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#1. I had to marry a Greek; I had to stir up the ethnic pot. Otherwise, my children would have been anemic and sickly. Now they've got some good Mediterranean blood in them. - Author: Alexandra Wentworth
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#2. I have little hesitation in saying that as a result a sickly pall now hangs over the big bang theory. As I have mentioned earlier, when a pattern of facts becomes set against a theory, experience shows that it rarely recovers. - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#3. He who has always spared himself much will in the end become sickly of so much consideration. Praised be what hardens! - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#4. I spent most of my youth hauling sides of beef and pork to my father's shop. Carrying you is far more enjoyable."
"How sweet," Annabelle mumbled sickly, her eyes closed. "Every woman dreams of being told that she's preferable to a dead cow. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#5. When a man is ill his very goodness is sickly. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#6. Sherry ... a silly, sickly compound, the use of which will transform a nation, however bold and warlike by nature, into a race of sketchers, scribblers, and punsters, in fact into what Englishmen are at the present day. - Author: George Henry Borrow
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#7. Amelia looked at the eggs-like sickly, jaundiced eyes-and thought of her own eggs, a handful left, old shrivelled like musty dried fruit where once they must have been bursting toward the light- - Author: Kate Atkinson
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#8. It is regrettable that a Dostoyevsky did not live near this most interesting of all decadents (Jesus Christ) - I mean someone who would have known how to sense the very stirring charm of such a mixture of the sublime, the sickly, and the childlike. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#9. Love's but the frailty of the mind, When 'tis not with ambition joined; A sickly flame, which if not fed expires; And feeding, wastes in self-consuming fires. - Author: William Congreve
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#10. Of the risks a man has got to take! Now the risk was inevitable, I no longer saw it in the same cheerful light. The fact is that, insensibly, the absolute strangeness of everything, the sickly jarring and swaying of the machine, - Author: H.G.Wells
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#11. My parents had three kids right after the Second World War, and we were all sort of sickly. Then I had a fourth sibling, with very serious asthma. The medical bills ... So my parents always struggled. - Author: Patti Smith
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#12. Nor is there any valid reason to reject the idea of God or the notion of the sacred just because of the sickly expression Christianity has given to them, any more than it is necessary to break with aristocratic principles on the pretext that they have been caricatured by the bourgeoisie. - Author: Alain De Benoist
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#13. I'll forbear; And am fallen out with my more headier will To take the indisposed and sickly fit For the sound man. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#14. We have been fortunate enough to live at a time when virtue, though it does not triumph, is nonetheless not always tormented by attack dogs. Beaten down, sickly, virtue has now been allowed to enter in all its tatters and sit in the corner, as long as it doesn't raise its voice. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#15. I have always been suspicious of the phrase, the glow of pregnancy, and my suspicions were only confirmed by Lillian's appearance. Instead of a glow, her whole body seemed to become more and more dull, sallow and sickly sweet and vague, like a candle burning out or a line of smudged writing. - Author: John Burnside
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#16. Yossarian was moved by such intense pity for his poverty that he wanted to smash his pale. sad, sickly face with his fist and knock him out of existence - Author: Joseph Heller
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#17. In fact, Kote himself seemed rather sickly. Not exactly unhealthy, but hollow. Wan. Like a plant that's been moved into the wrong sort of soil and, lacking something vital, has begun to wilt. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#18. It's like he's seeing the only thing that matters. I am sickly familiar with the way he looks at Olivia, because it is the way I look at him. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#19. The coppery stink of blood combined with the sickly sweet smell of rotting leaves, and the result was not pleasant. - Author: Graeme Reynolds
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#20. I take it as a prime cause of the present confusion of society that it is too sickly and too doubtful to use pleasure frankly as a test of value. - Author: Rebecca West
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#21. A sickly little smile grew and died on his mouth like a fungus. - Author: China Mieville
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#22. I was a very sickly child. My parents were immigrants. They were not decorous. They were not discreet. They always thought I was gonna die. - Author: Maurice Sendak
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#23. The ordinary chestnut can beget a sickly and reluctant laugh, but it takes a horse chestnut to fetch the gorgeous big horse-laugh. - Author: Mark Twain
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#24. I think the associations people have with kindness are often things like meekness and sweetness and maybe sickly sweetness; whereas I do think of kindness as a force, as a power. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#25. -the wind called a mordant note through the sickly trees while other less explicable sounds scraped up the beach-head toward him-waiting for the unknown wickedness to arrive. - Author: Nick Cutter
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#26. Presidents Trump's USA is not a good country to be a sickly person in. - Author: Steven Magee
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#27. When men once reach their autumn, sickly joys fall off apace, as yellow leaves from trees - Author: Edward Young
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#28. I never have cakes or biscuits. I don't have a sweet tooth at all, and I can't stand chocolates - I find them so sickly. However, I will buy cakes if I'm expecting company. - Author: Kate O'Mara
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#29. She just shook her head and pulled out a small bottle of some random pop star's signature perfume, spritzing me with the sickly-sweet smell.
