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#1. The organism's environment is the sense it makes of the world. This environment is a place of significance and valence, as a result of the global action of the organism. - Author: Evan Thompson
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#2. And what shall we know of this life on earth after death? The dissolution of our timebound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning. Rather, does the little finger know itself a member of the hand. - Author: Carl Jung
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#3. Sometimes we exist long enough to lead the next generation; other times, only to plant a seed and let its resonations of our time here on Earth ripple into new waves. - Author: A.J. Darkholme
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#4. If we focus on the minuses, we go down the spiral. But if we are able to focus on the pluses, we can become stronger and put more meaning into our life. - Author: Petra Nemcova
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#5. On the other hand, the concept owes its meaning and its justification exclusively to the totality of the sense impressions which we associate with it. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#6. He continued to stroke its back and scratch its ears, but after a minute or two he realized he was seeking something from the dog that it could not provide: meaning, purpose, relief from despair. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#7. Ah, Lord Jesus! I never knew Your love till I understood the meaning of Your death. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#8. The word 'Terror' is so generally and universally used in connection with everyday trivial matters that it is apt to fail to convey, when intended to do so, its real meaning. - Author: Jim Corbett
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#9. We can only be enlightened to the meaning of wise words
only and only if life have put and made us requiring them. - Author: Toba Beta
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#10. Like psychoanalysis, constitutional jurisprudence has become a game without rules. By defying the plain meaning of words, ignoring context and history, and using a little ingenuity, you can make the Constitution mean anything you like. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#11. I would define liberty to be a power to do as we would be done by. The definition of liberty to be the power of doing whatever the law permits, meaning the civil laws, does not seem satisfactory. - Author: John Adams
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#12. For indeed you have a choice. You can flee and hide, and wait to be found. You can live out your days in terror, without meaning. Or you can take the harder choice, and you can save them. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#13. In our definitions, we grope after the spiritual by describing it as invisible. The true meaning of spiritual is real; that law which executes itself, which works without means, and which cannot be conceived as not existing. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#14. Okay - the world needs its cogs, all of them; and even a cog may say how it gets used. In fact, only a cog may determine its eventual meaning in the system. That's what I wanted to tell you. - Author: Keigo Higashino
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#15. To deal with someone from other infinites is problematic at times, to deal with a true master of all the realms of the yogas. We call them someone with the seven seals of enlightenment, meaning that their gradated perception has past through all the realms. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#16. I know there's a word called "miracle". But I don't know if there's a meaning inside the word, "miracle - Author: Dante Soo
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#17. It was an American who said that while a Frenchman's truth was akin to a straight line, a Welshman's truth was more in the nature of a curve, and it is a fact that Welsh affairs are entangled always in parabola, double-meaning and implication. This makes for a web-like interest ... - Author: Jan Morris
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#18. The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#19. He never labored so hard to learn a language as he did to hold his tongue, and it affected him for life. The habit of reticence - of talking without meaning - is never effaced. - Author: Henry Adams
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#20. If churches are to be healthy, then pastors and teachers must be committed to discovering the meaning of Scripture and allowing that meaning to drive the agenda with their congregations. - Author: Thabiti M. Anyabwile
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#21. Dreams are madness, my dear. It's things that happen in the waking world, while one is asleep, that one would be glad to know the meaning of. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#22. When we understand the outside of things, we think we have them. Yet the Lord puts his things in subdefined, suggestive shapes, yielding no satisfactory meaning to the mere intellect, but unfolding themselves to the conscience and heart. - Author: George MacDonald
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#23. Atheism robs death of meaning. And if death has no meaning, how can life ultimately have meaning? For death is the end of life. Here - Author: Peter Kreeft
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#24. I hadn't grasped how days could be at once long and short. Long, no doubt, as periods to live through, but so distended that they ended up by overlapping on each other. In fact, I never thought of days as such; only the words 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' still kept some meaning. - Author: Albert Camus
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#25. When the real is no longer what it used to be, nostalgia assumes its full meaning. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#26. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. - Justice Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. United States (1928) - Author: Jane Mayer
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#27. What will you do with your self? Many men and women are still in darkness, trying to figure out the meaning and purpose of life. But no matter what you try to do with your self - whether you deny it, obliterate it, annihilate it, accept it or express it - believe me, it is still alive and kicking. - Author: K.P. Yohannan
