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#1. She snuggled back under the blanket with me, turned toward me so that she could rest her head on my chest. "I hear your heart," she said.
"Do you check every once in a while, just to make sure I'm not undead? - Author: Richelle Mead
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#2. And though there was something pathetic about it - taking comfort in her left-behind things like a puppy snuggled in an old coat ... - Author: Donna Tartt
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#3. I returned to my pillow and comforter, both of which I loved; they smelled like lavender, and were so cozy, poems should be written about their epic cozy wonder. I snuggled against their softness and willed away the touch of anxiety I felt about my mom's strange behavior. - Author: Penny Reid
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#4. I woke up wrapped in Ranger's arms, our legs entwined, my face snuggled into his neck. He smelled nice, and he felt even better . . . warm and friendly. I enjoyed it for a moment before reality took hold. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#5. I miss you when you're not with me. I think about you all the time. I want to sleep with you next to me at night, wake up with you snuggled up against me in the morning. - Author: Jaci Burton
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#6. It was a good word: progress. A safe word that you snuggled up against when you were nervous. The kind of word you took home to meet your parents. - Author: Jason Mott
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#7. She lay sprawled across the alien's chest like some plump, slutty blanket, and instead of jumping off like a good little girl, she snuggled closer. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#8. Do you mind my madness? Even if you're right that I can contain the rages, I will always be mad. I won't get better." "I know." Beth snuggled against his chest. "It's part of the very intriguing package that is Ian Mackenzie. - Author: Jennifer Ashley
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#9. Her arms slid around my back and I heard the softest moan in my ear as she snuggled into my chest. Her mouth pressed to my neck, not kissing, just ... there. On me.
Dammity-damn-damn-damn. - Author: Ophelia London
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#10. I twisted my arm to curl him behind me and he unfolded there, the two of us snuggled like quotation marks in his room full of words. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#11. Put me down."
"Nope." He held her snuggled to his bare chest, tipping her up so he could rub his cheek against hers. "I like carrying you. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#12. What I saw was more than I could stand. The noise I heard had been made by Little Ann. All her life she had slept by Old Dan's side. And although he was dead, she had left the doghouse, had come back to the porch, and snuggled up by his side. - Author: Wilson Rawls
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#13. Curled on my side, I snuggled deeper into the pile of furs lying under me. From the darkness, something growled softly and silenced the bird as a large warm hand soothed my hair. I sank back into my slumber. - Author: M.J. Haag
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#14. She snuggled against Tom, grateful to have him back and ready to face any obstacles to their happiness. "You won't leave again, " she demanded, "No matter how difficult things might get for us."
"Never again," he promised. - Author: Bonnie Dee
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#15. Why are you sad?" Baby asked.
"Because some day you'll fly higher than high, and the blue will fill your eyes, and maybe you'll forget to come down," said Wishmoley.
Baby snuggled next to him. "I'll never forget," she said. - Author: Julia Hubery Mary McQuillam
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#16. You are as eloquent as ever, Mat," Egwene said dryly. "Do you still have your pet fox?"
"I do," Mat said. "He's snuggled up nice and warm. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#17. Anahita mewed contentment as she snuggled even closer to Imamiah. She was enjoying her interactions with Imamiah very much. She could not understand why angels remained as spirit when this flesh was so much more pleasurable. - Author: Bella Swann
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#18. Hello."
He smiled and snuggled into his pillow. "Is this the voice mail of the beautiful Kenzie Denune or the real thing?"
"Well, Highlander, ye just happen to be in luck tonight."
He wanted to tell her if he was in luck, he'd be inside her right now... - Author: Vonnie Davis
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#19. I want to be surrounded by women, I want to be snuggled and cuddled and pampered. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#20. Good night. Don't let the boogeyman bite"

"Mindy, there is no boogeyman, "I said as I snuggled in to bed, " I hauled Carl in years ago. - Author: Kate Danley
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#21. She sat down on the bed next to Crispen,
and he snuggled into the crook of her arm.
"I'm getting you dirty," he whispered.
"I don't care."
"What are we going to do, Mairin? - Author: Maya Banks
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#22. I generally don't care what we watch because we can be like this, snuggled together in his room, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. - Author: Jolene Perry
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#23. Cole tilted her chin so he could look deeply into her eyes. "Kyle, you are my heaven. Will you come with me?"
"I will." Kyle snuggled deeper into his chest, gently tracing his Sorry tattoo.
Cole's heart beat like the pounding of an angel's wings. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#24. Our families were herded out of the room, and I snuggled little Ainsley closer, smelling her head, a smell I already recognized. I'd cheerfully kill for her, happily lay down my life for her without a second's hesitation and with a smile on my face. My beautiful baby. My gift. - Author: Kristan Higgins
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#25. Yeah. That's why I seduced you, so you'd reach for the stars."
Quent snuggled. "I caught one. He's prickly, but surprisingly soft inside."
"Aw, shut up so we can do to sleep."
-Jade and Quent pillow talk - Author: Amy Lane
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#26. The two of us snuggled like quotation marks in his room full words. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#27. I snuggled deep into the covers,adjusted my pillow until it was just right, then lay down until my head rested on Reyes's shoulder. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#28. Familiar voice said softly behind her. She didn't say anything back. She snuggled into - Author: S.M. Reine
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#29. He was cold and wet, but somehow he barely felt it. He kept remembering Rose snuggled against his chest, the feel of her body in his arms. He closed his eyes as he recalled the way she had looked at him, the way she said I love you. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
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#30. He stroked her cheek with two fingertips, his breath catching in his throat at the softness of her skin. He pulled her down into his lap. Instead of resisting, she snuggled against his shoulder. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
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#31. I wouldn't touch a gun even if it snuggled and made me waffles. - Author: Annie Bellet
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