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#1. But it's better to have bad options than no options. And people won't save you either, ya know. - Author: J.A. Huss
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#2. If I'm in ya starting five you will never need a sub and I'm never looking down, so I always know what's up. - Author: Drake
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#3. Captain Phasma. Remember me?" He moved his weapon slightly. "Here's my blaster, ya still wanna inspect it?" Phasma held on to her dignity. "Yes, I remember you. FN-2187." Finn shook his head curtly. "Not anymore. My name is Finn. A real name for a real person. And I'm in charge now. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
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#4. ...She squeezed Niall's hand and bleakly said, "I don't want you hurt."
"Oh, Serena, that's all I have to know." And with that, he kissed her so passionately, she felt as though she had fae transported to the moon and back... - Author: Terry Spear
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#5. I'm still not totally sure I know what's true about me. - Author: Kenneth Logan
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#6. You can never trust a Vampire, child. - Author: S.R. Crawford
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#7. You're strong enough to bear anything, Elli. That's why the stars chose you. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#8. But, Eminem ... No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat. - Author: Alan Vega
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#9. She kissed me on the cheek, and my mom sang Theresa's name from the open front door. She loves Theresa. I think she loves me more when I'm with her. - Author: Kenneth Logan
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#10. They say you can never step into the same river twice. And maybe that's how it was for Papi now, memories shifting and re-forming soundlessly beneath him while the rest of us sat on the shore and watched. - Author: Sarah Ockler
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#11. Yup," Heather replied. "Some jackass tries to prick me and I'm gonna prick him right back! Leave the bottle, bucko. Save ya a trip. - Author: Jacob D. Lochner
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#12. I tell ya, I know the best way to get girls. I hang out at women's prisons, and wait for parolees. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#13. His chair glides a few inches closer and he's in my face, all shoulders and cologne. - Author: S.M. Parker
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#14. When I hear homestyle, I always think of some guy in his underwear standing next to a microwave. You want me to nuke a hot dog for ya? I got some old Chinese in the fridge, but I think it's my roommate's. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#15. She would drink until the trembling stopped. Then she would wilt over the piano like one of Celia's spinaches when Tam Lin forgot to water the garden. - Author: Nancy Farmer
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#16. I close my eyes and ride the mindless bliss. It's all I can do. Be. Feel. Live.
I'm Pri-ya again.
I always will be with this man. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#17. So how's that hopey changey stuff working out for ya? - Author: Sarah Palin
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#18. Everything changes, and there's no denying that. But change isn't always bad, as long as you hold onto who you truly are, and hold onto each other. - Author: Alex E. Carey
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#19. One of them would hurl a rock, then a few more. Suddenly it's raining rocks. Ya with me? That's their cover, see, because no matter how big a weapon you come out the door with, you still don't want to catch a rock in the face. A sawed-off won't stop a rock, follow? - Author: Jim Lynch
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#20. There's no right or wrong way. There's only the truth. - Author: Siobhan Davis
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#21. I've never been high. Writing is my drug of choice. You don't ever have to come down from that kind of high, I tell ya. And, best part is, it's free. - Author: Christy Hall
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#22. Questions spun through Nova's head, creating a tornado of fear with a sucking wind that grew and then funneled out her mouth. She could hear herself screaming, but the shriek sounded like it was coming from someone else. - Author: Brittney Joy
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#23. I was a cub reporter on a local newspaper in Limerick city, and I used to cover the district court meetings. All of life passed through the Limerick courthouse. Misery, malevolence, the dark side of humanity ... I tell ya, it made 'Angela's Ashes' look like 'The Wonderful World of Disney.' - Author: Kevin Barry
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#24. Nope, not Debby Demint!" His lips curved up while his eyes sparkled with amusement.
"You haven't even seen her. All the guys make fools of themselves over her."
"There's only one who I desire to make a fool of myself over."
Were all vampires as charming as Dominic? - Author: Terry Spear
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#25. We fight the same and we love the same. Just because we are different does not mean that we aren't equal. - Author: Natalie Crown
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#26. Maybe the Society was right all along. From the very beginning, that's what they called her. A time bomb.
Tick, tick, tick. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
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#27. Besides, men aren't worth your time anyway, Letti. If we women spent as much time on ourselves as we do fretting over men, we'd be invincible! Work on yourself because at the end of the day, you're the only person you can trust. - Author: S.R. Crawford
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#28. But there is nothing, no trace that she's ever existed. She is not here. She will never be here again.
