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#1. Creativity is a scavenger hunt. It's your obligation to pay attention to clues, to the thing that gives you that little tweak. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#2. It's a very simple process. He [Danny Boyl] comes in the tube (subway) and then he sits with me for 3 hours every evening and then I work on something. Then later, if he likes something, I put it even more perfectly. I tweak stuff. So this happened for 3 or 4 weeks and the music was done. - Author: A.R. Rahman
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#3. Get your idea down on paper. You can always tweak it later. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#4. Our perspective equals our reality, tweak the perspective and you tweak your reality. - Author: Sam Owen
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#5. We still have very little understanding of how we can tweak form or shape at the genetic level. We certainly haven't unlocked those secrets. - Author: Mitchell Joachim
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#6. A lot of directors in my experience are very receptive. They see what you do first, and then they want to find a place to put the camera, and they tweak you here and there. - Author: Annette Bening
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#7. For the ancient Greeks, who lacked our social media, the only way to achieve mass duplication of the details of one's life in the apprehension of others was to do something wondrously worth the telling. Our wondrous technologies might just save us all the personal bother. Kleos is a tweak away. - Author: Rebecca Goldstein
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#8. When you hire somebody, you shouldn't have to tell them [a lot of what] to do; you hire them because you like their work and all you've got to do is tweak them a little bit. - Author: Scoot McNairy
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#9. I've always been intrigued by color and by interesting hair. I was one of those weird little girls doing my own hair at the age of 9. I was, like, getting weird gels and new brushes and cornrow holders. I would tweak and perm at the age of 13. - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#10. With multimedia, everything blurs. Software takes the concept of the imagination and makes it something you can edit, tweak, and transform with digital techniques. Everything becomes an edited file. - Author: DJ Spooky
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#11. We must not adopt the world's view and then tweak it to make it Christian. We must draw a line in the sand and stand firm in the radical teachings of Christ and His gospel. We must preach the truth and be the examples of the truth we preach. - Author: Paul Washer
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#12. Reagan didn't put anything off the table, if he felt it was for the good of the American people to tweak the tax system. - Author: Alan K. Simpson
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#13. My material never comes out verbatim every time. I always tweak in a line, or tweak away a line, gain a couple tags or lose a couple tags. The timing is always off. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#14. From offstage until the moment I walk onstage, I constantly tweak my talk show and 'Top Model', but at the same time, I often leave my private life by the wayside. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#15. Writing for myself and writing for another artist are two very different experiences. When I handle both the story and the art, I have full control. I can endlessly tweak every word and every line. - Author: Gene Luen Yang
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#16. Here was the puppeteer who was pulling strings all over the Empire. Didn't he know that the Fates were the only ones who could tweak the threads of destiny? - Author: Rosie Pugh
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#17. If at first you don't succeed, tweak it before you toss it. - Author: Todd Stocker
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#18. I fix things now and then, more often tweak HTML and make scripts to do things. - Author: Dennis Ritchie
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#19. A lot of the techniques are similar in MMA. You just have to look at your opponent and their technique and tweak your game plan a little bit. - Author: Dan Henderson
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#20. It's my privilege," I said carefully, trying not to tweak his pride, "to do those things that are easier for me than for you. You do the same for me. Let me deal with her. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#21. I have a creative mind, so if I listen to the song, I have an idea, I thought of five or six months ago, I'll bring it back into the playing field. I can tweak ideas or make them better. Just come up with something and then we go from there. - Author: Chris Brown
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#22. Sometimes directors feel like they have to justify that hat that they are wearing they've got on as a director, and they come in and they tweak and interfere. - Author: Gary Oldman
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#23. That's one of my favorite things about Twitter: You can tweak your feed into a fabulous novelty engine. That's only one thing you can do with it, but it's one of the things I find most entertaining about it. - Author: William Gibson
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#24. Since truffle oil and caviar aren't always in the budget, learning to tweak and enhance just a few ingredients and flavor combinations can help you transform those ordinary ingredients into the extraordinary! - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#25. The Pre highlighted things I needed to tweak. I'm glad I ran there and found the things I needed to tweak and didn't find those things out here. - Author: Lauren Fleshman
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#26. Sometimes, a little tweak on the way you think and react is the best solution to some marital issues. - Author: Michelle Audet
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#27. Your woods, irons and wedges are built with specific lengths and lie angles, which demand that you stand to the ball a little differently for each one. The secret is to know which elements of your address position remain constant, and which ones you have to tweak to match the club in your hand. - Author: Sergio Garcia
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#28. Welcome!" he said. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! "Thank you! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#29. If you ever go to a music session, you'll notice that the musicians can sit down and start playing right away, and everyone knows what to do. Of course they're reading it, but the conductor can tweak little things, and you can take that back to directing motion pictures. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#30. For me, the romantic comedies I love are the ones that pay homage to the genre, but also find their ways to twist it and tweak it. - Author: Greg Berlanti
