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#1. There must have been a real mess on the tracks,' Lorna said, 'They shut down the F train line for a whole two hours for you. Two hours! And in rush hour!'
My final achievement. Man, I hoped Mom was getting that put on my gravestone. Here lies Charlotte Feldman. She pissed off commuters. A lot. - Author: Suzy Cox
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#2. He has an idea. For wood. Or Styron does. Something about boxcars." "Boxcars?" "A mess of them at the old yard." "That's good news. That's real good news." He smiled, and she braced herself for the three words that she knew would follow. "The Lord provides," he said. She felt - Author: Rae Meadows
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#3. She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#4. She feared God may not deliver her out of this mess, especially if He had a greater plan. - Author: Jennifer Hudson Taylor
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#5. Man, she was a mess when it came to Markus. She was also in jeopardy of losing her heart to the man, or having it broken into a billion pieces. - Author: Lia Davis
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#6. She might say: "This mess will clear up if you take that troublemaker there - What's your name? You, with the goatee - out and shoot him. Do it now."
Glory Road; Heinlein - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#7. She wouldn't want to be caught on his bad side - assuming he had a good side - yet the naughty bad boy vibes were like an undercurrent pulling her in.
Don't-mess-with-me meets I-dare-you-to-resist. - Author: Kelly Moran
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#8. Her eyes felt swollen, and she knew she looked a mess, but sometimes ... sometimes the emotions were just too big to hold. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#9. Her hair was a flyaway mess, and her cheeks, she knew, would be a little too red for dignity - but she often had to choose between dignity and living another hour. - Author: Michelle Sagara
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#10. She kissed back, once again content to let me take her for a ride wherever I was going. "What a beautiful mess we're in," I murmured. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#11. This was Miss Blanche's daughter? She was a mess. A beautiful mess. - Author: Rachel Hauck
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#12. But Teia had a superpower that no one had counted on: she was completely paranoid. She had thought she was being followed a hundred times since she'd started working for the Order, so she'd figured out a thing or two. One, she was a paranoid mess. Two, she was pretty good at it. - Author: Brent Weeks
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#13. While fathers are pleasant figureheads, there is a special bond between children and their mothers. 'Do you help your mother clean up the house?' I asked one girl of seven. 'No,' she sweetly replied, 'I help make the mess.' It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#14. Honestly, darling," she said. "Do you even look in a mirror before you walk out the door? Your hair's a mess."
He dodged her as she reached toward his head. "Are you kidding? I spend hours in front of the mirror to make it look this way. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#15. tried to straighten it. "I must look a mess," she said and smiled. - Author: Jack Higgins
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#16. Somehow in the chaos and mess she'd discovered who she was. Not a girl of the streets, though that was where she'd been raised. Not a woman of the court, though she appreciated the beauty and the grace of the balls. Someone else. Someone she liked. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#17. Cause I am a Superwoman,
Yes I am,
Yes she is,
Even when I'm a mess,
I still put on a vest,
With an S on my chest,
Oh yes,
I'm a Superwoman,
And all my sisters,
Coming together,
Say yes I will,
Yes I can - Author: Alicia Keys
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#18. My mother wasn't controlling at all. She was a stabilizing force who grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. Now it's the big circle game. Taking care of her is a great blessing for me. I'll tuck her into bed, kiss her on the cheek, wipe up the mess on her blouse from whatever she spilled. - Author: Christine Ebersole
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#19. I think Nina Simone has had an amazing journey. She was spicy and she had attitude and she didn't care, she wanted her money in a paper bag and don't mess with me and I've been doing some research on that so. - Author: Nia Long
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#20. She was the sky full of surprises. Her dreams were blue and breathtaking as a bright day and her secrets were dark and poetic as a cold night. Either way, she was the most beautiful mess that one had ever come across. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#21. From here on, I'll have to wing it." She examined the mess of wires, aligning it with a diagram over her retina display. "Not like that hasn't been my primary tactic this whole time. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#22. Do I look like a mess?" she asked.