"Oh, come on Ash, that smells like a unicorn fart," I cried, recoiling at the overpowering, candylike smell. - Author: Cara Lynn Shultz
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#30. It is universally allowed that, though nothing can be more interesting in itself than the conversation of two lovers, yet nothing can be more insipid in detail - just as the heavenly fragrance of the rose becomes vapid and sickly under all the attempts made to retain and embody its exquisite odor. - Author: Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
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#31. Jane," I said quietly.
She opened her eyes, she had been far away in prayer.
"Yes, Mary? Forgive me, I was praying."
"If you go on flirting with the king with those sickly little smiles, one of us Boleyns is going to scratch your eyes out. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#32. Without a passion to disciple believers to Christlikeness through the ministries of the church, the church will focus merely on perpetuating its programs, and the sheep will grow sickly and unfruitful. - Author: Jim Berg
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#33. Our age knows better ... What was formerly merely sickly now becomes indecent - it is indecent to be a Christian today. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#34. A tale of scandal is as fatal to the credit of a prudent lady as a fever is generally to those of the strongest constitutions. But there is a sort of puny, sickly reputation, that is always ailing, yet will wither the robuster characters of a hundred prudes. - Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
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#35. Self-righteousness is an especially heady condition that all of us have experienced at one time or another. Those who are honest will admit there is something sickly-sweet and alluring about knowing you are right, while others are terribly wrong. - Author: David Brin
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#36. I opened my mouth to exclaim about the puppies. They were beauty and joy and innocence made of flesh and fur, in an ugly time when fear and sadness and mistrust hung over the world like a sickly green tornado sky. - Author: Kelly Milner Halls
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#37. I was the worst, most sickly kid of all
30 pounds underweight. The girls used to beat me up. Actually I was a mean kid, early on because I had no self-esteem. - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#38. I had to nurture those doubts as if they were tiny, sickly kittens, until eventually they became sturdy, healthy grievances, with their own cat doors, which allowed them to wander in and out of our conversation at will. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#39. Journalists are always calling my features Edwardian or Victorian, whatever that means. I am small, and people were smaller in those times. I'm pale and sickly-looking. I look fragile-like a doll. But sometimes I just wish I had less of a particular look, one that was more versatile. - Author: Helena Bonham Carter
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#40. Daily living by faith on Christ is what makes the difference between the sickly and the healthy Christian, between the defeated and the victorious saint. - Author: Arthur W. Pink
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#41. I was born on a tiny cot in southwestern Massachusetts during World War II. A sickly child, I turned to photography to overcome my loneliness and isolation. - Author: William Wegman
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#42. She was a thin, sickly, bony child, like an eft, with fine hair like sunlit smoke. - Author: A.S. Byatt
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#43. A dread filled me, a dread unlike any I had ever felt. Not the terror of God, or his angels, but the sickly fear of man. - Author: Aminatta Forna
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#44. Half the people I look who are health food addicts look sickly to me. Let's start taxing health food. Somebody force a burger down some of these people's jaw because they look a little pale and wan to me. - Author: Dennis Miller
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#45. Among the Spartans all newly born children were subject to a careful examination or selection. All those that were weak, sickly, or affected with any bodily infirmity, were killed. Only the perfectly healthy and strong children were allowed to live, and they alone afterwards propagated the race. - Author: Ernst Haeckel
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#46. When Gordon Brown becomes prime minister, the balance sheet that reflects his economic stewardship could look very sickly indeed. He could become Labour's biggest liability, not its most marketable asset. - Author: Vince Cable
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#47. Reader, you may ask this queston. In fact, you must ask this question. Is it ridiculous for a very small, sickly, big-eared mouse fall in love with a beautiful princess named Pea? The answer is..
Yes. Of course it's ridiculous.
Love is ridiculous.
