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#1. In the United States 'First' and 'Second' class can't be painted on railroad cars, for all passengers, being Americans, are equal and it would be 'unAmerican.' But paint 'Pullman' on a car and everyone is satisfied. - Author: Owen Wister
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#2. I'm saying the American way is to overcome, to conquer, to come out on top. And we do it by spending and eating and screwing our women harder than anyone else. That's all I'm saying. - Author: Neil LaBute
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#3. If you were the President of the United States or the Queen of England - you couldn't have a person who would be more protective than my mother was for me. Which meant really that I could dare to do all sorts of things. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#4. The ongoing changes in the distribution of global power and mounting global strife make it all the more imperative that America not retreat into an ignorant garrison-state mentality or wallow in self-righteous cultural hedonism - Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
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#5. People in the United States still have a 'Tarzan' movie view of Africa. That's because in the movies all you see are jungles and animals ... We [too] watch television and listen to the radio and go to dances and fall in love. - Author: Miriam Makeba
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#6. I'm getting a daily email from Microsoft which I have been ignoring that states a hacker is trying to access my account. As far as the Microsoft account goes, the hacker can have it ... along with all of the nasty Windows 10 upgrade problems! - Author: Steven Magee
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#7. Whatever there is of greatness in the United States, or indeed in any other country, is due to labor. The laborer is the author of all greatness and wealth. Without labor there would be no government, no leading class, and nothing to preserve. - Author: Ulysses S. Grant
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#8. Your city is remarkable not only for its beauty. It is also, of all the cities in the United States, the one whose name, the world over, conjures up the most visions and more than any other, incites one to dream. - Author: Georges Pompidou
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#9. I am what you might call abstractly anti-capitalist. For instance, I am suspicious of the old leftists who focus all their hatred on the United States. What about Chinese neo-colonialism? Why are the left silent about that? When I say this, it annoys them, of course. Good! - Author: Slavoj Zizek
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#10. I therefore consider that in view of the Constitution and the laws, the Union is unbroken; and to the extent of my ability I shall take care, as the Constitution itself expressly enjoins upon me, that the laws of the Union be faithfully executed in all the States. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#11. The unemployment rate among the young in the United States is still very disconcerting, although we all know it's nowhere near as bad as it is in some of the European countries, where in some places it approaches 50 percent. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#12. Me being biracial, me being from Canada but having success in the States, I have all these moments in my life where I'm jumping roof to roof. Black to white. Singing and rapping. - Author: Drake
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#13. I very often compare relations between states to relations with people. Sometimes we are nicer to those we don't know well, who are not our friends, than we are to our friends, because with our friends we don't need to be nice all the time. - Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
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#14. I don't think it is so difficult to solve the problems between Cuba and the United States; it all depends on whether there is a dialogue, a discussion, or if the prejudices and hatred of people like the extremists and terrorists from the Cuban community, who try to impose their policies, prevail. - Author: Fidel Castro
All The States Sayings #180626
#15. When I looked at a map in town, Rhode Island seemed lost up there in the corner. A state so small and crowded, there didn't seem to be room for a person at all. - Author: Michelle Hoover
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#16. The United States government has the obligation to educate all young people in this country. - Author: Al Sharpton
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#17. The most powerful argument of all for saving open space is economics; in most states, tourism is the number two industry. - Author: Jim Fowler
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#18. In terms of the actual curriculum for management education, my own view is very simple-minded: The world is incredibly complex, it changes all the time, and we should not even hope that we could create a general model that accurately describes the world in all its possible states. - Author: Dan Ariely
