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Top 66 Type Of Woman Quotes

#1. I won't shy away at the fact that when I love a man, I really love a man. Im the type of woman that enjoys making my man, feel worthy & if that means I am old in my beliefs, than my future husband will be a lucky man.

Nikki Rowe

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#2. I'm the type of woman you might say is too good. I'll massage a man's feet, have dinner cooked when he gets home. But once they leave, the door is closed, and the locks are changed.

Angie Stone

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#3. I once witnessed more ardent emotions between men at an Elks' Rally in Pasadena than they could ever have felt for the type of woman available to an Elk.

Anita Loos

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#4. The American woman is a charming creature. She is of a type most unusual and delightful ... And their feet and ankles are the most perfect in the world.

Jean Patou

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#5. My mom was an enthusiastic, positive, glass-is-half-full type of person and that is how I live my life and I owe that to her. She was an amazing woman.

Kliff Kingsbury

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#6. Marston liked to say that Wonder Woman was meant to be "psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world," but neither he nor Gaines seem to have given much thought to hiring a woman to draw her.

Jill Lepore

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#7. She seemed like the type of woman who'd help you forget about your headache by setting your bed on fire.

Tiffany Reisz

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#8. She also wasn't the type of woman who made men drool, besides him, and got the attention of every guy in the room, but that was okay because none of them should be fucking looking at her anyway.

R.L. Mathewson

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#9. The demon woman is a mythological type, and appears either as the companion of the enemy, or as the seductress of the hero; she sleeps with him-or at least promises to-and kills him.

Wolfgang Lederer

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#10. The natures of men and women are very mixed and for me the most fascinating type of woman is the one who is a little masculine, has a little of the man in her, and the sort of man who is fabulous is the one who is a little woman too. It's impossible not to mix them!

Sonia Rykiel

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#11. She's an irritating, opinionated woman, a type Buddy can't stand. I don't think he could see her for what she is. A person, deprived, for life, of any understanding or taste for the main current of poetry that flows through things, all things.

J.D. Salinger

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#12. He looks at me for a long moment. "You're not the type of woman who gives up easily, are you?" I
can't tell if he admires this trait or sees it as a sign of deteriorating mental health.

Eileen Cook

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#13. There is one type of ideal woman very seldom described in poetry - the old maid, the woman whom sorrow or misfortune prevents from fulfilling her natural destiny.

Lafcadio Hearn

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#14. I'm always up for a game of chase, but I have a feeling that, once I catch her, she isn't the type of woman who will easily be cast aside. No, Sidney O'Neil is the kind of woman you want in your bed every night, not just once.

A.S. Teague

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#15. I'm not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It's not even fun sexually. I need to feel something for the woman and entertain the vain hope that it may lead to a relationship.

Ben Affleck

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#16. Wild and urban at the same time - that's the type of woman I'm with.

Michael Winter

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#17. Experience had taught Strike that there was a certain type of woman to whom he was unusually attractive. Their common characteristics were intelligence and the flickering intensity of badly wired lamps.

Robert Galbraith

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#18. Lust is absurd. It strikes in the strangest places at the oddest times. She doesn't even realize she's feeling it. She's erected a barricade of propriety and lies between us. I despise the type of woman she is. I loathe her soft pink innocence. My body doesn't concur. I wonder why her?

Karen Marie Moning

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#19. You're the type of woman that men don't know they want until they've already fallen. You're there, and then you're just ... everywhere.

Lisa De Jong

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#20. Robert Pattinson has the face of a film-noir dupe. It's a face that is searching and open and kind. It's a face that a certain type of woman might want to fool because, in its intensely old-fashioned kindness, the face says, I love you. Fool me.

Wesley Morris

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#21. The perfect woman is a higher type of humanity than the perfect man, and also something much rarer. The natural history of animals furnishes grounds in support of this theory.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#22. The most unbearable type of anger is a woman's - do anything to avoid it.

Lee Child

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#23. My thoughts went round and round and it occurred to me that if I ever wrote a novel it would be of the 'stream of consciousness' type and deal with an hour in the life of a woman at the sink.

Barbara Pym

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#24. The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a life long experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed.

Anna Garlin Spencer

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#25. I'm not the type of woman who shows off my body; I'm a vocalist and I'm a writer and I think people see that more so than they see anything else. That's just who I am.

Jazmine Sullivan

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#26. You are the type of female who grows more lovely, not by false paints or creams, but by being a complete woman, a woman who knows intelligence, sympathy, forgiveness, generosity, and love of family. I cannot imagine a more perfect combination.

Regina Jeffers

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#27. For a certain type of woman who risks losing her identity in a man, there are all those questions ... until you get to the point and know that you really are living a love story.

Anouk Aimee

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#28. Why, emotionally, is a man of his type reciprocally connected to a woman of her type? The usual reason: their flaws fit.

Philip Roth

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#29. I enjoy the company of my fellow man and woman, and I do not wish to be sequestered away in any type of bubble.

Pierce Brosnan

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#30. Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world. - William Moulton Marston, March 1945

Jill Lepore

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#31. She wore a black pantsuit with a white silk shirt that had an almost metallic sheen to it. He wondered whom she had already gone into mourning for; then he reminded himself that she was the type of woman who mourned damaged reputations and lost opportunities, not human beings.

Christopher Rice

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#32. Aziz was that rare type of man a woman could love without losing her self-respect.

Elif Shafak

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#33. To think that I wasted years of my life, that I wanted to die, that I felt my deepest love, for a woman who did not appeal to me, who was not my type!

