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#1. Most spiritual people are so obsessed with their own ideas about what spirituality is supposed to be that they completely ignore and neglect the words of the most well-sold spiritual authors in the world, including me, just because we don't match what they think we should be.

Robin Sacredfire

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#2. Certainly the best way for us to show our love ... is by taking the time to prove it hour by hour and day by day. Our expressions of love and comfort are empty if our actions don't match.

Marvin J. Ashton

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#3. Contrarian thinking at its best simply asks, Is this really true? It speaks up when the politically correct answer or the conventional wisdom doesn't match reality - when things simply don't work the way everyone says they should.

Larry Osborne

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#4. Suffering occurs when your ideas about how things ought to be don't match how they really are.

Brad Warner

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#5. A person who can't pay gets another person who can't pay to guarantee that he can pay. Like a person with two wooden legs getting another person with two wooden legs to guarantee that he has got two natural legs. It don't make either of them able to do a walking-match.

Charles Dickens

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#6. Sports in Indonesia aren't being supported by the government. The rewards you get as a young player don't match the effort you put in. I want to be different from other athletes, if not better, and I want to make something good out of my profile and help the younger players have opportunities.

Taufik Hidayat

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#7. Your career and your passion don't always match up.

Amy Poehler

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#8. Families don't have to match. You don't have to look like someone else to love them.

Leigh Anne Tuohy

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#9. Jessie was trying to read science fiction but nothing she read so far could begin to match ordinary life on this planet, she said, for sheer unimaginableness.

Don DeLillo

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#10. Don't match your weakness against your opponent's strength

Megan Whalen Turner

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#11. You know these love letters mix with whisky, just don't light a match when you kiss me.

Jon Bon Jovi

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#12. Ruth puts in all the tiddley bits and the expression and doesn't mind how many wrong notes she strikes, but with Jane it is accuracy or nothing. I don't know which Chopin would have hated more, Eleanor said, folding bread and butter into a thickness that would match her appetite.

Josephine Tey

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#13. I still don't know what kind of woman I am. But as the flame nears the fingers that trust the match, as close as the skin can stand it to singe, I call this the nerve to find out.

-Self Portrait Of A Woman Standing Outside Your House With A Match And A Gallon Of Gasoline

Ashley Toliver

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#14. Even people's dreams don't match the reality of my life. I don't dream, I set goals and accomplish them.

Behdad Sami

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#15. It was an old kender proverb - Don't change color to match the walls. Look like you belong and the walls will change color to match you.

Margaret Weis

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#16. How dare you make such suggestions when you have no idea what it is you're talking about. Of course you've always been this way; conceited, arrogant, rude to others around you when they don't match up to your ridiculously.." high standards...

Madeline Courtney

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#17. I certainly don't lose any sleep if I lose a tennis match.

Ivan Lendl

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#18. N truth, we don't know a whole lot of what Simeon North did. He did manage to match John Hall's ability to make interchangeable parts, but it's not clear how much of that came from Hall and how much was original with North.

Charles R. Morris

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#19. We don't have to make the bible relevant-it is-but we have to show its relevance. What is irrelevant, in my opinion, is our style of communicating it. We are tending to still use the style from 50 years back that doesn't match who we are trying to reach today.

Rick Warren

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#20. Just because fate finds us our perfect match doesn't mean it's always easy and we don't have to work at it. Anything worth having takes fighting for sometimes.- Victor Marius

Joyee Flynn

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#21. My theory is - we don't really go that far into other people, even when we think we do. We hardly ever go in and bring them out. We just stand at the jaws of the cave, and strike a match, and quickly as if anybody's there.

Martin Amis

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#22. I don't know of any wrestler who hasn't, at one time or another, been with a fan. One time I met a woman at a match in Tennessee, and afterward we went to a little roadside motel. We checked in, went to the room, and enjoyed each other for an hour or so.

Jerry Lawler

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#23. When I won Wimbledon, I said to God: just let me win this one tournament and I won't play another match. Maybe God's telling me to go home, but I don't want to go home. We are negotiating at the moment.

