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#1. Often we may even smile or laugh at adversity, but all people share the same passions. They are merely manifest differently according to one's culture and conditioning.

Yasuo Kuwahara

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#2. Seek only to preserve life -- your own and those of others. Life alone is sacred.

Yasuo Kuwahara

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#3. And then there are the ex-girlfriends. They look incredible, every one of them.

Tim Tharp

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#4. I've never been the kind of man who believed in dreams, Kat. That wasn't the hand I got dealt. So I sure as hell never spent any time chasing them." He swallowed hard and nodded. "But meeting you . . . if I could've dreamed, if I'd have even known what to dream of, it would've been of you.

Laura Kaye

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#5. My people sing, we dance, we love. That is our strength. But we also dig. And then we die. Seldom do we get to choose why. That choice is power. That choice has been our only weapon. But it is not enough.

Pierce Brown

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#6. Be resolved that honor is heavier than the mountains and death lighter than the feather.

Yasuo Kuwahara

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#7. I pray silently: Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. I don't know what it means, but it sounds right, and it will have to do, because I don't know what else I can say to God.

Margaret Atwood

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#8. I'll just have itchy, watery eyes!

Jeff Foxworthy

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#9. I had shaved my beard for her-a huge disappointment, because I'd enjoyed my three weeks looking like a bank robber.

Jennifer Echols

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