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#1. If I were capable of human emotions, tears of joy would have been streaming down my face. You know that feeling you experience upon witnessing the birth of your first child? It was like that, only a thousand times better, because free burritos were involved.

Nathan Rabin

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#2. After having your first child, it's a massive shock to the system. I work in an industry where people judge you and the way you look, and you always want to put your best foot forward when you can.

Louise Nurding

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#3. Like the tide eroding the surface of a rock, the raising of children slowly eats away at all the fanciful ideals and standards that you were so adamant about when your first child was born.

Jon Ziegler

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#4. But there's nothing like your first {child}. They grow up so fast.

Garth Stein

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#5. From what I hear, it's a normal thing to feel guilty as a mother, especially when trying to fill the needs of a newborn along with maintaining what you had with your first child.

Jennie Finch

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#6. If you are a good person, you will probably be a good father. Try not to worry too much. If you don't feel apprehensive just before your first child arrives, you are abnormal. Though catastrophe doesn't come as often in childbirth as it did a few generations ago, we naturally fear it.

Clyde Edgerton

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#7. Philologically, the word Kodak is as meaningless as a child's first goo. Terse, abrupt to the point of rudeness, literally bitten off by firm and unyielding consonants at both ends, it snaps like a camera shutter in your face. What more would one ask. (Explaining why he named his company Kodak.)

George Eastman

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#8. When you have a child, you are just immediately changed forever. You put yourself second. Your child comes first, and everything that you do is with them in mind.

Jamie Bell

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#9. No matter how many years pass, it means something to a parent when their child needs them. At first, kids need you so much, all you want them to do is grow up so they can do things for themselves. Then you learn. You learn you should have savored every time they reached for you or called your name.

Kristen Ashley

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#10. The first way not to shake hands is executed by receiving someone's hand in yours and proceeding to squeeze it tightly, hurting the other party as if they were responsible for a past death in your family, or your adoption as a child.

Wes Locher

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#11. Because your child is your first priority, your're more selective, so in order to let someone into that world, they have to be really special. You cut out the bull - that you might fall for if you didn't have responsibilities.

Helena Christensen

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#12. Dads. Do your faces light up when you first see your child in the morning or when you come home from work? Do you not understand that a child's entire sense of value can revolve around what they see in your face when you first see them?

Dan Pearce

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#13. Children copy their parents, friends, and teachers. They will develop the habits of the people around them. So if you want your child to be honest, peaceful and happy you should be that way first.

Baba Hari Dass

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#14. Never teach your child to be cunning or you may be certain you will be one of the very first victims of his shrewdness.

Josh Billings

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#15. First you be a hero and then raise your child to be a hero.

Amit Kalantri

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#16. Often we forget that it is the very people around us that we must live for first of all. If you cannot serve your wife or husband or child or parent - how are you going to serve society? If you cannot make your own child happy, how do you expect to be able to make anyone else happy?

Thich Nhat Hanh

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#17. Watch over your child, as it struggles for breath on the outermost verge of life, or see your wife follow the child to that outermost verge, beside herself for anxiety and sleeplessness, - then love will teach you that life comes first.

Bjornstjerne Bjornson

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#18. In a first pregnancy, you don't have a child yet, so you can nap and see movies and exercise. The notion of 'baby' is abstract. You look at the ultrasound and don't really understand that the creature you're seeing is soon going to be your roommate.

Kelli Williams

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#19. Sending a book out into the world is a lot like sending your child to the first day of kindergarten. You hope the other kids play nice and that she makes friends.

Mitchell Zuckoff

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#20. You can only have one first born child. You may love all your children deeply and with passion, but there is something unique about the first born.

Raymond E. Feist

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#21. I was the first face you saw when you were born, you were bald as my hair ran black. Now yours the last face I saw before I died, your hair ran black, as I was bald.

Anthony Liccione

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#22. You are expressing your own limits in not allowing yourself to be taken for granted. If you are truly feeling like a martyr, or a person who has suffered a lot and deserves pity, make sure that you deal with that feeling first so that you are letting the child know about his behavior without guilt.

Henry Cloud

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#23. Once a person has a child, the first question everyone asks is: "Are you going to have more children?" But it basically means: "Are you going to have more sex with your wife in the hopes of having children?

