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#1. The stereotype of psychotherapy portrayed in popular books and movies is lying on the couch and saying whatever comes into your mind, while a kindly psychoanalyst listens and nods knowingly from time to time. After years and years, something wonderful is supposed to happen. - Author: David D. Burns
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#2. Truth is not a stereotype. - Author: A.D. Posey
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#3. The angry lesbian stereotype is true - Im one of them - but underneath that there is fun and frolic and we need to show that a little bit more now. - Author: Jill Bennett
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#4. You really can't stereotype people or put them in boxes, it's unfair. - Author: Kesha
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#5. Honestly, what can really be said about 'the Jewish people' as a whole? Is it not a lamentable stereotype to make large generalizations about all Jews, and to presume they all share the same political commitments? - Author: Judith Butler
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#6. In real life, I'm not super-posh but if that's the stereotype, I really don't care. It could be worse. - Author: Sophie Ellis-Bextor
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#7. I am an actor who turned hero at age 32, after many years of struggle. I wanted to break the stereotype that only good-looking men with a good complexion, height and physique can be heroes, which I have managed to do. - Author: Duniya Vijay
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#8. When you look at movies, the lead girl is always gorgeous and thin. There is a stereotype that you need to look a certain way and when you get in the business you really feel the pressure. - Author: Margot Robbie
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#9. I don't think they can deal with someone being complex and contradictory; it's not acceptable, you have to be a cartoon, a stereotype. - Author: Shirley Manson
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#10. Some of my friends became gangsters. You became a gangster depending upon how fast you wanted a suit. Gangsters weren't the stereotypes you see in the movies. I knew the real ones, and the real ones were out for big money. - Author: Jack Kirby
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#11. It's all about becoming a more well-rounded player and not a one-dimensional player. You might hear someone say, 'Hilton Head sets up well for them.' I don't want that stereotype. - Author: Peter Uihlein
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#12. Northern Sweden holds a special kind of magic. It's cold, lonely, and the people are tough and silent, or so the stereotype says. This is Asa Larsson's home turf and I find as much joy in reading her closely observed descriptions of the environment, as in following her intriguing plots. - Author: Camilla Lackberg
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#13. Take note, Anderson. Size and martial ability do not need to come with a correlating decrease in intelligence. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#14. The first domesticated animal was the scapegoat. - Author: Yanko Tsvetkov
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#15. I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of 'Star Wars', and I'm still not, really, but you have to acknowledge that there's a huge fan base for it, and these people are really sweet. You can't stereotype a 'Star Wars' fan. - Author: Ralph Brown
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#16. Another interesting fact is people become more intelligent as they age, gaining about one IQ point every ten years. Against the stereotype, it's not all downhill after forty. There is hope for me - Author: James Tagg
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#17. In every community, some people will fit every stereotype, and some people will fit no stereotypes, and both are valid representations for that community. - Author: Tyler Oakley
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#18. Don't stereotype, Jenks. HAPA is an equal-opportunity hate group, I said. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#19. For us as Asian-Americans, I think the bane of our existence is one stereotype - 'Sixteen Candles,' the Long Duk Dong character. - Author: Daniel Wu
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#20. People in general misunderstand me. I'm very aware of the stereotype that comes with being a basketball player. But I'm well-rounded. I'm cultured. It's funny: When I speak, people are like, "Wow! You can really talk." I'm like, "What did you expect?" - Author: Chris Bosh
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#21. I think it's very easy for people to stereotype athletes, good and bad. - Author: Ricky Williams
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#22. I don't make the stereotypes, I just see them. - Author: Russell Peters
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#23. I did some pretty embarrassing modeling, like catalogs and QVC. I know there's probably a stereotype where all pretty girls think they're unattractive, but modeling is the worst thing for your self-esteem, because you're never pretty enough, you're never thin enough. - Author: Whitney Cummings
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#24. Many of us become walking self-caricatures at a certain point, and politicians can be particularly vulnerable, especially those who have maneuvered their very public lives as conspicuously as McCain. They tell and retell the same stories; things get musty. They engage in a lot of self-mythologizing, - Author: Mark Leibovich
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#25. I was being measured against the expectation that any feminist had to be unattractive in a conventional sense - and then described in contrast to that stereotype. The subtext was: If you could get a man, why would you need equal pay? - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#26. Yes, I'm blonde. When I started as an actor, because of the accent and my body and my personality, it was not what the stereotype of the Latina woman in Hollywood is, so they didn't know where to put me. The blond hair wasn't matching. The moment I put my hair dark, it was better for my work. - Author: Sofia Vergara
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#27. There aren't that many people walking about who are a total class stereotype. - Author: Ezra Koenig
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#28. It was good because it helped me get where I'm at today, but then people stereotype and say we don't want to use her because she's known as the 'Wonderbra girl'. - Author: Caprice Bourret
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#29. I am concerned that in their efforts to evade the Sapphire stereotype, black women may be discouraged from demanding equal consideration of their specific political needs within black political discourses. - Author: Melissa V. Harris-Perry
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#30. I really fought to make my character not a stereotype. I play a soap star with dyed blonde hair. - Author: Sadie Frost
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#31. Rottweilers are victims of a stereotype. They're not that bad. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#32. Everyone wants to be seen. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be recognized as the person that they are and not a stereotype or an image. - Author: Loretta Lynch
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#33. But even labeling a site as astronomical is an improvement, since it partially sidesteps the old stereotype of Indians being primitive and ignorant savages. - Author: Vine Deloria Jr.
