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Top 16 Service Oriented Quotes

#1. You have very short travel blogs, and I think there's a split among travel writers: the service-oriented writers will say, 'Well, the reader wants to read about his trip, not yours.' Whereas I say, the reader just wants to read a good story and to maybe learn something. - Author: Tim Cahill
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#2. As long as you and I are still breathing, we have a purpose to serve - Author: Emmitt Smith
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#3. Homeopathy seemed ... both mathematical and poetic. - Author: Scarlett Thomas
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#4. Running a service-oriented business means you have to accept whoever comes through the door. No matter who comes in, unless they're really awful, you have to greet them with a friendly smile on your face. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#5. Services should also hide their databases to avoid falling into one of the most common sorts of coupling that can appear in traditional service-oriented architectures, and use data pumps or event data pumps to consolidate data across multiple services for reporting purposes. - Author: Sam Newman
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#6. When God gives you no lemons - make nonmonade! - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#7. A commercial civilization is money-oriented, profit-oriented. Commercial values always tend to wrench a society free of tradition.Economics from education to public service is being reorganized on the self-destructive basis of self-interest. - Author: John Ralston Saul
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#8. You should be living your life surrounded by people who are like-minded, service-oriented, and grateful, people who are trying to accomplish things, and who bring something to the table. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#9. One of the key things that we did at Bank of North Dakota that I worked to try to do with our state economic development is make sure we are customer-service oriented. - Author: John Hoeven
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#10. Sometimes doubting your first thought, will cost you more for going with your second thought. - Author: Pontius Joseph
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#11. Sapiens rule the world because only they can weave an intersubjective web of meaning: a web of laws, forces, entities and places that exist purely in their common imagination. This web allows humans alone to organise crusades, socialist revolutions and human rights movements. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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#12. Perhaps we've invented conspiracies for our own psychic well-being, to heal ourselves. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#13. speak across borders
even if borders pass through every word. - Author: Ingeborg Bachmann
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#14. Open-source code is extremely well-adapted to service-oriented architecture. - Author: Winston Damarillo
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#15. Studies consistently show that happy companies are way more productive, creative and service-oriented than unhappy ones. Therefore, the happy companies will beat the pants off the unhappy ones in the market place. The future of business is happy! It's inevitable. - Author: Alexander Kjerulf
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#16. He who cannot serve cannot lead. It is by being a servant that you recognize that followers also have needs. True leaders are service oriented! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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