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#1. Every woman that dies or loses her baby on a threadbare cot in the heart of Uganda, while her sisters on the other side of the world enjoy first-class care, is a threat to our collective humanity. - Author: Leila Janah
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#2. I don't want to know about the constitution of the rapist
I want to kill him! I don't care if he is white or black, if he is middle-class or poor, if his mother hung him from the clothesline by his balls: I only want to kill him! Any woman who has been raped will agree. - Author: Diamanda Galas
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#3. Sanaz Minaei [business woman] shows a visitor a cooking class at one of her several companies and says the opportunities for Iran are huge if only the country can rejoin the global economy as promised. - Author: Lourdes Garcia-Navarro
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#4. My mother is an incredibly beautiful woman who has laughed at every single thing my father's ever said. At a young age, my brother and I understood that if you can make girls laugh, you can punch well above your weight class. - Author: Seth Meyers
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#5. Lives in previous centuries for women are largely a matter of class. It would have been fun to have been a rich, privileged woman in the 18th century, but no fun at all to be her maid. - Author: Antonia Fraser
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#6. At Brandies I discovered Feminism. And I instantly became a convert ... writing brilliant papers in my Myths of Patriarchy class, in which I likened my fate as a woman to other victims throughout the ages. - Author: Heather Hart
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#7. I can see that you're in love, but only in a very narrow sense. It's the love of someone that finds charms and qualities in a woman that she doesn't actually have, who puts her in a class apart with every one else in second place, and who stays attached to her even while he's abusing her. - Author: Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos De Laclos
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#8. The next thing I wrote was in a writing class at night school. It was about a poor woman who worked at a dime store and who was all alone for Christmas in Laurel, Mississippi. - Author: Beth Henley
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#9. Off with their heads!" the woman screamed. "Off with their stinking, boring heads!""
Redd, The Looking Class Wars - Author: Frank Beddor
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#10. Look at you. Why is the only woman you ever cared about a world-class criminal - are you a masochist? - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#11. To me, women's lib was mainly a white, upper-middle class affair of little use to a reservation Indian woman. - Author: Mary Brave Bird
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#12. Women make natural anarchists and revolutionaries because they've always been second-class citizens, kinda having had to claw their way up. I mean, who made up all the rules in the culture? Men - white male corporate society. So why wouldn't a woman want to rebel against that? - Author: Kim Gordon
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#13. There's a great deal of women in film school. I was not the only woman in my class at UCLA. When I went through the Sundance program, it was half women and half men. - Author: Gina Prince-Bythewood
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#14. There's no hall of fame for that working class hero, no statue carved out of stone. And his greatest reward is the love of a woman and his children. - Author: Alan Jackson
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#15. Bravely you jog along with the rope of class distinction drawing closer, close, tighter, tighter around you ... I see it and know it, but I cannot help you ... I am only an unnecessary, little, bush commoner, I am only a - woman. - Author: Miles Franklin
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#16. If I had been a man, self-respect, family pressure and the public opinion of my class would have pushed me into a money-making profession; as a mere woman I could carve out a career of disinterested research. - Author: Beatrice Webb
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#17. find it interesting that in history all one had to do to discredit a woman was label her a witch. How do we discredit a strong woman today?" The class stared back at Wilson, not understanding. And then it clicked. "You label her a bitch," I offered boldly. The - Author: Amy Harmon
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#18. To make an omelette, you need not only those broken eggs but someone 'oppressed' to beat them: every revolutionist is presumed to understand that, and also every woman, which either does or does not make 51 percent of the population of the United States a potentially revolutionary class. - Author: Joan Didion
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#19. Celebrate my death for the good times I've had, For the work that I've done and the friends that I've made. Celebrate my death, of whom it could be said, "She was a working class woman, and a red." - Author: Malvina Reynolds
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#20. He lay watching the kid. He was from a prominent Kentucky family and had attended Transylvania College and like many another young man of his class he'd gone west because of a woman. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#21. One does so hate to admit that the average woman is kinder, finer, more quick of sympathy and on the whole so much more first class than the average man. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
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#22. Authentic femininity is a combination of class, tenderness and virtue. When a woman possesses these traits, a man will naturally want to be more of a gentleman around her. - Author: Jason Evert
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#23. The master class seldom lose a chance to insult a woman who has the ability for something besides service to his lordship. - Author: Caroline M. Nichols Churchill
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#24. Can a woman become a genius of the first class? Nobody can know unless women in general shall have equal opportunity with men in education, in vocational choice, and in social welcome of their best intellectual work for a number of generations. - Author: Anna Garlin Spencer
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#25. A real man would have fought to be with the woman he loved - social class be damned. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#26. It lies like a leper in purple, it sits like a dead thing smeared with gold. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#27. Although the Nasser revolution of 1952 was secular, the culture remained deeply religious - but it was a faith of moderation and tolerance. Women made up nearly half my class at university, and my senior academic adviser there was a woman. In Alexandria, my friends were Christians and Muslims. - Author: Ahmed Zewail
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#28. The proletarian woman fights hand in hand with the man of her class against capitalist society. - Author: Clara Zetkin
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#29. The first class opposition that appears in history coincides with the development of the antagonism between man and woman in monogamous marriage, and the first class oppression coincides with that of the female sex by the male. - Author: Friedrich Engels
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#30. EXCEPTION, n. A thing which takes the liberty to differ from other things of its class, as an honest man, a truthful woman, etc. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#31. A man who graduated high in his class at Yale Law School and made partnership in a top law firm would be celebrated. A man who invested wisely would be admired, but a woman who accomplishes this is treated with suspicion. - Author: Barbra Streisand
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#32. A woman of class never admits to her artifices. - Author: Gasmaskman
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