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#28. And yet, in truth it is in the quiet details of our life together where I have found the most meaning. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#29. You say, "But He has not answered." He has, He is so near to you that His silence is the answer. His silence is big with terrific meaning that you cannot understand yet, but presently you will. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#30. Again Creb grunted. It was the usual noncommittal comment used by men when responding to a woman. It carried only enough meaning to indicate the woman had been understood, without acknowledging too much significance in what she said. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#31. The thing to do is to exploit the meaning of the life you have. - Author: Ralph Ellison
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#32. Music gives us a language that cuts across the disciplines, helps us to see connections and brings a more coherent meaning to our world. - Author: Ernest L. Boyer
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#33. The Kabbalah describes angels as bundles of light, meaning intelligence, consciousness. Kabbalists believe that above every blade of grass is an angel crying "Grow! Grow!" ... I believe that above the entire human race is one super-angel, crying "Evolve! Evolve!" - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#34. Samsara-our conditioned existence in the perpetual cycle of habitual tendencies and nirvana - genuine freedom from such an existence- are nothing but different manifestations of a basic continuum. So this continuity of consciousness us always present. This is the meaning of tantra. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#35. Not only does my world revolve around her, but she is my world. She's not just my reason for breathing, she's air itself. She's the meaning behind every one of my thoughts, every thrum of my pulse, every whisper of my conscience. She's my entire everything. It's as simple and as complex as that. - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#36. The immortality of great art seems bound up with the inevitable loss of its original surface meaning and its rebirth in the spirit of every new age. - Author: Anton Ehrenzweig
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#37. Experience is beyond knowledge, words and speech.
It is experience which shows us the real meaning of life. - Author: Gian Kumar
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#38. Well, she asked him questions about his age and his attainments. The fact that he was a Catholic gave her pause, but when I explained to her that the present Pope was a well-meaning sort of chap, she said she was prepared to meet him halfway. - Author: Elizabeth Cadell
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#39. No one's life should be rooted in fear. We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#40. There's a lot of American kids think their food comes from the grocery store and the concept of seasonality has no meaning to them whatsoever. - Author: Peter Senge
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#41. And the good writer chooses his words for their 'meaning', but that meaning is not a a set, cut-off thing like the move of knight or pawn on a chess-board. It comes up with roots, with associations, with how and where the word is familiarly used, or where it has been used brilliantly or memorably. - Author: Ezra Pound
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#42. The meaning of the world, said Wittgenstein, is outside the world. Events and values are distinguishable only in relation to others. A totality of events and values, the world itself, requires another. - Author: Guy Davenport
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#43. It's a supernatural library filled with unfinished ghost stories, written by ghosts, where time has no meaning , and the Boogeyman wants to blow it all up. What exactly is it you think I can handle about any of that ? - Author: D.J. MacHale
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#44. Some songs you get. Some songs you may not. And I think that's the beauty of art: to question and to ask, to understand the deeper meaning after two or three or four listenings. - Author: Janelle Monae
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#45. It is necessary to curb the power of government. This is the task of all constitutions, bills of rights and laws. This is the meaning of all struggles which men have fought for liberty. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#46. PRINCIPLE is likewise such a law for action, except that it has not the formal definite meaning, but is only the spirit and sense of law in order to leave the judgment more freedom of application when the diversity of the real world cannot be laid hold of under the definite form of a law. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
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#47. A change was coming over the world, the meaning and direction of which even still is hidden from us, a change from era to era. - Froude's History of England, ch. i. - Author: William Hurrell Mallock
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#48. The minimalist path is not about getting rid of everything and owning nothing, it is about living an integrated life in which everything has meaning and value because it is about your way of being. - Author: Ela Garrison
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#49. How are we to spend our lives, anyway? That is the real question. We read to seek the answer, and the search itself
the task of a lifetime
becomes the answer. - Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz
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#50. P is positive emotion, E is engagement, R is relationships, M is meaning and A is accomplishment. Those are the five elements of what free people chose to do. Pretty much everything else is in service of one of or more of these goals. That's the human dashboard. - Author: Martin Seligman
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#51. There's no direction I can go in. If I met someone else, what meaning would there be left? If the pain goes, does that mean I never loved her? How can I get over it? I can't, I mustn't. But what else am I going to do? - Author: Marie Phillips
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#52. If anyone can make anything, anywhere. It fundamentally changes the meaning of business. - Author: Neil Gershenfeld
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#53. So what's the point of it all?"
