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Top 14 Unhealthiest Quotes

#1. What makes or breaks us ultimately is our attitude toward the things we can't control. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#2. When I knelt to kiss her hand, she sighed heavily. 'Ask me nothing,' she said. 'Life itself is too joyless to be more embittered by explanations. Let all rest between us as now. I will love coldly, you warmly, with no nearer approaching.'
("The Basilisk") - Author: R. Murray Gilchrist
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#3. You might be a redneck if you watch cartoons long after your kids get bored. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#4. What a person did when they were in pain said a lot about them.

pg 459 - Author: Veronica Roth
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#5. We are the unhealthiest species on the Earth without exception. - Author: Sid Garza-Hillman
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#6. Finally here, Imma star with the timing. My swagger is chill and my flow is reclining. - Author: Drake
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#7. If you knew how to cook, maybe I would eat," Jace muttered.
Isabelle froze, her spoon poised dangerously. "What did you say?"
Jace edged toward the fridge. "I said I'm going to look for a snack to eat."
That's what I thought you said." Isabelle turned her attention to the soup. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#8. My unhealthiest habit is that I like eating white bread and butter. I don't know why, I just ate it as a kid. It's weird but I love it. My healthiest? I make a really good quinoa, chickpea and tahini lemon dressing salad, or I make a really bomb green smoothie. - Author: Courtney Eaton
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#9. What grace I have is enough. - Author: Theodore Roethke
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#10. We read to learn about the world.
We write to change the world. - Author: Lori Jamison Rog
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#11. If you want to travel the Way of Buddhas and Zen masters, then expect nothing, seek nothing, and grasp nothing. - Author: Dogen
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#12. Worry and stress is one of the most unhealthiest things. They say that cancer and sickness comes from that, so you know I do my best. There are times that I do feel very stressed, but I do my best to keep it away and get plenty of rest. - Author: Carmen Electra
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#13. You have given me Your love, filling the world with Your gifts. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#14. Protectionism is a very real danger. It is understandable that in times of a severe downturn protectionist pressures mount but the lessons of history are clear. If we give in to protectionist pressures, we will only send the world into a downward spiral. - Author: Manmohan Singh
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