Marcel Proust

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#34. When you look at me, baby, do I strike you as the type of man who lets the woman he intends to fuck walk into another man's hotel room?

Tessa Bailey

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#35. Women somehow get portrayed as one type. You're either a feminist or you're not. You're a working woman or you're not. I'm raising two girls, and I say to them, 'I need you to be strong and soft. You can be smart and beautiful ... You can be all of these things.'

Maria Shriver

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#36. TOBIAS: No one ever said this would be easy, and you don't seem like the type of woman to take the easy way out.

T.S. Joyce

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#37. She was the kind of woman you might overlook in a dark, crowded bar, but the first one you'd notice when the lights came up. In other words, she was exactly my type.

Tracey Garvis-Graves

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#38. There is the type of woman you love for your need and the type you need because of your love. The two are not the same, and only the fortunate manage to find the second. Most of us have to make do with the first.

Helen Hollick

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#39. The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer - because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement, not the possession of a brainless slut.

Ayn Rand

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#40. She was old enough to be stately, yet young enough to be known for her remarkable beauty. In short, she was the type of woman Sarene would normally hate - if she weren't also the kindest, most intelligent woman in the court. After

Brandon Sanderson

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#41. Alas, two men are often necessary to provide a woman with a perfect lover, just as in literature a writer composes a type only by employing the singularities of several similar characters.

Honore De Balzac

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#42. I am always surprised by who wears my shoes. This is a good thing. There is no type of woman, but all my women like to feel feminine. They are women who are happy to be women.

Christian Louboutin

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#43. She had fat arms, the type of arms that held sailors and soldiers and thieves. The kind of arms that held someone who was going away to jail for ten years. They were the arms of a woman who had eaten a hundred delicious cakes and pastries to get them this comfortable.

Heather O'Neill

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#44. She was the type of woman who caused men to do stupid shit they would later look back on with disbelief.

Scott Hildreth

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#45. But grief let loose from a woman who lost a child - that was the worst type of grief of all.

Bernice L. McFadden

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#46. So you see, the most vital question then becomes, what type of woman will conquer our hero? If she be of poor quality, he'll become a slave. But if she be great, then her greatness will elevate the man to greater heights than he could ever have attained on his own.

Bryan M. Litfin

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#47. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything?

Beyonce Knowles

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#48. I'm playing a very strong character, it's the story of the woman Polish Jews out of the Warsaw ghetto. I've just begun my weapons training and the SAS type training that's getting me fit.

Sadie Frost

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#49. For me, my favourite actresses are like Charlotte Rampling or Gena Rowlands ... people who have always stepped outside of the restraints of a certain type of woman or story. I always like those movies the best.

Kirsten Dunst

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#50. If a woman decides she likes me, it would behoove her to take into consideration that my art has had a strong influence on the type of person I am.

Wesley Snipes

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#51. Ethan, but I'm certainly not the type of woman to just go home with two men whether I know them or not. It would be highly inappropriate, not to mention stupid."
"And you're not stupid."
"Not as far as I can tell" ...

MK McClintock

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#52. She was getting worse, but I knew that I had to stand by her. I knew the type of woman she really was and I needed to find a way to help her find herself. She didn't give up on me when I hit bottom, so I wouldn't give up on her.

Matt Abrams

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#53. The plague had killed far more females than males. As one of the few women in The New America, especially an educated, civilized woman, I'd always supposed I was ever man's type.

Anna Carey

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#54. My grandmother was the type of woman who always smiled and said, 'Treat people like you want to be treated, and life is so much easier.' My mom is the same way.

Torii Hunter

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#55. Let me be the type man who plants a field of flowers so you can be the type of woman who picks them.

A.J. Compton

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#56. If woman's sole responsibility is of the domestic type, one class will be crushed by it, and the other throw it off as a badge of poverty. The poor man's motto, 'Woman's work is never done,' leads inevitably to its antithesis - ladies' work is never begun.

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

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#57. Why does it have to be you as a woman? Why not you as a human being? This type of question is a way of silencing a person's specific experiences.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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#58. People might not agree with me, but I think a woman should have a feminine shape, something you can get your hands on. You, on the other hand, look like you might be partial to the skinny type, a point of view I fully respect, don't misunderstand me.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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#59. Sofia is so active, and she made The Virgin Suicides, which I thought was great - all these things are inspiring to me, not in terms of creating a particular dress, but just in terms of knowing that there is this type of woman out there.

Marc Jacobs

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#60. We go to Italy every winter, and my husband's mother has a bingo party on Christmas. Every woman brings a dish: lentils, cavolo nero, tons of beans, polenta, every type of cheese, bruschetta, fresh vegetables, and local olive oil and wine.

Debi Mazar

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#61. I find it hard to meet the right woman as people assume I'm a certain type of person - which I'm not.

Anthony Kiedis

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#62. My shape reminds me a lot of my grandmother, whom I was really close to. She died when I was 13, and we have a really similar body type, the squat New England woman who can roll out dough and bring in your lawnmower. That's kind of the vibe of my body, and I'm into it.

Lena Dunham

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#63. Elaine is just in pain. I think Elaine has become very, very sad woman. She is someone who is in deep need of many hours of analysis and I like to think that I'm not that type of person.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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#64. I don't really have a type of woman.

Luke Wilson

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#65. Every country is like a particular type of person. America is like a belligerent, adolescent boy; Canada is like an intelligent, 35-year-old woman. Australia is like Jack Nicholson. It comes right up to you and laughs very hard in your face in a highly threatening and engaging manner.

Douglas Adams

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#66. There's not one type of stand-up, just like there's not one type of woman.

Jenny Slate

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