Will Ferrell

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#24. Seek Miracles:
A miracle happens every time a child smiles for the first time, every time the rays of the sun grace your beautiful face, and every time you share a bit of your heart for someone in need.

Robert Clancy

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#25. First of all, as a man the most important thing you have in your life now is your child that you're carrying. That's it. Everything else comes second; personally, for me, other than your relationship with God and your wife.

Allan Houston

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#26. In the confusion of your first close encounter, you forget the lyrics to "Voodoo Child.

W.H. Mumfrey

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#27. you know that the first time I ever held you, I looked into your eyes and lost my heart? The same way I'm sure every father does when he holds his child for the first time. I knew then and there-right there on that very spot-that you were meant to be my little girl...

Holly Kennedy

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#28. You signed no contract to become a parent, but the responsibilities were written in invisible ink. There was a point when you had to support your child, even if no one else would. It was your job to rebuild the bridge, even if your child was the one who burned it in the first place.

Jodi Picoult

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#29. When anything is wrong with your child, your first instinct is to make it better.

Didi Conn

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#30. Poetry is like ... first all you have is ...
A line weaving through your mind
Like the tail of a child's kite
Unfettered by reason or rhyme.

Vaddey Ratner

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#31. If you feel ashamed about your need for love & support, it's because you were made to feel this way as a child. It's not a sign of weakness to want affirmation, reassurance or someone to count on; these are natural, appropriate needs. Just make sure to be there for yourself first.

Marcia Sirota

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#32. It was just this interesting, my first, the first time you hear your child in any way criticise you. It's the worst review of your life and it's really relieving to find out that they don't know what they're saying.

Tea Leoni

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#33. The first education should be the harmonious development of the child's physical, mental and spiritual powers. Providing warm and understanding responses to your children's 'hearts' accomplishes far more than pressuring book knowledge into their minds.

Dorothy Moore

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#34. Sending your child off to school for the first time in their life is terrifying.

Arabella Weir

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#35. If you were sexually abused & could not go to your family for support, you deserve to realize that your family failed you fundamentally. Your parents did not provide a safe atmosphere of support & protection for their children, which is a parent's first responsibility. It was not your fault.

Patti Feuereisen

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#36. Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts.

Lupe Fiasco

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#37. I'm a firm believer the the first two tenets of effective child-rearing boil down to "spend a lot of time with your children" and "cherish them," because, one, they need you when they're growing, and, two, they're going to be up and gone before you realize it.

Archie Manning

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#38. Our mothers are our first teachers, and we teach others the same lessons we learn from them. As a child, when your mother believes in you, you believe in yourself, and when that happens, there is nothing you can't do. As a mother, that is the greatest gift we can give to a child.

Caroline Kennedy

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#39. I went to a bookstore to try to find a book. The bottom line is, it all comes by trial and error. It was scary and exciting at first you don't know what to expect. But once you look into your child's eyes, you forget about that.

Michael Jordan

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#40. Everyone has these two visions when they hold their child for the first time. The first is your child as an adult saying "I want to thank the Nobel Committee for this award." The other is "You want fries with that?".

Robin Williams

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#41. It doesn't matter what the income level of your family is, or if English is the first or second language. It makes no difference. The bottom line is that every child can be an academic champion, an academic champion and a superstar in academics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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#42. You develop a sensibility when you're a young child. Some people say your personality is formed in the first three, four years of your life.

Joe Frank

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#43. Hugo, child, have I ever said that I loved you? Do you know that your fists are clenched? You aren't going to strike me-' She had smiled. Then he had burst into tears. He had never mentioned love either, but it had not occurred to him that it might not be identical with what they had enjoyed.

Glenway Wescott

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#44. You are a woman, let them see your fire

Alicia D'Aversa

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#45. The person your child becomes is a product of two things. The first is his life experience. The second is how he interacts with that experience.

Tedd Tripp

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#46. Goodnight, child. This is a damn shame. Let's drop it out of the picture." He gave her two lines of hospital patter to go to sleep on. "So many people are going to love you and it might be nice to meet your first love all intact, emotionally too. That's an old-fashioned idea, isn't it?

