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#1. My favorite antibiotic for smearing on infected cuts is a prescription preparation called mupirocin (brand name Bactroban), which is available in ointment or cream form. The clear ointment, which is older and off patent, costs $10 a tube. The white cream, which the drug company created when the - Author: Elisabeth Rosenthal
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#2. Wearing fake happiness is as good as smearing foundation. A bit of moisture drains it all. - Author: Aniruddha Sastikar
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#3. Bright beads of red are rising through the ink, Hearts-blood bubbles smearing out into the black stream - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#4. Amy pulls away and looks into my face. Her pale skin is blotchy red, her eyes are veined and shadowed, and a shiny line of snot trickles from her nose to the top of her lip.
She wipes her face and with her arm, smearing tears and mucus. She never looked more BEAUTIFUL to me. - Author: Beth Revis
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#5. Cursing, telling smutty stories, smearing the good name of another, and referring irreverently to God and the Scriptures may be considered as coming under the expression corrupt speech. Our speech is to be clean, pure, and wholesome. - Author: Billy Graham
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#6. Mothers yielding Bibles, contemplating smearing the blood of lamb chops over her doorway. Anything to keep her son alive another day. - Author: Antonia Perdu
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#7. The light outside seemed to be surging up against the window seeping through, and smearing the faces of the people facing it with a coat of yellow oil. - Author: Albert Camus
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#8. Single women that place high value on Higher Education are often the brunt of snide remarks and smearing put downs by less educated black man ... page 126 - Author: Deborrah Cooper
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#9. I'm not a big football person at all. - Author: Robert De Niro
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#10. People cling to their rotten memories, to all their misfortunes, and you can't pry them loose. These things keep them busy. They avenge themselves for the injustice of the present by smearing the future inside them with this shit. They're cowards deep down, and just. That's their nature. - Author: Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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#11. The Democrats handle dissent by isolating it, smearing it and delegitimizing it in order to crush it. - Author: Monica Crowley
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#12. The familiar tactic of smearing conservatism by linking it with fascism is one such abuse. A less noticed, but perhaps more insidious, practice of the left is to subtly adjust the image of fascism to make it seem more "conservative" than it actually was. - Author: Alan J. Levine Levine
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#13. Once or twice I saw evidence that rats had been nesting among the books, rearranging them to make snug two and three-level homes for themselves and smearing dung on the covers to form the rude characters of their speech. - Author: Gene Wolfe
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#14. To preach abstinence, I think, is absolutely not the right message to give to kids. - Author: Molly Ringwald
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#15. I tried to make meat loaf out of the girl but it becomes too frustrating a task and instead I spend the afternoon smearing her meat all over the walls, chewing on strips of skin I ripped from her body - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
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#16. Chermoula is a potent North African spice paste that is ideal for smearing on your favourite vegetables for roasting. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#17. I'd spent way more years worrying about how to look like a poet
buying black clothes, smearing on scarlet lipstick, languidly draping myself over thrift-store furniture
than I had learning how to assemble words in some discernible order. - Author: Mary Karr
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#18. Truth is always simple. - Author: George S. Clason
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#19. Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with rei. - Author: Gichin Funakoshi
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#20. On Being Blue celebrates both language and that which it represents and carefully draws our attention to that difficult middle ground on which the writer finds himself in lifelong struggle to join the two without sullying or smearing the clarities of either. - Author: Gilbert Sorrentino
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#21. Making money isn't hard in itself ... What's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one's life to. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#22. You know you're in the Lowcountry when the steering wheel in your old red pick up is slippery from humidity, the news on the radio is all about the projected path of the latest Atlantic hurricane and the road kill you narrowly miss smearing further is a five foot long alligator. - Author: Natasha Boyd
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#23. The fool has set in his heart that he can get more money through the tiring of his muscle and the starvation of his brain-but he can't. - Author: William D. Hoard
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#24. Driving most supercars is like trying to manhandle a cow up a back staircase, but this is like smearing honey onto Keira Knightley. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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#25. As a schoolboy I liked to draw the leaders of the world proletariat - especially Marx. Just start smearing an ordinary splotch of ink around and you've already got a resemblance ... - Author: Sergei Dovlatov
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#26. With more than 67 percent of the Nation's freight moving on highways, economists believe that our ability to compete internationally is tied to the quality of our infrastructure. - Author: Dennis Hastert
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#27. Do not help the quick moneymakers who have delusions about taking possession of classics by smearing them with paint. - Author: Frank Capra
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#28. It angers me that a timed, planned and paid smearing campaign is run against me in the press. - Author: Beny Steinmetz
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#29. One must say bluntly that it is an unattractive sight when, with a view to smearing the Soviet people, leaders of such a country as the United States resort to what almost amounts to obscenities alternating with hypocritical preaching about morals and humanism. - Author: Yuri Andropov
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#30. Lipstick never lasted long when they were together; he would always kiss her after she had applied it, as if he liked the smearing viscous sensation. Sometimes she felt sure it was discomposing her that he enjoyed. - Author: Sarah Hall
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#31. Be careful. The conditions are treacherous with mud-sucking tentacles pulling shoes and socks into the murky bottom while smearing grime on those who passed by. - Author: Jazz Feylynn
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#32. To an artist, a picture is both a sum of ideas and a blurry memory of 'pushing paint,' breathing fumes, dripping oils and wiping brushes, smearing and diluting and mixing. - Author: James Elkins
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#33. She dwelled for a moment on a memory from girlhood: smearing her tummy with a spiral of glue, then tipping a whole pot of opal across it. - Author: Ali Shaw
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#34. Bad enough that getting turned on when he had nothing more than a bath towel to hide it would make the condition kind of hard to miss, but getting turned on in front of his ex-fiancee was akin to smearing honey on his junk and walking into grizzly territory. - Author: Heidi Betts
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#35. Snot is running down his nose, greasy fingers, smearing shabby clothes. - Author: Jethro Tull
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#36. After President Obama's election, efforts at othering Obama quickly became about smearing his non-partisan allies and ambassadors. - Author: Christine Pelosi
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