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#31. The role of a chef isn't to reinvent dishes but to tweak. - Author: Jean-Georges Vongerichten
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#32. A mind once stretched by thoughts of heaven will never regain it's original shape (a shameless tweak of a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, US author and physician) - Author: Serenity McLean
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#33. I have a toothache today. I never seem to be able to rise above a toothache. It makes me want to howl, break things, pull noses, tweak ears, screech. - Author: John Colton
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#34. Like you, I'm fed up with business as usual in Washington. Send me to Congress, and I won't tweak our broken system. I'll shut it down. - Author: Francine Busby
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#35. That was my fear, which is why when I was took over a book, I was always trying to tweak it a little bit so that it looked like I was trying to add something instead of keeping the status quo. - Author: Todd McFarlane
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#36. There was a general sense that if you were going to get close enough to a CBS executive to tweak his nose, you'd only have one hand free because you were holding your own. - Author: Howard Hesseman
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#37. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#38. The dominant trance of the planet is that we live in a perpetual sense of lack, a perpetual sense of, "If only I could make this small tweak, then I would feel okay." And, of course, none of the tweaks ever work in the long term. - Author: Arjuna Ardagh
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#39. Turns out, what I love doing is making games. Not hyping games or trying to sell a lot of copies. I just want to experiment and develop and think and tinker and tweak. - Author: Markus Persson
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#40. When chasing a dream, make sure the price is truly worth paying - if it is, go for it, if not, tweak your dream a little and then go for it. - Author: John Avery
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#41. Introspection and observation of others are vital for the ongoing good health of our own psyche; watch, learn and tweak as required. - Author: Sam Owen
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#42. When you begin with the finish line in mind, you miss all the fun stuff along the way. The better approach is to tweak and grow, tweak and grow. - Author: Sophia Amoruso
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#43. I had a friend who was a plastic surgeon, so he would do little things. I never had, like, a full thing. So I would go in maybe once every two or three years, and he'd do a little here, a little there; tweak you, like you tweak your car. Then I became the plastic surgery poster girl. - Author: Joan Rivers
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#44. Web banking lets you monitor your spending, tweak your budget, schedule payments, and more, particularly if you marry your online bank with the personal-finance management tools available online. - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#45. Pitchers make adjustments, and it's up to the hitters to readjust and sort of tweak what they do. - Author: Joe Torre
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#46. When Tony lost it, it would be up to Ruger to take Lady Death by the tits and giver a good tweak. That's how he saw it. Give Lady Death's tits a good tweak. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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#47. If someone is not happy with one thing we either tweak it until they're happy with it. We all know where that line is, where you have to be three hands up. - Author: Brandon Thomas
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#48. You have to suspend disbelief a little bit to buy into your situation and to the story and to how the character will react. You have to tweak your credibility a little bit, is basically what it comes down to. - Author: Richard Dean Anderson
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#49. Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#50. It only takes a tweak to make the whole world new. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#51. Try to find if something out there is similar. If it's already being done, now you need to find out if you can do it better or cheaper. If you have a good product and no one's buying, improve it and tweak it. - Author: Cameron Johnson
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#52. Good writing is good writing, but that doesn't mean you can't orchestrate it or tweak it. - Author: John Travolta
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#53. Objective leaders identify their unproductive mental models and tweak them for greater effectiveness. - Author: Elizabeth Thornton
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#54. As long as you have a director, that's your feedback. It's the director telling you, "Okay. That was great! Okay. Can we add a little? Can you tweak it like this? Can you make it more high pitched? Can you give it a little growl?" - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#55. It is universally appreciated, I think, that theorists are able to tweak their assumptions in order to reach any conclusion they wish. The believability of the conclusion depends not only on the fact that it was reached but on how hard the theorist had to tweak the model to get there. - Author: David M. Kreps
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#56. There's no way to tweak your content in order to goose ratings. You do what you're good at and let people follow you. - Author: Rachel Maddow
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#57. We should have the lady-balls to say, Yeah - I like the look of this world. And I've been here for a good while, watching. Now - here's how I'd tweak it. Because we're all in this together. We're all just, you know. The Guys. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#58. There's more flexibility in the cartoon world than there is in video games. In video games, if I tweak a line, I could screw up the work of countless other people with my whim. - Author: Jennifer Hale
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#59. Drill everything, mine everything, roll back regulations, tweak the science, expedite permits. Sound familiar? The Republicans offer up more 19th-Century solutions to our 21st-Century energy problems. - Author: Jeff Goodell
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#60. Guilt wants to cover all the bases, be everywhere at once, reach into the past to tweak, neaten and repair. Guilt like Tourettic utterance flows uselessly, inelegantly from one helpless human to another, contemptuous of perimeters, doomed to be mistaken or refused on delivery. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
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