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#19. Here's the bigger problem with all this, we're not interrogating anybody right now. Guantanamo's being emptied by this president. We should be putting people into Guantanamo, not emptying it out, and we shouldn't be releasing these killers who are rejoining the battlefield against the United States. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#20. President Obama has pledged $3 billion to aid poor nations. All of that $3 billion is going to the United States. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#21. In places like Germany or France the idea of black-white is not so much black-white but "our people and them," and "them" can be people from the near east like Turks or Muslims or North Africans, all of whom might well be considered white in the United States. - Author: Nell Irvin Painter
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#22. If I can get on the presidential ballot in all 50 states and be allowed into the debates, I'd not only run, I'd win. - Author: Jesse Ventura
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#23. The good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all considered, one would not normally choose to go. But we go where the business is. - Author: Dick Cheney
All The States Sayings #140659
#24. I think he Oswald felt he was a failure and for the United States and for President Kennedy and all of us. He knew he was a failure at everything he tried, frustrated, with a very sad life, but he was a Marxist. - Author: John Sherman Cooper
All The States Sayings #139517
#25. We have reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum in reaching a goal all Americans should embrace - building a secure, peaceful, democratic Iraq that is no longer a threat to the United States or the international community. - Author: Joe Lieberman
All The States Sayings #134811
#26. States have the responsibility to create rules and conditions for growth and development, and to channel the benefits to all citizens by providing education and making people able to participate in the economies, and in decision-making. - Author: Anna Lindh
All The States Sayings #192020
#27. I've seen every highway in the United States, and they all look alike to me. - Author: Loretta Lynn
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#28. I, George Bush, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the decade beginning January 1, 1990, as the Decade of the Brain. I call upon all public officials and the people of the United States to observe that decade with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#29. The United States, for all its faults, is till the greatest nation in the country. - Author: Spiro T. Agnew
All The States Sayings #220929
#30. Tyranny flourishes in those societies that reject the Reformed Faith. Tyranny is squelched and liberty flourishes in those societies that embrace the Reformed Faith in all its fullness. - Author: Joseph C. Morecraft III
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#31. They criticize me for harping on the obvious; if all the folks in the United States would do the few simple things they know they ought to do, most of our big problems would take care of themselves. - Author: Calvin Coolidge
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#32. Different portions of the brain all look for information (sexual, intuitive, practical), through modes so torturous, a first date can feel like a cross between having a pelvic examination while applying for a small business loan. First dates should require anesthesia, and in some states they do. - Author: Marilyn Suzanne Miller
All The States Sayings #204372
#33. It is time for the rest of the world to join ... in demanding that ALL the nuclear weapons states -including Israel, India and Pakistan, but above all the US and Russia - negotiate concrete steps on a definite time-table toward the global, inspected abolition of nuclear weapons. - Author: Daniel Ellsberg
All The States Sayings #203923
#34. The United States, after all, was founded by men of liberal sentiment who were seeking to promote the greatest good for the greatest number, by creating a constitutional order for the creation and expansion of liberty. - Author: Douglas Massey
All The States Sayings #202861
#35. It is great fun dying in the United States of America. It is great fun first of all for the undertakers who make a wonderful living out of it but also for the deceased who suddenly becomes the centre of attention and fuss. - Author: George Mikes
All The States Sayings #199604
#36. The scientist states that pressure is exerted outwards in all directions equally, whereas natural pressure (e.g. air pressure) is exerted inwards from all directions equally. - Author: Viktor Schauberger
All The States Sayings #196308
#37. Some people have a fear of rejecting all the security that comes with family, church and state. They become fundamentalists. - Author: Harold Ramis
All The States Sayings #195055
#38. Beneficiaries of the welfare states whose institutions they call into question, they are all Thatcher's children: politicians who have overseen a retreat from the ambitions of their predecessors. - Author: Tony Judt
All The States Sayings #193146
#39. You know, God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States, a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject. - Author: Nancy Pelosi
All The States Sayings #134603
