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#1. The idea that corporations have the same First Amendment protections of free speech as people is troubling. Corporations are not people. They don't attend our schools, get married and have children. They don't vote in our elections. - Author: Hank Johnson
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#2. When Hillary Clinton talks about adding more restrictions and complexity to our financial system, as she did in her economic policy speech, it shows how clueless she is about how the economy actually works. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#3. What we have is two important values in conflict: freedom of speech and our desire for healthy campaigns in a healthy democracy. You can't have both. - Author: Dick Gephardt
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#4. What we love usually manages to get into our conversation. What is down in the well of the heart will come up in the bucket of the speech. - Author: Vance Havner
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#5. Questioning our government's actions does not violate the principles of liberty, equality, and freedom of speech; it exercises them, and by exercise we grow stronger. I have read enough of Thomas Jefferson to feel sure - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#6. It made one mad, for pleasure; and we could not take our eyes from him, and the looks that went out of our eyes came from our hearts, and their dumb speech was worship. - Author: Mark Twain
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#7. You see, when a tragedy like this strikes, it is part of our nature to demand explanations - to try to impose some order on the chaos, and make sense out of that which seems senseless. - Author: Barack Obama
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#8. And, after speech, it provided a readier instrument for the dissemination of nonsense than the world has ever known until our time. - Author: Will Durant
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#9. Our spirit is back, but we haven't reinstitutional ized it. We've got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom
freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It's fragile; it needs protection. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#10. Under the pretext of study we spent our hours in the happiness of love, and learning held out to us the secret opportunities that our passion craved. Our speech was more of love than of the books which lay open before us; our kisses far outnumbered our reasoned words. - Author: Peter Abelard
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#11. Someone who expresses a view that is contrary to the view of the overwhelming majority should be allowed to stand undisturbed as a monument to our commitment to free speech. - Author: Al Gore
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#12. In our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either. - Author: Mark Twain
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#13. Develop serenity and quiet attitudes through your conversation. Depending upon the words we use and the tone in which we use them, we can talk ourselves into being nervous, high-strung, and upset. By our speech, we can also achieve quiet reactions. Talk peaceful to be peaceful. - Author: Norman Vincent Peale
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#14. There are tensions abroad where people don't understand our attachment to the freedom of speech, we've seen the protests, and I would say that in France all beliefs are respected. - Author: Francois Hollande
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#15. Most of the words we use in history and everyday speech are like mental depth charges. As they descend [through our consciousness] and detonate, their resonant power is unleashed, showering our understanding with fragments of accumulated meaning and association. - Author: James Axtell
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#16. Some subjects come up suddenly in our speech and cannot be silenced. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#17. Reading in the third millennium B.C. may therefore have been a matter of hearing the cuneiform, that is, hallucinating the speech from looking at its picture symbols, rather than visual reading of syllables in our sense. - Author: Julian Jaynes
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#18. Of all the countries in the world, we Americans have been the greatest destroyers of land of any race of people barbaric or civilized," Bennett said in a speech at the start of the dust storms. What was happening, he said, was "sinister", a symptom of "our stupendous ignorance. - Author: Timothy Egan
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#19. Gabriel could anticipate Uncle Dave and Uncle Junior's traditional wedding reception speech, entitled "If you hurt our girl, we will whip your ass." Only this time, they would be adding, "Vampire or not. - Author: Molly Harper
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#20. Our First Amendment expresses a far different calculus for regulating speech than for regulating nonexpressive conduct and that is as it should be. The right to swing your fist should end at the tip of my nose, but your right to express your ideas should not necessarily end at the lobes of my ears. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
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#21. Banning books gives us silence when we need speech. It closes our ears when we need to listen. It makes us blind when we need sight. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#22. Free speech is one of the founding principles of our republic. - Author: Andrew Rosenthal
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#23. Darwin speculated that "music tones and rhythms were used by our half-human ancestors, during the season of courtship, when animals of all kinds are excited not only by love, but by strong passions of jealousy, rivalry, and triumph" and that speech arose, secondarily, from this primal music. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#24. If our hard-earned liberty, our desire to be irreverent of the old and to question the new, can be reduced to one, basic and indispensable right, it must be the right to free speech. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#25. Do we really want the FCC to conduct investigations and issue warnings to radio talk show hosts nationwide who simply discuss the important issues of our time? The Constitution says 'freedom of speech,' not 'freedom of government-approved fair speech in rationed amounts.' - Author: Tim Walberg
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#26. Freedom of speech is, to all Americans, as oxygen is to the human condition. It is a right that has been irreversibly programmed into our hard drive. We are free to speak our minds. An artist's right to express him or herself as best suits their art, is the artist's prerogative and it is guaranteed. - Author: John C. McGinley
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#27. No matter what the legislature may say, a man has the right to make his speech, print his handbill, compose his newspaper, and deliver his sermon without asking anyone's permission. The contrary suggestion is abhorrent to our traditions. - Author: William O. Douglas
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#28. Our claim is that God has revealed Himself by speaking; that this divine (or God-breathed) speech has been written down and preserved in Scripture; and that Scripture is, in fact, God's Word written, which therefore is true and reliable and has divine authority over men. - Author: John Stott
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#29. Prana ... is the spirit of mantra. Mantra in turn is the expression of prana. Whatever most engages our prana or vital energy becomes the main subject of our speech. - Author: David Frawley
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#30. It is by the goodness of god that in our country we have those 3 unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them. - Author: Mark Twain
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#31. I want to be part of the happiness team - let's create the happiness team - from love, not greed, love of life & our planet, true & free. - Author: Jay Woodman
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#32. The good guys fight for freedom, justice and most words that don't put food on the table. The bad fight to scrub those words from our speech. Only problem is, both sides claim to be good. - Author: David Gunn
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#33. We are so proud of our guarantees of freedom in thought and speech and worship, that, unconsciously, we are guilty of one of the greatest errors that ignorance can make - we assume our standard of values is shared by all other humans in the world. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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#34. Right. And our first job is to teach her to give a speech on the Grand Balcony in three days."