"Seriously?" I asked. "Seriously? You're asking me for the meaning of life? Isn't that a little stereotypical?"
"Well it's a reasonable question," you persisted. - Author: Andy Weir
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#54. Australian Aborigines say that the big stories - the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life - are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking like predators hunting their prey in the bush. - Author: Robert Moss
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#55. Truly, I've learned more theology living in poor neighborhoods than in classrooms. At times I wonder if the questions of traditional theology have any meaning for the poor. And "the poor" here mean eighty percent of the population! (Ivone Gebara, p. 209) - Author: Mev Puleo
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#56. God, it's like reality's completely shifted on me. I used to think I was standing on such solid ground. If I wanted something badly enough, I just worked like hell for it. Now I can't decide what to do, which move to make. All the things I counted on aren't there for me anymore. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
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#57. Only meaning can make a difference and we all know there's no meaning. All stories express a desire for meaning, not meaning itself. Therefore any difference knowing the story makes is a delusion. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#58. Flora would have liked to ask her parents why the words 'to father' have such a different meaning from the words 'to mother'. - Author: Claire Fuller
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#59. The radical tension between good and evil, as man sees it and feels it, does not have the last word about the meaning of life and the nature of existence. There is a spirit in man and in
the world working always against the thing that destroys and lays waste. - Author: Howard Thurman
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#60. the ultimate meaning of words cannot be found in what the listener hears but in what he listens to upon hearing - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#61. A title from the1966 movie
"The Russians Are Coming,
The Russians Are Coming,"
gives a new meaning to
a phrase: "wait a minute,
we've seen this movie before - Author: Steven Ivy Attorney Entrepreneur
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#62. Words are things, but things which mean. We cannot do away with meaning without doing away with signs, that is, with language itself. Moreover, we would have to do away with the universe. All the things man touches are impregnated with meaning. - Author: Octavio Paz
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#63. Despite the slowness, the infidelity, the errors and sins it committed and might still commit against its members, the Church, trust me, has no other meaning and goal but to live and witness Jesus. - Author: Pope Francis
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#64. Are you in pain?' I asked, because I know that everything in the world that matters shows up as some kind of pain. Or pang. Joy included. - Author: Andrea Seigel
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#65. When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live. - Author: Sasha Azevedo
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#66. But it's not enough to just "discover" the meaning of life. What really matters is whether we live according to our values, and that takes hard work and a hundred hard choices every day. - Author: Greg M. Epstein
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#67. Indeed, eventually, random outcomes all revert to the mean, meaning that streaks eventually end. Understanding this is a key part of intelligent and rational investing. - Author: Barry Ritholtz
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#68. For the fiction writer himself the whole story is the meaning, because it is an experience, not an abstraction. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#69. If time stood still for a moment, what would you be grateful for? And will it be enough to allow time to have meaning when it begins? - Author: Steven Cuoco
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#70. My focus on silence is to be understood as an intrinsic part of the body's search for meaning amongst the noisy assaults of everyday life ... What quilts have brought to the viewing of art generally is this intervening layer of silence, of collected thought and concerted attention. - Author: Radka Donnell
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#71. Cinema for me only has meaning when it has a relationship with what I see outside on the street. - Author: Jacques Audiard
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#72. And I find a happiness in the fact of accepting -
In the sublimely scientific and difficult fact of accepting the inevitable natural. - Author: Alberto Caeiro
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#73. For years of our lives the days pass waywardly, featureless, without meaning, without particular happiness or unhappiness. Then, like turning over a tapestry when you have only known the back of it, there is spread the pattern. - Author: Jane Gardam
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#74. Take a stand; go for the right choice. Don't just sit for anything; stand for something. Be specific because sometimes, when the meaning is not clear, there us absolutely no meaning! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#75. These new technologies are not yet inevitable. But if they blossom fully into being, freedom may irrevocably perish. This is a fight not only for the meaning of our individual lives, but for the meaning of our life together. - Author: Bill McKibben
