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#1. The British 'A Night to Remember' is so beautifully done and so well-constructed.

Robert Osborne

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#2. Fucking black was fucking exotic. And America loves to fuck exotic. Put black vengeance and white guilt together in the same bed and you had a night to remember!

Dany Laferriere

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#3. He'd forget all that, just as he would forget this night.
The memories would linger for a time, but they'd grow dull. The ache he felt now, the frustation and anger and sorrow - all those would fade too.
She'd given him a night to remember, but of course he'd forget.

Loretta Chase

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#4. A night that began with mind-reading a grateful crustacean and ended with drunken elves would be a night to remember.

Karen Joy Fowler

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#5. For years, I was stuck behind a keyboard rig. When I started playing guitar onstage, it was a bit of a release - not to be stuck in one spot the whole night. It's really enjoyable having the freedom to move around. You just have to remember to end up somewhere near a microphone.

Martin Gore

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#6. You're here to sweat. This program is live. There's about one thousand million people watching you. So, you remember - one wrong word, one foolish gesture and your whole career could go down in flames. Hold that thought and have a nice night.

Paul Hogan

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#7. People tend to remember their dreams in the morning a little bit better and if earlier in the night, when you're in a lot of deep sleep, if someone wakes you, or the phone rings or something, you're really confused.

Shelby Harris

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#8. Oh to be free of myself, With nothing left to remember, To have my heart as bare As a tree in December; Resting, as a tree rests After its leaves are gone, Waiting no more for a rain at night Nor for the red at dawn.

Sara Teasdale

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#9. Losing someone is like when the sun comes through a window, moving across the room with each hour, until night falls and all you can do is try to remember the soothing shapes it made.

Stewart Lewis

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#10. I also remember it was Sunday night because that was the time I felt most depressed and vulnerable. Somehow have a moment to contemplate the miserable, low-paying week that lay ahead was more painful than living it.

Adam Carolla

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#11. Wayne tried to remember a time before he knew the word for sky. You explained away the mystery of the night, he thought, by naming its parts: darkness, Little Dipper, silver birch.

Kathleen Winter

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#12. I always remember your own grandmother, she continued, nodding her head, old Mrs. Taylor. She died on a Christmas Night.
Oh, I said shivering. I wouldn't like to die on a Christmas Night.
A good night to die, she smiled; they say that the gates of heaven are open on Christmas Night.

Alice Taylor

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#13. I can't think of anything worse after a night of drinking than waking up next to someone and not being able to remember their name, or how you met, or why they're dead.

Laura Kightlinger

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#14. I remember 9/11; we had 'Comics Come Home' about a month after those events. That night, even the comedians were concerned. Would the audience be ready to laugh? It was a release for everyone.

Denis Leary

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#15. She simply wanted one night to live out her fantasy. For as long as she could remember, Charlie Tucker had been the guy, and tonight, all she wanted was for him to see her as more than just a little kid. To actually see her as someone desirable.
To simple see ... her.

Rachel Harris

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#16. I seem to remember a certain someone swearing that she couldn't dance at all. Obviously I must have been with her twin sister, because i was expecting you to step on my toes all night. Been taking lessons, Princess?

Julie Kagawa

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#17. How many times did you come last night?" he asked in a low voice. Three.
"I'm not answering that question."
"You don't have to. I remember every one. You like me fine.

Ruthie Knox

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#18. I remember attaching a wire clothing hanger to the antenna of my radio in my bedroom, so I could get the frequency and get that station and listen to the top 10 every night.

Nelly Furtado

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#19. We have to find the seal before that happens," I tell him. "Reactivate it somehow."
"You're the only one who can... Last night you asked me a question. Do you remember what it was?"
"What is a Falconer?" I whisper.

Elizabeth May

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#20. I remember as a little kid, I would always feel comfortable if the light in the crack of my parents' door was on at night. When it went off, that meant they were asleep. Then that terror and the fear of being by myself started to creep in.

James Gray

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#21. Now everybody who knows anything at all knows perfectly well that even a business letter does not deserve the paper on which it is written unless it contains at least one significant phrase that is worth waking up in the night to remember and think about.