"That does not sound too difficult. Has she done much public speaking?"
Amilia forced a smile. "A week ago she said the word no. - Author: Michael J. Sullivan
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#35. The Bible is the inevitable outcome of God's continuous speech. It is the infallible declaration of His mind for us, put into our familiar human words. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#36. We should listen, study, think, reflect, and ponder the Scriptures until there is an answering response in our hearts and minds. It may be one of shame or of joy or of confusion or of appeal - but that response to God's speech is then truly prayer and should be given to God. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
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#37. Behind our wise words lie rare jewels;
behind our reckless ones, bombs. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#38. Peace depends upon compromise among peoples who must live together long after our speeches are over, and our votes have been counted. - Author: Barack Obama
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#39. Today, with tears in my eyes, I telephoned the mother of one of our children (aged thirteen) who had spoken for the first time since the age of three... - Author: Michael Braccia
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#40. Our history is a material history, not just a succession of thoughts or speech acts. - Author: Andrew Shryock
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#41. Some of the most healing words in any language are, "I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" How much more we need that confession to our Father in heaven. - Author: Billy Graham
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#42. We two remake our world by naming it / Together, knowing what words mean for us / And for the other for whom current coin / Is cold speech
but we say, the tree, the pool, / And see the fire in the air, the sun, our sun, / Anybody's sun, the world's sun, but here, now / Particularly our sun ... - Author: A.S. Byatt
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#43. Speech is how we convey our thoughts. Literature is how we convey our civilization." Captain Hank Bracker - Author: Hank Bracker
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#44. The tumults of time are oft passed by in records of the private memoirist; for our days consist not of the Senatorial speech and the refracted solar beam cast through heroic cloud, but rather of bread eaten, and ink blotted, and talk of the sermon, and walks along the whiskery avenues in the garden. - Author: M T Anderson
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#45. the written word is a recent invention that has left no trace in our genome and must be laboriously acquired throughout childhood and beyond. Speech - Author: Steven Pinker
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#46. And then, this she offered to me, my one truth: "Our language," she said, "is not spoken, but sung ... Not simply words ... and grammar ... but melody. It was hard ... thus ... to learn English ... this language of wood. For the people of your nation, Octavian, all speech is song. - Author: M T Anderson
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#47. We want to create, never mind the leaders or the bishops or chief rabbis or imams, or Popes. We want to create a grassroots movement where people will become attuned to uncompassionate discourse in the same way as we are now attuned to sort of gender imbalance in our speech. - Author: Karen Armstrong
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#48. People ask me if I miss the States. I miss African Americans. But not the U.S. government or all the things they put me through. I miss African American culture, our speech, dance and cooking. - Author: Assata Shakur
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#49. For the first 200 years of our nation's history, corporations were never defined by the courts as persons with free speech rights under the First Amendment. Only in recent years have we witnessed this corporate takeover of our First Amendment, culminating in the Citizens United ruling. - Author: John Bonifaz
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#50. Love and wisdom must govern our speech and how we hear the words of others. - Author: Anonymous
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#51. It is my responsibility to make sure that the fear is overcome ... This attack must instead free our speech about Islamic fundamentalism. We must not be silenced. - Author: Marine Le Pen
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#52. Language is political. That's why you and me, my Brother and Sister, that's why we supposed to choke our natural self into the weird, lying, barbarous, unreal, white speech and writing habits that the schools lay down like holy law. - Author: June Jordan
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#53. Personal style isn't simply an exercise in parroting but rather an exhibition for our own stories - from the gait of our walk to the rhythm of our speech to the manner in which the necktie falls from the knot. - Author: LZ Granderson