Goran Ivanisevic

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#24. I figured out something, Lorie," he said. "I figured out why you and me get along so well. You know more than you say and I say more than I know. That means we're a perfect match, as long as we don't hang around one another more than an hour at a stretch.

Larry McMurtry

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#25. Memories are just stories we tell ourselves about our past; and that's often why they don't match when we've shared the same experiences with someone.

John Slattery

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#26. Just because we say networks are important doesn't mean that networks explain everything. We're just adding additional information. Networks don't work like a match - they work like a magnifying glass.

Nicholas A. Christakis

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#27. You don't have to be a Christian to recognize that materialism does not match reality. Materialism is not true to universal human experience - what we all know about ourselves.

Nancy Pearcey

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#28. I don't do match cuts really. That's a ridiculous thing to say - I do. But we always explore how we can propel a scene, and that's including dialogue, without doing match cuts. Because the audience is really willing to accept a lot of discontinuity.

Sally Menke

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#29. You're there right through the match, thinking all the time, making it up as you go along. We don't have anybody write our scripts. You're basically presenting to the people watching at home off the top of your head.

Jill Douglas

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#30. Probably in 2035 we will pass that mantle on to China. It will be the biggest economy in the world, and it will go way past us and way past India. Given the growth, the size, the opportunities, I don't think there's any other place in the world that can match it.

David Rubenstein

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#31. So basically it's very simple: to start with, if you want to win the match, you shouldn't be afraid of him. There are still many, many things to do, but above all this is the most important: Don't be scared of him!

Vladimir Kramnik

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#32. At the front door I see Tommy, a dark, unhappy shape in the middle of the sunny afternoon. We match, I think. But we don't go together.

Amanda Maciel

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#33. People wanted to see Rey Mysterio and PsIcosis in a match, and we had such a great chemistry. I don't think there was anyone at that time who could match what we were bringing to the table.

Oscar Gutierrez

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#34. The match will be shown on Match of the Day later this evening and if you don't want to know the result look away now as we show you Tony Adams lifting the cup for Arsenal.

Steve Rider

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#35. Of course I know our economic growth can't match our population growth so of course I know we'll all get poorer until we get that number down - don't tell me, tell the other idiots!

Bernard Chidzero

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#36. A lot of the material is about the inevitable disappointment people feel as they move through life, and things don't feel the way they expect. No experience will ever match up to the idealized version in your mind.

Ben Gibbard

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#37. Why are you idle? If you don't grasp it first, it flees.' And even if you do grasp it, it will still flee. So you must match time's swiftness with your speed in using it, and you must drink quickly as though from a rapid stream that will not always flow. In


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#38. I watch a lot of sport on television. I only watch certain sports, and I only watch them live - I don't think I've ever been able to watch a replay of a match or game of which the result was already decided. I feel bound to cheat and look up what can be looked up.

A.S. Byatt

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#39. I don't have to follow any special diet or count calories. I try to eat healthily and before a match I load up on pasta and salads. But I pretty much do what I want.

Maria Sharapova

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#40. Our hearts don't choose their match based on the baggage they may or may not have.

Quinn Loftis

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#41. I think I've realized that business and being polite [don't] match. You can be fair, but me being polite was not me being fair to myself.

Beyonce Knowles

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#42. Your Olympic Hero is scheduled to wrestle a match against the man they call the big red retard; not that I have anything against retarded people cause I don't. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of retarded fans out there that admire and respect your Olympic Hero, and I wish them well.

Kurt Angle

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#43. If you don't score you are not going to win a match.

Bobby Robson

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#44. There's what we expect bears to do and then there's what they do. Sometimes the two don't match.

Joe Clark

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#45. We need Christians who don't try to match God's words to their experience, but rather, whose experience is corrected, elevated, and altered by the Word's penetrating perfection.

Eric Ludy

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#46. There's always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends. And though there are times you don't match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.


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#47. My eyes are so big that, weirdly, I feel like an alien if my eyelashes don't match their intensity. I like to curl my lashes to the point where they're sticking straight up and then put on a ton of mascara!

Sarah Hyland

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#48. Bruce Springsteen settled down. He used to run around with lots of women and now all he wants to do is hang out with Patty Scialfa and the kids.
Patty's from Jersey. You don't mess around on Jersey girls. They're too tough. I'm sorry Bubbles, but being from Pennsylvania, you're no match.

