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#1. So many times after a catastrophe like 9/11, Estonia in Sweden, the Holocaust or whatever, we are so fond of lifting up the hero examples, but actually 99 percent of survivors have done something that they feel very guilty about. - Author: Ruben Ostlund
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#2. If you're in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#3. As someone who came to New York in the 1970s, I was, like so many of my friends, a certified member of what we now call the 99 percent - and I was a lot closer to the bottom than to the top of that 99 percent. At some point during the intervening years, I moved into the 1 percent. - Author: Graydon Carter
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#4. Tears are perhaps 1% water but 99% emotions. They contain hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment, sadness ... so cry sometimes and let go of the feelings welling in your heart. Crying won't necessarily solve your problems but it will make you feel better. - Author: Rita Zahara
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#5. People will pay for great services. They said they wouldn't pay 99 cents for a song but they did. We've always believed that. When you go to work, you don't work for free; nobody works for free. Nobody can say, "I want to work for free." Nobody says that. - Author: Eddy Cue
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#6. Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation.
(pg.99, "The Body and the Earth") - Author: Wendell Berry
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#7. I think 99% of the whole thing is to have passion about the idea yourself. I think part of your job as a filmmaker is to tell someone that might not think it's going to work that, actually, it will work. - Author: Alice Lowe
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#8. The 99 Cent Only Store is calling itself your Valentine's Day headquarters. Guys, if that's your Valentine's Day headquarters, you can also call the garage your new home. - Author: Jay Leno
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#9. Animal agriculture is now dominated by the factory farm- 99.9% of chickens raised for meat, 97% of laying hens, 99% of turkeys, 95% of pigs, and 78% of cattle. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#10. The core problem is that the world is full of people who would like to take 99 per cent of the information that's on the Internet, and eliminate 1 per cent. Everyone has their own thing they don't like. - Author: Eric Schmidt
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#11. Most of the time, perhaps 99 percent of the time, the defendant is guilty; his screams are the final protest of a human being about to lost his most precious possession, his freedom. - Author: Elizabeth F. Loftus
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#12. True Work is the necessity of poor humanity's earthly condition. The dignity is in leisure. Besides, 99 hundredths of all the work done in the world is either foolish and unnecessary, or harmful and wicked. - Author: Herman Melville
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#13. Don't you dare focus your energy on the 99 reasons something can't be done. Focus on the one thing you can do and the 99 won't matter. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#14. We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying. - Author: Rahul Gandhi
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#15. Truth is, people like buying things for $0.99 and $1.99 for their digital devices. We know that from iTunes. We know that from the app store, and now we know that from publishing. - Author: Jennifer Lee
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#16. Since 99.362% of women love mustache rides, it seems only a fool would have a bare upper lip. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#17. All human history attests
That happiness for man, - the hungry sinner! -
Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.
~Lord Byron, Don Juan, Canto XIII, stanza 99 - Author: George Gordon Byron
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#18. At present, black children are more segregated in their public schools than at any time since 1968. In the inner-city schools I visit, minority children typically represent 95 percent to 99 percent of class enrollment. - Author: Jonathan Kozol
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#19. I began to fear that Mos Def was being treated as a product, not a person, so I've been going by Yasiin since '99. At first it was just for friends and family, but now I'm declaring it openly. - Author: Mos Def
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#20. The response is to the image, not to the man, since 99 percent of the voters have no contact with the man. - Author: Ray Price
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#21. I'm definitely an athlete who has a hobby playing music. I've been doing baseball since I was 5 or 6. It's the only thing I've ever thought of really my whole life, and music came into my life actually in '99, playing and singing. It's definitely been the only hobby I've had that I can't put down. - Author: Bronson Arroyo
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#22. Since 2008, batters have hit only .175 against pitches thrown at 100 m.p.h. or above. Batting averages go up as the speed of the pitches goes down: .210 at 99, .213 at 98, .225 at 97, .242 at 96 and .252 at 95. - Author: Barry Bearak
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#23. What has since happened in Tibet is hardly to be believed. More than 1.2 million Tibetans lost their lives and of about six thousand monasteries, temples, and shrines, 99 percent were either looted or totally destroyed. In - Author: Heinrich Harrer
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#24. When I first seriously decided to become a cartoonist would have been '99/2000, right before 9/11. I've been writing and illustrating stories in the world post-9/11 since then, watching the world change around me. - Author: Jeff Lemire
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#25. It's funny, 99% of the time, haters and the 1 they hate on have everything in common and could be best friends. - Author: Behdad Sami
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#26. I assumed it was someone trying to sell me something. They're always calling to sell. Once they said if I sent in a check for $99 I'd be pre-approved for a credit card, and I said, Right, sure, and if I step under a pigeon I'm preapproved for a load of shit - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#27. It's a lot like life. I think 99 percent of what goes on in life, we have very little control over. - Author: Andy Van Slyke
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#28. The book is worth reading, in part because it is enjoyable to read of
other people's folly, not to mention their avarice and stupidity."