He nodded. "But you're my mess," he whispered. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#23. Then she smiled and told me I was cute, and that I should be careful, and I asked her why, then she said that she might fall for me, but I know she was joking, because who would want to fall for me? I'm a mess. - Author: Abraham M. Alghanem
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#24. Congratulations, Jethro. She's sweet on you. You've just taken one the world's most famous role models of feminine independence and turned her into a giddy, flustered mess of hormones. - Author: Penny Reid
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#25. God, she was beautiful. Hair a tangled mess, clothes torn, lips pale and swollen, skin streaked in dirt. And she was so damn beautiful and flawed and perfect. - Author: G.S. Jennsen
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#26. To Severine, his expression was blank. Spotless and clean. She wondered what it'd be like to create a mess in his eyes, to leave an imprint. - Author: Calia Read
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#27. The girls said she was too cynical about love, but how could you not be? On the surface, relations between men and women were all soft kisses and white gowns and hand-holding. But underneath they were a scary, complicated, ugly mess, just waiting to rise to the surface. - Author: J. Courtney Sullivan
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#28. My sister is a mess. I love her to death, but she is a mess. - Author: RJ Mitte
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#29. My mother comes in my room and says, "Just look at this mess! This is a pig sty!" Now, I've already been in the room five hours, and she wants me to LOOK at it. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#30. He likes you. You like him, you're just scared. Well," she glanced over her shoulder and dropped her voice, "unless you tell me he's some freaky psycho-killer ... " I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Then I'm not letting you mess this up for yourself. Your creepy hermit status is officially over. - Author: A&E Kirk
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#31. You said he was a perfectly adequate lover."

"Perfectly adequate? I dont suppose I ever said that about you?" She only had to look and Logan and those rough hands to know he'd be a thoroughly, mind-blowingly, head-bangingly, DIRTY lover."

"I bloody hope not. - Author: Amy Andrews
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#32. We meant well, she thought, looking up at a sky piled with cumulus clouds turning amethyst and indigo above the clearing. No one was deliberately evil. We all did the best we could. Even so, what a mess we made of everything ... - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#33. She's a mess of gorgeous chaos. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#34. You can screw Nevada,
Mess with Maine,
Leave Hawaii in a puddle of pain.
You can beat Virginia
till she's down on the floor.
But if you fuck with Tex,
You'll be on your knees for sure! - Author: Jeff Williams
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#35. His Starlight should've been in bed, resting. Instead, she was here, fighting to clean up a mess of violence, fighting to save lives. Because she was Silver Fucking Mercant, and she was as tough as any bear in StoneWater. Including its alpha. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#36. My baby she's a long and lean, you mess with her you see a man get mean. - Author: Stevie Ray Vaughan
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#37. She had me alright. I was a fucked up mess. I should have known it was hopeless to try to get her out of my system and nothing could make me fall out of love. - Author: Kahlen Aymes
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#38. She wasn't on heroin then, but she was a mess. I thought I was going to put Humpty Dumpty back together and turn her into a princess. Instead, she turned into scrambled eggs, and always was - Author: Danielle Steel
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#39. She had the scattered feeling she always got when events conspired to mess things up, and nothing exhausted and frustrated her more than a mess she was incapable of fixing. - Author: J. Robert Lennon
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#40. She looked all wrinkled and sandy and like a big old sexy mess. The chilliest, most low-maintenance chick
I'd ever seen. And she was probably a gazillionaire. - Author: Ophelia London
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#41. Mess with a magical chic and you get some major clean-up when she is pissed!!! - Author: Mandy M. Roth
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#42. Not that she really wanted to mess with a pregnant woman. There was too much similarity between them and pit bulls for her liking. - Author: Maya Banks
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#43. In the flickering lantern light, she looked like an avenging angel standing there. Her hair was a tangled mess and her face was swollen to hell, but her hand was rock steady on that weapon, even with the pain she had to be in. The deadly intent was clear on her face. - Author: Kaylea Cross
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#44. It was almost funny, to be making this mistake. She was too old for this shit. Crying was for pussies. Making a mess of herself served no purpose at all. Now was the time to toughen up. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#45. She was dressed like she wanted people to look at her. Or maybe like she didn't get what a mess she was. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#46. She's upset."
"Screaming upset? or crying upset?"
"Does it matter?"
