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#1. The only advice ... that one person can give another about reading is to take no advice, to follow your own instincts, to use your own reason, to come to your own conclusions. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#2. The only reason I would stay away from a period piece is because sometimes the women are painted in a very stereotypical weakling, wallflower way - that's something I don't want to do. I want to show strength in the women I play, and a journey of some sort. - Author: Dagmara Dominczyk
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#3. The only reason I haven't shot you yet is because he's the one who should get to do it," I say. "Stay away from him or I'll decide I no longer care. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#4. And yet we couldn't leave
it was if the rocks were holding us there. I mean, they were only rocks. But for some reason, those rocks made lonely feel good. - Author: Cynthia Kadohata
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#5. I feel you. Inside. In the parts of me I crushed the night my mother died. No matter how I tried to keep you out, you got in and I couldn't let you leave me behind. So listen to me when I say this. My life is yours. You're the reason I'll stay alive. The only goddamn reason. - Author: Dee Tenorio
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#6. The only reason Jake 'The Snake' Roberts doesn't drink and drive anymore is because he is afraid he might hit a bump and spill his drink. - Author: Jerry Lawler
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#7. The only reason the Protestants and Catholics have given up the idea of universal domination is because they've realised they can't get away with it. - Author: W. H. Auden
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#8. The reason gold-diggers trivialize
relationships is because they do not know love,they only know money. - Author: Moffat Machingura
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#9. The only reason anyone goes to Broadway is because they can't get work in the movies. - Author: Bette Davis
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#10. The only reason I got into movies was because I had no music talent. - Author: John Hughes
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#11. The only reason that judgment comes into it at all is the sad fact that there will always be dummies who refuse to trust a good thing when it's handed to them on a platter. - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
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#12. The demeaning of dignity is almost the only reason for a fight. - Author: Simon Soloveychik
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#13. A successful politician must not only be able to read the mood of the public, he must have the skill to get the public on his side. The public is moved by mood more than logic, by instinct more than reason, and that is something that every politician must make use of or guard against - Author: Jean Chretien
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#14. Pain beneath every breath is the only reason of someones lifelong success. - Author: Vishal Bhojwani
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#15. I lead a normal life and I don't assume there is anything I can impart to people. The only reason to write a book would be to make money, and I don't want to do that. To write a book would be going against how I've lived. - Author: Patrick Duffy
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#16. Not only does my world revolve around her, but she is my world. She's not just my reason for breathing, she's air itself. She's the meaning behind every one of my thoughts, every thrum of my pulse, every whisper of my conscience. She's my entire everything. It's as simple and as complex as that. - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#17. I fell into writing plays by accident. But the reason I write plays is that it's the only thing I'm any good at. - Author: David Hare
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#18. We are shallow because we have become enslaved by gross materialism, the glitter of gold and its equivalents, for which reason we think that only the material goods of this earth can satisfy us and we must therefore grab as much as can while we are able. - Author: F. Sionil Jose
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#19. For this reason, bowed down by suffering and duties, beautiful in the midst of his misery, capable of loving in the face of afflictions and trials, man finds his greatness, his fullest measure, only in the Kingdom of This World (179). - Author: Alejo Carpentier
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#20. The only reason that it takes me seven years to do stuff is because I just don't really have a plan. - Author: Fiona Apple
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#21. Rules, established with reason and justice, can easily outlive their usefulness as circumstances change, yet can remain in force through inertia. It is then not only right, but useful, to break those rules as a way of advertising the fact that they have become useless - or even actually harmful. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#22. Before the Internet, all most people cared about was Office. And Office was really the only reason anyone wanted Windows machines instead of Macs. - Author: Michael Arrington
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#23. The objection to propaganda is not only its appeal to unreason, but still more the unfair advantage which it gives to the rich and powerful. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#24. Reality is that which exists; the unreal does not exist; the unreal is merely that negation of existence which is the content of a human consciousness when it attempts to abandon reason. Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man's only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#25. It was the only lie she ever told. She did not do it to protect Francisco; she did it because she felt, for some reason which she could not define, that the incident was a secret too precious to share. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#26. Physics is nothing but the ABC's. Nature is an equation with an unknown, a Hebrew word which is written only with consonants to which reason has to add the dots. - Author: Johann Georg Hamann