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#54. It is a curious fact that the more sophisticated we become the simpler grows our speech. - Author: George Eliot
Sayings About Our Speech #152061
#55. Without the compassionate understanding of the fear and trepidation that lie behind courageous speech, we are bound only to our arrogance. - Author: David Whyte
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#56. All Americans value the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, and I believe this is essential for our continued way of life. But with this freedom comes responsibility. - Author: Steven Hatfill
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#57. We do not need to proselytise either by our speech or by our writing. We can only do so really with our lives. Let our lives be open books for all to study. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#58. We civilians defend our own right to free speech. The military in Iraq does not defend our right to free speech. - Author: Medea Benjamin
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#59. If you can call it talking, these clipped whispers, projected through the funnels of our white wings. It's more like a telegram, a verbal semaphore. Amputated speech. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#60. If our constitution had followed the style of Saint Paul, the First Amendment might have concluded: "But the greatest of these is speech." In the darkness of tyranny, this is the key to the sunlight. If it is granted, all doors open. If it is withheld, none. - Author: Robert Kennedy
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#61. True love was a language, so many looks, touches and one word references that told the other more than full sentences of paragraphs, more than full outpourings of speech.
Our language was extensive and beautiful, and over a joyful lifetime together, we stayed fluent in it. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#62. Here again, there is no tabulation; for us it is left to sacrifice literary charm, and even some accuracy, in order to bring out the one great point.
The cause of human sectarianism is not lack of sympathy in thought, but in speech; and this it is our not unambitious design to remedy. - Author: Aleister Crowley
Sayings About Our Speech #113310
#63. Exploring and understanding the Net is an ongoing process. Cyberspace never sits still; it evolves as fast as society itself. Only if we fight to preserve our freedom of speech on the Net will we ensure our ability to keep up with both the Net and society. - Author: Mike Godwin
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#64. Speak Peace is a book that comes at an appropriate time when anger and violence dominates human attitudes. Marshall Rosenberg gives us the means to create peace through our speech and communication. A brilliant book. - Author: Arun Manilal Gandhi
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#65. Why only one song, one speech, one text at a time?" - "When Our Lips Speak Together - Author: Luce Irigaray
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#66. Radio and television speech becomes standardized, perhaps better English than we have ever used. Just as our bread, mixed and baked, packaged and sold without benefit of accident of human frailty, is uniformly good and uniformly tasteless, so will our speech become one speech. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#67. Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons. Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education and survived, in her keynote speech to the United Nations, 12th July 2013. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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#68. The actual life of a thought lasts only until it reaches the point of speech ... As soon as our thinking has found words it ceases to be sincere ... When it begins to exist in others it ceases to live in us, just as the child severs itself from its mother when it enters into its own existence. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#69. Democracy, to maintain itself, must repeatedly conquer every cell and corner of the nation. How many of our public institutions and private businesses, our schools, hospitals, and domestic hearths are in reality little fascist states where freedom of speech is more rigorously excluded than vermin? - Author: Jacques Barzun
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#70. Whatever doubt there may be as to the quality or purpose of our free speech we certainly have ample volumes in production. - Author: Herbert Hoover
Sayings About Our Speech #46087
#71. I think that, as Americans, we should never forget that when we tamper with freedom of speech, it is a very sensitive issue that affects all of our constitutional rights and privileges. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
Sayings About Our Speech #43972
#72. Creation discloses a power that baffles our minds and beggars our speech. We are enamored and enchanted by God's power. We stutter and stammer about God's holiness. We tremble before God's majesty ...