Because of me. - Author: Christine Fonseca
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#29. Meg," he whispered. "It wouldn't be real love if there weren't the possibility for another response to him. If we couldn't choose not to love him, then our love would be empty. That's why there's evil in this world, because there's free choice in this world. He allows the one to prove the other. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
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#30. Leave your 9's at home and bring ya skillz to the battle. - Author: Jeru The Damaja
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#31. You got a man? That's somethin we will talk about.
He's smart enough to have ya, but dumb enough to let ya out. - Author: LL Cool J
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#32. Don't go any farther, Miss Marina," warned Stanley, a half-grin on his face. " 'Tempt ye not the dragon's wrath when his claws are yet to retreat.' Dragon claws ya just can't mess with. - Author: Kenzie Kovacs-Szabo
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#33. Why do you do it, Amber? Why do you go after people like you do? It's not who you are."

"That's the point," Amber said. "I'm not allowed to be who I really am. - Author: Cole Gibsen
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#34. Words have power, and sometimes, they stay with
you for life. It's up to you to allow those words to define who you become. - Author: Daniele Lanzarotta
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#35. Haylee shook her head as soon as they were gone. Christ, how can our family be mankind's best hope? - Author: Natasha Larry
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#36. There's a reason why Hasselhoff was in a suit for twelve years, and there's a reason why Donald still has his hair that way. I'm tellin' ya. They're both sexy. - Author: Brande Roderick
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#37. I tell ya, it's tough to save a buck. Right now I'm supporting two fighters. My wife and her mother. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#38. If ya let hornets rest in yer outhouse, it's hard t'get pissed when they buzz down and sting yer ass. - Author: Stephen J. Cannell
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#39. I pretended to be a Cheyenne guide. I pretended to be a prairie woman. I pretended Henry was my old-timey husband taking me to our new homestead. I leaned down and patted Trouble's neck. "Good boy," I said. "Trusty steed. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
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#40. It's easy to remember, because dating rhymes with mating, and they're almost the same [ ... ] So your mom thinks we're ma
Uh, dating? - Author: Anna Banks
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#41. I was either still dreaming or I had entered an alternate reality where I was a flippin' insane person. I doubted I had entered an alternate reality and a quick slap to my own face proved I wasn't still dreaming. -Sage Hannigan, Contingency - Author: P.S. Martinez
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#42. I think that's the great thing, ya' know, that women can do anything that they want now. - Author: Cindy Margolis
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#43. Teenagers are asking, 'Who am I?' and 'How do I fit in?' in every aspect of their lives, and the best YA romances appreciate that there is more to a teen's life than finding love. - Author: Sarah MacLean
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#44. Safer than we are." I told Franny. "Safer than love." "let me tell ya kid," Franny said to me, squeezing my hand. "Everything's safer than love. - Author: John Irving
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#45. She's right in some ways. She doesn't need a shrink. But she does need to remember. I need her to remember; remember and still choose me. Choose us. - Author: Christine Fonseca
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#46. Suddenly, I can't move. I can't speak. I am set in stone, but it's a glorious chiseled sort of stone. - Author: Travis Thrasher
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#47. Yeah, man. It's time to let de people get good herbs and smoke. Government's a joke. All dey wan' is ya smoke cigarettes and cigar. Some cigar wickeder den herb. Yeah, man, ya can't smoke cigar. Smoke herb. Some big cigar me see man wit', God bless! Me tell him must smoke herb. - Author: Bob Marley
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#48. You've got to be centered on Christ. It's a work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit forms Jesus within us. No cross? No crown. No pain? No gain. No way around it - if there was a shortcut, I'd know it and I'd tell ya. - Author: John Corapi
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#49. To be different is a lonely thing, and she has been lonely for such a long time. What she does frightens people, and she thinks, "Why shouldn't they be frightened? It's not normal: no one else does what I can do. - Author: Helen Bell
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#50. I like you so much I don't know what to do with it. My heart beats so fast when I know I'm going to see you again. - Author: Jenny Han
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#51. But Dally, heaters kill people!
Ya' kill 'em with switchblades to, don'tcha? - Author: S.E. Hinton
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#52. Plot is a framework on which to drape other things. So once that's working, I can just let it go and do all the stuff that I love - 'Trojan horse' it. There are so many great YA heroines, and that's fantastic, but what about the emotionally complex boy out there? That's who I tend to write about. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#53. When we've decided to tell the truth in a story, we should tell good, strong versions of it, proper versions that kids can do something with. - Author: Celine Kiernan
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#54. It's one of those dumb days where nothing's really wrong but nothing's really right either and the sky can't even choose to be white or gray. - Author: Andrea Portes
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#55. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
- MATTHEW 7:15 - Author: S.G. Holster
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#56. You want to come back to the bank vault?" Jack says.