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#27. But I didn't walk a single step. I stopped a lot to stretch, but I never walked. I didn't come here to walk. I came to run. That's the reason-the only reason-I flew all the way to the northern tip of Japan. No matter how slow I might run, I wasn't about to walk. That was the rule. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#28. By the word genuine I mean biblical, for only in the Bible do we have truth that is indisputably reliable. For this reason, the Bible must be the guide and test for all of our experiences in the spiritual life, for biblical spirituality is the only genuine spirituality. - Author: Charles C. Ryrie
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#29. I obsess everyday about everything. Not only about what we do well but what we can do better ... In the end, the only reason I am motivated to do what I do is for the hedonistic pleasures of the table. - Author: Mario Batali
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#30. The only hope I can see for the future depends on a wiser and braver use of the reason, not a panic flight from it. - Author: F.L. Lucas
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#31. I think that marijuana should be legalized. I think the only reason it isn't legal is because politicians who smoked it when they were young men or young women just don't have the courage when they become politicians to legalize it. - Author: Richard Branson
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#32. The only reason you're undefeated at WrestleMania is because you've never faced me at WrestleMania. - Author: Randy Orton
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#33. I'm not talented or gifted. I'm a committed, meticulous workaholic. The only reason I succeed is because I refuse to fail. - Author: Jessie Snow
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#34. The only reason we were here was because nobody had yet optimized software for First Contact. - Author: Peter Watts
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#35. Well, I love fishing. I wouldn't kill a fly myself but I've no hesitation in killing a fish. A lot of men are like that. No bother. Out you come. Thump. And that's not the only reason. - Author: Norman MacCaig
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#36. The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past. They are fighting for access to the laboratories where photographs are retouched and biographies and histories rewritten. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#37. Well, the only reason we're friends is because you can rock a tweed suit," she informed, tone mock serious. "So if you want to keep me around, I expect more tweed. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
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#38. I meet a lot of readers who first encountered my work in school. And I can only assume there is another group who would run away very fast if they saw me coming, for exactly the same reason. Reading is individual, and not all tastes are alike. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#39. I've thought often about why - why?! - anyone, especially other women, would try to disrupt feminist work that combats violence. What in the world could be the point of that? The only reason I've come up with, and I think it makes sense, is fear of becoming that "impure" woman. - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#40. The only reason a man should ever pick up a sword was to protect those he loved, not to willfully take the life of someone else's beloved. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#41. The only reason I have the career I have is that I didn't quit. - Author: Mariska Hargitay
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#42. Love is the one thing stronger than desire and the only proper reason to resist temptation. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#43. Everything is in a script for a reason, and only by being part of a writing team (or writing it yourself), do you really understand the intention of every beat. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#44. I'm 77. The only reason I'm ever shy about it is that people tend to think of you in terms of what they think that age is. I certainly don't feel any different than I did when I was 35, and my energy seems to be more than it was then. - Author: Robert Osborne
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#45. The only real reason to write professionally is that you love it enough. - Author: Sloan Wilson
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#46. There is no tragedy, only the unavoidable. Everything has its reason for being: you only need to distinguish what is temporary from what is lasting. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#47. Go out and heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and preach the kingdom. But do it for only one reason. Your motive should be an overwhelming love and compassion for those in need. There is no other legitimate motive for healing. - Author: Praying Medic
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#48. In which year did a Harvard sculler last outrow an Oxford man at Henley?" Langdon had no idea, but he could imagine only one reason the question had been asked. "Surely such a travesty has never occurred. - Author: Dan Brown
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#49. Missing you?" she giggled incredulously. "I could cheerfully murder you."
"I'd come back to haunt you," he threatened with a grin.