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#47. When your child is in trouble, the first thing you do is blame yourself.

Barbara Walters

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#48. You choose men the same way a child picks out a new puppy; first one who crawls in your lap is yours.

Alison Bliss

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#49. What'll Geoffrey do when you pull off your First, my child?" demanded Miss Haydock.
"Well, Eve
it will be awkward if I do that. Poor lamb! I shall have to make him believe I only did it by looking fragile and pathetic at the viva.

Dorothy L. Sayers

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#50. There are two sensations of skin you will always remember in your lifetime; the first time you fall in love-and that person holds your hand-and the first time your child grasps your finger. In each of those times, you are sealed to the other for eternity.

Alyson Richman

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#51. How much does it really matter whether your child will soon be enjoying a first year at Harvard or Yale or will instead end up at her third or fourth or fifth choice? Probably much less than you think.

Barry Schwartz

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#52. This is your dividing line, by the way, between child and nonchild - when the first trouble happens that Mama can't fix.

Peg Bracken

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#53. I do believe that when your child does poorly on a test, your first step should not necessarily be to attack the teacher or the school's curriculum. It should be to look at the idea that, maybe, the child didn't work hard enough.

Amy Chua

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#54. It's like trying to describe what you feel when you're standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it's like.

Jack Schmitt

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#55. I can't tell you, as a parent, how it feels when the doctor tells you your child has diabetes. First off, you don't really know much about it. Then you discover there is no cure.

John Lasseter

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#56. Yes, my child, you must read. You must read everything that comes your way. It doesn't matter what you read at first, later you'll learn discrimination. Schools are no good, Matty, you learn nothing at school. If you want to be anything, you must educate yourself.

Doris Lessing

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#57. Everyone says buying your first apartment makes you feel like an adult. What no one mentions is that selling it turns you right back into a child.

Anderson Cooper

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#58. The moment you have a child, in an instant your life is not for you, and your life is completely, 100 percent dedicated to another human being, and they will always come first. It changes you forever. It changes your perspective, and it gives you a nice purpose and focus.

Angelina Jolie

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#59. Never allow your child to call you by your first name. He hasn't known you long enough.

Fran Lebowitz

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#60. So entranced by the feeling of your skin against my fingertips; wrapped up in observing every little detail about you, with the intrinsic curiosity of a child who is exploring the world for the very first time.

Cheri Bauer

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#61. Pursue wisdom, my child, but first that this is no skip through the pasture. This is a tiresome mountain climb and the summit is far beyond your years but there are treasures along the way.

Zoe Klein

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#62. My dad is such a good man. You know how when you are a child you think your dad is invincible? Well, I still think that - he is so wise and everything I do I ask my dad's advice about first.

Leona Lewis

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#63. The author of what I describe is not myself, it is the Other. First of all it is you, it is the woman, it is the queen, it is the Child, it is a person who is greater than I and who surpasses you as well, whom you do not know. I am your scribe.

Helene Cixous

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#64. Seeing your child for the first time is rarest of occasions. You see glimpses of yourself from the past. The potential of a brand new life happening right before your eyes. And most importantly, that life begins again.

J.R. Rim

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#65. I'm doubly sorry for your loss," the old monk began after a time. "First, because every son should have a chance to know his father, not as a child knows his protector, but as a man knows another man.

Brian Staveley

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#66. You never forget the books you loved as a kid. You never forget the poems you memorized, the first book you read until the cover fell off, the book you read hidden from your mother. What an honor to hold hands with a child's imagination in this way.

Meg Medina

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#67. 'Society's Child' was a real hard record to start with. That's all you want is for you to put your first record out and have people screaming at you in the streets. But it taught me right away that what I was doing was valuable and important.

Janis Ian

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#68. If you want to see and feel magic first hand, read a book to your kid before bedtime. - Richard Due

Richard Due

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#69. They taught me that inhibitions would kill me. Hit early, hit hard. Kill with the first blow. Get your retaliation in first. Cheat. The gentlemen who behaved decently weren't there to train anybody. They were already dead.

Lee Child

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#70. Having your second child, in case you were wondering, is a lot harder than having your first, except for those people who find it easier. I'm afraid I don't have the latest figures to confirm this.

Rachel Cusk

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