#40. It's the [George Bush] president's fiscal policies that have driven up the biggest deficits in American history. He's added more debt to the debt of the United States in four years than all the way from George Washington to Ronald Reagan put together. - Author: John F. Kerry
All The States Sayings #191868
#41. Violence is a problem we all want to solve. I want to make sure that kids learn to deal with anger by learning how to talk with people to solve problems. Here in the United States Senate I want to make sure we have safe schools, safe neighborhoods and good things for kids to do after school! - Author: Patty Murray
All The States Sayings #191609
#42. I went on all over the States, ranting poems to enthusiastic audiences that, the week before, had been equally enthusiastic about lectures on Railway Development or the Modern Turkish Essay. - Author: Dylan Thomas
All The States Sayings #190581
#43. In Los Angeles on Black Friday, a woman pepper sprayed Wal-Mart shoppers who tried to cut in line. The police acted fast by immediately hiring her to get rid of peaceful protesters outside banking institutions all across the United States. - Author: Craig Ferguson
All The States Sayings #186881
#44. All nonstate threats to life, liberty, and property appear to be relatively petty and therefore can be dealt with. Only states can pose truly massive threats, and sooner or later the horrors with which they menace mankind invariably come to pass. - Author: Robert Higgs
All The States Sayings #184929
#45. There's no right or wrong way to seek truth, and as the old axiom states, all paths lead to the same place. - Author: Skye Alexander
All The States Sayings #184234
#46. Romance novels constitute 46 percent of all mass market paperbacks sold in the United States, and according to Harlequin, over half its customers buy an average of 30 novels a month - Author: Eva Illouz
All The States Sayings #183830
#47. The chief lesson to be learnt from it is the futility of all argumentation that precedes understanding. We cannot profitably attack any opinion until we have discovered what it expresses as well as what it states. - Author: Ivor A. Richards
All The States Sayings #183538
#48. All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian. - Author: Pat Paulsen
All The States Sayings #183186
#49. Proponents of privatization argued that cities and states needed private capital to fund all the upgrades that our decaying infrastructure so desperately needed. - Author: Bethany McLean
All The States Sayings #182413
#50. We have a substantial number of countries that have pledged and provided all kinds of support for the United States in the event that war becomes necessary in Iraq. - Author: Douglas Feith
All The States Sayings #181550
#51. I believe all life has value, from conception to natural death. And I believe the intentional taking of human life, except to save lives, should be a capital offense, as it is in most states in America today. - Author: Tom Coburn
All The States Sayings #26655
#52. Ron Paul's crazy talk about the Federal Reserve makes more sense these days. Right now, every - all this debt issued by the United States people assume the Chinese are buying, no they don't want any more American debt. Ron Paul has a point there. - Author: Mark Steyn
All The States Sayings #52074
#53. It ought to be remembered by all [that] the Games more than 2,000 years ago started as a means of bringing peace between the Greek city-states. And in those days, even if a war was going on, they called off the war in order to hold the Games. I wish we were still as civilized. - Author: Ronald Reagan
All The States Sayings #51701
#54. What I haven't apologised for is the original concept of seeking to bring justice to all South Africans through the concept of nation states. - Author: F. W. De Klerk
All The States Sayings #50782
#55. Let me remind you all that the first task of American foreign policy is to reduce threats to the United States. - Author: Michael Mandelbaum
All The States Sayings #42948
#56. Everything around a writer, or musician in the record business, probably everything in all the United States or in all of western civilization, is about competition. - Author: T Bone Burnett
All The States Sayings #42130
#57. How many pizzas are consumed each year in the United States? How many words have you spoken in your life? How many different peoples names appear in the New York Times each year? How many watermelons would fit inside the U.S. Capital building? What is the volume of all the human blood in the world? - Author: John Allen Paulos
All The States Sayings #41312
#58. I think at a certain level compared - as was pointed out earlier, compared to what is happening in Europe, the United States still gets the safe-haven money. But underlying that, the United States is not the safe haven but perhaps the most dangerous place of all. - Author: Mark Steyn
All The States Sayings #33820
#59. I have always been obsessed with America, the geography, the history, and, of course, the music. I've been lucky enough to have travelled through the country a lot, and, in a kind of anorak way, I've noted which states I've visited and which ones I've been to most often and all that sort of detail. - Author: Tim Rice
All The States Sayings #32574
#60. Marriage is the real vocation crisis in the United States ... We have a vocation crisis to life-long, life-giving, loving, faithful marriage. If we take care of that one, we'll have all the priests and nuns we'll need for the Church. - Author: Timothy M. Dolan