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

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#22. We didn't have any civil rights. It was just a matter of survival, of existing from one day to the next. I remember going to sleep as a girl hearing the Klan ride at night and hearing a lynching and being afraid the house would burn down.

Rosa Parks

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#23. Remember, no matter how dark the night, there is always a happy ending. But first, you have to make it through the night.


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#24. We can proceed in our lives just as easily from love to love as from loss to loss. A good thing to remember in the middle of the night when you're not sure how you will get through the next three breaths.

Peter Heller

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#25. Good night, everyone- and remember- in this world, if you wanna get ahead, you gotta learn to give a little!

Steven Tyler

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#26. You're polite and sensitive, and you always try to do the right thing by people. And according to my friend Kara - you remember the blonde woman from last night? - you wear a pair of jeans very well.

Leanne Hall

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#27. After Michael Jordan had scored a play-off record 69 points - I'll always remember this as the night Michael and I combined to score 70 points.

Stacey King

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#28. I was happy to know her in my small, formal, dependent way. And I felt a ravenous grief for nice boys who are too stupid to take care of themselves, and too dumb to remember to check the surrounding brush for snakes before settling down to sleep for the night.

John Darnielle

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#29. I could have knocked him out in the 3rd round but I wanted to do it slowly, So he would remember this night for a long time.

Mike Tyson

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#30. Nick was still looking at him sideways, but a flush began to appear on his cheeks. Kelly swallowed hard, growing warmer. "You remember that night?" "Yeah, I do." "You ... you were, um ... impressive." "I knew you were watching," Nick murmured. "Exhibitionist." "Voyeur.

Abigail Roux

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#31. The first sort of big present I remember getting from Santa Claus was quite a small telescope that I remember going into our backyard with my parents and figuring out how to assemble, and staring at the night sky, just for hours, with both of my parents.

Chelsea Clinton

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#32. Do you remember the suburbs and the plaintive flock of landscapes
The cypress trees projected their shadows under the moon
That night when as summer waned I listened
To a languorous bird forever wroth
And the eternal noise of a river wide and dark
(The Voyager)

Pierre Albert-Birot

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#33. To be remembered is, I think, a basic human right. Not one that occurs to a person when it is there, but like a parched throat in the desert when it is gone.

Joseph Fink

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#34. It often happens that I wake up at night and begin to think about a serious problem and decide I must tell the Pope about it. Then I wake up completely and remember that I am the Pope.

Pope John XXIII

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#35. 38. "A wet bird never flies at night." (My grandfather said that to me when I was a child and warned me not to forget it. I remember his words but never did figure out what he meant!)

James C. Dobson

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#36. I took in the thick night air, the sweet smell of honeysuckle, the chirping of frogs, to impress the moment in the folds of my memory, preserve it like a flower between pages of a book. To remember: This is how it feels to be happy.

Laura McHugh

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#37. Do you remember the first night at my place? I looked at you and was filled with a burst of sensuous energy." Nicole's smile widened as she listened to his smooth voice. "Sinergy, the sinful energy that takes place when we look at each other.

Iris Bolling

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#38. They camped that night under a full moon and a sky crowded with stars that made Froi forget that there was an old man waiting to die and remember that there was a kingdom dying to live.

Melina Marchetta

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#39. We may be lost stars in an ocean of constellations on a dark night but do remember we both belong to the same sky. I breathe the same air that you breathe, we both look at the same luminosity above us. You are the music and I am the lyrics.

Elizabeth E. Castillo

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#40. Now it's your land. But it's important, at least to me,that you remember that it's not just your land. There is a history. Now you're part of it. Good night. And off they go.

Robert Goolrick

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#41. I remember one night in Memphis, I'd come out of a blackout, and I didn't know where I was. I'm feeling through the darkness - I was asleep in the middle of a freeway. I went up to this car in the darkness, and it was a cop car.