and yet, we grow squeamish and skittish before God's love. - Author: Brennan Manning
Sayings About Our Speech #41902
#73. We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
Sayings About Our Speech #37928
#74. Stand-up comedy and comedy in general is the ultimate form of free speech, because you get to poke holes in all the pretentious bubbles politicians and pundits and popes and pretenders try to float over our heads. - Author: Denis Leary
Sayings About Our Speech #26619
#75. The words which we use in our everyday speech are nothing other than watered-down magic. - Author: Sigmund Freud
Sayings About Our Speech #22735
#76. Knowledge empowers people with our most powerful tool: the ability to think and decide. There is no power for change greater than a child discovering what he or she cares about. (Speech about Global Warming read on the National Mall for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, 2010) - Author: Seymour Simon
Sayings About Our Speech #306097
#77. The primacy of the word, basis of the human psyche, that has in our age been used for mind-bending persuasion and brain-washing pulp, disgraced by Gobbles and debased by advertising copy, remains a force for freedom that flies out between all bars. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
Sayings About Our Speech #427291
#78. We can easily see what actions and speech will lead us and others into hatred, confusion, difficulty, and suffering. And we can see what words and actions will not. ... Is our intention to hoodwink, mislead, inflate, or deceive others ... ? - Author: Steve Hagen
Sayings About Our Speech #418667
#79. Every writer's difficult journey is a movement from silence to speech. We must be intensely private and interior in order to find a voice and a vision - and we must bring our work to an outside world where the market, or public outrage, or even government censorship can destroy our voice. - Author: Sara Paretsky
Sayings About Our Speech #369677
#80. I wonder now whether it isn't dangerous to assign significance to that which is essentially vacant, but we can't seem to avoid it. We cover up the holes with our speech, explaining away the emptiness until we forget it is there. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Sayings About Our Speech #365815
#81. Music may be the activity that prepared our pre-human ancestors for speech communication and for the very cognitive, representational flexibility necessary to become humans. - Author: Daniel J. Levitin
Sayings About Our Speech #362582
#82. Life is all business. Spend your energy to get joy, happiness, evolution, and to gain more ability to enjoy. In this field we spend our energy. We never use our time, energy, speech, or ability to do something that doesn't help us grow and improve our life. It's not worth it. - Author: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Sayings About Our Speech #345929
#83. If I was to interrupt this article every few sentences, asking you whether or not I was making a good impression on you, I hope and believe that you would think I was a servile jerk. Yet this is what our politicians are doing in every speech. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Sayings About Our Speech #345385
#84. Precisely because our political speeches are meant to be reported, they are not worth reporting. Precisely because they are carefully designed to be read, nobody reads them. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Sayings About Our Speech #336471
#85. Doubtless some ancient Greek has observed that behind the big mask and the speaking-trumpet, there must always be our poor little eyes peeping as usual and our timorous lips more or less under anxious control. - Author: George Eliot
Sayings About Our Speech #336355
#86. [The Muse of our Fiction of the future] will lead you - if you are humble and honest with her - straight into a World of Working Men, crude of speech, swift of action, strong of passion, straight to the heart of a new life. - Author: Frank Norris
Sayings About Our Speech #330162
#87. Our job isn't to defend freedom of speech, but without freedom of speech we are dead. We can't live in a country without freedom of speech. I prefer to die than live like a rat. - Author: Charb
Sayings About Our Speech #322398
#88. The commencement speech is not, I think, a wholly satisfactory manifestation of our culture. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Sayings About Our Speech #320360
#89. In a speech, the columnist Charles Krauthammer ... offered a new version of Socrates' famous saying, "The unexamined life is not worth living." In our age of bottomless self-love and obsession with our own feelings, Krauthammer suggested, "The too-examined life is not worth living either. - Author: John Leo
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#90. There is a principle which is the basis of things, which all speech aims to say, and all action to evolve, a simple, quiet, undescribed, undescribable presence, dwelling very peacefully in us, our rightful lord: we are not to do, but to let do; not to work, but to be worked upon. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#91. To communicate is truly a gift. It is a wondrous ability of your amazing human body, the ability that allows us to connect with other humans to give meaning to our lives. I will argue that it is what makes us human. - Author: Kathleen Depperschmidt
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#92. First I'm going to thank Don because when you thank your husband at the end of the speech they play him out with the music and I want him to know that everything I value most in our lives you've given me, - Author: Meryl Streep
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#93. Free speech has been used by the Supreme Court to give immense power to the wealthiest members of our society. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#94. Our daily conversation when we meet each other, whether it be in the office or on the campus or in the shop, should be concerned with the things of God. - Author: Billy Graham
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#95. Cursing, telling smutty stories, smearing the good name of another, and referring irreverently to God and the Scriptures may be considered as coming under the expression corrupt speech. Our speech is to be clean, pure, and wholesome. - Author: Billy Graham
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#96. Our stories may be singular, but our destination is shared. - Author: Barack Obama
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#97. We live at the level of our language. - Author: Ellen Gilchrist
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#98. They are all beasts of burden in a sense, ' Thoreau once remarked of animals, 'made to carry some portion of our thoughts.' Animals are the old language of the imagination; one of the ten thousand tragedies of their disappearance would be a silencing of this speech. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Sayings About Our Speech #222342
#99. Even in democratic society, we don't have good answers how to balance the need for security on one hand and the protection of free speech on the other in our digital networks. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
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#100. The true use of speech is not so much to express our wants as to conceal them. - Author: Oliver Goldsmith
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