All The States Sayings #30847
#61. All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: The United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you. - Author: George W. Bush
All The States Sayings #29926
#62. We in the United States should be all the more thankful for the freedom and religious tolerance we enjoy. And we should always remember the lessons learned from the Holocaust, in hopes we stay vigilant against such inhumanity now and in the future. - Author: Charlie Dent
All The States Sayings #27791
#63. I've played a bunch of different versions of Walter [from Fringe].I loved it when he was being random, which was probably the original version of him, more than anyone else. I loved doing Walter then, and all of the different mental states that we've played. - Author: John Noble
All The States Sayings #26873
#64. The fundamental Law of The Universe states that all human beings are fundamentally the same and therefore have an equal right to live in equality. - Author: Anthony Pan
All The States Sayings #55077
#65. When people fight about something, the subject of the argument is rarely the real issue. The real issue is about vulnerability, connectedness, safety, trust or love - which are all emotional states. - Author: Shawn Kent Hayashi
All The States Sayings #26092
#66. I recognize very much in Hopper that it does look like the United States; it looks like the 30's and my first impressions of everything, all of which I have to deal with and which gets mixed up in my work and probably gets mixed up in everybody else's work too. - Author: Donald Judd
All The States Sayings #24123
#67. I hope that all critical Muslims read the ruling in full, because it states very clearly what freedom of expression in Denmark is about. - Author: Carsten Juste
All The States Sayings #23556
#68. Progressives wrote the Common Core standards, used money from the 2009 stimulus bill to bribe states into adopting them, and are now "vetting" the tests that will eventually shape the curriculum used by school districts all across the United States. - Author: Glenn Beck
All The States Sayings #23181
#69. When I speak of Team India I believe that the foundation for India's development will not be the single pillar of the Central Government, but 30 pillars comprising the Central Government and all our States. - Author: Narendra Modi
All The States Sayings #22867
#70. Of the judicial department of the Government, the Supreme Court is the head and representative, and to it must come for final decision all the great legal questions which may arise under the Constitution, the laws, or the treaties of the United States. - Author: Samuel Freeman Miller
All The States Sayings #22786
#71. The United States was born in revolution and nurtured by struggle. Throughout our history, the American people have befriended and supported all those who seek independence and a better way of life. - Author: Robert Kennedy
All The States Sayings #19342
#72. I say, then, that hereditary States, accustomed to the family of their Prince, are maintained with far less difficulty than new States, since all that is required is that the Prince shall not depart from the usages of his ancestors, trusting for the rest to deal with events as they arise. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
All The States Sayings #15371
#73. The Mississippi River carries the mud of thirty states and two provinces 2,000 miles south to the delta and deposits 500 million tons of it there every year. The business of the Mississippi, which it will accomplish in time, is methodically to transport all of Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. - Author: Charles Kuralt
All The States Sayings #13275
#74. He was arguably the best-qualified FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover; he thought Clinton was the most talented politician since Richard Nixon. That made their mutual contempt all the more tragic. It undermined the FBI and ultimately damaged the United States. - Author: Tim Weiner
All The States Sayings #12165
#75. From 1783 at the end of the American Revolution to 1861, the number of slaves in the United States increased five times over, and all this expansion produced a powerful nation. - Author: Edward E. Baptist
All The States Sayings #5901
#76. Saddam Hussein played a terrible game of trying to deceive the world that he had weapons of mass destruction. Everyone bought it. The United States called him on his braggadocio, and we are all paying for the results - especially the American taxpayer. - Author: John Shimkus
All The States Sayings #90708
#77. In this relation, then, the proposed government cannot be deemed a national one; since its jurisdiction extends to certain enumerated objects only, and leaves to the several states, a residuary and inviolable sovereignty over all other objects. - Author: James Madison
All The States Sayings #133222
#78. If the union of these States, and the liberties of this people, shall be lost, it is but little to any one man of fifty-two yearsof age, but a great deal to the thirty millions of people who inhabit these United States, and to their posterity in all coming time. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
All The States Sayings #124012
