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#1. Upscale young men seem to go for the kind of woman who plays with a full deck of credit cards. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#2. Like the mother of the world, touch each being as your beloved child. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#3. Somehow Chinese toxins fit right in with the Don's taste in gear. Austrian shotgun shells, Cuban baseball bats, Israeli silencers, Russian things he could only guess at - the Don was known for his upscale mob accessories. - Author: Bruce Rousseau
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#4. You get the part, sign the contract and start to realize millions of people follow this guy and know more about your character than you do. - Author: Chris Hemsworth
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#5. Even those who consider all this total bullshit have to concede that it's upscale, artisanal bullshit of the highest order. - Author: Mark Leyner
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#6. Alexander Wang is a young designer, and his style is so profound. He took sports and street and kind of combined it into upscale high fashion. He made a white T-shirt a luxury. - Author: ASAP Ferg
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#7. Condemning people from a soapbox doesn't work, nor do attempts to modify the behavior of others. It is not the words of scripture that change an individual's heart; it is the Spirit in and behind those words. - Author: Timothy Kurek
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#8. Beauty is what I feel my life is about - the garden, the house, whatever. I see the world that way, yet it isn't. - Author: Julie Newmar
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#9. He would help her give her heart to the right guy ... all in His perfect timing. - Author: Karen Kingsbury
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#10. Something else that separates me from society: Super-Positive Perspective! Where normal people would whine about subpar accommodations, I choose to view it as upscale camping. - Author: Tim Dorsey
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#11. Many upscale American parents somehow think jobs like their own are part of the nation's natural order. They are not. In Europe, they have already discovered that, and many there have accepted the new small-growth, small-jobs reality. Will we? - Author: Daniel Henninger
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#12. McKinney, Texas is the number one place to live in the country. It's certainly the number place to live in Texas according to Forbes and all these other. Wonderfully integrated, it's upscale. - Author: Geraldo Rivera
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#13. Within fifteen minutes, Emilie had guided them to an upscale store known for its fresh meats and produce. She felt a little ridiculous as she walked into the store, a team of muscled badasses following her. - Author: Laura Kaye
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#14. What are called 'public schools' in many of America's wealthy communities aren't really 'public' at all. In effect, they're private schools, whose tuition is hidden away in the purchase price of upscale homes there, and in the corresponding property taxes. - Author: Robert Reich
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#15. I kept bugging them about making it more upscale, because I felt Abby, through her cleverness and business sense, was a character who would move up. And that's what she did. - Author: Donna Mills
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#16. Because I first made my name as a rapper claiming South Central L.A., people often assume I'm strictly a West Coast cat. But my family was actually from back East. I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey. - Author: Ice-T
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#17. It's not just NYU. There are days when I feel like I'm stranded in some upscale mall in Pasadena. Don't even get me started on the insidious transformation of Bleecker Street! - Author: Jessica Hagedorn
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#18. Comfort food is absolutely moving upscale. - Author: Danny Meyer
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#19. There is only one thing certain and that is that nothing is certain - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
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#20. To be sure about nonsense he had to be able to classify it, assign it to a family tree of liberal nonsense, humanist-humanitarian nonsense, academic nonsense, Protestant nonsense, Freudian nonsense and so on. - Author: Kingsley Amis
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#21. A complacent player is a lazy player, and a lazy player is a loser. - Author: Darryl Sutter
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#22. I hate to say it, but the truth is that the upscale line is where I get respect as a designer. The higher the price range, the higher the respect level from the industry, even though it's much easier to make a great $500 dress than a great $100 dress. - Author: Betsey Johnson
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#23. Edmondson has incisively discussed the ways college campuses have grown akin to upscale retirement homes for the very young, where the promise of intellectually demanding courses ranks far below the lure of new gymnastic facilities. - Author: Maureen Corrigan
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#24. Lindy became an instructor at an upscale gym, where she taught aerobic pole dancing - Author: Joe Hill
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#25. This upscale Marin whorehouse allowed the men to come and pick from the lineup of women like we were donuts in a pastry case. - Author: Michelle Tea
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#26. Sophistication is upscale conformity. - Author: James Richardson
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#27. My breakfast consists of two cappuccinos and maybe a toasted English muffin, and that's pretty much it for me unless I decide to go a little more upscale, and then I'll have scrambled eggs. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
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#28. Criticism is no threat to your self-esteem or identity, but rather informs you. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#29. Therefore for Spirits, I am so far from denying their existence that I could easily believe, that not only whole Countries, but particular persons, have their Tutelary and Guardian Angels. - Author: Thomas Browne
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#30. Anything so delightful as Washington I have never seen elsewhere. There were a mingled simplicity and grandeur, a mingled state and quiet intimacy, a brilliancy of conversation
the proud prominence of intellect over material prosperity which does not exist in any other city of the Union. - Author: M. E. W. Sherwood
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#31. Many expanded-time schools have generated extraordinary results. In some cases, they have completely closed the achievement gap, all while installing curricula with a richness rivaled only by elite private schools and those in the most upscale suburbs. - Author: Chris Gabrieli
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#32. It's not like I've been vaulting my whole life. I haven't. So my body hasn't taken that physical beating. I'm still on the upscale. - Author: Jenn Suhr
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#33. Some people think that going on a caravan holiday is a slightly more upscale version of camping. Let me assure you, it is much better than that. You know that you will have your creature comforts wherever you are. I never have to pack light, and I can put the kettle on in any location. - Author: Margaret Beckett
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#34. I'm not gangly; I'm very coordinated. I do have a bit of a baby face. But I guess that just means I'll be working longer. - Author: Tim Robbins
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#35. The Eagles's 1977 hit "Hotel California" was a flawless piece of craftsmanship, but it was about upscale fatalism and gilded cages, about the hotel you can check into but never leave. It sounded as though Joan Didion had started writing lyrics. As - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#36. Obviously I'm in favor of protecting the rights of everybody: gay, black, women, what have you, American Indians. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#37. Karaoke is the great equalizer. - Author: Aisha Tyler
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#38. I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey. There was this tiny area of Summit where most of the black families lived. My parents and I lived in a duplex house on Williams Street. - Author: Ice-T
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#39. Words like lucky and advantages we knew, even at our young age, were upscale euphemisms for not poor, not the son of a drunk and, later, not the son of a suicidal mother. - Author: Hannah Pittard
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#40. I love celery and people don't use it a lot. Celery and flavors in that family - it really brightens and is refreshing. - Author: Todd English
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#41. I have heard upscale adult U.S. citizens ask the ship's Guest Relations Desk whether snorkeling necessitates getting wet ... I now know the precise mixocological difference between a Slippery Nipple and a fuzzy navel. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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