Roger Lowenstein, reviewing "Devil Take the Hindmost: a History
of Financial Speculation", WSJ 6-1-99 - Author: Roger Lowenstein
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#29. Photography is 1% talent and 99% moving furniture. - Author: Arnold Newman
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#30. And the '99 finals at the French - if I had won that one easily, no one would have talked about it. - Author: Martina Hingis
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#31. I think 99 percent of women's lib comes from technology making different kinds of lives possible, and then the social adjustment follows the technology - it doesn't precede it. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#32. Usually, about 85 percent of what the tabloids report is a lie. Over the last year, I can truly say it has been 99 percent. - Author: Kirstie Alley
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#33. Even the trip throught the Portal had not disarranged Magnus's hair spikes. He tugged on one proudly. "Check it out", he said to Isabelle.
"Hair gel. $3.99 at Ricky's. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#34. When the world is mine, then you all will be the 99.9%. - Author: Scott Jonathan Nixon
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#35. 99% of the people in the world would say there's something that they'd like to change about their lives, because nothing's perfect, and nobody's perfect. I suppose I could look at the glass half-empty instead of as half-full. - Author: Morris Chestnut
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#36. Everybody I've ever worked with - 99.9 percent of the time, I've had a successful or very agreeable experience with. - Author: Alec Baldwin
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#37. When 99% of people doubt your idea, you're either gravely wrong or about to make history. - Author: Scott Belsky
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#38. I don't think it's cool when I have to announce that I'm gluten-free; in fact, I feel like a total jackass 99.9 percent of the time. - Author: April Peveteaux
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#39. I spent as much time writing proposals in '98 and '99 as I did writing scripts. - Author: Mark Millar
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#40. The key to the 99 is the one. Or, put another way, the key to the group is the one individual. Think about the one, talk to the one, regard the one, serve the one. If you are sincere and constant, you will discover that gradually your influence with the many will be magnified. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#41. 99% of fund managers demonstrate no evidence of skill whatsoever. - Author: William J. Bernstein
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#42. The government's Small Business Administration reports that small businesses represent 99% of all employers in the U.S. and are responsible for generating well over half of new jobs created. - Author: Ellen Tauscher
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#43. TV is all about hair. And then skin. And then clothing. And then it's about your voice. And finally the report, what you're actually saying. And 99 times out of 100, it never gets past the hair. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#44. I have gay friends, I support gay rights, I have nothing against the gay community, but when I see two guys kissing, I think it's gross. And, by the way, it's gross when 99% of straight people do it, too. - Author: Artie Lange
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#45. Isn't it terrifying how instinctively the arm settles into the aiming of a gun? You've even put your finger on the lever marked Rock'n'roll, and that means you're 1% of the way along the road towards putting me down, shooter. The other 99% is just pulling the trigger. - Author: Mark Crutchfield
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#46. I believe that 99 percent of what anyone does can effectively be postponed. - Author: Amy Hempel
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#47. 99% of natural poets discovered their talents through love letters. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#48. Let's say intelligence is your ability to compose poetry, symphonies, do art, math and science. Chimps can't do any of that, yet we share 99 percent DNA. Everything that we are, that distinguishes us from chimps, emerges from that one-percent difference. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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