But love is also wonderful. And powerful. - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#48. The truth is, that in London it is always a sickly season. Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be. - Author: Jane Austen
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#49. I was a very sickly kid. While I was in the hospital at age 7, my Dad brought me a stack of comic books to keep me occupied. I was hooked. - Author: Len Wein
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#50. Despite popular conviction, a writer needn't wear black, be unshaven, sickly and parade around New York's East Village spewing aphorisms and scaring children. - Author: Noah Lukeman
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#51. Vampires get the joy of flying around and living forever, werewolves get the joy of animal spirits. But zombies, they're not rich, or aristocratic, they shuffle around. They're a group phenomenon, they're not very fast, they're quite sickly. So what's the pleasure of being one? - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#52. Living artificially in towns, we are sickly, and never come to know ourselves. - Author: John Muir
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#53. Oh, is that my report, father?' said Mike, with a sort of sickly interest, much as a dog about to be washed might evince in his tub.'
- Mike and Psmith - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#54. A young man who plays his part in society by looking on in green spectacles, and listening with a sickly smile, may be a prodigy of intellect and a mine of virtue, but he is hardly, perhaps, the right sort of man to have at a picnic. - Author: Wilkie Collins
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#55. The night below. We two. Crystal of pain.
You wept over great distances.
My ache was a clutch of agonies
over your sickly heart of sand. - Author: Federico Garcia Lorca
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#56. I don't know to what extent someone can BECOME an artist - you either are or you aren't - and if you are you'll HAVE to make your way to some kind of sickly light, no matter how terrible the soil you were seeded in your nature will out somehow. - Author: David Knopfler
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#57. Throughout my life, I've always been really close with girls and made friends with girls. And I've always been a really sickly, feminine person anyhow, so I thought I was gay for a while because I didn't find any of the girls in my high school attractive at all. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#58. Sickly gray color, in which a handful of scraggly trees produce apples so sour that one only has to look at them to feel ill. Lousy Lane traverses the - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#59. We must come to grief and regret anyway - and I for one would rather regret the reality than its phantasm, knowledge than hope, the deed than the hesitation, true life and not mere sickly potentialities. - Author: A.S. Byatt
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#60. The sickly, weakly, timid man fears the people, and is a Tory by nature. The healthy, strong and bold cherishes them, and is formed a Whig by nature. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#61. A bald man made an attempt on Constant's life with a hot dog. Stabbed at the window glass with it. Splayed the bun. Broke the frankfurter. Left a sickly sunburst of mustard and relish. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#62. The sickly cultural pathos which the whole of France indulges in, that fetishism of the cultural heritage. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#63. I was a very sickly boy when I was young; nearly died when I was 7. I had a life-threatening attack of meningitis, and that put me in a coma for a few months. It took me four years to get my memory back. - Author: John Lydon
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#64. Unpleasant in the world. It is called Lousy Lane. Lousy Lane runs through fields that are a sickly gray color, in which a handful of scraggly trees produce apples so - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#65. Joan Finch is tall and sickly thin. She is wearing a tight black dress that accentuates her bony legs, the crookedness of her body. She looks like a burnt matchstick. - Author: Jerrod Edson
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#66. Everyone at health food stores and juice bars looked pale and sickly. Healthy-looking people ate at McDonald's. - Author: Jason Starr
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#67. Do you not yet understand what has made woman what she is? Then see what the sickly taste and perverted judgment of man now admires in woman. - Author: Ernestine Rose
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#68. His insides are beginning to feel sickly. The pain of the world is a crater all these syrups and pills a thousandfold would fail to fill. - Author: John Updike
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#69. The euro is a sickly premature infant, the result of an over-hasty monetary union. - Author: Gerhard Schroder
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#70. And we were married and all the windows were open but the smell of flowers was so thick and sickly sweet. I felt like I might choke to death. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#71. The band of sickly scarlet light that passed for sunset in Hell ringed the horizon like a migraine, - Author: Liz Williams
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#72. I need someone who can keep up with me, not some sickly creature that looks as if he's doddering off to the grave. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#73. I was a sickly child, not very strong physically. I wasn't really the greatest in school. I didn't really excel in anything particularly. But I was happy with who I was. - Author: Patti Smith