Ozzy Osbourne

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#42. One night I was in bed-and remember that I'm on the second floor of a hotel-when I spotted this crab coming toward me across the floor, watching me with his beady little crab eyes. I think he wanted to get in bed with me.

Jennifer Esposito

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#43. Dear Great Pumpkin, Halloween is now only a few days away. Children all over the world await you coming. When you rise out of the pumpkin patch that night, please remember I am your most loyal follower. Have a nice trip. Don't forget to take out flight insurance.

Charles M. Schulz

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#44. I know my mom said as early as she can remember letting me watch TV, my one treat a week when I was like 6 was to stay up and watch 'Saturday Night Live.'

Rashida Jones

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#45. I used to live on one candy bar a day - it cost a nickel. I always remember the candy bar was called Payday. That was my payday. And that candy bar tasted so good, at night I would take one bite, and it was so beautiful.

Charles Bukowski

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#46. I loved my baby dolls when I was a kid. I used to pray with them and say good night to each and every one of them because I didn't want their feelings to get hurt. I remember having that connection with my baby dolls.

Jessica Alba

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#47. It was relatively easy to write 'The Cave of Lost Souls', though, because it came to me one night in a dream. I remember waking up and having this idea for a complete story - from start to finish - in my head, so I jotted it down, then later began writing the thing.

Paul Kane

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#48. What I saw wasn't a ghost. It was simply
myself. I can never forget how terrified I was that night, and whenever I remember it, this thought always springs to mind: that the most frightening thing in the world is our own self. What do you think?

Haruki Murakami

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#49. I was too young to be an avid enthusiast for the franchise, but like billions of people I remember as a child sitting around with the family on a Friday night with pizza and popcorn and a 'Die Hard' movie on.

Jai Courtney

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#50. When you miss me just look up to the night sky and remember, I'm like a star; sometimes you can't see me, but I'm always there.

Jayde Nicole

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#51. When she played her music even the night demons stopped their work & it took them some time to remember what it was they were doing & the best of them had no stomach for it for a long time after that.

Brian Andreas

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#52. Make no mistake, the woman had a heart. She had a bigger one that people would think. There was a lot in it, stored up, high in miles of hidden shelving. Remember that she was the woman with the instrument strapped to her body in the long, moon-slit night.

Markus Zusak

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#53. Politics is a tough game. But would I change places with a trauma nurse in an emergency ward on a busy Saturday night? No way. There are lots of jobs in the world that are tougher than politics. And politicians and people who've done it need to remember that.

Michael Ignatieff

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#54. It is the first duty of a gentleman to remember in the morning who he went to bed with the night before.

Dorothy L. Sayers

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#55. When you're in a slump, you do something different, just to try it. I remember one time I was in a slump, and I borrowed one of Henry Aaron's bats and hit two homers. I used my own bats the next night. I just needed a change.

Joe Torre

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#56. It's stupid, I know, but I care. All the things that meant so much when we were young. Under the blankets late at night, listening to long-distance radio. All those things lost now or broken. Can you remember? Can you remember that feeling? Perhaps I ought to go to a doctor.

Grant Morrison

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#57. I remember When I was a star In the night A moving, burning ember Amid the bright Clouds of star fire Going deathward To the womb. - JOHN WHITESIDE PARSONS, untitled

George Pendle

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#58. This floor, here? I remember when this floor here used to get to jumping' like a fuckin' bunny from all the dancing'. Everybody dancing' around all night, stoned out of their minds - and it always was the happy kind of stoned back then.

Daniel Woodrell

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#59. I used to follow celebrities, and I remember I watched Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt shooting for 'Sadak'. I was standing on the road at three in the night, but little did I know that I would be making a film with Sanjay at some point in my career.

Boman Irani

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#60. But we made a pact that night to try. To stay true to ourselves and each other. It's what you have to do when you're a girl. Stick together. Remember what you love. And stay true.

C. Drew Lamm

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#61. When you tell the children tales of the Baba Yaga on a cold winter's night, you might remember to mention that whether or not the witch is wicked often depends on who is telling the story.