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#76. A woman's belly is the garden of life. Her mind is the gateway to meaning. Her heart is the source of love. And her eyes are the light by which the whole world sees beauty. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#77. Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#78. Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts but also to transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision liberate students in the most profound meaning of human freedom. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#79. So if you are writing a story where love is the meaning, where love is the highest and best of all, where love is the point, then you have to allow each person a choice. - Author: John Eldredge
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#80. Our Father Who Art in Heaven gathered more meaning for me as my own father joined the Maker when I was still in school. - Author: Andy Paula
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#81. Spiritual seekers particularly are on a quest to understand life; we want to examine our own lives and find meaning in what we do and who we are ... We find meaning in the seeking itself. Every step along the way is the Way ... - Author: Surya Das
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#82. Puzzles are like songs - A good puzzle can give you all the pleasure of being duped that a mystery story can. It has surface innocence, surprise, the revelation of a concealed meaning, and the catharsis of solution. - Author: Stephen Sondheim
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#83. I'm so fascinated by the human longing for meaning. The way we relate romantically to each other is so much to do with our longing for meaning as well. - Author: Kimbra
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#84. The removal of God from human consciousness means the removal of meaning and purpose from human life. - Author: Fazlur Rahman
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#85. (Dune's Frank) Herbert made religion the inescapable instrument of cultural change. - Author: Joseph Bottum
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#86. The meaning of these discoveries has not yet been sorted out, but it is certainly now impossible to regard the prehistoric Europeans as savages idly - Author: Michael Crichton
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#87. The field as a whole is defined as a system of deviations on different levels and nothing, either in the institutions or in the agents, the acts or discourses they produce, has meaning except relationally, by virtue of the interplay of oppositions and distinctions. - Author: Pierre Bourdieu
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#88. The man of character, sensitive to the meaning of what he is doing, will know how to discover the ethical paths in the maze of possible behavior. - Author: Earl Warren
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#89. We are simple-minded enough to think that if we were saying something we would use words. We are rather doing something. The meaning of what we do is determined by each one who sees and hears it. - Author: John Cage
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#90. They are so very cultivated, so very rich and so utterly charming. At the end of each day, they all ask themselves: 'Is it time I stopped?' And they all reply: 'If I did, there would be no meaning to my life.'
As if they actually knew what the meaning of life was. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#91. What was striking about Ms. Wilson, and was also true of the other outsiders who volunteered their time that day, was that she spoke to us prisoners with great respect, as if our lives ahead had hope and meaning and possibility. After all these months at Danbury, this was a shocking novelty. - Author: Piper Kerman
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#92. When words lose their meaning and expression, silence is the only language that heart follows, speaks and celebrates. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#93. Do not reflect on the meaning of the word; thinking and reflecting must cease, as all mystical writers insist. Simply "sound" the word silently, letting go of all feelings and thoughts. - Author: Willigis Jager
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#94. What would have been the good of my being plunged into a lot of naked suffering and emotional crisis without any prayer, any Sacrament to stabilize and order it, and make some kind of meaning out of it? - Author: Thomas Merton
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#95. The moment one conceives the meaning of human greatness is the moment when one understands the baseness, the triviality and the meanness of the material from which we have to mould it. - Author: Bill Hopkins
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#96. For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or have such an explanation of the meaning of life as will connect the finite with the infinite. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#97. It's funny, you know. The times that seem so trivial end up meaning so much. - Author: Jeffrey Blount
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#98. I discovered that the real meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with you at all. It is about a very special gift. I want to you tell you about this gift. - Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt
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#99. For there's nothing we read of in torture's inventions, Like a well-meaning dunce, with the best of intentions. - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#100. What we are, we see the reflection in others. - Author: Avijeet Das
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