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#74. Newton was born on Christmas Day, 1642, so tiny that, as his mother told him years later, he would have fit into a quart mug. Sickly, feeling abandoned by his parents, quarrelsome, unsociable, a virgin to the day he died, Isaac Newton was perhaps the greatest scientific genius who ever lived. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#75. A twisted, pale figure writhing in agony, chest bare and hideous. Tight, rigid cords of sickly green veins webbed across the boy's body and limbs, like ropes under his skin. Purplish bruises covered the kid, red hives, bloody scratches. His bloodshot eyes bulged, darting back and forth. - Author: James Dashner
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#76. I fall off horses," he explained to Loghain with a sickly grin. "It's this thing I do. - Author: David Gaider
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#77. Perhaps the efforts of the true poets, founders, religions, literatures, all ages, have been, and ever will be, our time and times to come, essentially the same - to bring people back from their present strayings and sickly abstractions, to the costless, average, divine, original concrete. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#78. I'm a very loyal boyfriend. I'm a bit of a joker ... I can be romantic, but not too sickly. - Author: Louis Tomlinson
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#79. What was youth at best? A green, an unripe time, a time of shallow moods, and sickly thoughts. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#80. The air had lost its icy feel, but now a thin, sickly mist clung to everything, wrapping around tree trunks and moving over the ground in visible tides. - Author: Erika Johansen
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#81. I see too many men delay their exits with a sickly, slow reluctance to leave the stage. It's bad theater as well as bad living. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#82. Our nominal morality has been formulated by priests and mentally enslaved women. It is time that men who have to take a normal part in the normal life of the world learned to rebel against this sickly nonsense. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#83. I am thoroughly satisfied that smoking is detrimental to the intelligence of Australians who I notice now are beginning to look sickly, pale and intellectually destitute. - Author: King O'Malley
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#84. I sprinkled brown sugar onto my porridge and watched it melt into sickly golden pools. - Author: Gill Lewis
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#85. I loved every second of Catholic church. I loved the sickly sweet rotting-pomegranate smells of the incense. I loved the overwrought altar, the birdbath of holy water, the votive candles; I loved that there was a poor box, the stations of the cross rendered in stained glass on the windows. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#86. Sex without smiling is as sickly and as base as vodka and tonic without ice. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#87. I feel like cotton candy: sugar and air. Squeeze me and I'd turn into a small sickly damp wad of weeping pinky-red. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#88. So when she was a sickly, fretful, ugly little baby she was kept out of the way, and when she became a sickly, fretful, toddling thing she was kept out of the way also. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
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#89. Why go for a costly, sickly, mass-produced purebred when shelters are full of one-of-a-kind mixed breeds who are literally dying for a home? - Author: Ingrid Newkirk
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#90. He was conscious of a cold and sickly thrill throughout him; and all he reasoned was this, that the young creature whose graces had intoxicated him into making the most imprudent decision of his life, was less an angel than a women. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#91. A pilgrimage is an admirable remedy for over-fastidiousness and sickly refinement. - Author: Henry Theodore Tuckerman
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#92. Pythagoras said that the most divine art was that of healing. And if the healing art is most divine, it must occupy itself with the soul as well as with the body; for no creature can be sound so long as the higher part in it is sickly. - Author: Apollonius Of Tyana
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#93. And yet, in the end, did Klara Hitler's sickly son ever fire a gun? One hollow, hateful little an. One last awful thought: all the harm he ever did was done for him by others. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#94. I love being physical. It makes me feel like I sickly love the pain of it. - Author: Meaghan Rath
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#95. If he would only burst his self-imposed shackles, get out of himself, break away from the narrow bounds of his sickly, limited thought, he could be a power in the world. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#96. I was very sickly as a kid and had a lot of allergies, so martial arts gave me the chance to feel strong. - Author: Dolph Lundgren
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#97. The faint bruise on the side of her cheek had paled to a sickly yellow.
Imagine that. She'd fallen in the shower. Again.
Just ask Daddy. - Author: Veronica Wolff
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#98. Ye Children of Man! whose life is a span, Protracted with sorrow from day to day, Naked and featherless, feeble and querulous, Sickly, calamitous creatures of clay! - Author: Aristophanes
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#99. Old Age, a second child, by nature curst
With more and greater evils than the first,
Weak, sickly, full of pains: in ev'ry breath
Railing at life, and yet afraid of death. - Author: Charles Churchill
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#100. So Father Ring went off in the lofty mood of a man who has defended a principle at a great sacrifice to himself, but that very night he began to brood and he continued to brood till that sickly looking voluptuary of a ten-shilling note took on all the radiance and charm of a virgin of seventeen. - Author: Frank O'Connor
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