The bank vault. That's what Jack calls his house. - Author: Allen Zadoff
Ya'ir's Quotes #168027
#57. For a while there's nothing I can do but stand in the middle of the road, because going forward hurts too much. Going forward means continuing to try, when trying is so hard. The world is filled with idiots and assholes and monsters. Where are the guardian angels? - Author: Carolyn Lee Adams
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#58. I dreamed I was buying new shoes last night," said Ron. "What d'ya think that's gonna mean?"
"Probably that you're going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something," said Harry. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#59. Remember what I said when I led to Omar and the queen?" I bobbed my head, unable to look away from his jewel-like eyed, shining in the darkness...so much like Chorda's. "That was the lie. Good-bye, Lane," he said and then crept into the darkness. - Author: Kat Falls
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#60. Please accept my apologies, lass. I should nae have been so forward, but I've been wanting to kiss ye. - Author: Victoria Roberts
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#61. I don't like writing romance in my books because that's the turning point of 90% of YA sci-fi/fantasy books and, quite frankly, it gets annoying after a while. The protagonist has more important things to worry about than boys and whether or not they like her. - Author: Meghan Blistinsky
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#62. Every teenager in the world feels like that, feels broken or out of place, different somehow, royalty mistakenly born into a family of peasants. The difference in your case is that it's true. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Ya'ir's Quotes #187160
#63. The funny thing is that I'm not a planner. I have no idea what I want to do in the interim of that 50 years, but I tell ya: That's where you'll find me in my last performance. - Author: Kristen Bell
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#64. Depression isn't a war you win. It's a battle you fight every day. You never stop, never get to rest. It's one bloody fray after another. - Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
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#65. There are some screw-ups headed your way. I wish I could tell you that there was a trick to avoiding the screw-ups ... but they're coming for ya. It's a combination of life being unpredictable, and you being super dumb. - Author: Aaron Sorkin
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#66. You know, considering your IQ, you're really socially retarded sometimes. - Author: Shannon Delany
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#67. Yaroo!" I shouted, and I didn't give a beetle's bottom who heard me. "Ya-rooo! - Author: Alan Bradley
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#68. I blink rapidly, breaking our reverie and force myself to focus on something,anything, other than his beauty. Or his body. A body I want pressed against mine, limbs and tongues twisted and tangled, our flesh contortioned into X-rated abstract art ... - Author: S.L. Jennings
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#69. Ya game is fine, but ya booze-eyes are a problem. Not like ya ta drink this much. I reckon ya banjo'd, so ya are. - Author: JoAnne Kenrick
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#70. Well, the way I play, I try not to be a 'repeater pencil', ya dig? Originality's the thing. You can have tone and technique and a lot of other things but without originality you ain't really nowhere. Gotta be original. - Author: Lester Young
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#71. Now this little gal isn't much of a singer," she would say. "She learned singing by a correspondence course, and she missed a coupla lessons, but she's the nicest little gal in the whole show, so I want ya to give her a big hand. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#72. Courage does not take over, it fights and struggles through every word you say and every step you take. It's a battle or a dance as to whether you let it pervade. It takes courage to overcome, but it takes extreme fear to be courageous. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#73. This treadmill lifestyle ain't workin for me ...
It's from ya crib to ya lab to ya job to make a profit,
And at the day's end you still got nothing accomplished. - Author: Phonte
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#74. You could've at least let me know you weren't dead by the way. I was actually kind of sad about that."
"That's a pretty incredible sentiment, coming from you. - Author: Amy Tintera
Ya'ir's Quotes #211706
#75. Death and his scythe do not come. No sweeping black capes or ethereal escapes. There's no pearly gate, no prisms of colors as his soul slips away. The stillness is cold steel. The silence is empty with no memory to mend it. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Ya'ir's Quotes #216385
#76. Cat's heated gaze meets mine, and she smiles. Another piece of my heart is hers. - Author: Rachel Harris
Ya'ir's Quotes #217907
#77. Dear, Mr. Ajax ... don't ye know ... the fires of Hell are stoked by righteous lawyers! Tis a fact it is. All that hot air ... How'd ya think they get that Brimstone so hot?