Deborah Blake

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#62. Day and night are linked in a way that few things are; there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel, I remember wondering, to be always together, yet forever apart? Always together, forever apart.

Nicholas Sparks

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#63. I remember saying goodbye to my father the night he left to join the Navy. He didn't have to. He was older than other servicemen and had a family to support but he wanted to be a part of the fight against fascism, not just make movies about it. I admired this about him.

Jane Fonda

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#64. To know a piece of grass, you've got to see the ground that grew it. Maybe that's why I remember every detail of that night, every inch of ground we covered, as I followed Zach to the place that had made him, seeing them both with fresh eyes.

Ally Carter

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#65. In my whole career, in fact, I can remember only two first nights when a show was at its peak on the first night. And I just wish we could devise a system where critics came not on a single evening but were given a choice of performances to attend.

Richard McCabe

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#66. The secret of staying fresh in a show is to remember that the audience you're playing for that night has never seen it before.

Danny Kaye

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#67. Saturday 12 July 1823 [Halifax]
Could not sleep last night. Dozing, hot & disturbed ... a violent longing for a female companion came over me. Never remember feeling it so painfully before ... It was absolute pain to me.

Anne Lister

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#68. Do you know what O'Keefe Says about blue? he asked her, blowing out a cloud of smoke, warming to her voice, though he did not remember her face clearly from the opening night's exhibition.
That it is the color that will remain after everything is destroyed.

Alice Walker

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#69. You have to remember the band played from 1960 to 1965, every night. You get into a rut playing nightclubs every night, and you didn't want to run it into the ground.

Rick Danko

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#70. To be remembered is, I think, a badic human right. Not one that occurs to a person when it is there, but like a parched throat in a desert when it is gone.

Joseph Fink

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#71. I cannot remember a night so dark as to have hindered the coming day.

John Brown

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#72. I remember having my father stand over me when I had driven over my own foot; one leg was out of the car and one leg was in the car. He looked at me and told me that I was a drunk and that he was ashamed to call me his son. That night, I stopped drinking and I never drank again; I was twenty four.

Randy Bachman

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#73. I remember many a time, going into someplace like Wrigley Field - where you could cut the humidity with a knife - and playing a doubleheader. I loved to play the game. It didn't matter if it was a doubleheader, or a single game, or a day game after a night game. I wanted to play.

Gary Carter

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#74. You can't reinvent the wheel. I remember when we first started out at 'Late Night,' we were trying to hire directors, and this guy was like, 'I see you behind a glass desk.' I don't. And he's like, 'Yeah, the glass desk.' I go, 'I don't really see me as a glass desk guy.'

Jimmy Fallon

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#75. I've heard that some authors do dream their books and I would love that if it happened to me, but so far it hasn't. Sometimes I'll get a good idea during the night and if I don't write it down, I won't remember it the next morning.

Judy Blume

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#76. The desert around the mine was covered with flowers, after a rare shower a few days earlier. The Vegas remember the songs they sang that night, including the one that Roberto wrote about "El Pato" Alex and his seventy-year-old father entering the mountain to search for him.

Hector Tobar

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#77. I think cool moments like winning a Grammy deserve a nice little party where you really soak it in and not have to work and stuff. I do remember throwing a party on that Grammy night, but it was work.


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#78. In talking to girls I could never remember the right sequence of things to say. I'd meet a girl and say, Hi, was it good for you too? If a girl spent the night, I'd wake up in the morning and then try to get her drunk.

Steve Martin

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#79. The art school party in Liverpool, in a flat in the students' accomdation, was the first all night party I ever went to ... I puked up next morning. Cynthia was there, and I remember saying drunkenly to her 'I wish I had a nice girl like you'

George Harrison

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#80. When I got a part in 'All American Girl,' in 1994, I remember thinking, 'Now I have a series, I'm not going to need to do standup,' but every night I'd go out afterward and get onstage somewhere.

Judy Gold

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#81. Every time we sit at a table at night or in the morning to enjoy the fruits and grain and vegetables from our good earth, remember that they come from the work of men and women and children who have been exploited for generations ...

Cesar Chavez

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