Sarah Strohmeyer

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#49. I'll match wits with anybody. I don't care if they have the top degree in the world.

David H. Murdock

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#50. We hurt ourselves when we give our time, the minutes of our life span, to pursuits that don't match our own values.

Anne Katherine

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#51. Your words don't match your vibe,
& im trusting my gut this time.

Nikki Rowe

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#52. I was passionate about soccer. I still am. Odd, though - playing soccer always made me much more anxious than playing tennis. On soccer days, I'd be out of bed by 6 in the morning, all nervous. But I was always calm when it was time for a tennis match. I still don't know why.

Rafael Nadal

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#53. The key to the match might have been his serving. Maybe I should have concentrated harder on watching them go by me, I don't know.

Andy Roddick

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#54. You can't call it a sport. You don't run, jump, you don't shoot, you don't pass. All you have to do is buy some clothes that don't match.

Steve Sax

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#55. The pattern match begins with a search for a substring of a given string that has a specified structure in the string manipulation language

Don DeLillo

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#56. When you have known someone your whole life you don't need a lot of warm-up time to get into a big argument. All the fore-play has been done years ago, and so the battle sits in your memory like stove gas awaiting the match. A wrong word, a careless allusion, and the old fire is suddenly raging.

Roland Merullo

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#57. My insides don't match up with my outsides. -Do anyone's inside and outsides match up? -I don't know. I'm only me. -Maybe that's what a person's personality is: the difference between the inside and the outside.

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#58. It's delicious to have people adore you, but it's exhausting, too. Particularly when your own feelings don't match theirs.

Tasha Alexander

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#59. Don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.

Stuart Scott

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#60. What a City Council should do, and what it will do, don't always
match up.

Ernest Vincent Wright

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#61. In other words, if a teacher only teaches in one way, then they conclude that the kids who can't learn well that way don't have the ability, when, in fact, it may be that the way the teacher's teaching is not a particularly good match to the way those kids learn.

Robert Sternberg

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#62. Our axles don't match but our wheels are turning.

Nancy E. Turner

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#63. Needing and getting don't seem likely to match up any time soon ... What needs doing is mine to do.

Charles Frazier

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#64. I don't know an England player who could fix a light bulb, let alone a match

Darren Gough

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#65. Eve: "We nearly got killed over ice cream."
Shane: "Another thing I don't want on my tombstone."
Claire: "You have others?"
Shane: "*first finger* I thought it wasn't loaded. *second finger* Hand me a match so I can check the gas tank. *third finger* Killed over ice cream.

Rachel Caine

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#66. If you think the products don't match what you want from a product, don't buy it.

Donald Norman

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#67. I don't get caught in the match-ups, trying to outduel somebody. It's a team game.

Paul Pierce

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#68. Your words don't match your vibe,
& im trusting my gut this time.

Nikki Rowe

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#69. Don't ever call yourself weak, because you aren't, you're a warrior and warriors can move mountains because mountains are no match for a true warrior such as yourself


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#70. You look rather rash my dear your colors don't quite match your face.

Daisy Ashford

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#71. Never run upstairs when someone's chasing you. Don't try to quick-draw a man who already has his gun out. Never light a match in the dark in a strange building. Half of staying safe is just keeping your head and being prudent.

Mark Zero

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#72. Hey, corpse-breath, why don't you do everyone a favor and sew your lips shut? It'll match the rest of your face AND be an improvement. - Puck

Julie Kagawa

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#73. I don't think I ever worked harder at any match during my career to get runs as I did then, nor did I ever have to face in one game such consistently fast bowlers as the Australian pair, Gregory and McDonald.

Frank Woolley

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#74. Standards of beauty are arbitrary. Body shame exists only to the extent that our physiques don't match our own beliefs about how we should look.

Martha Beck

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#75. When what you hear and what you see don't match, trust your eyes.

Dale Renton

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#76. I was walking down the street, and I found a man's hand in my pocket. I asked, "What do you want?" "A match" "Why didn't you ask me?" "I don't talk to strangers."

Henny Youngman

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