down speaks of an older, hands-off parenting style. - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#57. I've become a lantern bearer, lighting the path this country will take. - Author: Nahoko Uehashi
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#58. A solitary image bearer cannot adequately or accurately reveal God in the world, much less fulfill his destiny as a human being. Obviously, this is a matter of grave importance to the Creator. - Author: Carolyn Custis James
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#59. Stephen King, by far, is the standard-bearer. I think anyone who writes suspense fiction and says that King isn't an influence is either lying or being foolish. I read his book 'On Writing' before I read pretty much any of his fiction. - Author: Michael Koryta
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#60. My desire is for the young people of the entire world to come closer to Mary. She is the bearer of an indelible youthfulness and beauty that never wanes. May young people have increasing confidence in her and may they entrust their lives to her. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#61. That's the Teacher Gene at work, giving its bearer an extra sense. It's a little frightening. Maybe that's how people decide to become teachers. They have that extra sense, and once they have it, and know that they have it, they don't have any choice except to become a teacher. - Author: Gary D. Schmidt
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#62. Let the wise guard their thoughts, which are difficult to perceive, extremely subtle, and wander at will. Thought which is well guarded is the bearer of happiness. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#63. Certainly, the church is not primarily a moral institution, but the bearer of a hope. - Author: Johann Baptist Metz
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#64. I regret having been the bearer of ambiguous tidings. - Author: David Brin
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#65. Each time you allow the past to hold your future, [he] steals more and more from you. - Author: Pepper D. Basham
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#66. The wearer of smiles and the bearer of a kindly disposition needs no introduction, but is welcome anywhere. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#67. EVANGELIST, n. A bearer of good tidings, particularly (in a religious sense) such as assure us of our own salvation and the damnation of our neighbors. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#68. That beautiful girl, she was a universe, bearer of these words that rang like gongs, that tumbled like flutes made of human bones. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#69. Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, if your standard-bearer for the presidency is not doing well, it's gonna reflect on the down-ballot. - Author: Tommy Thompson
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#70. A bearer of news of death appears to himself as very important. His feeling - even against all reason - makes him a messenger from the realm of the dead. - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#71. May the light of the Guardian dwell in you always, and may you be a source of light in those places where shadows gather. (Mariah Templeton, Earth's Watcher to Ben) - Author: Dianne Astle
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#72. Why is it so exhausting to uphold someone's heavy, inconvenient burden? Why are we spent from shouldering someone's grief or being an armor bearer? Why is it that lifting someone out of his or her rubble leaves us breathless? Because we are the body of Christ, broken and poured out, just as He was. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
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#73. Hi, this is Ganymede, cup-bearer to Zeus, and when I'm out buying wine for the Lord of the Skies, I always buckle up! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#74. Burdens willingly taken on, he decided, come to define the bearer. 'So - Author: Ian C. Esslemont
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#75. A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope. - Author: Howard Thurman
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#76. You are powerful. Sorry. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. You are. You can continue arm wrestling with yourself, or you can use both arms, your whole heart, and all your strength to wrestle with greatness. The choice is yours. - Author: Peter McWilliams
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#77. We don't see ourselves as just a place where we come to worship but as a beacon and a bearer of the culture and a bearer of what makes us a people. But I like to say that this is not necessarily unique to us. It is really what America is all about. - Author: Clementa C. Pinckney
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#78. A priest is the God-bearer or Christ-bearer, a living Eucharist of the divine presence, bringing a sympathetic ear and a compassionate heart in which people find God's consolation, understanding and love. - Author: Arthur Middleton
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#79. An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#80. The origin of corruption in politics is surely in the thought that you are the bearer of ultimate virtue. - Author: B.W. Powe
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#81. Oh Cup-bearer, set my glass afire with the light of wine! - Author: Hafez
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#82. Roan, near the standard-bearer. And that's his brother beside - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#83. If India won her freedom through truth and non-violence, India would not only point the way to all the exploited Asiatic nations, she would become a torch-bearer for the Negro races. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#84. We cannot achieve victory by arms, but by arms we can give the Ring-bearer his only chance, frail though it be. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#85. The realm of Suaron is ended!' said Gandalf. 'The Ring-bearer has fulfilled his Quest - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#86. True fragrance speaks for itself. It does not require to be pointed out by the bearer. - Author: Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
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#87. And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon, the 'Lord of Phosphorus,' and Lucifer, or 'Light-Bearer,' is in us: it is our Mind - Author: H. P. Blavatsky
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#88. Paul Bearer was very influential in the early stages of my career. He constantly hounded me and I just think he realized the potential that was there. He convinced me that I was in the right place and doing the right thing. - Author: John Cena
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#89. The primary challenge for any aspiring public office bearer is to have a well-defined cause and diligently represent that cause until a significant impact is witnessed. Adhering to value-based leadership principles must be at the top of the priority list for public office aspirants. - Author: Archibald Marwizi
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#90. Anger punishes the bearer's heart. Who remains angry suffers most. For many, the search for perfection virtually guarantees it will be found, and disregarded in order to continue the search. Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps. - Author: Emo Philips
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#91. Haydon was more than his model, he was his inspiration, the torch-bearer of a certain kind of English calling which - for the very reason that it was vague and understated and elusive - had made sense of Guillam's life till now. - Author: John Le Carre
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#92. I hereby certify that the bearer of this note, Nikolai Ivanovich, spent the night in question at Satan's ball, having been lured there in a transportational capacity ... Hella, put in parentheses! And write 'hog.' Signed- Behemoth. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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