"And that," she said, "is the only reason why I haven't tried. - Author: Judith McNaught
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#50. The only reason you can't write is because you don't. - Author: A.A. Patawaran
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#51. The only reason a true friend won't be there to pick you up is because they are lying beneath you from trying to break your fall. - Author: Tommy Cotton
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#52. Only optimists commit suicide, optimists who no longer succeed at being optimists. The others, having no reason to live, why would they have any to die? - Author: Emil Cioran
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#53. The only reason i love the courage of these individuals is that they take their family members as astray chicks, and the reason i don't want to belong to this category is because those chicks are far more important to me than trivial wealth and fame. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#54. We ought to recognize that our greatest battle is not with one another but with our pain, our problems, and our flaws. To be hurt, yet forgive. To do wrong, but forgive yourself. To depart from this world leaving only love. This is the reason you walk. - Author: Wab Kinew
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#55. Every act I see, their whole act is choreographed. I'm sick of seeing these dancers. The only reason they have them is they don't have enough talent to get people dancing themselves. - Author: Ronnie Spector
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#56. Don't let your alarm clock, be the only reason you wake up. - Author: Ray Lewis
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#57. He was the only reason I survived at the hands of Brandon. I would just close myself off and think of him and the times we had together. He was my salvation in the darkest of dark. - Author: Harper Sloan
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#58. I'm not interested in what they have to say. I'm only interested in people that are interested in me for the right reasons. - Author: Mika.
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#59. There's a reason why the assumed goal for women in virginity-movement screeds is marriage and motherhood only: The movement only believes that's the only thing women are meant for. - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#60. The only reason these kids keep score in these games is for the parents and coaches satisfaction. Who cares? They're 10 years old. - Author: Peter Jacobsen
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#61. Doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward. Most people do the exact opposite: They only take action when they expect a reward, and they don't enjoy the action. And that's the reason why they don't do their best. - Author: Miguel Angel Ruiz
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#62. DAVID SHIELDS: Salinger told Whit Burnett... that on D-Day he was carrying six chapters of 'The Catcher in the Rye', that he needed those pages with him not only as an amulet to help him survive but as a reason to survive. - Author: Shane Salerno
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#63. It was the reason he had survived. It was the ordinary way of saying she would refuse all other men. Only you. Come back. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#64. I will do anything that is basically covered by the law to reduce Berkshire's tax rate. For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#65. The only reason of living only you. Within my desert you are my oasis, the sweetest chocolate - Author: Oasis
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#66. The only reason people lock their car doors when Obama walks by is they are afraid he'll tax them to death ... - Author: James Woods
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#67. I didn't do particularly well with girls at school. I was very shy. I'm not saying that was the only reason I didn't do well with them, but I just didn't. - Author: Jamie Dornan
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#68. The only reason I got married in 2003 was for my children. I had a therapist who said marriage is really a container for a family, and that made sense to me. - Author: Julianne Moore
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#69. The only reason Henry's like he is now is because your father took him in hand when he was a boy, and because the war came along and paid for his education. Fine a boy as he is, the trash won't wash out of him. - Author: Harper Lee
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#70. Violence in the voice is often only the death rattle of reason in the throat. - Author: Henry George Bohn
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#71. Coming from a guy who wasn't always nice to women, he's only going to treat you the way you let him. If you continue to be tolerant of circumstances, he's not going to have a reason to change - Author: L.D. Davis
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#72. Surely these victims of the sea ... had rushed willingly down the hills to the water, only to find themselves caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who should judge whether they were there for the wrong reason? - Author: John Rousmaniere
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#73. I don't know, maybe imminent peril made him feel more alive somehow, for the same reason zombies are carnivores with only one item on the menu. You never heard of undead vegetarians. Where's the challenge in attacking a plate of asparagus? - Author: Rick Yancey
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#74. Everything is on such a clear financial basis in France. It is the simplest country to live in. No one makes things complicated by becoming your friend for any obscure reason. If you want people to like you you have only to spend a little money. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#75. She had lived her whole life on shifting quicksand, where reason and the intellect were not to be trusted, where only faith was valid, and blind faith was sacred. She, herself, had enforced mindless conformity to that empty evil. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#76. Since historical reconstruction is a rational process, only justified and indeed possible if it involves the human reason, what we call history is the mess we call life reduced to some order. pattern and possibly purpose. - Author: Geoffrey Elton
