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Top 15 Ugly Baby Seinfeld Quotes

#1. It is said that an ounce of common sense can outweigh a ton of 'variations'. - Author: Savielly Tartakower
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#2. I am absolutely certain that life can exist in outer space, move around, find a new aqueous environment. - Author: Craig Venter
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#3. Flowers are the fastest way to a woman's heart. Well, actually, the fastest way is through her rib cage, but flowers are a lot less messy. - Author: Eddie Murphy
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#4. My life, my family and my friends are back in the U.K., so ideally I would love the kind of career that is split between London and New York. - Author: Samuel Barnett
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#5. There is nothing so clear-sighted and sensible as a noble mind in a low estate. - Author: Jane Porter
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#6. I can't do anything about the thoughts that come into my head, but I can do something about the ones that stay there!. - Author: Penney Peirce
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#7. With the growing reliance on social media, we no longer search for news, or the products and services we wish to buy. Instead they are being pushed to us by friends, acquaintances and business colleagues. - Author: Erik Qualman
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#8. You haven't lived until you've basked in the adoration of people. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#9. If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together - Author: Ratan Tata
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#10. I noticed." Lazaro slowly approached her near the bed. "I should be focused on a thousand other things right now. Instead, here I am. Noticing everything about you, Melena. - Author: Lara Adrian
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#11. It was a thing intangible, yet clearly felt - the sense that time was moving round him, past him, leaving him untouched. - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#12. For me, adoption was grief in reverse. - Author: Jody Cantrell Dyer
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#13. This was the moment he most loved about tourneying, that first glorious sortie with banners streaming, trumpets blaring, and the earth atremble with pounding hooves as hundreds of knights came together in a spectacular clash of sound and fury. - Author: Sharon Kay Penman
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#14. The great appeal of drugs in the West is only because the West has succeeded in destroying the right hemisphere completely because of compulsory education. - Author: Osho
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#15. Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem. - Author: Brian Aldiss
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