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#1. Happiness quantification sounds a bit wishy-washy, sure, and through a series of carefully administered surveys across the globe, economists and psychologists have certainly confronted a fair number of sticky issues around how to measure, and even define, happiness. - Author: Adam Davidson
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#2. You can't be wishy-washy. That's the most boring thing in the world, to be a middle-of-the-road wet noodle. That's my greatest fear, to be like, "Oh, whatever." That's just not who I am. - Author: Chris Black
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#3. Work will win when wishy washy wishing won't. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
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#4. Congress is a wishy-washy, whiney bunch of people who can't see past the next election. - Author: Michael Anderle
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#5. Punctuation is to words as cartilage is to bone, permitting articulation and bearing stress. - Author: John Lennard
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#6. Women often come up not knowing how to make decisions. We get wishy-washy. We become great wage earners - breadwinners - but we don't know how to control empires. - Author: Jackee Harry
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#7. Work will work when wishy washy wishing won't. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
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#8. I was more wishy-washy in the first 12 years of my career, just because that was my personality. - Author: Shannyn Sossamon
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#9. I write the things that I find most attractive in women. I like intelligence, I like passion - give me a little fire, be strong, don't be wishy-washy, do the right thing. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#10. I call myself a naturalist as opposed to an atheist, but there are different styles. Some people just like to be close to nature. And some people actually worship nature, which is too wishy-washy because - like a lot of religious believers - they don't depend on facts. - Author: Greg Graffin
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#11. Start thinking positively. You will notice a difference. Instead of 'I think I'm a loser,' try 'I definitely am a loser.' Stop being wishy-washy about things! How much more of a loser can you be if you don't even know you are one? Either you are a loser or you are not. Which is it, stupid? - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#12. That singular uncompromising nature I think is always quite attractive, not just for an actor to play, we're attracted to uncompromising people whether they're nice or not, because they're 3D, they're solid, you can define them, it's not wishy washy. - Author: James McAvoy
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#13. You may have noticed there are three things an Irishman always puts his soul in: his religion, his sports, and his politics. If you ever find an Irishman who is wishy-washy on any one of those, you can make up your mind to it he is not the true article at all. - Author: Mary Deasy
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#14. My mother calls me wishy-washy. I just think I'm delightfully impulsive. - Author: Karina Halle
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#15. Laura began to model herself more and more on those around her; to grasp that the unpardonable sin is to vary from the common mould. - Author: Henry Handel Richardson
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#16. You cannot have well people on a sick planet. - Author: Thomas Berry
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#17. What we all have to admit to is that one man cannot save us. Unless we start energizing ourselves, all standing behind him with all of the force of our collective power then we can't expect mountains to be moved. And that is not exactly happening, we are a very comfortable population. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#18. I slept with Braeden. The guy I hated. The guy my best friend wanted.
What's worse? My body craved him. I needed more. - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#19. To the Greeks [the Macedonians] were uncouth, semi-civilized barbarians. The Macedonians for their part despised the Greeks as effete, wishy-washy Greeklings. Both regarded the Thracians as scarcely capable of walking on their hind legs. - Author: Nicholas Sekunda
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#20. I'm kinda wishy-washy about questions. If you ask me again tomorrow, I'm likely to give you completely different answers. - Author: Jabari Asim
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#21. Tragically, many people have this faithless, wishy-washy mindset, which causes them to lose the battle in their minds before they ever fight it in the world. - Author: Craig Groeschel
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#22. On a sea floor that looks like a sandy mud bottom, that at first glance might appear to be sand and mud, when you look closely and sit there as I do for a while and just wait, all sorts of creatures show themselves, with little heads popping out of the sand. It is a metropolis. - Author: Sylvia Earle
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#23. The sergeant frowned. "Really, sir? And who might they be? Is there a gang of militant atheists at work in the district, that I know nothing about? Or a guerrilla unit of disaffected campanologists, perhaps? - Author: Paul Bassett Davies
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#24. Anarchism's lone objective is to reach a point at which the belligerence of some humans against humanity, in whatever form, comes to a halt. - Author: Gustav Landauer
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#25. Linda and I aren't one and one. We are two halves that make a whole
two halves fitted together are more efficient than either half would ever be alone! - Author: Bruce Lee
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#26. Food critic and writer Waverley Root described the common American near beer as "such a wishy-washy, thin, ill-tasting, discouraging sort of slop that it might have been dreamed up by a Puritan Machiavelli with the intent of disgusting drinkers with genuine beer forever."[21] - Author: Waverly Root
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#27. Timbaland's so wishy-washy sometimes - he'll hate a song at first and then love it, and then maybe go back to not liking it as much as something else. - Author: Keri Hilson
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#28. If you practice a little jnana yoga in your daily life, it will help you tremendously. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#29. I get along so much better with fundamentalist Christians than I do with wishy-washy liberals, who want everyone to get along. - Author: Penn Jillette
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#30. Feeling without judgment is a washy draught indeed; but judgment untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition. It - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#31. Want to go to a wedding with me in Ohio?"
Rolling to my side, Kellan sat up on his elbow. "Anyone I know getting married?" he asked, amusement in his voice.
Smiling, I shrugged again. "Just some annoying wishy-washy girl that half the world hates. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#32. by its makers after centuries of careful - Author: Rick Yancey
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#33. Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed; but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#34. What you want, as an actor, is a great leader. I can't bear it when I work with a director who is wishy-washy and says, "What did you think?" - Author: Naomi Watts
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#35. For human beings. We almost went extinct fighting one another before. Now our numbers are even fewer. Our conditions more tenuous. Is this really what we want to do? Kill ourselves off completely? In the hopes that - what? Some decent species will inherit the smoking remains of the earth?" "I - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#36. And yet, on balance, affirmative action has, I think, been a qualified success." A 13-word sentence with five hedging words. I give it first prize as the most wishy-washy sentence in modern public discourse, - Author: William Zinsser
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#37. It's not enough to just mildly want what you want. You must wildly want what you want. Nobody ever got their greatest wishes by being wishy-washy. You need to put extreme energy into your power of intention to win what you wanna win. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
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#38. For-profit weather forecasters rarely predict exactly a 50 percent chance of rain, which might seem wishy-washy and indecisive to consumers.41 Instead, they'll flip a coin and round up to 60, or down to 40, even though this makes the forecasts both less accurate and - Author: Nate Silver
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#39. There are no wishy-washy astronauts. You don't get up there by being uncaring and blase. And whatever gave you the sense of tenacity and purpose to get that far in life is absolutely reaffirmed and deepened by the experience itself. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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