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#34. It is given to no human being to stereotype a set of truths, and walk safely by their guidance with his mind's eye closed. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#35. Their song reminds me of a child's neighborhood rallying cry - ee-ock-ee - with a heartfelt warble at the end. But it is their call that is especially endearing. The towhee has the brass and grace to call, simply and clearly, "tweet". I know of no other bird that stoops to literal tweeting. - Author: Annie Dillard
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#36. He cannot bear the thought of being a stereotype. - Author: Maya Lang
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#37. You have Extreme and Van Halen and the history that I have with other people I played with. There are some effects that will hopefully break that stereotype. - Author: Gary Cherone
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#38. Popular in our time, unpopular in his. So runs the stereotype of rejected genius. - Author: Robert Hughes
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#39. I've just been really lucky to not be too much of a stereotype. - Author: Marisa Tomei
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#40. A lot of geeks are pale, bespectacled, wear dark clothing and don't get out much - the stereotype exists because it is very often true. I could pass for a non-geek but it would be inaccurate. - Author: China Mieville
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#41. no stereotype can explain why and how, in the six months after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, a technique to kill Jews in large numbers was developed and some one million Jews were murdered. - Author: Timothy Snyder
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#42. People take even greater umbrage when they hear themselves labeled with a common noun. The reason is that a noun predicate appears to pigeonhole the with a stereotype of a category rather than referring to them as an individual who happens to possess a trait. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#43. People forget that stereotypes aren't bad because they are always untrue. Stereotypes are bad because they are not always true. If we allow ourselves to judge another based on a stereotype, we have allowed a gross generalization to replace our own thinking. - Author: George Takei
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#44. Everywhere I look, there are ads marking Mother's Day. Mostly they conform to stereotype: flowers, jewelry, perfume. Not a lot of books. Not many computers. Few tools. Little that's useful. - Author: Margaret Heffernan
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#45. Americans are a lot more open, of course. There's something more declamatory in the way you express emotions. It's a stereotype but it's true. British people can appear repressed in expressing emotions. Not very good at self-evaluating, or affirming situations, touching, anything like that. - Author: Emily Blunt
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#46. The stereotype of a leader is one who talks and peps people up and things like that, but in actuality you have to listen to your teammates. - Author: Chris Bosh
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#47. As an ambiguously non-white actor, I've been able to play light-skinned African American guys, Latinos, and I don't think that I've ever had to play some kind of ethnic stereotype or something that was typed specifically for a person of color. - Author: Daniel Sunjata
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#48. A chic type, a rough type, an odd type - but never a stereotype - Author: Jean Michel Jarre
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#49. Although astronomy had made Thales rich, this has remained the stereotype of the philosopher - lost in the stars rather than having his feet on the ground. - Author: Anonymous
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#50. People hear me talk and they know my background and they immediately stereotype me as being a real, real country guy, and that's the right stereotype. But you also want people to know you're a little broader than that, too. - Author: Luke Bryan
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#51. I'm Irish yet I don't drink as I refuse to be a stereotype and live down to the expectations of others. - Author: Stewart Stafford
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#52. I've always wanted to break the stereotype of being a model. - Author: Daria Werbowy
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#53. There aren't as many roles, and I think there's a lack of openness in casting an Asian character in a leading role or unless they're a stereotype. It's been hard. I've been able to play some non-stereotypical roles, which is great, but I have a lot of Asian actor friends who are struggling. - Author: Kimiko Glenn
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#54. You can't win for losing. Either you fulfill their stereotype of being a radical 60's person or you've sold out. In fact, of course, millions of people who were active in the 60's are doing work on issues that try to reflect their values. - Author: Bernadine Dohrn
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#55. I'm more into the perception scope of a work; I'm exploring this concept of perception and how people can look at someone, look at the community, and put in so much judgment, so much stereotype, so much misconception. - Author: EL Seed
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#56. As a female, you are often being asked by directors to be warmer, softer, flirt more, smile more etc ... None of those things are bad, and obviously we are capable of a variety of human behavior, but it gets really old having to play into somebody's stereotype or ideal. - Author: Trieste Kelly Dunn