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#77. The truth can only be seen when you close your eyes to reason and surrender yourself to dreams. - Author: Andre Breton
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#78. I think the main reason is that people binge watch because they can. We're like dogs, really. If we like something, we tend to gorge ourselves on it until there's no more left. And as bingeing becomes possible and commonplace, it's only natural that shows should start to take it into account. - Author: D. B. Weiss
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#79. I have no child to inherit my properties. You, the people, are my only family, and to make you happy is the reason I do politics. - Author: Park Geun-hye
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#80. I like to make films, but the only reason I do is because I'm a very bad musician. - Author: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
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#81. The only reason you should be an entrepreneur is because that's the only way the idea will come into the world. - Author: Dustin Moskovitz
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#82. If we are wondering why only 19 percent of the American people feel that the Congress is in tune with their priorities, the cuts in Amtrak is one blatant reason why. - Author: Corrine Brown
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#83. Treatments and therapies have never been better in the face of this disease. You have every reason to be optimistic, determined, and focused on the future. My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer. - Author: Jack Layton
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#84. That is, the only reason salvation is necessary is to get us back to the garden. The Pentateuch not only presents where we began but also why we are not there any more, and why and how we need to get back. - Author: David Baker
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#85. The reason we have poverty is that we have no imagination. There are a great many people accumulating what they think is vast wealth, but it's only money ... they don't know how to enjoy it, because they have no imagination. - Author: Alan Watts
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#86. I don't think writers -in general- ever achieve the fame of movie stars. For the simple reason that only a fraction of the population reads. But I guess there are exceptions. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#87. The only reason I'm an actor is that a lady pulled out of a parking space in front of a producer's office. - Author: James Garner
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#88. As your older brother, it's my sacred duty to save you from yourself."
She brings her fists down on the table, making all the dinner plates jump. "The ONLY reason you're fifteen minutes older than me is because you cut in front of the line, as usual! - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#89. The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is that we may listen the more and talk the less. - Author: Zeno Of Citium
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#90. My life was falling apart and then to come out and play and have my best ever - 40 wickets, 250 runs ... But the only reason I could do that was because of the way I thought and I think I'm pretty strong mentally. I think I am anyway, pretty strong to get over whatever it is. - Author: Shane Warne
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#91. My mom used to talk about fate all the time, and I think you're it ... you're my fate. You were brought to me for a reason, for us to save each other. Because you weren't the only one needing saved, Haven. I was drowning, and you rescued me. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#92. It's an image that the media has given me as a bad girl, and the only reason they gave me that image is just because of the few things that have gone wrong in my life, and also because I grew up living in a trailer. - Author: Tonya Harding
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#93. She knew happiness was only one side of the coin and the coin was forever turning . . . Thomasina had every reason to be happy, but instead she held her heart at the same level she had always held it, because she did not trust extremes of feeling. - Author: Kathleen Winter
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#94. Beauty, pleasure, and the good things of life are intensified, and perhaps only exist, by reason of contrast. - Author: Walter J. Phillips
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#95. There is no reason to think a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens cannot change the world; Indeed, that's the only thing that ever has. - Author: Margaret Mead
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#96. All philosophers must, therefore, doff their hats to the poets when they discover that the path of reason takes them only so far. - Author: Hagiwara Sakutaro
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#97. ...they were all, if the truth was only known, a little bit off in their heads. What possible reason could a sane person have for wanting to not enjoy himself any more? - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#98. Democrats are the only reason to vote for Republicans - Author: Will Rogers
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#99. What, but the rapacity of the only men who exercised their reason, the priests, secured such vast property to the church, when a man gave his perishable substance to save himself from the dark torments of purgatory. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
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#100. I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster. - Author: Aaron Patzer
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