"Yes. There's a difference between being mad at a guy and being a teary mess over him. For example: Deanna is mad and can plot your destruction; I was a teary mess and could barely crawl out of bed every day. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#47. I could see that others had confused her disorganized passion for volatility. In reality, she was a scrumptious mess; deliciously majestic. She was on her way to great things in this life. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#48. Women do fool around. But the reason they don't get caught is that when a woman mess with a man he lives cross town, out of town. Fellas we mess with next door neighbor, co-worker, wondering why she found out. - Author: Bruce Bruce
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#49. But when she got undressed, it was a big old mess, Sheena was a man. - Author: Tone-Loc
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#50. She must have cried for some secret amphibian reason. Then her dress caught on fire while they danced, and there was a mess, but that's neither here nor there. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#51. Nan was a sobbing mess. As mean as she was my heart broke for her. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#52. A mess of beautiful contradictions make her whole, she wears fire for skin but a storm lives in her soul. - Author: Nikita Gill
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#53. For one ridiculous moment she considered changing into something sexier - at least from the waist up, as that was all he'd see on his camera - but decided not to bother. Logan had fallen in love with her in striped T-shirts and jeans. There was no need to mess with a winning formula. - Author: Rob Thomas
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#54. The woman stared at the ruined body. Blood dripped from her arm. A fine spray of red covered her face
must've been cast off when she slammed down the cans. She wiped her face with her left forearm and kicked the stalker's corpse with her sneakered foot. Don't mess with Texas. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#55. Sometimes you have to make a mess." "And then you clean it up," she said confidently. "You simply clean it up. - Author: Jessica Park
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#56. Boom, baby. How you like me now?" Beckett wanted to stroke her hair, but it was a knotty, bloody mess. He felt proud.
She laughed. "Pretty damn good, I'll give you that."
"I love your laugh. I need more of it." He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#57. Anger was better than fear. Fear was a damp cold mess, but anger had an edge. She could use it. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#58. Pauline had restored order after the ordeal of the birth. She had swallowed her revulsion - what a mess it had made - restored order, made things right for the homecoming. - Author: Alice McDermott
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#59. You may be tall; you may be short. You may be a black; you may be a white. One more thing to keep behind your mind is that you "your purpose is unique". Anyone who is thinks he is clever enough will mess up when he/she wears your shoes; it won't fit! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#60. Because the truth is, I wouldn't care if she lied to me, except for the fact that I love her. And once you love someone, you can't really put up with them lying to you. It just doesn't work. It makes things into a big mess. - Author: Lauren Barnholdt
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#61. Oh, what a mess life was! Why had she been such an idiot as to marry Charles of all people and have her life end at sixteen? - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#62. Let's just give her a ride into town," Suzanne said.
She spoke briskly, like I was a mess that needed to be cleaned up. Even so, I was glad. I was used to thinking about people who never thought about me. - Author: Emma Cline
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#63. I stared at them while my control unraveled. I wanted to throw them in the trash. I wanted to return them. I wanted to keep them. I was a mess of wants, none of which mattered, because she didn't want me. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#64. What's with savage humans always wanting to cannibalize us?" Jaden asks as she runs past Summer to check for any more of the Tainted around the corner.
"They want to suck your blood," Rob says in a Romanian accent.
Jaden snorts. Too bad humor won't help them out of this mess. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
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#65. Gloria watched the swollen white orb of a hot-air balloon rising over Navy Pier and knew she had to break it off with Oliver, for he was the type who would never enjoy hot-air balloons, Van Morrison songs, or mess, whether from orgasm or otherwise. But who was she to be dreaming about mess today? - Author: Andrea Kayne Kaufman
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#66. Riddles, I hate fucking riddles," Ristan growled and shook his dark head. "Why couldn't she have sent a minotaur, or maybe David Bowie and a bunch of Muppets to mess with us? - Author: Amelia Hutchins
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#67. She learned to love him before he thought it was even possible, so he didn't have a chance to hide & mess it up & while it was a little scary at times, mainly he could not even imagine the world without her there. - Author: Brian Andreas
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#68. I quickly tried to tidy-up, but she stilled my busy hands. "Honey, I don't mind a bit of mess. It's what makes you real. Please, don't feel like you need to clean for me," she said gently. "Besides, I came to visit you, not the cabin." I - Author: Lora Ann
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