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#57. Here I am, the artist, the person, the black woman, and the stereotype. I'm using myself and it has nothing to do with my muses or other women. It has to do with me. You see parts of my body moving, very collage like, flashing, and not speaking, just laying on a couch, looking out at the viewer. - Author: Mickalene Thomas
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#58. I hate the stereotype of the pitfalls of the child actor. There are so many amazing examples - Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore - of people who have made it through. - Author: Jamie Bell
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#59. What I enjoy doing is challenging stereotypes of what people believe a Tory must be. You don't have to say every Tory is in it for themselves - it's pathetic caricaturing that has no place in the 21st century, and if we can challenge that stereotype, then great. - Author: Louise Mensch
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#60. So, is the Italian stereotype true? Are you hung like a horse?" I hear Gabriel choke on his drink, and at the same time, I break out of my trance and holler, "Carmen! - Author: Jessica Prince
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#61. When I look at a person, I see a person - not a rank, not a class, not a title. - Author: Criss Jami
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#62. We have a problem with women in leadership across the board. This leadership gap - this problem of not enough women in leadership - is running really deep and it's in every industry. My answer is we have to understand the stereotype assumptions that hold women back. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#63. There's no reason to stereotype yourself. Doing math is like going to the gym - it's a workout for your brain and it makes you smarter. - Author: Danica McKellar
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#64. I think we need more math majors who don't become mathematicians. More math major doctors, more math major high school teachers, more math major CEOs, more math major senators. But we won't get there unless we dump the stereotype that math is only worthwhile for kid geniuses. - Author: Jordan Ellenberg
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#65. The childhood that Paul and Clara Jobs created for their new son was, in many ways, a stereotype of the late 1950s. When Steve was two they adopted a girl they named Patty, and three years later they moved to a tract house in the suburbs. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#66. Things are grouped together for a reason, but, once they are grouped, their grouping causes them to seem more like each other than they otherwise would. That is, the mere act of classification reinforces stereotypes. If you want to weaken some stereotype, eliminate the classification. Amos's - Author: Michael Lewis
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#67. A child in the position of confirming a negative stereotype may respond with especially intense anxiety and reduced motivation, amplifying a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. - Author: Laura Beck
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#68. Vampires on TV give us an unhealthy body image stereotype too. Do you know how hard you have to work to get a body like those actors on True Blood or The Vampire Diaries? Try doing that when your blood vessels don't work anymore and your muscles are slowly starting to waste away. - Author: Jessica Verday
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#69. When we have a narrative in mind, we often plug in anecdotes that confirm it. - Author: Nicholas Kristof
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#70. The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty, by looking at a fat person, is their own level of stereotype and prejudice toward fat people. - Author: Marilyn Wann
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#71. Canadians are nice and polite. It's not just a stereotype. - Author: Justin Trudeau
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#72. Writing can give full meaning to characters and avoid pure stereotype. - Author: James Earl Jones
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#73. The thing about stereotyping is it's usually just throwing rocks into a crowd hoping to hit somebody who deserves it. - Author: Criss Jami
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#74. The stereotype of the supercrip, in the eyes of its critics, represents a sort of overachieving, overdetermined self-enfreakment that distracts from the lived daily reality of most disabled people. - Author: Jose Alaniz
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#75. The stereotype is the Eternal Feminine. She is the Sexual Object sought by all men, and by all woman. She is of neither sex, for she has herself no sex at all. Her value is solely attested by the demand she excites in others. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#76. There's a phrase you hear in Israel: "We're not Jews, we're Israelis." What that means is that the stereotype we're familiar with here in the States of the Diaspora Jew, i.e. Jews in America or Europe or Russia, etc. does not fit at all with the reality of the homegrown "sabras" of Israel. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#77. When women speak up, they run the risk of violating that gender stereotype, which leads audiences to judge them as aggressive. Voice - Author: Adam M. Grant