#79. I wonder how the foreign policies of the United States would look if we wiped out the national boundaries of the world, at least in our minds, and thought of all children everywhere as our own. - Author: Howard Zinn
All The States Sayings #123857
#80. If novels and stories are bulletins from the progressive states of ignorance a writer passes through over the years, observations and opinions about horses are all the more so, since horses are more mysterious than life and harder to understand. - Author: Jane Smiley
All The States Sayings #116828
#81. I know I'm representing the Library of Congress, all the people of the United States and, of course, the Latinos and Latinas as well. - Author: Juan Felipe Herrera
All The States Sayings #114408
#82. We offer peace and neighborliness to all the neighboring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Hebrew nation for the common good of all. - Author: David Ben-Gurion
All The States Sayings #111744
#83. I make personal appearances around the country. I'm starting a book tour now, and I may be coming to Toronto with the Learning Annex, which I'm doing all through the United States, so that may come up just before Christmas. - Author: Burt Ward
All The States Sayings #111446
#84. I always felt myself to be an unlucky person like Donald, who is a victim of so many circumstances. But there isn't a person in the United States who couldn't identify with him. He is everything, he is everybody; he makes the same mistakes that we all make. - Author: Carl Barks
All The States Sayings #109987
#85. It is important that the United States move with all deliberate speed to develop and get into usage alternative fuels that will allow us to end our dependence on foreign oil. - Author: Virgil Goode
All The States Sayings #102765
#86. In all candor, the Court fails to perceive any reason for suspending the power of courts to get evidence and rule on questions of privilege in criminal matters simply because it is the president of the United States who holds the evidence. - Author: John J. Sirica
All The States Sayings #102672
#87. I believe the United States should allow all foreigners in this country, provided they can speak our native language ... Apache. - Author: Steve Martin
All The States Sayings #95944
#88. The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it. - Author: John Locke
All The States Sayings #91931
#89. A coalition of groups is waging a massive propaganda campaign against the president of the United States. an all-out attack. Their aim is total victory for themselves and total defeat for him. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
All The States Sayings #4019
#90. All the Baltic countries have been steadfast in support of allies of the United States since they gained their independence following the fall of the Soviet Union and have continued to be supportive in the ongoing war on terror. - Author: John Shimkus
All The States Sayings #89521
#91. It's part of me to get off on those moments where ... well, what people would call attention. Obviously, that isn't the be-all and end-all of life, but at the states of creativity that I've reached, well, it helps the lyrics along a little bit. - Author: Robert Plant
All The States Sayings #89468
#92. [T]he States can best govern our home concerns and the general government our foreign ones. I wish, therefore ... never to see all offices transferred to Washington, where, further withdrawn from the eyes of the people, they may more secretly be bought and sold at market. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
All The States Sayings #87530
#93. The president is under 50 percent approval ratings in all the battleground states. So, you could say that President Obama is defying gravity by still being in a dead heat with Mitt Romney. And one of the reasons that he is, is because the changing face of the electorate are giving him a small boost. - Author: Mara Liasson
All The States Sayings #87138
#94. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form states the Heart Sutra, one of the best known ancient Buddhist texts. The essence of all things is emptiness. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
All The States Sayings #85436
#95. But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. - Author: Rick Perry
All The States Sayings #82819
#96. Americans believe with all their heart, the vast majority of them, and the vast majority of Floridians, that the United States of America is simply the single greatest nation in all of human history. - Author: Marco Rubio
All The States Sayings #72281
#97. Activists from the Middle East to Asia to the former Soviet states have all been telling me that they suffer from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
All The States Sayings #71742
#98. I've been to all 50 states, and traveled this whole country, and 90 percent of the people are good folks. The rest of them take after the other side of the family. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
All The States Sayings #65073
#99. I think we can all agree that the official language of the United States should be Latin. - Author: Michel Templet
All The States Sayings #62623
#100. But we all live somewhere and must swim in the water around us. I can't help but deal with the realities of life as I experience them in the United States. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
All The States Sayings #59879

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