Old Tom Goodling from Angela's Coven - Author: Bruce Jenvey
Ya'ir's Quotes #228474
#78. He gave her an encouraging smile. "I know horrible memories haunt your dreams, but you're the strongest woman I know. If anyone can do this, it's you. We must kill the snakes in our garden, protect what we love, and let no man stand in our way. - Author: Victoria Roberts
Ya'ir's Quotes #228717
#79. She is a friend to my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, ya know, when you got a woman who's a friend to your mind. - Author: Toni Morrison
Ya'ir's Quotes #242906
#80. I recognized Meg's swirly handwriting and crooked my index finger into the side of the envelope to rip it open. There was no letter. Just a picture.
A picture of Meg holding a picture of me.
The word HOME echoed through my body like a rifle shot. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Ya'ir's Quotes #243096
#81. If by it, you mean that big ass vein in the middle of your forehead, then yeah. It moved all right and it's still pulsing. - Author: Kimberly Spencer
Ya'ir's Quotes #248532
#82. There are a lot of reasons why everyone in the known universe has a boyfriend except for me. I can list the top five on command, just in case anyone's ever interested. No one ever has been, but that's no reason not to be prepared. - Author: J.J. Howard
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#83. I love you Rose, I love you with everything that I am, which may not be much, but it's all yours. - Author: Tish Thawer
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#84. Believe me, I've lived long enough to know that no matter how stable a life may seem, there's always something that can change all of that in a blink of an eye. - Author: Elle A. Rose
Ya'ir's Quotes #253712
#85. It's okay to cry, ya know. Hearts don't break quietly. - Author: Ryann Jansen
Ya'ir's Quotes #254940
#86. Nice to meet ya," Popeye said. He sort of held his hand out. "Do we shake?" "Of course," Ronald said, enveloping the small man's hand in his massive hairy one. "Decorum doesn't go away just because there are bodies on the ground." Ronald - Author: Jake Bible
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#87. My hobby is to make up these "false stories". The stories that I create impact the public in a completely different form... It's enjoyable when it proceeds just as I expect it to. - A-ya - Author: Suzumu
Ya'ir's Quotes #257916
#88. Know all the Questions, but not the Answers
Look for the Different, instead of the Same
Never Walk where there's room for Running
Don't do anything that can't be a Game - Author: Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Ya'ir's Quotes #263305
#89. I have a theory that the answers to all of life's major questions can found in a John Mayer song. - Author: Susane Colasanti
Ya'ir's Quotes #265920
#90. A YA heroine does not have to pick up a weapon nor wear men's clothing to be equal to her male counterparts. - Author: Celine Kiernan
Ya'ir's Quotes #270273
#91. No matter our dire circumstances, no matter our shared upbringing, no matter the chill his smile sends over my body, he's still him, and I'm still me, and yes, he needs to have a female heir someday, but with a proper lady, a duchess or a princess - not the girl who spars with him. - Author: Sara Raasch
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#92. There's a new star in the YA firmament - A. K. Downing's series, beginning with Into The Air, is sure to be a reader favorite right up there with The Hunger Games and The 100 trilogy. - Author: Richard Snodgrass
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#93. My face, my self, what would they mean to anybody? Just another stiff. So this self of mine passes some other's self on the street - what do we have to say to each other? Hey there! Hi ya!
That's about it. Nobody raises a hand. No one turns around to take another look. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#94. You can't screw up your own suicide and then expect the universe to give you presents wrapped in the skin of a wonderful boy. That's just not the way it works. - Author: Heather Demetrios
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#95. Chaol," he said, looking over his shoulder. Dorian's eyes were frozen, his jaw clenched. "Treat her well. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#96. V's smile didn't last long. "Don't get your romantic side fired up about me and Jane, buddy.
She's human."
Butch's jaw dropped and he pulled a bobble. "No, really? That's such a shocker! And here I thought she
was a sheep."
V shot Butch a fuck-ya stare. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#97. You may think the thing dangling between a guy's legs is his most sensitive part, but it's not. It's his precious ego. Never forget that, Allie. - Author: Marilee Brothers
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#98. It washed all over me and through me, into the floor and then it was gone. I never cried for my Da again after that, and God's presence has been with me ever since. - Adien MacRae, BETWEEN - Author: Cyndi Tefft
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#99. I never quite understood the question that says, is the glass half empty or half full? What's the difference? Eventually it'll end up empty and in the trash. - Author: Cyndi Goodgame
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#100. With his words, he could approach the soul where it resided, a glory to God, for words were what the Almighty first created, after the silence of the world, and they were Eleazar ben Ya'ir's gift as well. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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