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#78. Are two eyes, four appendages and an upright posture really essential for any creature that can ace the galactic SAT's? Maybe not. In fact, I'd venture that any aliens we ever detect or (less likely) encounter will look quite different than this self-referential stereotype. - Author: Seth Shostak
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#79. It was an ongoing struggle to say no, I don't want to be a part of the perpetuation of this stereotype. - Author: John Amos
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#80. I grew up in a time when women didn't really do comedy. You had to be homely, overweight, an old maid, all that. You had to play a stereotype, because very attractive women were not supposed to be funny - because it's powerful; it's a threat. - Author: Lily Tomlin
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#81. A stereotype is not a stereotype if it's true. - Author: Ron DeLegge II
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#82. I think we typically, as Northerners, stereotype what the South is in so many negative ways. We kind of forget all the beautiful things that they contribute to make this country a country. - Author: Genevieve Gorder
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#83. ... Being the worst confirmation of the worst kind of generation gap stereotype and parental disgust for their decadent, wastoid kids - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#84. Who said that being Latino is to be a stereotype? Characters are stereotypes when making plans or without shades. I do not believe in the picture or model established in the movies. - Author: Edgar Ramirez
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#85. If a man brags about his sex life he's a stud, but if a woman brags about her sex life she's a slut. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#86. The silhouette says a lot with very little information, but that's also what the stereotype does. - Author: Kara Walker
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#87. What made me most courageous was that I realized I had to try to let go of that stereotype I had in my mind, that bit of homophobia, and try for a second to be vulnerable and sensitive. It was f**kin' hard, man. I succeeded only for milliseconds. - Author: Jake Gyllenhaal
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#88. No one likes to be typecast or stereotyped, especially actors. But who would know Esther Williams without a swimming pool, Bela Lugosi without a cape, or Elvis Presley without his guitar. Would we even care? - Author: Susan Marg
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#89. A world turned into a stereotype, a society converted into a regiment, a life translated into a routine, make it difficult for either art or artists to survive. Crush individuality in society and you crush art as well. Nourish the conditions of a free life and you nourish the arts, too. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#90. That so much of our experience, or the stereotype which passes for it should be dealt with by means of the short story is perhaps a symptom not unnoticeable elsewhere in the public domain of an unlovely cynicism about human character. - Author: Howard Nemerov
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#91. And like the old stereotype, I overcame my shyness by making my friends laugh. - Author: Paul Merton
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#92. I was a victim of a stereotype. There were only two of us Negro kids in the whole class, and our English teacher was always stressing the importance of rhythm in poetry. Well, everybody knows - except us - that all Negroes have rhythms, so they elected me class poet. - Author: Langston Hughes
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#93. Tea Party Republicans, in an effort to kill the farm bill will stereotype and make racial comments about food stamps - which is a big element to the program. - Author: Eleanor Clift
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#94. Social scientists have observed that when members of a group are made aware of a negative stereotype, they are more likely to perform according to that stereotype. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#95. People think of Jews as the Woody Allen stereotype, the nebbishy kind of thing, but that's not the kind of Jews I know. I know plenty of Israelis and plenty of tough guys that are Jewish. So, I think it makes sense that Jews play metal. - Author: Scott Ian
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#96. All official institutions of language are repeating machines: school, sports, advertising, popular songs, news, all continually repeat the same structure, the same meaning, often the same words: the stereotype is a political fact, the major figure of ideology. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#97. People stereotype pop stars, but Christina [Aguilera] proves them wrong with her unique style and talent. - Author: Sarah Michelle Gellar
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#98. Here's the thing about Jews in Hollywood. Not to stereotype, but the Jews I know here are the funniest, most self-deprecating people I know. And it's rare to find a Jew that is actually offended by comedy about them. - Author: Ben Feldman
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#99. Photography repeats itself unconsciously and unavoidably, producing stereotypes that then are repeated ad infinitum. - Author: Andy Grundberg
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#100. For whatever reason, I didn't succumb to the stereotype that science wasn't for girls. I got encouragement from my parents. I never ran into a teacher or a counselor who told me that science was for boys. A lot of my friends did. - Author: Sally Ride
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